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Pokémon X & Pokémon Y The Kalos region awaits! Explore a new world, capture new Pokémon, and fight off Team Flare in one of the newer installments of the core Pokémon series.

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Old January 8th, 2013 (11:39 AM).
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Simple question, how would you play to complete the games?

What I mean is, would you take your sweet time, leaving no stone unturned, talking to everybody, enjoying all of the possible features that it has, or would you fly through it as quickly as possible in a speed run? Also, would you also complete these games blindly, or with some sort of knowledge (ie. spoilers) before hand?

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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:01 PM).
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Well I'm going to try to complete it blindly, but everyone who buys it on the release date will have to play through it somewhat blindly! If there is any info, I know I'll spoiler it for myself, I can't stop myself. I will do my best to take it slow, but it'll be hard for me not to rush through it, as I'll want to see what comes next!
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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:03 PM).
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Play through it blindly, and when I have time, the only time I'll refer to Wikis or Walkthroughs is to check what pokemon I can find and when.
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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:03 PM).
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As normal with first playthroughs, I do take my time to talk to everyone and get a feel for where you get items and who says the most interesting things. I play very slowly my first time through games anyway, so yeah. I haven't even finished B2W2, if that tells you anything. :)

I will have a team planned for one game and then go random with the other probably. And I'll catch every new thing in sight! <3
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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:04 PM).
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I think I'm just gonna get previews of the legendaries/ version exclusive pokemon and then just the starter evos (to make a decision) and go blindly. But I'm gonna take my time with it.
I guess it's gonna be hard not having spoilers since I'm on a pokemon forum and all but I'll try my best.
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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:04 PM).
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I'm going to spoil the mess out of myself with it, but definitely gonna try to take it nice and slow and enjoy all of the features it has to offer. I may just sit there hours on end just admiring the details of everything. I may do a Water monotype, though. c':
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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:06 PM).
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I'm going to try to go through no stone unturned, with no knowledge, like how I completed Platinum and Soulsilver (took a while to figure out how to move the Snorlax).

I can't say that with the Gen 5 series, because I watched the Japanese playthrough, I was too excited to wait.
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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:06 PM).
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Suck in as much of the contents that I can. I never complete my Pokédex but I certainly do have a wild time adventuring across the regions in the game. Despite that I haven't quite visited every area or done everything I could.

I suppose being rendered in 3-D might actually help me suck it in more. Awesome.

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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:09 PM).
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I'll probably try and absorb all the info I can, and then plan a team. But...who knows, I might just play blindly like I did in Yellow, which was extremely fun. I'm definitely going to take my time that's for sure; I want to enjoy the Pokemon experience in 3D as much as I can.
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Old January 8th, 2013 (03:51 PM).
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Well I'm going to Hopefully Finally break a Long Tradition of Mine which is Only Raising 1 Main Pokemon (Normally the Starter Pokemon) Through Out the Entire Game
and also break another tradition of Catching Hardly any Pokemon in game (I'm going to attempt to capture as many pokemon as Possible)
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Old January 9th, 2013 (01:25 AM).
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I'll play it how I always play it. Grind in routes between major towns and cities, catching only Pokémon I'm interested in having on my team, and progress through the games through my own speed; neither fast nor slow.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (01:27 AM).
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I will do it slowly,and enjoy the game.
cuz I never did that before.

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Old January 9th, 2013 (01:27 AM).
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Same thing as I always do. I go through the game, discovering everything I can, then once I have beaten the Elite 4 or whatever storyline, I go back to building up my team and completing the game 100%.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (01:28 AM).
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Imma play through slowly and talk to everyone I possibly can! I don't like to rush through new generations although I will be excited...
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Old January 9th, 2013 (01:45 AM).
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I'm going to try to avoid all spoilers that leak online, I'll probably end up looking at some but when the games are released, I'll take it slowly talking to everyone in-game and checking out all the new areas as I did in BW.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (02:03 AM).
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Talli will take it very slowly by only doing one route/town a day.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (03:08 AM).
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I usually never play blind since I watch people LP the Japanese games on YouTube, haha. I might play blind, or look up a walkthrough (probably marriland). I'm definitely (which took me five minutes to spell correctly) checking Bulbapedia as I play, though. I'm one of those people who has to pick up EVERY item.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (08:11 AM).
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Blind speed run first, then a more complete gameplay later.

I kinda-sorta haven't even completed B/W or B2/W2... So I REALLY want to actually complete this. So speed run for sure.

I'm gonna get both games (as I always do) so it shouldn't even be that much of a problem really... If I want to take it slow, I'll just do it on the other game. lol
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Old January 9th, 2013 (08:15 AM).
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Since there will be no RNG abuse for the foreseeable future, I will be taking my sweet time to completely enjoy Pokemon X and Y. This will give me a completely different experience than B2&W2 because I wanted to beat those as fast as possible to RNG abuse xD I'm actually more excited that there is no RNGing in these games!
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Old January 9th, 2013 (08:18 AM).
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I do check what pokemons i can get in a certain region and a what level. Since i also do item hunting, It also helps to know where certain hiddens items are located (like talking to certain someone)
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Old January 9th, 2013 (08:33 AM).
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I'm gonna take it slow and play through the game mostly-blindly. I might get some info before hand such as what some of the Pokemon look like, but I want to experience the first Pokemon 3D games fully and appreciate them and their graphics.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (08:36 AM).
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Take my time, but not too long, wanna at least beat the League before a fortnight

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Old January 9th, 2013 (08:38 AM).
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As I mentioned when it comes to B2/W2, I plan on completing the game entirely! It kind of bugs me whenever I miss or skip out on a bunch of things, so there's no sense in rushing.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (01:54 PM).
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I'm going to take my time and explore everything, try to catch as many Pokemon as possible.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (03:04 PM).
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I will complete the game at my own pace, I don't want to rush through it, I just want to enjoy every bit of the game.
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