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TCG Deck Reviewing List cards of your card decks here to get them rated!

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Old August 2nd, 2012 (7:42 PM).
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I am not sure if this is the right forum but I am currently wanting to get back into the trading card game alongside of the video game. Mainly because the only place locally that has people that play pokemon is mainly a group of people that play the trading card game (though some of them do bring their game boys with them when they come to it). But I do want to participate in the trading card game to some extent.

I am not an overly competitive individual when it comes to trading card games and definitely want more of a fun deck. However I would like a fun deck that can at the same time sometimes win a few games. Recently I purchased the Reshiram-EX Box Set complete with Boosters and with it came the following Rares:

1x Reshiram-EX (Promo Card)
1x Persian (Next Destinies 81)
1x Jellicent (Noble Victories 31)
1x Swanna (Emerging Powers 27)
1x Arcanine (Next Destinies 12)

My question is, using the above cards as a basic guide, and without having to spend a huge fortune, what type of deck would one suggest I try to build. Keep in mind that I have a rather small budget to work with and I also have to spend this budget on other things in a given month aside from just the trading card games (I am talking between 70 and 80 dollars a month, and this month is my mothers birthday).

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Old August 18th, 2012 (3:30 AM).
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Asuming you have the energies trainers and basic forms you should be able to make a decent fire water decks. The arcanine and jellicent you have ever cause status effects when you are attacked, throw a rocky helm on them to give your opponent more of a reason not to attack you. The Persian is a good tech card with nasty plot allowing you to get any card you want. The swanna has the ability to discard your opponents energy. And reshirum ex is a good heavy basic attacker. If you are building on what you have then focus on counter abilities, a Druddigon with rocky helm or a buffalont (dragons exalted) with eviolite will give your opponent a pause before they consider attacking. Find what style you like though, you don't have to stay with one. Maybe get a deck, there was a next destiny deck that focused on water fire with reshirum in it that would fit your cards well.
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