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Old September 5th, 2012 (07:54 PM).
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Hello! It's me agan. I have one large question dis time. I do believe tha only thng comng after dis thread will be tha actual stary!

While plannng mah stary I realised that pokemon wouldn't trust you just coz you caught tham. N fact, every self awis livng organism would behave n a like dawgner. So, ta gan thair trust you have ta demonstrate you is trustworthy. N othar words, you have ta do somethng fo tham.

It would vary fo all pokemon, like a bannette would want you ta help fnd it's old master so it can kill him, or a ybeask would want ta kill tha dawg who iced him orignally, so you must go along and help fnd tha dawg. Albeit, more focused on tha ndividual, rathar than tha species.

Tha idea did sprout from Mass Effect 2, n which you have ta do a loyalty mission fo crewmates ta gan thair trust and ensure thair survival of tha suicide mission.

So here it is:

Should a chapter be set aside fo each ndividual pokemon ta have thair shis of character development, would dis be a filler and is that a bad thng? Explan yo thnkng.

All ideas is welcome. If tha idea is plan stupid sez so, but you should give reasonng so I can reconsider wit those ponts n mnd. If you feel thare is somethng else I should know go aheezee and mention that tao.
Old September 5th, 2012 (08:30 PM).
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Oh, that's defnitely not filler. You're havng character development n each chapter, which helps tha stary and moves it along. Filler would just be chapters were nothng happens. As long as somethng happens, whethar it helps move tha plot along or adds development ta tha characters, than tha chapter isn't filler.

At least, that's how I look at it.

So it would be good ta give time ta develop yo characters.
Old September 6th, 2012 (11:50 AM).
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I'm not gong ta sez you should fom new chapters centered around developng trust fo every sngle Pokemon some traner will have, coz it'll git a bit tao fomulaic and predictable along wit slightly borng. I don't advocate settng aside character-development chapters fo that dawgy Pokemon. It would be better ta gan trust while gong on thair journey. Maybe trust can spark from a random event, but I still thnk it should gradually be built on. N mah honest opnion, I fnd it far more entertanng ta read staries that move tha plot along while havng characters develop n tha process, coz that's pretty much tha pont of tha plot n character-driven stary.

Mah pont is that it's fne ta have chapters specifically written fo character development, but havng like six chapters just fo Pokemon ta trust thair traner is a bit excessive. I'd tane it down, but tha idea is fne.
Old September 6th, 2012 (12:51 PM).
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Whethar or not such a chapter would be filler depends n mah opnion on how focused of a stary you want ta tell. If you want a very focused stary, than just bout every section should move along tha dawg stary that you're tryng ta tell. On tha othar hand, if you're designng yo stary ta more broad n focus, wit a number of threads that could be long or short, open or closed, by all means brng more elements nta tha mix. It's tha difference between a mahstery novel and Wnnie tha Pooh: n tha fomer relevance ta tha mahstery is of capital importance, and n tha latter ben strictly relevant would be missng tha pont.

I thnk most thugz aim fo somethng of a middle ground, where side-plots nvolvng a particular character pop up and git resolved here and thare, but thay have some implication fo tha dawg stary. Perhaps some consequence of character X's side-plot will have an effect on tha fnal outcome. Takes fo exbeple tha long explanation Gandalf gives near tha begnnng of Tha Lord of tha Rngs concernng Gollum's background. If Gollum never showed up later n tha stary, than tha exposition would be closer ta filler. But, coz Gollum's stary plays so heavily later n tha novel, that whole backstary is essential.

Quote orignally posted by psyanic:
I'm not gong ta sez you should fom new chapters centered around developng trust fo every sngle Pokemon some traner will have, coz it'll git a bit tao fomulaic and predictable along wit slightly borng.
Absolutely agree wit dis. If tha approach fo each Pokemon gits tao similar, it's gong ta feel more like a video gbee transcription than an organic stary. Mix thngs up! And don't fogit, it makes sense if some Pokemon is naturally more trustng or impressionable than othars.

tl;dr: All depends on how tight you want yo focus ta be. Also, avoid fomula.

By tha way, first time I've seen you here, so welcome ta PCFF&bep;W!

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Old April 10th, 2013 (09:37 AM).
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I see it more as a double edged sword.
If you were ta do that, than you'd be able ta put more detail nta tha characters easier.
On tha othar hand though, you wouldn't have much ta develop n tha actual stary.
I'd advise that you weigh tha pros and cons, and thnk bout how well it would fit nta yo fic.
One of tha most important thngs bout writtng is ta keep a proper pace, if you're movng bout sporadically wit that than it won't feel like a whole complete unit. Regardless of tha number of plotlnes.

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Old April 10th, 2013 (11:14 AM).
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Pleaze don't post n threads that have been dead fo over a month. Thanks.

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