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Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black2 & White2.

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Old November 24th, 2012 (8:14 AM).
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...in which you could download a five minute animated mini-episode (fully animated, much like the cut-scenes within the games themselves) of something that happened in Unova's past. Of everything you only see it really told, but witness nothing really. Of those choices we have... things like the twin dragons thing, N's childhood, Kyurem "landing", the one Musketeer leaving the others, Genesect's creation (kind of?), and other things. You could only download one of these on each game.

Of each of the "major" events (some I've forgotten and haven't mentioned, but you can include them too) you could watch that happened in Unova's past, which would you pick to watch on your game? And which do you think would be the least amusing? Also describe how you think the entire thing (of what you picked) could be summed up into a five minute mini-episode! Discuss. :)
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Old November 24th, 2012 (7:47 PM).
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I think I'd want to see N's childhood the most. As much fun as it would be to see Genesect destroy Team Plasma's lab, and to see Kyurem gobbling down people, I know how those would turn out. N's childhood... I don't really know how it would be! I know he lived in the castle, but I'd want to see Ghetsis introducing him to the injured pokes, how life in the castle goes about, how secluded he is etc. I could see it being really interesting. And after a little bit of his back story was revealed in BW2, I'd want them to delve into that more.

I think the least interesting one would be the one with the dragons. No offense, but it'd just be blah blah blah I hate you, my ideals rule and blah blah blah truth is where it's at, yo! I don't know, it' just strikes me as somewhat boring is all...

And I have NO CLUE how N's past would be summed up in five minutes because, A) it would be extensive and five minutes wouldn't do it justice and B) I don't know what exactly it would be about.
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Old November 24th, 2012 (7:53 PM).
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Ohhhh so hard to choose. Interesting topic btw. I think that I would want to see than all, but If I had to choose on I would like to see the Musketeers. I just think it would make for a great mini scene. If I had 2 games though, I would choose the Genesect event for the second one. Genesect is so interesting, but it just seems so ignored and all and I think that it would be fun to see how it was created.
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Old November 25th, 2012 (6:58 PM).
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The whole feud between the brothers (and their children) and their dragons would seem nice to watch.

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Old November 26th, 2012 (12:00 AM).
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I'd have to agree that it would be very interesting to find out more about N's childhood and upbringing, and think it would make a great idea for a mini-episode in game. We could see him befriending Pokemon, how his relationship with Ghetsis (and the rest of Team Plasma) was from an early age, what it was like for him growing up in his castle, and maybe different events right up until he meets the player for the first time in Accumula.

I don't know how exactly it would all play out, but N is a very interesting character, and it would be nice to find out even just a little more about him.
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Old November 27th, 2012 (1:25 AM).
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I'm p sure for myself I'd choose N's childhood, although I do think the dragons are quite close. The way I visualised it when they talked about it was kind of interesting and N's childhood would just enhance the games more, seeing that and then -now- in Unova. n____n

Everything else I don't have a large interest in tbh.

For the N's childhood one we could see like him being taken in for the first time and then time going by when N grows up and realises what he really wants to do for the Pokemon.
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