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Old November 30th, 2012 (5:56 PM).
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Iora Oriole

Iora deftly dodged the little bird thing as it made its way in a panicked manner around the room. A few near misses later, and it was being picked up by what she could only assume was its owner. Was this little bird thing sentient? The thought was chased away by the sudden appearance of a being by the name of Ash. Iora felt small and powerless in comparison to the creature's size. She was intimidating, her eyes piercing and glowing red from their sockets. Ash went on to make many valid points in her little speech. They were, however much they might not like it, in this together. Iora knew she would have to swallow her fear for the time being, but it was easier said than done. Everything was so foreign; the people, the landscape, even the entire world it seemed.

One of the less bird looking people spoke up, Iora thought she recalled that race being call Hylians. She made a statement about all the biggest pillows belonging to her. A rather selfish and naive comment if Iora did say so herself. It didn’t much bother her however, if Harris wanted the pillows, there was no harm in avoiding an argument. Although, she thought Harris an odd name for her appearance.

Iora stretched her arms over her head, her body aching from the days events. Without even realizing it, her wings expanded in a flash. The almost pure white feathers extended out and just about bowled into the others standing near her. Quickly, she dropped her arms and the wings returned back to their dormant state, her face flushing red with embarrassment. These wings were practically new to her, she had no idea how to properly control them. Now she knew she would have to say something, anything. You can’t just make a scene like that, no matter how unintentional, and let it slide.

“Uhm, sorry everyone,” Iora looked around the room, her gaze finally settling on the aged wooden floor boards. “I hope I didn’t hit anybody... I’m Iora.” She lifted her eyes once again to look around. How was this group of misfits ever going to get home?
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Old December 8th, 2012 (5:32 PM).
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The fairy was the first creature Relak legitimately recognized. Fairies could be found in lots of places. Including in some caves near his home. Too bad the creatures were useless, and this one had an attitude. Well all the organics did. With his limited scope in the matters of that sort Relak was finding this conversation growing ever more pointless. When sleep was brought up Relak decided these organics were no longer worth his time.

“Function no longer required. Shutting down.” Relak buzzed in his pre-programmed voice.

He stomped over to the door, and piece by piece set himself down. Then the electricity flowing between the parts shut off. As a machine efficiency mattered very much here. These organics held no worth to him, and they were only wasting time. He may not be affected by time like organics, but Relak was concerned by what could be happening in his absence.

((Yes I'm sorry its short, but again just not his strength, and I don't do that thing where I re-explain things from his perspective. Just have learned how really.))
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