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Old November 25th, 2012 (6:03 PM).
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Weiss Schwarz (White Black in German cuz Japanese love them some German) is an anime/game trading card game by Bushiroad, also known for Cardfight! Vanguard. While generally only Japanese, the game is slowly being brought over, with three trial decks having been brought over. The sets are supposed to be separated into Weiss and Schwarz for "Cute" and "Cool", though it's unknown how they classify how they put these classifications on series, though usually it's between Anime and Video Games.

Series the game includes:
Weiss Side:
Da Capo
Little Busters & Kud Wafter
Zero no Tsukaima
Nanoha series
Lucky Star
Phantom of the Inferno (Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom)
Index/Railgun series
Angel Beats
Shakugan no Shana

Schwarz Side:
Persona 3 and 4
Fate/ series
Shining Force EXA
Sengoku Basara
King of Fighters
Fairy Tail
Melty Blood
Milky Holmes
Macross Frontier movies
Guilty Crown
Accel World

With the following series releasing soon:
Sword Art Online
Project Diva f
Milky Homes 2 (game)
Little Busters Anime
Da Capo 10th Anniversary

And the following series released in English, though only the Trial Decks orz

You can find the rules and translations to play here:
I'm not sure how they got heartofthecards as their domain name
Singapore fan site that does set reviews and has some basic strategies on it

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