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Old 1 Day Ago (9:34 AM).
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So, I recall that it was this year when Xbox 360 was first released to the world at large. And now's your chance to tell everyone your fondest memories associated with the system. I don't personally have any memories because I never owned it in first place.
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I think the only positive memories I have of the 360 are of selling it and getting quite a bit of money for it - enough to get a PS Vita on launch day, in fact - and of playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Mass Effect, and, strangely, Magna Carta II, which turned out to be substantially better than I thought it was going to be, considering how dismal the PS2 game was. Three games. Two of which are on PS3. Great job, Microsoft.

Really, the 360 was a colossal waste of money for me, which I only purchased because the PS3 was too expensive at the time. But the worthwhile exclusives weren't exclusive for very long, and the lack of JRPGs made it the most off-putting console I've ever owned. I've never regretted selling it. I got a few good hours out of it whilst waiting for the PS3 to drop in price, but that was all it ever really was: a stopgap console. It wasn't good enough to be anything else~

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Fondest memories? Getting the infamous red ring of death 3 times! Even with the lack of JRPGs, (which is what I mostly play) I still put a lot of good time into the console. Actually, I wasn't a fan of most of the JRPGS on the console either: Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, Enchanted Arms, Magna Carta 2, and so on. I think most of the time was spent playing Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and a Fable game on occasion. I did love Cudlcept Saga, which is probably the best game no one played on the 360. Also, even with it's limited backwards compatibility, I was still able to go back and play Shenmue II and Panzer Dragoon Orta, two of my favorite original Xbox games.
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Ummmm I can play Viva Pinata and Tales of Vesperia on it, so that's cool. I barely touch my 360 if I'm being honest. :s I got it for my 18th birthday because the PS3 was too expensive and I wanted one of the two so that I could play stuff I couldn't play on my Wii like Bioshock, Final Fantasy XIII, etc.

As much as I make it clear I don't really like the 360, I would be lying if I said I didn't have fond memories of it. I binge played FF13 for seven hours one day and that was a lot of fun. And I loved playing Viva Pinata on it while Klippy played his copy miles away so we could talk about what pinatas were showing up to our gardens and such. And then I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it some more soon when I play Tales of Vesperia. But that's gonna be it.

Sorry I'm adding to the cynicism of the system, haha. For me, there just isn't a lot that I'm interested in for it. And I work at GameStop and I swear, all people own here are 360's and they're literally the most annoying people and it seeps into how I view the system unfortunately. One of my favorite controllers though, for sure.
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Ohohohoh. Ohoh. Oh.

This system and me did not get along. I've been through several in the span of 2006 to now thanks to the ace workmanship that made up its architecture. My current one, which I'm of a very mixed mind to replace, can't play discs. As did another one in the past. And there was also the Red Ring. Needless to say, I have words.

It was mostly held up by its then religious fanbase that sadly/hilariously jumped ship after the original features were announced. So there was that. But it's not like I don't have fond memories of it. I never had the money to buy a PS3 and I hadn't become a PC gamer until a good while after launch, so I did play on it for a good bit. Kameo was the first game I got for the system (as well as one of the first games on the system) and I had loads of fun with that. Scary that that was 10 years ago...anyway, there was also Viva Pinata, which I enjoyed, the various Dynasty Warriors titles, and FFXIII, which I liked more than expected. I have pretty fond memories of the pure joy I had when I played Oblivion for the first time, too. If the advertising had been in its favor, that game would have been the Skyrim of its time, the name that people think of when they hear Elder Scrolls. Ah, well, I still love it.

Local Multi/Co-op in Halo 3/Reach was fun- heck, since I was relatively little me and my brother'd bonded through the series, something that doesn't really happen much anymore, so I do cherish those memories. He never was as adventurous as I was, sticking to FPS' almost solely, but I liked Halo and even the first Gears of War was fun, so him helping me pass the time while I anxiously anticipated Christmas was just...ah. It's weird, because until writing this post, it'd never really dawned on my how long ago this all was, and that now it's nostalgic.
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It is... 10 years already ? o.O

My brothers own a XBox360 and I really like it. I want one me too. The only thing I don't know is that it broke too easily... I mean.. you know, red ring and stuff.
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Good god and I remember when the hype train was happening at school back then. My 360 saw the most use out of any of my consoles that gen.

Probably my favorite memory with the thing was during the period where all I played was Modern Warfare 2 (a lot of my friends played it too which kept me playing), and Rock Band 2. Pretty much engulfed most of my free time during the first half of high school...
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Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person who's 360 never ****ed itself. I have yet to deal with the red ring or any of the other various problems people often talk about in regards to the Xbox 360.

I've had plenty of good times with it, mainly through Oblivion and Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, AC, and some other stuff. Sometimes I still play those. I just wish it could connect to the internet by itself without having to buy extra equipment. I had to physically connect it to our modem with a cable, and had to move it into the room next to the one with the modem and temporarily attach it to some tiny TV we once had lying around in the basement in order to download Dawnguard for Skyrim.
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I got the Red Ring twice. Once the day after Halo 3 came out, and again only a few months after getting a replacement console. I eventually sent both in to Microsoft for repair, and I gave one of them to my Dad. The very first video game I ever owned for it was Sonic The Hedgehog (2006). You probably think it would be a terrible experience, but I played the **** out of that game while I had to. When I was a young lad, I was far more tolerant of my beloved Sonic franchise, and it wasn't long before a new game was in my hands: Dead Rising!

In what became one of my favorite franchises of all time, Dead Rising showed me what a zombie game could be! It was perhaps the most similar to the zombie films I fell in love with the very same year. The hordes of zombies was so far beyond the capabilities of what I knew in most video games of the time, and it is the system that has ushered me into the world of modern gaming.

It's been my primary source of entertainment ever since I got Netflix, serving as my games and TV for a very long time. Now I have migrated to the PC for my gaming fix, but I'll never forget the long nights playing Battlefield 3 or getting lost in the Mojave Wasteland that the game system brought me.
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