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Old November 17th, 2012 (02:54 AM).
shenanigans's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Manchester
Gender: Male
What sort of goals in your online or offline life are you working towards right now? They could be anything from getting good grades in school to saving up enough money to buy a new video game. Also things like forming a friendship or relationship with someone, getting picked for a job, whatever. Any goal which takes time and effort.
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Old November 17th, 2012 (03:02 AM).
Icy Burn's Avatar
Icy Burn
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Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Moon. o_o
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Getting more friends around here and becoming a Voice on the PC Pokemon Showdown Server
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Old November 17th, 2012 (03:08 AM).
Forever's Avatar
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Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: http://goo.my/server
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Quote originally posted by Icy Burn:
Getting more friends around here and becoming a Voice on the PC Pokemon Showdown Server
Don't worry, if you stay active one of those goals will likely happen soon. ;)

But uhh for me online there's nothing real goals I have on PC at least considering I feel like I've done anything I've wanted to do. Overall, though, I do want to become the best ever at NU, to not be intimidated with Smogon and actually like get into everything there, which I'm kind of... trying at! Ummm... that's probably all? As for IRL, I want to be a successful journalist, who writes a lot of great articles without mistakes or typos, but there's nothing I can really do rn until I get a job, aaand being a good photographer too, which I'm kind of working on by taking photos and stuff. I want a DSLR so I can explore other options with photography. But otherwise that's about all, I'm pretty content with everything for now.
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Old November 17th, 2012 (05:18 AM).
awolfsquared's Avatar
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Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: St.Louis,Missouri
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nature: Modest
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One goal I have on PC is getting to know more of the regulars. I already have a decent amount of friends but nothing hurts to be friends with more people. I want to be friendlier on PC. Another PC goal is to become a 3 Tier Supporter or higher so I can have a blog and be a part of that VIP Supporter lounge. The supporter goal ties in with a real life goal of mine and that's to get a job. When I get a job I can open up a bank account ,and once I do that one of the first thing I'm gonna do is get a PayPal account. Then I can donate to PC and became a 3 Tier Supporter. Or someone can donate me one right now hint hint. I also have a goal of getting into a college.it took me a year in a half to even get a high school diploma but now I got one I'm determined to go on to college. At this point, it doesn't matter to me what college I go, as long as I get accepted somewhere. Even if it is a 2-year community college.

Another PC goal is to become a veteran here. I have along way too go (though I'm only 3 1/2 months away from hitting a year) but I'm thinking I'll be around in three years.
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Old November 17th, 2012 (07:46 AM).
Overlord Drakow's Avatar
Overlord Drakow
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hell
Nature: Serious
My online goal is to troll as many people as possible.

My offline goal right now is just to continue developing my IT skills.
"Power through ambition." - Overlord Drakow
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Old November 17th, 2012 (11:24 AM).
My Pico's Avatar
My Pico
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Join Date: Nov 2012
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nature: Relaxed
Working on a novel yo. With me as the protagonist then become insta rich and have all the harem boys I want. That way I don't need effort but it takes time to write that stuff.

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Old November 17th, 2012 (04:57 PM).
Hikamaru's Avatar
i am a fire escape
Community Supporter
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Australia
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nature: Quirky
My goals are mainly PC-related.

1. Becoming a PC Veteran, I'd have to wait until 2014 for that though and that's only if work doesn't make me leave.

2. Getting to know all the regulars, since I befriended so many of them and some barely talk to me.

3. Learn CSS skills so I can make cool signatures.

4. And contribute to the forum as much as possible.
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Old November 17th, 2012 (05:06 PM).
Proud user of Garbodor
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Cincinnati OH
Gender: Male
Nature: Quirky
On the internet I hope to become a popular youtuber, unfortunately I have been putting off writing scripts, getting footage, and arranging for partnerships so as to get footage from games I don't have. In irl I am developing a reletionship with some one. Irl... my god im turning into the stereotypical teenage girl.
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Old November 19th, 2012 (10:52 AM).
Elite Overlord LeSabre™'s Avatar
Elite Overlord LeSabre™
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Location: 9840 Pineville-Matthews Road
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Online I'm trying to make myself more known, both on here and on YouTube with my anime music videos (though that's been on hold recently due to computer issues).

IRL, I'm working to save enough to go to an upcoming anime convention and in the longer term, I'm looking to get myself moved back down to Charlotte, NC where I spent my college years (and had a great time) and get back together with old friends.

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Old November 19th, 2012 (02:46 PM).
♣Gawain♣'s Avatar
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Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Moscow, Russia
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
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Online: To master the art of making graphic pictures using CS Photoshop and displaying them in deviantart
Offline: To finish my college degree.

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Old November 19th, 2012 (03:00 PM).
Mochi's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2012
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Nature: Sassy
I will die of relief on December 17th. I quit work in less than two weeks, and the 17th is my last day for the semester. This semester has been unknowingly stressful for me, for academic reasons. Will be nice to have three weeks off of school u_u Right now it's mostly a waiting game and a matter of playing catch up in some classes I slacked off in.

Online, I really need to organize my bookmarks and my Pinterest.
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Old November 19th, 2012 (04:02 PM).
Squirrel's Avatar
This'll be a blast!
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Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: England
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nature: Quirky
Online; my only real goal right now online is to run a successful RP. I've got one in the works and it's getting great feedback so far, so I'm really excited to see how this goes. Otherwise I'd like to fully develop a site theme at some point, it's just the time it takes to get things perfect that's halting my progress haha.

Offline; I have two main goals offline. They may sound boring and sappy, but I think they're the two things that most people want: I want to succeed and I want to find love. In context, I want to get a high-level degree at university and go on to carry out vital pieces of research in the field of genetics or ecology; leaving an impact on the world in this way would be... wow. And of course, I want to find someone to be with and all that stuff, but that's the standard thing for most people haha.
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Old November 19th, 2012 (04:23 PM).
von Weltschmerz
the first born unicorn
Join Date: Oct 2012
To be happy, of course. That is the ultimate goal. It can be achieved by many means. Either by changing yourself, or changing the world around you. I am opting for the latter on a very radical scale. So much so... that you could say my "goal" is to bring relevant political change to the world, namely the ever so delightful US of A.
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Old November 20th, 2012 (12:44 PM).
Twilight Sky's Avatar
Twilight Sky
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Join Date: Aug 2012
Gender: Female
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Online, my goal is simply to have as much fun as I can on the communities that I frequent! Though due to my limited free time, that has dropped down to PC and just about another forum that I frequent quite a bit. Though generally, the bottom line is to have as much fun as possible while I remain active here on PC~

Offline, I'm working towards paying off my classes so I can continue my education towards my degree in both IT and Computer Programming! That and hopefully get my GPA up to about a 3.8 or a 3.9 or so(It's a 3.5 right now), so I hope that happens~
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Old November 21st, 2012 (05:31 AM).
Sodom's Avatar
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Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: Australia
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant

I don't think I have any current online goals to be honest. I like Internet validation more than is healthy, so I'd really like to start a blog and have it become really successful, but that's not necessarily something I'm working on right now. It's more of a dream than a goal

Offline, I want to make my new living situation work and basically become a real functioning adult. I've spent 22 years living at home learning nothing of how to take care of myself, so when I move out tomorrow it'll be a wonderful experiment for how I'll be in life

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Old November 21st, 2012 (12:10 PM).
TwilightBlade's Avatar
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Join Date: May 2007
Location: Florida
My current online goals are: start Necrum's challenge, make a legendary Pokemon club, donate more CSS shop templates, post more and get involved in more sections, and just hang out in general with friends of course.

My current life goals are: get good grades, learn how to cook and drive and pay bills and get my own place and guh real life is tricky, do an internship or study abroad, graduate from college in spring 2014, and get on with adulthood~

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Old November 21st, 2012 (12:54 PM).
Community Supporter
Join Date: Jan 2012
My goals in life as of now are:

1. Survive my first semester of college.
2. Buy a new DS before mine falls apart.
3. RNG the entire Pokedex
4. Reach 200 posts on PC.
5. Enjoy the holidays :D
6. I'll think of something else later to put here lol

Most of my life revolves around Pokemon since that's what I enjoy doing the most. I have all A's at the moment so I deserve a little break.
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Old November 22nd, 2012 (12:53 PM).
Kura's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Horsham, UK (orig. Toronto, Canada)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Nature: Serious
No online goals right now.

Offline goals:
Get better at art, animation, music, cosplay (this will always be ongoing, though the music is a new one)
Learn another language
Keep my relationship going strong
Save up for a downpayment on a house
Get fitter/ more in shape
Save money and plan a trip to Japan next year :3
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Old November 23rd, 2012 (08:15 PM).
Hannah's Avatar
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Join Date: Oct 2012
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Grades. That's all I'm thinking about at the moment. Grades, then after that, graduating, then a proper job.
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Old November 23rd, 2012 (09:01 PM).
Brynjolf's Avatar
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: The Ragged Flagon
Gender: Female
My goal right now would be to practice guitar as much as I can, while improving my grade.
My grade has been a problem for a while now, and has caused lots of family drama (I have no clue why it should matter to my entire extended family, but okay) so I have to raise it.. Ugh.
Guitar means everything to me, so I have to do that at the same time.
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Old November 24th, 2012 (02:30 AM).
Nearsighted king of Ice's Avatar
Nearsighted king of Ice
We'll get to that tomorrow
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My goal is graduate high school, go to college and become the very best doctor like no one ever was.

Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?

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