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Old November 2nd, 2012 (12:23 PM).
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In tribute to November and a couple annoying friends I have, what do you think of body hair or facial hair (yours or in general)?
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Old November 2nd, 2012 (12:29 PM).
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Facial hair can be okay in some cases. I kinda think I'd look good with it.

Other body hair is terrible. Always.
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Old November 2nd, 2012 (12:58 PM).
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I don't like it. I hate having facial hair and body hair. The only hair I have that I like is the hair on my scalp.

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Old November 2nd, 2012 (2:11 PM).
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I absolutely hate having facial hair or body hair; the former can work well with some people, but it definitely doesn't with me.

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Old November 2nd, 2012 (2:14 PM).
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I'm a girl so body hair is more likely to be shaved off than celebrated.

I like good, well-kept beards on men though. Some men more than others, but I far prefer my boyfriend with a beard to him without one.

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Old November 2nd, 2012 (2:28 PM). Edited November 2nd, 2012 by Volcanix769.
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I only like the hair on my head. I don't like the other areas of it. :c
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Old November 2nd, 2012 (2:43 PM).
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Facial/body hair can look amazing on the right sort of people, but I don't really like it on me. Since it's cold and I'm naturally blond I'll let a bit of facial hair grow out longer than usual before I shave it all off since it keeps my face warm, but that's about as far as I will let it go.

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Old November 2nd, 2012 (3:25 PM). Edited November 2nd, 2012 by Patchisou Yutohru.
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I think I look good with some stubble. But it takes forever for my facial hair to grow and even then I don't have facial hair growing in all the places most guys my age do. If I don't deal with them, I have awkward patches on my face every now. So it takes me a while to get stubble, haha.

I don't have a problem with my arm hair, leg hair, underarm hair, or happy trail hair. All the other hair on my body I would be okay with getting rid of permanently.
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Old November 2nd, 2012 (4:01 PM).
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Spherical Ice Spherical Ice is online now
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if I could grow a beard I think I'd look good with stubble but yeah none for me. as for other people I can always appreciate a good beard. I dont mind body hair on girls as long as its no more than mine haha (wow I feel really superficial saying that, sorry!)
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Old November 2nd, 2012 (11:32 PM).
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I don't like body hair. Never did.

Since I'm a girl and I can't grow a pretty beard, I like guys with some stubble. Some. It makes them look cool, and that's basically my only reason.
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Old November 3rd, 2012 (8:49 AM).
Shiny Celebi Shiny Celebi is offline
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I dislike facial/body hair. I am a girl so naturally I shave it ^^; I generally dont like facial hair at all on guys either.
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Old November 3rd, 2012 (2:53 PM).
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I don't mind facial hair. Some guys are even hotter with beards. :3

Body hair? Meh. I'm pretty indifferent about it on others. As for me, I shave my legs and armpits when I feel like it. When I was younger, I was far more insecure and even shaved my arms a few times. Now I don't care if they're fuzzy. :p
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Old November 4th, 2012 (2:41 AM).
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I don't like body hair much. I always try to get rid of them if they look like they've grown too long. The only places I can stand having hair on are, of course, my head and my legs. They don't grow too thickly so I don't mind.

As for guys, it depends. I don't really like facial hair on Asian guys, especially moustaches. For Caucasians, I'm indifferent. Some look good with facial hair and some don't. Like I said, it depends.

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Old November 4th, 2012 (3:08 AM).
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Ugh no I hate all hair (except head!!!). It... feels wrong knowing it's there. Like hair on my underarms I can't take it just irritates me and I have to remove it. So ya, I remove that everyday. Hair on legs I can take slightly as long as I'm wearing pants, but if any part of my legs are exposed I go crazy and have to shave. I do get hair just above my mouth and I shave that every second-third day since that doesn't grow as quick as hair under my arms. If I say more that'd be tmi, sooo. :(

I dislike beards on males tho stubble looks nice. Mustaches makes you look like you're someone who is going to steal my money. Thanks to TV, ofc.
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Old November 4th, 2012 (7:25 AM).
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Facial hair is okay, IMO, as long as it's well taken care of.

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Old November 5th, 2012 (4:03 AM).
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Body hair isn't bad at all. I find guys equally attractive whether they have body hair or not, so I have no issue with it whatsoever.

As for facial hair, stubble is fine but beards are not. I freaking cannot stand beards lol.

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Old November 5th, 2012 (7:48 AM).
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I absolutely hate body hair/facial hair on me. I just can't stand it: I usually shave it off anyway. I think it just looks god-damn awful on me. The only hair that counts is on top of your head.
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Old November 5th, 2012 (11:38 AM).
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On me? Well since I'm a girl, I prefer no hair other than eyebrow and scalp hair. I've had a few laser hair reduction/removal treatments for my underarms, because they grow fast and I get irritated when I shave.. my skin is too sensitive.
I do wax myself though. Whatever is left under my arms, my legs, and my whole bikini area. I've been doing it a while so legs and underarms don't hurt.. bikini hurts, obviously, but it lasts almost a month so IMO it's so worth it.

On men, it has to depend on the man. Normally I prefer clean shaven, though some guys look a lot better with facial hair or a bit of stubble than without (example for me is robert downey jr.)
I think a guy should groom his genital region somehow, even if it is a trim. I think it just looks better.
As for the rest of his body hair? I'd prefer it if he didn't shave anything else. A prickly chest or legs is not attractive. If the guy has a bad case of back-hair or chest hair and doesn't like it, he should get it waxed or save up for laser because shaving just.. blegh. I'm not attracted to a lot of body hair, but I think a fair amount on a guy is nice, and I like a nice happy trail :3
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