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*Credits to Spriter's Resource for GSC tiles

A short history lesson. The Hoennian Civil War had just ended between the then-present democracy of Hoenn, the Magma Environmentalist Party, and the Aqua Rebellion. Maxie stood proud and powerful at the top after quickly sweeping his opposition with his resurrection of Groudon, a once mythical being of great ability. He formed a dictatorship in Hoenn and began the “Drought Campaign,” a program to expand the landmass of Hoenn via various methods and another, more secretive campaign involving foreign relations. Maxie befriended and slowly gained the trust of several countries, as well as wrapping them up in his grasp financially through the use of exports and soldiers for their own affairs, and examined the land for “threatening groups.” He was looking for groups that proved to have a lot of power in each respective region that might interfere politically or weaken the government and stamp them out as to make sure they don’t get in his way. Thus arguably, Maxie persuaded his allies to begin what came to be the Allegiance Wars, a series of campaigns to destroy “domestic enemies” such as the Rocket Mafia, Go-Rock Squad, Galatic Cultists, the Cipher Syndicate, and whatever remained of Maxie’s own personal enemy, the “Aqua Terrorists.” Even countries who weren’t involved with Maxie found themselves wrapped up in the wars because many of the groups inhabiting the regions that felt threatened by Maxie began to rise up and take violent action as to not be wiped out. Soon, it became very clear which countries were successful in the wars and who fell into chaos: the ones who did and didn’t have Maxie as an ally. Maxie himself became very popular amongst his numerous allies and very prosperous in his wartime economy. Better yet, his soldiers were famed to be the best in the world; very little of the death tolls margins including his forces.
Hoenn’s greatest ally, Unova, also found itself helping out other countries thanks to Maxie’s persuasion to do so. Due to some well-worded treaties with the more ravaged countries, Unova found itself absorbing regions into states. The “United States of Unova” now includes the original Unova, Fiore, Almia, Kanto, and the Sevii Isles. For the most part, the Allegiance Wars are mostly over, with the only countries having notable problems being Sinnoh and Orre. However, Johto is now notoriously known for being the only country who “didn’t get involved” with the wars. This is because of the Rocket Mafia was its only problem, and it was effectively ruined in Kanto by Unova forces. The mafia found itself extremely weakened with the loss of its leader, Giovanni. Its branch in Johto disbanded for a short while before resurfacing only recently in the past year. Alas, Johto, like all other of its neighbors, has been severely touched by the effects of the wars and the slow passing of time.

Let's speed it up a bit. Present day, two years after Kanto’s absorption into the USU. Johto is, and always had been, a small country bathed in tradition. Nestled in-between tall, rocky mountains and a sea burdened with whirlpools lies a land of wetlands and fertile soil. Inhabited before recorded history, the region is home to unique customs and breeds of Pokémon; as well as the ever famous Apricorn, a deceptively useful fruit used for making nutritious drinks to Pokéballs. The country is home to legends such as ninjas, kimono girls and their dances, and more popularly the legends of the protectors of the sky and sea, Lugia and Ho-oh. It is also very famous for being stuck on their traditions, rejecting new advances in technologies that are commonplace in other places and refusing to be a voice in world affairs that don’t include them personally.

However, the war has seeped into the stubborn land regardless, for better or worse. First off, Johto was cut off from its famous neighbor Kanto due to a closed border policy installed by Kanto’s new Unovian government. From this, the Indigo Plateau was disestablished, destroying the Pokémon League in both Kanto and Johto temporarily. Johto, in response, rebuilt its league by fully inhabiting another one of the Whirl Islands, formerly named Blue Point Isle, and renaming it Indigo Isle. The town Kasado Point was formed and an accompanying stadium build over water, Whirl Stadium, was built next to it. Another effect of this was the destruction of the Magnet Train in Kanto, causing Goldenrod to make the train exclusive to Johto. The train now spreads across the region and has become a part of the everyday life. Also, during the war, the Rocket Mafia had blown up Mt. Silver partially to prove a point, and the disaster cut off the civilized route to Blackthorn City and forced an evacuation and ravaged Silver Town, the past site for the Johto-specific league conference. Only recently has the town been cleared up again to be somewhat livable. It is also worthy to note that the Rocket Mafia has been slightly appearing now and again, working mainly underground. This reappearance has alerted the Magma Party, who have been very involved with the region as of late. Maxie has made it so that Hoenn is the only region they receive and export to, and has successfully persuaded the establishment of a Hoennian Embassy in Goldenrod for “sustainment of peace reasons.”

Several individual changes are different from the Johto we know in the games, and you should look at the description of the town/landmark personally for more information.
So where do you fit into all of this? You, my dear, are a delinquent for one reason or another. You have done one, if not several, bad things that have persuaded your parents, guardians, or whoever takes care of you to place you into the SOUL program that is based in New Bark. The program promises to “instill values of responsibility through the use of travel and participating in community help projects.” The lot of you has been permitted to borrow one low level Pokémon to be your “companion” and a small new device called the PokeGear, that’s equipped with a handy mini-map of the Johto and tracking system to find other PokeGears in the immediate area, a radio, a phone and text messaging system, a digital display clock/calendar, a digital notepad, and a side-printer to print out notes or text messages.You’ve also been spread across the region to begin your summer of community service in separate areas. You receive your orders from your PokeGear via text message from Lillian, a counselor you met at the New Bark headquarters. Once you’re done, the person you helped out will call a number to confirm you did the job. But if you don’t do what you have to, well, expect to have a counselor following you, stuck on you like fly to a light.
The first job goes all well and dandy, but your next order is rather odd and strange.... not to mention signed by not “- Lillain, SOUL” but just “- Soul” and accompanied by your PokeGear automatically printing out what seems to be some kind of fate card. Soon you find out through the grapevine that Lillian has actually been murdered.... and whoever the new “Soul” is knows you know. They tell you not to worry about being stuck to the SOUL program anymore or having to give back your new buddy or PokeGear. You’re free to enjoy your summer and become a trainer or whatever it is you want to do, but.... there are a few morally questioning things Soul wants you to do while you’re at it. If you do, you’ll of course be rewarded. If you don’t though, you’ll face what Soul calls “punishment.” And you’ll come to find that punishment is not something to take lightly.

Oh, and did Soul forget to mention? There is no escape from this. Wanna test that? Go right ahead.

Beginning. The mess with Soul hasn’t happened yet, and your individual character has just been sent over to a town to perform some community service. Once everyone is all signed up, I (or rather Lillian) will send you your character’s unique orders. Feel free to solve the problem anyway you wish, remember, you shouldn’t feel like you’re being lead by the nose! Be creative! You’ll find later on that Soul’s rewards will be more generous and punishments less severe if you’re creative in giving in or trying to escape from them. I may have a certain plot in mind, but just like in real life, a person has the power to change their situation and make it take turns in their favor.... or stick them in problems they didn’t mean to get caught up in.

*Courtesy of Bulbapedia

The Pokemon! In this RP, Pokemon are more subjective than their strict data game counterparts. However, usual types and type advantages/disadvantages apply.

+ Obtaining the buggers!
There are several ways to obtain the wonderful creatures. In some cases, like your starter or eggs, you are given them in one way or the other. However, most of the time, you’re going to have to catch them.

In every area, there are certain Pokemon available for capture. When you catch a glimpse of something you may want, think about what kind of Pokeballs you have on your person that will potentially give you an edge. For instance, you’ll find I’m more partial if you used a Dusk Ball on something in a cave or at night than on something in broad daylight.

Next, battle with it! Throw some poison spores or thunder waves its way, rough it up a bit, and then send out your Pokeball. End the post with you throwing the ball, and I’ll decide if you’ve captured it or not. Rarer Pokemon will be noted and harder to snag.

What moves wild Pokemon have will be allowed to be interpreted while you battle them for the first time, but once they’re caught, I make the final judgments based off what they did in battle. All I ask is that their moveset be believable, if you catch my drift.

If you obtain an egg, then hold onto it until I dictate when it hatches. Interacting with the egg may speed up the process and even alter what it hatches into, so keep that in mind when posting if you find yourself with one.

Alternative Means? What does this mean? Anything, really. Ever feel you’d love to own a Pokemon but found yourself one Pokeball short? I love creativity, so if you can snag that critter in a way that’s a bit – unique – then at the end of your post I just might let you have it. However, there is certainly the possibility you won’t be allowed to keep it, especially if your “alternative means” are dull and boring to read (and potentially impossible.)

+ How do I level my Pokemon?
Pokemon in this RP level accordingly after facing another Pokemon in battle. Beating a higher leveled Pokemon will cause the winner to gain one level. Beating a Pokemon of the same level will grant the winner half a level. Beating a lower leveled Pokemon will give the winner one-fourth of a level.

+ They gotta do stuff!
Moves are an integral part to Pokemon battling. Pokemon are permitted four moves per monster, and gain new moves through leveling, Technical Machines, Hidden Machines, and move tutors.

With a move comes a description, so please take heed to what the move does in the RP; since some commonly known moves do different things in here than they do in the game.

+ Abilities?! Each Pokemon has an ability, which grant them a special ability that they an preform once per battle/match. Try to use it to your advantage!

If I find you abusing your Pokemon's ability (e.g. used more than once per battle, using it to win each battle you ever partake in, etc.) you will recieve a warning. if it persists, your Pokemon will gain the "Dead Arm" ability, giving it no ability power at all. If the problem persists even further (e.g. refusing to accept you abused this feature and continuing to use the ability) then you face banishment from this RP.

Challenges. Throughout your journey, you'll face numerous challenges from other trainers, Gyms, or something Soul might send your direction.

+ Facing a wild Pokemon. You encounter them on routes and other infested areas, and catch them or train your present ones with them. Levels of wild Pokemon are determined by me based on your current team’s general level and the area they inhabit itself.

+ Facing created NPCs. The levels of a NPC trainer’s Pokemon you face, rather you created it or I did, will be determined by me. If you are planning to face an NPC trainer, please come to me first about it, because although you will get to choose what that person has (if you created them and within reason), I will dictate how many Pokemon they have on hand. If you created the NPC, you’re free to lose or win against them as you wish. However, if it’s of my own creation, you’ll be facing me as the NPC character.

+ Facing a Gym Leader. First, I will evaluate your chances of winning (no complaints) and ask you to pick a number between one and ten. Number(s) will be assigned before your choice that dictates a win or loss. I determine their level and number of Pokémon, and you can face the gym leaders in any order you want. Gyms are different from the regular “type specialist” gyms. They have certain perimeters and challenges unique to them, and you’re going to have to write about going through that challenge and winning/losing. There is no level gaining from Gym Battles. All eight badges are required to enter the Whirl Conference.

+ Facing a fellow RPer. I will allow the two of you to decide who wins or if it ends in a draw, but if it causes too much of a dispute or you wish for me to decide, I will take care of it. Please be civil and fair.

+ Contests. So, you want to be a coordinator instead or win a ribbon? Fair enough. Contest Halls, like Gyms, have unique challenges to them. If you make it to the final showdown, you will write about it. Once the “time runs out,” I will evaluate your chances of winning (based on your post) and ask you to pick a number between one and ten. Number(s) will be assigned before your choice that dictates a win or loss. You need at least five ribbons to enter the Johto Grand Festival.

+ Other Challenges. Sometimes you’ll be in a challenge that isn’t as common. The information for winning that challenge will come as they come.

Soul’s Orders
. As the plot progresses, you’ll be receiving orders from Soul to fill certain objectives. They control you with the use of Fate Cards they send your way. For password two, please list a type of tree, and capitalize the second or third letter in it with all other letters in the word being lowercase. Follow that with a space and spell out any number between one and five. If a password is repeated on any of the Sign Ups, I will instantly deny you.Your character won’t know what the cards mean, but you will be given a description of an interpretative event or occurrence that must happen to your character because of the card. They might be beneficial, deprecating, or just toy with you and make things harder on your character. You can choose to do the mission or follow your own objective, but you’ll find Soul is very persistent and unavoidable.

. The description of places and their people will be provided as the RPers discover them. Find the list [Here.] <- Future Link
I am GM, what I say goes. If you have any complaints, questions, or comments, please VM/PM me.

There will be no bunnying. Which means taking full control of someone else's character without their permission. If you feel that your character has been bunnied, PM me with the post url. I will check it over and see if this is a true-blue offense. If it is, that bunnying user will have 1 pt against them towards being kicked.

There will be no godmodding. Which means acting like you're the game master and creating important details in your post without my permission. If you want to add something that would completely change the course of your story, please PM about it first for good measure. Since I want you to be creative, I'm usually gonna be very laid-back with this and unless it does something that changes what I have in mind for this RP. For password one, please type a word or series of jumbled letters (any amount) from the first line of letters on your keyboard (Q to P.) If a password is repeated on any of the Sign Ups, I will instantly deny you. Also, your character is not perfect. They can be the very best if the work towards it, not because you just say that your level 2 Bagon beats the champion's level 100 Charizard. Besides, I've enacted a lot of stuff to prevent this, so you're actually gonna have to try to godmod.

All usual RP Corner rules apply. Of course. If you need a refresher, they can be found: here.

No magically appearing anything. I will also be taking tally of your Pokemon, their moves, your bag items, etc. If you have no Pokeballs, you cannot snatch that Abra by pulling out your surprise great ball your grandpa gave you when you were five and kept in your pocket that you've never mentioned until this point. If you’re dead broke and you do find a Pokemon you'd like, well.... you could write something creative to get it.
Like shoving it in your backpack after you beat it unconscious.

Inactivity is bad for this RP.If there are any complications you foresee, please PM/VM me.

Be creative. Be creative, be creative, be creative, be creative, be creative, be creative.... if you want to have a rival/travel partner, go ahead.

Rule breaking. If you are caught breaking the rules, you will get what I like to call a "point against you." You will get 1 pt against you each time you break a rule. Three points and you're kicked from the game.

Name/Nicknames: (Hey, I just met you.)
Gender/Sex: (Male, Female, and anything in-between.)
Age: (15-25 bracket.)
: (Long hair? Snout nose? Bloody fingers? No toenails?)
(What got you into the SOUL program in the first place? And did you become the owner of a large shrimp company while you were at it?)
:(Obviously everyone wants to be the dashing aristocrat with a mustache, but you've gotta be identifiable.)
Aspiration: (What does your character want to do? League? Contests? Photographer? Athlete?)
: (It will begin at level five, and at first stage of its evolution line. Pokémon that don’t evolve are not permitted, and of course, neither are legendaries [especially in this RP, where legendaries are considered to be just myths. Maxie resurrecting Groudon was similar to a man proving Zeus actually exists and controlling him somehow.] The moveset it possesses at the start will be dictated by me. It can be of any type.)
Password 1: (Hm, where could it be?)
Password 2
RP Sample: (Give me an example of how you RP.)

All Sign Ups are to be posted in the [OOC.] This has a limit of five spots. First come, first serve. No reservations. Thank you for being interested! :3
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