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Old November 13th, 2013 (6:24 AM). Edited November 13th, 2013 by lovandra.
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Please give me corrections and edit for all my typos and bad grammar. I'm not native English and still learn writing in English.

Lova's Silver


Wake up.

This place was so comfy and all I wanted is stay still and curl in this soft and comfy place.

This little one never open her eyes? Is she fine?

Of course she is fine, maybe she is tired after spend long time in her's egg.

So unnatural, and look at her fur, silver. Weird. Only old kind can have fur like this, and it's so unnatural.

She is pretty, isnt she? She will grow to be the most beautiful Vulpix ever.

She will bring us into doom, rare new born like her will make us all doom.

SHUT UP Vulandi, world is change now. All pokemon live peacefull with human now.

I already warn u guys. I did.

I felt brezze and uncomfortable feeling suddently appeared. My eyes still heavy so I open my mouth and howl loudly.


'Andra. Where do you plan to go?'

Damn, why is Mom always yelling and annoying! I just want to go to forest and walk little bit.

'I will go for little tour!,' I yell her back and close the door before she can run and catch me.

My Mom and I just came here yesterday, to visit my grandparent. I live in a small town but my grandparent live in small country near village. We never visited them before cause my father and my brother hate countryside, and so do I. Till I heard that the forest near my grandparent's house full of pokemon!

I want to have my own pokemon, but my father disagree. In some countries, even kids could have one and join adventure with pokemon, but not here. Pokemon was treated bad here, most old people still have called them Devil and hunted them into extinction. But Pokemon Professors from around the world make petition to our goverment and since years ago, pokemon begin to be treated well and...


Mira and Kinan already have their own pokemon! Even Alex brag about her new Froakie that imported from Kalos Religion! DAMN! I want a super rare pokemon too!!

And I will find one!

Pokemon is super rare weird creature. Legend said they came out from world itself to put omen to human cause all their bad doing. But cause of huge power that they possesed, they started to go rampage and brought omen also to innocent. So people started to hunt them down and they almost extinct here. Except in some area where people used to worship them. Like here, in Loner's Forest. But most of pokemon imported here from other religion, like Mira's Skitty, Kinan's Pidgey, and Alex's Froakie.

'Where are they? Grandpa said there used to lots of Vulpix in this area.'


Andra have her own pokemon, finally. A super rare weird Silver Vulpix. She name her Silva, dont know that she own a female vulpix. She really having fun, dont understand how hard to raise a pokemon.


Andra and Silva start to grow close. Andra then joined TRAINER SIMULATION in her religion where 100 children will selected to have a pokemon journey. Andra is exited but her parent disagree. They prefer to sent her younger brother who just get a brand new 'poke store' Oshawott. Andra going rampage and run away *again* from home.


Andra join TRAINER SIMULATION'S Try Out with her brother and friends.

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