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Old August 31st, 2012, 03:03 PM
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The warden
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The following may not be suitable to all ages.
The following is suitable for ages 13 and over. Rated T.

Blazing Sun

Tranquil Moon


It has been a little over two hundred years since the great warrior and monk Shaiming Fang united the tribes that occupied what is now known as the empires of Blazing Sun and Tranquil Moon. What were once warring tribes were unified under the banner of two great empires. He had accomplished his goal of bringing peace to the lands and yet he had failed. Despite his best efforts the two empires he had forged refused to unite, the cultural rifts between them too vast for them to overcome. Though this did not deter him, even as he aged and his body grew frail he continued to work towards the goal of a unified empire.

In his last days spent meditating in the temple high in the Sheyang mountains Shaiming proclaimed that every four years there should be a contest. A trial open to all young warriors, monks, martial artist and anyone else with the courage to face it. It would take the form of a journey across the furthest reaches of the land proving their worth along the way. Those few that were able to accomplish such a daunting task should be rewarded for their success.

Having announced his intentions he left the temple gates via the south exit, with only the robes he wore and a simple stick for aid, which lead to a winding pass up to the top of Mt. Sheyang. Following was his first Pokemon, his trusted companion who was far too old to fight any more and willing to accompany it's master and friend for one last trip. What happened to him after this is unknown. He is assumed to have died for the icy cold winds and lack of food make staying atop the peak for any length of time a death sentence.

Hearing news of the death of Shaiming and his announcement the emperors of Blazing Sun and Tranquil Moon, both of whom held him in very high regard, banded together to create this trial. It began with just the Blazing Sun and Tranquil Moon but as the years passed others came. From the northern planes of the Unyielding Earth territories came mounted archers. The temples of the western Refined Heaven kingdom brought the very disciples of Shaiming himself. And hailing from the south were the skilled swords men of Brilliant Star.

As the years passed by the trial became larger and larger, incorporating more land and bringing not just two empires together but five. Now you are a challenger in this ultimate trial on it's two hundredth anniversary.




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Old September 6th, 2012, 12:06 PM
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The warden
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Standing at the edge of the world! Thinking let's jump off!
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed


As the capital of the military nation of Blazing Sun Houshan is a magnificent city fortress. Stone walls fifteen feet high surround the city. Outside is largely rocky desert and brush land. Some miles to the south are faint trails of smoke betraying the presence of the farms that provide food for the city. Dotted around the city walls are towers, that reach to double the hight of the walls themselves and in the centre of the city is a central castle where the royal family reside.

Normally quite a drab site, with its grey stone walls, the city is currently a brilliantly decorated. Large banners hang from the towers in colours matching those of the differing nations. Red and bronze, blue and black, yellow and brown, green and gold and lastly white and silver. The closer you get to the city the more details you can make out, such as the lanterns hanging from the walls.

Entering the gates you get the first feel for the city. The main streets are decorated in the same manner as the outside of the city only the banners are much smaller. Stalls selling where merchants sell their wears line the sides of the street, some are open but others are setting up for the nights festivities. You decide to follow the route marked by the banners as you explore the city. As you progress through the city you pass many barracks and dojos a sign of Huoshan's fighting strength. Yet in spite of its strong military background the city also has deep spiritual roots. Many shrines litter the city districts, their deep red wooden frames adding colour to the cobbled streets. Eventually you arrive at the central shrine where the celebrations will take place tonight. For now you decide to rest.

As the sun sets a lantern lit precession leads it's way through the streets. Performers of all kinds accompany people in dress. The event follows the trigrams beginning with Earth and following on in order. Each section ends with a representation of its guardian Pokemon. Once all eight trigrams have had their section a crowd gathers round the central shrine. Up on the main platform the leaders of their nations come forwards. They welcome the gathered crowd most of whom are planning to enter this contest. Each of them gives advice for the contestants and wishes them good fortune. Then as the events are winding to a close the Emperors of Blazing Sun and Brilliant Star step forwards.

“We have an announcement to make!” Meng Chen, the Emperor of Blazing Sun proclaims bringing silence to the audience.

“My eldest daughter, Takako, is to marry Bao of the Chen dynasty, heir to the Blazing Sun empire.” Minoru Sakei the Emperor of Brilliant Star announced.

“This will bring about a union of our two great empires.” Meng finished. “Now enjoy the festivities and get a good nights rest, for tomorrow your trial begins.”

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Old September 7th, 2012, 07:57 PM
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Chan-Juan Wei

There had been very little fanfare as Chan made her departure to begin her journey to Houshan. Nobody had come to see her, or more accurately to those who didn’t know better, “him”. This charade was tiring, even if she was treated like every other man and expected to do just as much as them, she still wasn’t very popular. It was difficult for her to make friendships, never knowing whom one could trust. No matter who she tried to get to know, men or women, it was awkward on both sides of the coin.

Slipping out one night, her precious Larvesta, Mei Li, snuggled against her robe. She cast Chan an inquisitive look upon their departure, almost unsure of what was happening. This was it, the trial where she could prove herself, and maybe, one day, give up this lie. The person she saw in the mirror, or the reflection of anything really, was not the one she wanted to see. Gone was her long hair, she still mourned it every time she was due for a re-trim. But it was a small price to pay for her goal. “Just do the best you can and succeed, then you can stop lying to everyone,” She thought to herself, taking the first steps onto the path leading to Houshan. Being from the nation of Blazing Sun, her journey was not only slightly less arduous than the others, but also shorter.

Being that her current location was no more than a three day walk, Chan took it easy and decided it best to pace herself before whatever lay ahead. The whole way, she talked and bonded with Mei Li. It had been so long since she could talk in her own natural voice. Just the sound of it was pleasurable to her own ears, the whole duration of the trip, it was free from added bass and forced inflection. Mei Li enjoyed her company too, either waddling along behind, or being carried in her arms.

Once the city was in view, the excitement became palpable. The far off dream, so often thought of and foreign feeling, at that moment, it became real. Contrasting the harsh rocky desert and scrub, the walls of the city broke the landscape. Getting back into character, she corrected her posture and straightened her shoulders again. Every time she did it, it just seemed to get easier and easier.

Houshan had never looked more beautiful to her than it did now. The decorators had really gone all out, each element seemed expertly placed and adorned to perfection. Finding one of the few shopkeepers who weren’t closed in preparation, Chan got into a heated argument over the price of some incense. She won of course, the shopkeeper eventually came around to her way of thinking. Chan made her way to one of the many shrines, taking a little time for some personal worship and prayer. Content that her spiritual obligation had been met to satisfaction, she forced herself to rest before the evening’s festivities.


The lantern lit streets were even more beautiful at night, than they were during the day. The opening jubilee was truly spectacular, each nation and section being represented. Chan cheered them all, her cheer for the Blazing Sun more uproarious than the last. It wasn’t long before the crowd had gathered at the central shrine, the suspense and surprise was tangible in the air as Emperors Meng chen and Minoru Sakei hushed the crowd with their announcement.

It was a great and joyous proclamation indeed, one that would benefit everyone involved. Their last words about enjoying the festivities took root. She had every intention of doing just that...

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Old September 10th, 2012, 01:10 PM
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The warden
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Location: Standing at the edge of the world! Thinking let's jump off!
Age: 24
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Nature: Relaxed

Tunzi Desert - Day 1

As dawn breaks over Huoshan the challengers begin their exodus towards the north-most city gate. There are as many as a thousand challengers here for this great trial, though most of them will drop out far before the end. A line begins to form as the challengers exit the city, each one of them is handed a small package. When you collect yours you find a map, marked on which is the Zongwu tower in the Unyielding Earth nation, this is where you will find your first trial. The quickest route is a direct path though you are not prepared for this, you have far too little water to cross the desert that far, especially when it means stopping overnight. The much more sensible route is north west to the small trading village of Tunzi. There you will be able to stock up on water and other supplies.

Also in the package are five ball shaped objects, you think you recognise them but are surprised that you are being given objects so rare and valuable. They are primitive Pokeballs. First is the Ashball made from dark volcanic rock it is good for capturing fire Pokemon Next if the Barkball, made of a hollow bark casing for wood Pokemon. The Shellball for water Pokemon, the Ironball for metal Pokemon and the Sandstone ball for earth Pokemon. Carefully you pack these objects away in you bag before moving on.

The road to Tunzi is a frequently used trade route, as such a great many people are travelling it. While it is busy you should be on the lookout for bandits who may attempt to rob you. Early on the route is a combination of scrub land and rocky desert, but further on it is open sandy desert.


You may find the following Pokemon in this area.

Sentret (Earth)
Dunsparce (Earth)
Zangoose (Earth)
Patrat (Earth)
Spearow (Wood)
Canea (Wood)
Oddish (Wood)
Seviper (Water)
Skorupi (Earth)
Sandshrew (Earth)
Trapinch (Earth)
Nincada (Wood)
Poochyena (Earth)
Electrike (Wood)
Blitzle (Wood)
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Old September 10th, 2012, 04:38 PM
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Lt. Col. Fantastic
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Six days ago.

Mei sat in her little hideout. A throng of trees in the mountains. The trip was tedious, but rewarding. Out here, she could be all by herself. Well, almost. Ke'ai, her very own pokemon, was with her. For Some odd reason, the pokemon had warmed up to Mei, but she was very shy around others. Mei looked down at her friend, who was sleeping beside her. In the distance, her home city of Fengtai could be seen. Mei snapped her fingers, trying to light them on fire. Snapping didn't actually help her fire, but it made her feel cool. After a few tries, she gave up. She closed her eyes and laid back.

Should I do the trial? I'm sure it will help me grow in my pyromancies. And besides, I have nothing to do anyway.

She weighed her options, finally deciding to do the trial. Not to complete it and prove her worth or whatever, but just because she could. She sat up, and dusted herself off. She patted her pokemon on the back.

"Wake up Ke'ai. We're leaving."

Once the two were all set and ready to go, they started the journey back home.

Present Day

Mei woke up to the sound of scurrying feet outside her room. She slept on a cot, which she had place in the weapon storage area. Wooden swords, staves, and other training supplies decorated the walls and corners. Her own claws rested against the wall, along with her sickle. She sat up abruptly, and grabbed her claws. Slowly putting them on, the crept to the door. She peeked through the cracks, and saw several students, younger and as old as her, whispering and moving about.

What? Classes don't start until 8 a.m. And the older classes are only on Tuesday and Thursday...

Mei grumbled, and took her claws off. She threw them on her bed, and walked out.

"What is goin-"


All of the children jumped out, some a little late/early. One kid said "Surprise!" way too early. He was finished before Mei even started speaking.

Mei's eyes filled with tears. She didn't know why, but seeing all of these people here made her sad.

How did they know...

This was obviously a surprise going away party. But she never told anyone that she was even leaving. Scanning the faces of the crowd, she saw several childhood classmates, as well as Master Li. He smiled and waved. Mei tried to wipe her tears away, but they kept falling. She smiled through it, but she could hear some students talking.

"Oh, boy. Here she goes crying again."

This made Mei very embarrassed, and she started crying harder. She was literally crying because she was crying.

"Oh, you guys..." was all she managed to get out. All of the younger children came and gave her a group hug. Mei's older classmates followed, enclosing her within.

"Good luck Mei!"

"Yeah Mei! You'll do great!"

"You can do it, Mei"

Master Li broke up the hug.

"Now, now, settle down. Mei isn't leaving quite yet," to her, he said, "Good luck kiddo. I'm proud to have you as a student. Mei smiled and nodded before bowing. As she stood up, she felt a big hand hit her back.

"Do work, you got this," said Lei, one of her friends. Mei smiled. A few goodbyes and good lucks later, Mei went back to her room and gathered her stuff. As she walked towards the exit, she gave her final goodbyes and headed off to Houshan to begin her trial.

Mei traveled over mountains and hills, a savanna and a bit of forest, but managed to make it to Houshan in one piece. If there was one thing she was good at besides fighting it is wilderness survival. As she approached the great walls of Houshan, she noticed that there were banners representing all of the nations.

Are those always there? Mei wondered. It was very nicely decorated, and pleasing to the eye. As she entered the walls, she got her first impression of her nation's capitol. The city was bustling with life, merchants were trying to make one last sale before closing up, citizens of each nation were making their way to the Central Shrine to witness the start of the trial, and street performers were putting on shows for anybody who was looking. Mei was used to the city, but this was quite vivid. She poked around the shops, looking at their wares, watched a few performers, and made her way to the shrine. It was all very enchanting, but Mei couldn't help but miss her friends.
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Old September 18th, 2012, 05:11 PM
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Chan-Juan Wei

Anticipation caused Chan’s body to quiver with excitement. Her brow furrowed and stance straightened as she surveyed the other challengers in line. There must have been hundreds, no, a thousand others. She couldn’t wait to get started.

“Excuse me, sir!” A young raven headed attendant ran up to her from behind, a small satchel in hand. “Here, you’re a challenger, right?” She put the bag in front of her, awaiting Chan to accept it. The attendant’s eyes radiated with glee and unforced cheeriness. Even those who weren’t challengers seemed to be caught up in all the excitement. “This is to get you started, inside you’ll find a few essentials,” she added, again with over zealous cheer. Chan accepted it and slung it over her shoulder, she would check the contents once outside the city. “Good luck!” The attendant bowed and ran off to go get another bag for another challenger.

“Uh...thanks!” Chan called after her, her voice dipping into the lower register. Mei Li looked up at her from the ground, she had been dodging getting trampled on all morning.

“Larva, lar lar,” she cooed up at her.

“Fine... Come on up,” Chan responded with exasperation. The little Larvesta crawled up her leg, past her chest and rested on her shoulder. She issued a contented little mew as she secured her position. “You finally situated?” She asked with put on aggravation. The little Larvesta simply nodded in response.

Walking out with the masses, she found herself on the road. The great expanse and shade of Houshan’s walls looming behind her. This was the real start to her journey, the prerequisites were over. Curiosity eventually overcame her sense, a medium sized rock protruded from the Earth, a perfect seat. She made her way effortlessly and opened the bag with tempered enthusiasm.

“Ok, let’s see here,” she said to herself and Mei Li, the little bug paying not the slightest bit of attention. “Wow! They really gave these to us!” The little ball shaped objects were nestled into the pack, a perfectly safe place for them to be for ones so valuable. If each challenger had them, it must have been quite a considerable expense. Pulling out the other object in the bag, the map, she scrutinized it with considerable attention. “So...we need to go here.” She pointed at Zongwu Tower. “But we’ll never make it through that desert. Alive anyway. Looks like our best bet seems to be....Ah! Tunzi first! That way we can get some supplies and stuff. What do you think Mei Li?” The Larvesta simply uttered a guttural acknowledgment, apparently she wasn’t even paying attention.

Carefully packing away everything the way it was, she hoisted herself up and began to walk. The main pack of people already a fair distance ahead of her. She put a good distance between Houshan and herself before two young men flanked her on either side. Each carrying two of the contestants’ satchels. Something wasn’t right, they should have only had one satchel a piece. Before she could finish that train of thought, the youngest one on the right pulled out a small knife and held it to her throat.

“Hey boy, you know, those satchels have some real nice goodies in there. Why don’t you just go ahead and let me take care of them for you?” He extended his free hand, almost as if expecting her to give it up peacefully. “It’d be a shame for me to mess up that pretty face of yours. I’d imagine you’d have a real hard time with the ladies after that.” Chan let out a stifled laugh, the current situation humorous to her given her circumstances.

“You have no idea,” she replied, her voice taking on a severe tone of aggression. Quickly batting the man’s hand out of the way, she ducked, sweeping the legs out from under him as he crumpled to the ground. His partner recovered quickly, drawing his own blade as he charged her. Pirouetting out of his path, she tripped him also. His body smacking face first into the ground. Bending over the ring leader before he could recover, her blade extended from under her right sleeve. The tip puncturing just the slightest bit of his skin on the throat.

“I think you had better leave before I mess up your face. Trust me, you can’t afford to get much uglier.” She gave him a wink and kicked him in the chest. The man scrambled to his feet and ran in the opposite direction. His partner calling for him to wait up as he trailed behind. Watching them leave she let out a slight sigh, resigning herself to the trials and tribulations that lay ahead.
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