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Hi everyone! Since there seemed to be a lack of interest in my Pokémon Essentials game, I decided to discontinue it. However, I do have some other fan-game ideas that I would like to make. I would like both of these to be as up-to-date as possible.
While Pokémon Essentials is great, it costs money and it doesn't have everything I would like it to have. So I, as a challenge/hobby, would like to make my own Pokémon game engine. Here are some of the features I was thinking it should have:

- 3-D Models. The main problem I have with essentials is that there is no 3-D.
- 3-D also means we can change the camera angle by x, y, and z, making for more epic battles/intros.
- Show Trainer behind Pokémon in battle (like in Sun/Moon)
- All Trainers have 3-D models in battle/battle intro
- Obviously it would have Mega Evolution, and I might add support for Z-Moves.
- Changeable battle interface
- Support for adding new Pokémon/moves/types.
- Support for dual-typed moves (like Flying Press).
- Move tutors
- PWT/Frontier/Maison-style battling support
- Option to ask player for challenge modes (randomizer, nuzlocke, etc.)
- Support for new/different challenge modes
- MAYBE a music and 3-D model editors, but there are plenty of others out there.
- Anything else you guys would like to see

Of course, this is going to be a long and challenging project, thus, I am going to need some help. If any of you are interested please post here or PM me. You can also do so if you have something you would like to see included. Some slots include:

- 3-D model maker (for default models/maps to be included)
- A more experienced C programmer (to help with the coding I can't do myself)

Again, if you guys think of something I didn't, I would like to hear it!
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BadSamaritan BadSamaritan is online now
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There's a reason there are no 3d fan-game engines, the effort required to pull off a 3d fan-game is not remotely worth it. Anything done in 3d takes x amount of more time than doing something in 2d. And look how few 2d fan-games even make it to a demo.

If you are still interested in attempting what you're talking about, I'd direct your attention to the Pokemon Unity project thread, which you can find in this very forum. The project is basically exactly what you want to do.

Demo coming August 20!
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jluponeage jluponeage is offline
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Okay, thanks. I actually did some research on that , and it seems good for my needs. I also hear Unreal Engine is good, too. Guess I'll get working on my next projects!
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there is pokemon unity as well
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