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Pokémon Clubs This forum is for those who wish to start a club within the community. This forum is for Pokémon clubs; Fan Clubs & Groups is for everything else.
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Old August 28th, 2012 (10:49 AM). Edited September 2nd, 2012 by Dalek_Kabu.
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Location: Spring Hill,Florida
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The Deep Chasm!(a cavemon club)

This is a club for all fans of pokemon found in caves! If i have left any out please don't hesitate to point it out!

1. Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Groups' rules.
2. Please don't spam, troll or harass.
3. Try to keep active!
4. Everyone can choose one partner Pokemon from the list upon joining (includes the ones you add!) and a nickname it if you want.
5. Enjoy!
6.Must be a member of the club to post!
Sign-Up Form
Partner Pokemon:
Reason for joining:
Answer the current topic!

List Of Pokemon
Lets enter the cave! take 3 steps and a wild Zubat appears!

Members List
Every club needs a list of members!
- Kabutopsian

- Rainbow Arcanine

- AlexOzzyCakes

- Danaxe
User Bars
To be added once we have some lol

coming soon
Topic of the week
Which Pokemon do you think Belongs in a cave?

If this is in violation then tell necrum to slap me
Old August 28th, 2012 (11:26 PM). Edited September 2nd, 2012 by Rainbow Arcanine.
Rainbow Arcanine
now known as narnia
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Australia
Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly
Yay! First to join !
Username: Rainbow Arcanine
Partner Pokemon : Jake the Donphan
Reason for Joining : Most of my favourites are found in caves :D.
Which Pokemon do you think belong in caves?
I'd have to say Relicanth, it has the appearance of something from prehistoric times.

EDIT : Kabutopsian, you've left out Delibird from the list .
I'm not using this account anymore! I'm now
known as Narnia. Any VMs or PMs on this account
will likely go unanswered
. :p
Old August 29th, 2012 (07:04 AM).
danaxe's Avatar
I long for kyurem powerz
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: ever grande city
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
Partner Pokemon:gigalith and flygon
Reason for joining:when i saw flygon was here i was like cave pokemon are so cool
Answer the current topic! bisharp, it just seems that is shold be somewhere dark (like a cave) lurking in the shadows

hey maybye i should order a banner
my black 2 fc 1979-8982-9170

Good trade shops:
I loveevee's
Old August 29th, 2012 (01:44 PM).
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This'll be a blast!
Community Supporter
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: England
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nature: Quirky
Username: AlexOzzyCake
Partner Pokemon: Sandshrew <3
Reason for joining: I didn't expect to want to join this club when I heard "cave Pokémon" since I find caves in the game incredibly annoying to traverse, but after thinking about how many Pokémon actually belong in caves I think it's a decent group of Pokémon to fanboy over. n.n

Which Pokémon belong in a cave?
Marill! It lives in Mt Mortar and I believe they're Pokémon which naturally dwell in caves containing lots of water, so it sounds right to me x] I think Lumineon is supposed to the the same but I'm not certain on that one haha. Although I am curious about some of the Pokémon on the list - I don't understand some of them like why is Gligar on the list? They live in ravaged mountains don't they? o3o And the Trapinch family lives in deserts? :3 But yeah, just a few to ponder on haha. What do other people think?
Old September 2nd, 2012 (08:07 AM).
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Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Spring Hill,Florida
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Welcome to the Club guys! Hope you enjoy it
If this is in violation then tell necrum to slap me
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