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Old April 12th, 2014 (9:42 AM). Edited April 15th, 2014 by Hovde.
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Hovde's Hebephrenic Breeding Service

Hey everyone, its Hovde. I enjoy helping people out by breeding pokemon, so i thought i would make a breeding service here. You can also contact me on Miiverse, where my name is also Hovde.

What time i am available online-Mon-Sat= 8:30 Pm to Midnight Sunday-6:30 am to 4:00 pm, then 8:30 Pm to midnight

Here's what I can do for you
-IVs- i can get you up to four IVs, maybe 5
-HAs-i can get you hidden abilities for certain pokemon, but i dont have everything.
-Pokerus(Maybe, i might be able to infect with a pokerus pokemon i already have)

Heres What i can't do/get for you
-Get 6ivs
-The definition of Hebephrenic

Friend Code-0662-4684-8825
-Please leave a trade review if you trade with me
-I have never made a thread before, so if i do something wrong, please let me know

What i can breed:

Hidden Abilities(In no particular order)

Blaziken-Speed Boost
Darmanitan-Zen Mode
Sawsbuck-Serene Grace
Charizard-Solar Power
Azumarill-Sap Sipper
Clefairy/Clefable-Friend Gaurd/Unaware
Zangoose-Toxic Boost
Cincinno-Skill Link
Metagross-Light Metal
Pachirisu-Volt Absorb
Kingler-Sheer Force
Nidoking/Queen-Sheer Force
Chesnaught-Bullet Proof
Alakazam-Magic Gaurd
Poliwrath/Politoad-Swift Swim/Drizzle
Sigilyph-Tinted Lens
TalonFlame-Gale Wings

Iv Breeding- Practically anything. up to 5 ivs.
Egg Moves- Ask me what you want, and i will see what i can do.

Heres what i would like in return:

-Any Hidden ability pokemon not listed
-Good iv pokemon for breeding
-Other-Make offer
Light Ball
Any berry used to lower stats(such as kellpsy berry)
choice scarf
Assault vest
Toxic/Flame Orb
Black Sludge
White Herb
Power Herb
Absorb Bulb
Cell Battery
Red Card
Eject Button
Weakness Policy
Ring Targert
Wise Glasses
Scope Lens
Zoom Lens
Wide Lens
Muscle Band
Razor CLaw/Fang
Life orb
Iron balll Air Balloon Binding Band
Safety Goggles
Ability Capsule(Will give shiny 5iv blastoise or non-shiny arceus for it)
Light CLay

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