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Recently, there's been quite a trend around where I live over this mobile game. It is a wonderful game about cats, and you put out food and toys and they will play with it. The goal is to collect all of the cats in the game, and fill your "catbook" with the best shots. It's comparable to Pokemon snap, in a sense.

It has an adorable art style, and the background music is absolutely charming. There are numerous rare cats that only come to you with specific items, along with pun-filled names. It can be quite the struggle collecting all of them, but with hard work and determination, it should be a breeze.

This game is absolutely free, and it's available for all smartphones. This game is absolutely free, and it's quite the investment. I check very frequently, and it's becoming quite the destraction. I will be in the middle of class, and I suddenly feel the need to check on my cats. The best part of this game is that nothing bad happens if you don't feed them, they just go back to their homes. It's easy and stress-free, and very addicting. I'd definitely recommend: all it requires is an internet connection and a smartphone =w=

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Old 6 Hours Ago (1:27 PM).
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I started playing this game last summer but I just... didn't really get it. I didn't see the appeal of just checking in on the cats every hour or so. Instead I was perfectly content to just see my friends' screenshots of their gardens since "hey it's really no different from me checking on my own".

Then I got a new phone and totally forgot about it until this December when I reinstalled it on a whim and that's when I discovered you can rename your cats. So I started renaming them after my favourite fictional characters and I very quickly got completely obsessed with checking in to see which "characters" were hanging out with each other. And getting stupidly excited when my ships played together, lmfao. I still check it a lot every day.

I've got all the cats in my CatDex and I'm only missing mementos from about half of the rare cats (and Peaches, of course, lol). Bought everything too. I can't believe I'm not tired of this game yet. @_@;;
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Old 2 Hours Ago (5:52 PM).
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It is a very charming phone game. I got many of the normal cats, still trying to get some of the rare ones. I want to try to catch at least one picture of all of them, still working slowly on that heh.
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Old 1 Hour Ago (6:46 PM).
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Joe DiMeowgio is my absolute favorite cat. I saw him listed as one of my cat visitors one morning and spent the rest of the day grinning to myself.

I downloaded the game a few weeks ago onto my tablet, after seeing it mentioned all over the place on Tumblr. The cats are adorable, and I do like the fact that you can rename them. (I renamed Snowball to the name of my first cat, who was also all white.)

Since the game is on my tablet, I can't check it as often as I'd like to. But it is always nice to peek in and see at least one cat playing with some toy. Unfortunately, being unable to check it often means that I'm still missing a lot of cats.

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Old 42 Minutes Ago (7:33 PM).
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Ooh it's here too!

Yeah this game has been popular for a while and I tried it out before it blew up and became a hit. My issues were that it took too long for cats to actually show up for me sometimes, I'd wait days to no avail and constantly keep missing them/coming back to missed cat gifts. It was a bummer to wait two days and not make much progress. Due to that I quickly uninstalled it but then wanted to give the app another try and saw that my progress was wiped upon reinstallation.. so it's not a game I want to dedicate much time into.

I like when phone apps have a way to save data, like through connecting to Facebook or through Game Center (I use an iPhone), so until that's implemented I probably won't try it again. ;/
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