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Old December 6th, 2014 (08:40 PM). Edited December 16th, 2014 by divinemamgai.
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Hello, after studying carefully the thread posted Here and Here [Guide is somewhat incorrect for the most part...] and the JPAN's hacked Fire Red Engine I decided to make things simple as a click for inserting new sprites and palettes to our hacks! Presenting to you -

Pokemon Sprite Inserter
Current Version - 1.2.2
With New And Improved Palette Browser! [With Bug Fixes][With Sprite Patcher]
New Screens Uploaded!

  1. One-Of-It's Kind Palette Browser - View Existing Palettes With Ease Export Them Or Use Them Directly As New Palette Templates!
  2. New And Improved - Palette Editing And Inserting Tool!
  3. On-The-Go Value Validation - So That You Never Enter Anything Wrong!
  4. Create Empty Tables For Your Sprites
  1. Pre-defined Sprite Data values.
  2. Complete control on Sprite Data values.
  3. Complete validation of all the inputs so as to ensure program won't break you rom.
  4. Can be configured to work with other roms. [Requires Brain and Self Work!]
  5. Built-In Palette Inserter!
  6. Built-In Free Space Finder!
  7. Last but not least - Hassle free Sprite Insertion which even an noob can handle!
  1. Windows OS
  2. .Net 4.5 Framework [If you have Windows 8/8.1 no need to worry cuz you have got it!]
  3. By Default - A Fire Red Rom with JPAN's Hacked Engine.
  1. How to use this program?
    1. First setup this program in your computer. Then make sure you have a Pokemon Fire Red Rom with JPAN's hacked engine.
    2. Make a backup of your rom just to be safe in case anything goes wrong.
    3. Know what you have to do i.e. What size of sprite do you need?, How frames does your sprite require? And What is the palette number of the sprite you are inserting.
    4. Open your rom in the program, if it's a Fire Red Rom it will open. [Note: Currently there is no check for JPAN's Hacked Engine, so be sure of the rom you are using!]
    5. If you don't want to go into any hassle with what values you need, just click Select Data Preset button which will show you pre-configured presets for sprites.
    6. If the preset you want exists there, then just click that preset and click Done.
    7. Once you have cross-checked everything, click Start Sprite Writing.
    8. If everything goes Ok, the program will prompt you to choose table to insert new sprite in. If you are on JPAN's hacked engine just create a new empty table. This feature will be added soon so no need to worry.
    9. To select the existing Fire Red Sprite table you need to change the Max Sprite setting in the Settings Menu other wise it will give you Error/Warning.
    10. If you have an existing table with sufficient room, just select that table and if that goes well, voila you have just saved your self hours of hex editing in seconds!
    11. If all this is still too much for you, I may create a simple video tutorial on how to use this program. But it should be straight forward for most of the people out there as of now.
  2. What Not To Do?
    1. While using custom offsets make sure there is enough free space lying around at that offset. You should know how much space is needed for each offset. Currently program won't check for space since it believes in you!
    2. Before using this program for the first time, don't forget to go through settings! If you don't then it may break your rom but it will be your fault not the programs.
    3. While using this for other roms don't just use the default presets! Other roms have different Pointers for Animations and other unknown ones.
    4. Before being rude and saying that it break your rom please go through the settings you have used and what where valid for your rom. There is so much the program can validate as of now.
Change Log
  • divinemamgai - For Bringing All Of It Together!
  • JPAN - Hacked Fire Red Engine
  • karatekid552 - OWS Insertion Tutorial
  • Quickster - OWS Palette Insertion Tutorial
Have Fun Hacking!
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Old December 14th, 2014 (10:42 PM).
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Looks good! The UI is very clean and professional looking and it's helpful to have a tool like this although it would be better if you weren't required to use JPAN's engine. Not a lot of people use it anymore and your tool would probably gain some more traction if wasn't needed.
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Old December 15th, 2014 (06:38 AM).
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Thanks, I'm currently working on it. My exam's were on that's why. Don't worry in the coming days it will have the features of adding in another Rom's too and Editing Sprites!
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