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Zoey Wyrmoki / / Route 2
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Kricketots sing their merry songs into the night, other Pokemon scurrying around in the grass, nocturnal predators making their move. However, little is joyful for Zoey, treading the lit path of Route 2 sluggishly. The bases of her eyes are dyed red from her tearful grief experienced at the hands of a rookie trainer who clobbered her only Pokemon with its pre-evolved form all while Zoey's Vuowth was unable to land a single blow. It was a truly brutal loss, granted her grovyle wasn't compliant in cooperating with her which only made the predicament worse. Although the tears have stopped flowing, depression takes its place, dragging down low the attitude of what's normally a perky, energetic person ready to take on the world. On top of it all, the sun set long ago, making evident just how late in the evening the lethargic young trainer has been out. What time must it be now? Nine o'clock? Ten? Even later? While her pokedex possesses a clock logging current time, such facts mean little to Zoey, whose morale has been savaged and maimed. Fortunately, her visage, embarrassing due to the obvious evidence of her crying earlier, is obscured by the darkness of the night. Not to mention, the night itself makes it unlikely for her to come across anyone who might notice her emotionally torn state.

Nonetheless, she treks onward, making her way towards the resting center at the forest' edge. At least the path at this time of night is tranquil. Nobody is around to disturb her, and the soothing music of nature's nighttime composers seem to ease the pain upon her soul. It certainly makes the journey to the center less of a strain, as she's likely to want all of the emotional support she can get before she arrives at the resting center up ahead. Fortunately, her journey across Route 2 is nearing its end, hiking over a hill the path crosses, giving a pleasant, albeit obscured by night, view of the entrance to Viridian Forest, appearing about as horrifying as possible in the dead of night. In addition, she spots the dulled lights of the resting point, just before the official gates leading into the forest proper. Sighing in relief, her pace quickens to a brisk walk, taking gravity's momentum in tow as she traverses downhill along the path towards the resting point ahead. The only problem now is finding a means to cope with her embarrassing reddened portions of her face below her eyelids. Looking over the glass sliding doors of the pharmacy-esque convenience store, she hesitates on the earlier fact, pausing in thought as the events of the past day occupy her thoughts.

Andy's earlier criticisms continue haunting the girl's guilty conscience, echoing through her mind. His critical words reverberate, causing her to reflect on herself as a trainer. Is she fit to be trainer? Should she even own Pokemon? These are all thoughts that've have torturing her ever since her battle against Andry from earlier. Her gaze shifts over to her pink sack, the container of Vuowth's pokeball, reflecting on the grovyle's abyssmal physical condition after the battle. She was so badly injured that the normally hostile lizard couldn't even express her malicious attitude towards her trainer, knocked out cold from battle. What could have happened in the past that caused Vuowth to become to aggressive towards humans and other Pokemon? The thought haunts her imagination, concieving of all sorts of horrible possibilities. Was she abused? If so, how, and by who, and for what purpose? There are too many questions to ask with no leads that hint at any possibility. Her only possible insight would lie with Professor Pine who gave her Vuowth, and frankly, Zoey would rather not have to interact with that woman ever again.

Right now though, the most important thing is clear. As the blonde Andy told her, not that she didn't know this already, ensuring the optimal health of her Pokemon is her first obligation as a trainer. Whatever her face reveals about earlier becomes inconsequential. Vuowth needs immediate medical attention, prompting her to slide open the door to the center, taking in the lit up insides of the fascinating facility. Off to the right there is a lobby that appears much like a larger living room, with sets of TVs all tuned to the same channel and arrangements of cushioned sofas and chairs, many of them occupied by travelers, probably all trainers like herself. To the left, however, are a few aisles and shelves filled with Pokemon themed merchandise, including all assortments of Pokemon treats, food meal categorized by species and elemental typing, and of course medical supplies, among other things. In the upper left corner just above the checkout counter, a clock is mounted on the wall just below the ceiling, detailing the time: 11:14 P.M.

"Past eleven? Figures..." Sighing after reading the clock, she continues slowly up to the counter, browsing the interesting merchandise in her aisle. "They have quite the selection for being out in the middle of nowhere. Food designed for grass-types? I should get this... Maybe a few antidotes and paralyze heals for the forest."

"Oh! That Andy guy left some change back there and this... coupon for... food, huh? I guess I could buy a sandwich with this," remembers Zoey, digging into her pink sack to pull out the coupon and money Andy left behind for her. "Why did that ass even leave his **** behind? For pity? Still, it wouldn't be wise to just refuse the money. I can use this."

Clutching a few cases of grass-type food in addition to a few packages of long-lasting general Pokemon food for those future partners who may join her team, she continues down the aisle, finding herself in the medical section of the small store. Zoey reaches up to a high shelf, pulling a few antidotes off the shelf before tossing them into her pack for ease of transport. She redirects towards the opposite shelf, taking a few seconds to idfentify a few potions and paralyze heals on the lower shelves, procuring them and adding them to her makeshift shopping bag. With her quick shopping over with, her course next takes her up towards the counter, ready for checkout.

"Hey, someone's out and about at this hour?" a masculine but young voice utters from up ahead, grabbing Zoey's attention as she meets the source of the noise. "Oh hey miss, what's a delicate creature like you doing out at this hour?"

In her current mood, the young man's flirting passes directly threw her, throwing up all of the desired merchandise onto the counter, waiting quietly for the cashier to process her purchases. What did grab her focus though is the fact that this establish is pretty built up for being a family owned small business. That must mean that the owners' son, maybe even grandson depending on how old the owners are is taking care of the night shift.

"Long day huh?" he asks, responding to her muted reaction as he slides Zoey's purchases across the bar-code scanner.

Zoey ignores his attempts at striking up conversation, reaching into her pink sack to withdraw Vuowth's pokeball, placing it on the counter so that the grovyle might receive much needed medical attention. She follows this up by placing Andy's sandwich coupon to its side.

"I see," says the cashier, recognizing her pokeball and reading its owner's intentions instinctively, as well as recognizing the coupon. "I'll take care of your Pokemon then. Just let me see your pokedex so that I may verify your ID. As for your sandwich, take a look over at the heated rack to my left there. There's not a lot of choices available but hopefully you can find something you like."

The girl follows the young man's directions, placing her pokedex on the counter before she briefly vacates the checkout area, looking over the available sandwiches. To her dismay, only 3 sandwiches sit on the hot rack, one being some sort of veggie burger, another full of weird junk including mustard, pickles, and other gross things. The beef patty and the glistening yellow cheese do no redemption for the food article. Her eyes then lock on the third sandwich, also unappealing. While it contains mayo, delicious provolone and cheddar cheese in addition to a great selection of meats, it also contains lettuce and onions, among other disgusting vegetables. If she wants food, she'll have to cope with the garbage on the rack, deciding to make the selection be the third sandwich. After all, she can always just pluck off the gross green stuff, granted the taste of the disgusting vegetables will still linger, but eating -something- takes precedence over having a satisfying meal.

Reaching for the sandwich wrapped in thin paper, she grabs hold of it and withdraws her hand, briefly gracing it against the rack's burning hot surface.

"Oh ****! Hot!" squeals the singed Zoey, quickly pulling out before suffering further anguish.

Blowing on her hand where it stings, her expletive grabs the cashier's attention in addition to other trainers laying low in the lobby, looking in her direction. The cashier raises an eyebrow before smiling at her, finding her scenario slightly amusing. By that time, Zoey's purchase is complete since the sandwich in her hand is free due to the coupon. Returning to the checkout counter, she places down Andy's money for her purchase, scooping the Pokemon food and first-aid supplies into her pink bag, zipping it up while she grabs her sandwich, unwrapping it in preparation for consumption before tilting her head back towards the counter, one final thing on her mind.

"You're all set then, miss. I'll have your Pokemon looked at, so be sure to check back in the morning. Have a good night!" states the young man courteously, waving her off.

"Do you have a room available?" Zoey inquires, seeking a place to rest for the night.

"Woah, miss! That's pretty sudden! I doubt my parents would be happy with me sleeping with a girl I just met buuuuuut If you insi-"

"Pervert!" blurts a disgusted Zoey, agitated by the man's expressed erotic interpretation of her words. "I need a place to sleep for the night. Alone."

"I'm afraid we're all booked. You can try to find a free chair or sofa to rest in in the lobby but it's pretty crowded in there. Lots of business today it seems," answers the man, acting as if the brief exchange earlier never even happened.

"Oh... ok," replies Zoey softer in a disappointed tone, heading out towards the center's exit.

With everything that she needs in her possession, she heads out towards the door, lifting up the top half of her sandwich's bread to investigate which items to remove. After hustling out of the center, she glances up at the night sky, examining the clear night and the endless population of stars illuminating the night sky. Her route takes her towards the tall grass several meters away from the resting center, tossing the gross pieces of vegetable on her sandwich into the wild, scouring each layer of her sandwich for the scantest presence of evil green substances. After her purging of disgusting sandwich extras, she closes up her sandwich and begins to devour her meal, enduring the leftover taste of the vegetables to sate her hunger. She completes the meal promptly before looking about her surroundings, finding a hill just off of the path with a tree at its summit. Zoey travels towards the hill's locating, scaling its moderately large slant before planting herself at the base of the tree, placing her pink bag beneath her head as she slides her noggin down to lie atop it. Her eyes take to the skies, exploring the beauty of the night, tuning into the soothing rhythms of the nocturnal concert around her, and lulls to sleep under the lightly shifting branches of the tree and the nighttime breeze, softly grazing the girl's still body.

Morning comes for the young rookie resting under the boughs of a large tree just south of Viridian Forest. Slowly waking from the sun's beams of illumination, she slowly sits herself, sitting against the tree for nearly a whole minute before pulling out her pink bag, resting it in her lap. The girl's hands gloss over its top, unzipping her bag to get hold of a bag of raisins and a few crackers, a simple but nourishing breakfast. Munching away at her early snack, she dusts the crumbs off of her breasts, finding her feet and flinging her zipped up purse's shoulder strap over her right shoulder. She leaps down the small hill, quickly connecting with the butt end of Route 2 that leads into Viridian Forest. The girl's focus fixes on the doors of the resting center, moving briskly towards and into the building in order to check up on her Vuowth. This time, however, a different man stands at the counter, him appearing much older, fatter, and balding.

"Good morning!" he greets her joyfully, smiling in a welcoming manner towards her. "How can I help this fine morning?"

"I'm here to check up on a Pokemon of mine," she replies, reaching the counter.

"Oh, I see!" he replies, but inquires further. "What's your full name?"

"Zoey Wyrmoki."

"Ah... Let me see here..." he assures the girl, his eyes scanning a monitor screen checking up on the Pokemon they have waiting with them. "Oh yes, your grovyle, is that right?"

"Yeah..." she confirms quietly, concern sinking in for Vuowth's well being.

"Oh... well..." the man hesitates, returning his gaze to her with a slight frown upon his face. "I'm afraid Vuowth has suffered serious injuries. It's nothing serious, but she's suffering from severe fatigue, overexertion, muscular tears and numerous contusions. We had her rest over night but she'll need to be under our care for the rest of the day to make a full recover. I'm sorry for this inconvenience!"

"Oh... alright...." acknowledges Zoey solemnly, frozen at the counter as she tries to determine what she's to do for the rest of the day while awaiting Vuowth's recovery.

"Might I ask what occurred to cause such serious injury to your grovyle? We don't typically see these kinds of incidents around her often," the man probes, curiosity piqued over the case of Vuowth's bad health.

"Uhm... I'd rather not say," Zoey responds slowly, turning away in shame over the events of yesterday.

"Oh! I understand! We'll be sure to get grovyle into tip top shape! Have a nice day!" the cashier assuring the teen optimistically in tone, before returning to his other duties.

The rest of the day moves along, Zoey hanging out in and around the resting center, watching the selected television channels, sketching Pokemon outside in the sun, or reading various manuals, magazines, and encyclopedias, catching up on important Pokemon facts and cutting edge technology and strategies for battling. It turns out to be a long, slow day, dull to such an extend that not even the sun's brilliant smile can make the day a better experience, at least for the patient Zoey, awaiting Vuowth's recovery from yesterday's gruesome battle. Day eventually turns to night, Zoey lying down on and napping upon a sofa in the center's lobby as the sky turns black once again. Stars twinkle in the night sky outside the broad windows overlooking a large slope that the center was built next to. Zoey's eyes slowly find their way towards opening up, slowly sitting up and rubbing her eyelids to correct her vision. In a lethargic slump, she pulls up her pink bag, slinging it over her shoulder and continuing towards the counter, glancing up at the time again over the counter. 9:44 at night.

"Well, look who woke up from a nap!" blurts the new cashier comically, the same perverted teenager from last night.

"So..." states the man in a low, long tone, placing his elbow on the counter while leaning his head on his hand, his eyes flirting with Zoey to her irritation. "What are you here for?"

"I think you know," suggests the young woman sharply, passive-aggressiveness in her words.

"Well alright then! I'll go check up on your lizard," assures the young cashier, holding the 'l' sound for a bit longer than the rest of the word as he begrudgingly heads into the backrooms behind the counter to obtain Vuowth's pokeball, disappointed by his failure to pick up a 'hot chick'.

Before long, the man returns, dropping the pokeball onto the counter casually, landing with a loud clank before it rolls in Zoey's direction. It's momentum nearly carries it off the counter's surface in freefall, until the girl's hands block the ball's path, catching its fall and placing it neatly inside her pack. Her piercing glare sets itself upon the careless cashier for his irresponsible behavior, who returns a similar grimace.

"What?" utters the irritable cashier. "Your grovyle is all fixed up now. Or do you need something else from me?"

Scoffing at his reaction, she cuts through his rude tongue like butter. "Nothing from -you-!"

The girl storms away, aggravated by the cashier's perverted, rude behavior. He's supposed to provide good customer service too, not hunt down attractive young women for one night stands!

"Perverted jackass."

The nocturnal grasses rustle from the late night breeze, another quiet, calm night like before. Zoey gulps in trepidation, glancing down on Vuowth's pokeball in her hand. Contemplating her next series of actions, the thoughts of what might happen next give her no comfort. More than likely, she'll have to try to find a way to make amends with Vuowth. Who knows how Vuowth might react given her past actions. Still, this needs to be done, rolling the ball around in her hands before grasping it between her finger tips, flipping it over and releasing the pokeball, calling forth Vuowth from her secret lair. The green lizard wastes no time recognizing her trainer, glaring at Zoey with apparent contempt, but otherwise stays her ground, eyeing Zoey closely.

"How are you feeling Vuowth? Better" asks the girl, speaking softly and kindly to ease the tension.

Vuowth simply stands there, glaring back at Zoey, scowling. Zoey notes, however, that the grovyle isn't attacking her anymore, but is still mostly unresponsive. Perhaps the battle might've changed Vuowth's attitude towards Zoey, but how? She certainly wasn't able to help Vuowth battle, granted Vuowth never complied to begin with. Nevertheless, the grass-type seems to have discovered a reason for forgoing violence in addressing Zoey, but the reason for this, if true, remains hidden. What might be the source of this change? Still, Vuowth Leers at Zoey dubiously, arms folded, suggesting something more must be at play. Vuowth remains apprehensive towards her trainer, distrusting Zoey's integrity, but less so unlike yesterday.

"Well, uh..." mutters the teen, juggling ideas around in her head, searching for the right words to convey her intentions to suspicious Vuowth.

"I'm really sorry about yesterday. I don't think I treated you with the respect you deserve but... I hope you can forgive me for my irresponsibility." Confessing further, Zoey continues, "I'd like us to be friends, so... uh... How about we do some training? We can go at your pace, ok?"

"Groh!" retorts the stubborn lizard, turning her back to her trainer in distrust.

Sighing, Zoey nonetheless continues pushing, "Please, Vuowth? I don't know what else to do. I just want us to be friends. Do you not trust me?"

Vuowth looks back, tilting her head slightly to eye her pleading trainer. In response, she nods her head at an angle to her left, holding the position briefly before completing her nod. Zoey's head shifts downward, disappointed in Vuowth's reply.

"I see..." she frowns, failing to convince Vuowth that she means well.

With no warning, Zoey aims her pokeball towards Vuowth, recalling the grass-type in failure. No ground is made, Vuowth unwilling to work alongside her trainer. Thoughts race through the clueless girl's mind, standing in place with her head slumped while wrestling with the conflict of finding a resolution to Vuowth's attitude towards Zoey. Several moments passs by in silence, the teen reflecting on what she did pick up on: Vuowth's absence of aggressive actions since the battle against Andy. What might be the reason for that change? Nothing logical comes to mind, but something else does. A lead, so to speak, that might later on reveal the reason for Vuowth's domestication.

Wading through the late night shrubs and grasses, Zoey scans the wild fields, hoping to find wild Pokemon that might be out and about at this time of night. The plan is clear: face off against a wild Pokemon with Vuowth in an attempt to build camaraderie. It's certainly a gamble for sure. Vuowth has yet to comply with any of Zoey's commands, so there's no reason to expect this to work now, but Zoey is a determined individual. Shaking off the criticisms of Andy from yesterday, Zoey won't give up until Vuowth learns to trust her. Thus, the search continues into the open grasslands and lightly wooded region of Route 2. Fortunately, the girl's search bears fruit, but in the least graceful outcome possible.

Clomping down on an unusually hard surface, absurdly loud squealing is heard from the grasses. To her surprise, Zoey is launched into the air, barely finding a safe landing, rolling into the grass after returning to the ground. Glancing around furiously, she spots whatever flung her into the air. There it is. The purple beast stomps on the ground in anger, glaring angrily towards Zoey, despite being mostly concealed by the grass. Roaring in rage, the Pokemon tramples towards the girl, preparing to skewer the pest that disrupted its sleep.

"Yieeep!" yelps Zoey, leaping to her right to dodge the purple monster's unidentified attack.
Taking the opportunity, Zoey draws forth Vuowth's pokeball, casting her out onto the grassland to face off against the Pokemon her trainer absentmindedly stumbled across. The girl then withdraws her pokedex, aiming it at the beast she found to uncover it's identity all the while as Vuowth takes to the grass, napping in the middle of what's supposed to be a wild Pokemon battle. Intelligent enough to figure out what's going on, there's no way Vuowth will deal with someone else's problem, despite knowing Zoey had intended to get Vuowth in the battle ever since she recalled her. Shouldn't have stepped on that wild Pokemon's face. Good luck dealing with your new friend, dumbass.

"WHAT!? Dammit Vuowth!! What the hell makes you think lying down in the middle of battle is a good idea!? Good grief..." fumes Zoey angrily while ducking in the grass.

Returning to the pokedex's screen, the wild Pokemon's identity is revealed. "Nidorino, the Poison Pin Pokemon. A poison-type, so we're at a disadvantage. Vuowth couldn't even defeat its pre-evolved form, so I hope she's ready for an evolved Pokemon with a type advantage."

To both Zoey's and Vuowth's surprise, the Nidorino ignores the girl completely, charging for Vuowth who's lying casually on the soft grasses. The beast's high-powered Peck jabs the unsuspecting reptile, launching her into the air.

"GROOOOO!" Vuowth squeals in pain, landing in a bush a few meters away, sinking into the leaves due to its weight.

Digging its left paw up consistently in anticipation, Nidorino focuses on the bush concealing the cloaked reptile, growling in fury.

"Dammit Vuowth, that's what you get when you don't cooperate!" Zoey affirms to herself, rushing out of the grasses that concealed her to respond to Vuowth's injuries. "Vuowth!"

Vuowth, meanwhile, pushes herself out of the bushes that caught her fall. Her vicious gaze pierces Nidorino, Leering at the disruptive oaf for interrupting her beauty sleep.

"Good Vuowth! Let's team up and defeat Nidorino!" suggests Zoey enthusiastically, feigning impression so as to convince the grovyle to obey her.

Vuowth cocks her head around, staring down Zoey as if to say to back off, returning her focus back on that ass of a Nidorino. The girl sighs, but nonetheless presses anyway.

"Alright. Let's start with a Quick Attack!" cheers on Zoey, but as is typical of Vuowth, she has other plans.

Nidorino blazes towards the grass-type, aiming its horn for Vuowth's core, but the grovyle adjusts, expanding her maw to reveal her sharp chompers, lunging forward at the purple monster. Crunch is the name of the game, preparing to place her mighty jaw on the Nidorino's front-left knee. This attack, however, misses, Vuowth missing her mark completely. Nidorino rebounds athletically however, blitzing toward the lizard and landing a fierce Poison Sting attack on Vuowth's blocking forearms, but her makeshift defense isn't enough, the poison-type's horn breaking through her crossed arms and injecting her directly in her torso. Stumbling back from Nidorino's momentum, Vuowth goes flying into the grasses behind her. The purple terror romps around vigorously, waiting anxiously for the grovyle's reemergence.

"Vuowth!" she sighs frustratingly, but remains cautiously confident. "We need to work as a team, Vuowth! Please listen to me!"

Zoey contains her irritation, hollering pridefully towards her green reptile, "This battle is yours for the taking! Let's try Crunch, but dodge Nidorino's next attack so that you can capture the better position!"

Nidorino roars in impatience, demanding Vuowth to return to the battlefield. The grass before the impatient brat rustles briefly, revealing a struggling grovyle, her face pale as if she's sick from something. Even so, Vuowth shoots Nidorino a harsh look, Leering in his direction, but Nidorino isn't fazed, grinning at the reptile under the realization of what's taking place. Vuowth exhales hoarsely, barely able to maintain her posture. By this point, Zoey realizes what has happened. Vuowth is poisoned, either by Nidorino's Poison Point or from its Poison Sting and it's taking its toll. Nidorino gives no mercy, speeding towards Vuowth, who struggles to shuffle out of the path of the poison-type's rampage. This time though, Vuowth manages to stumble out of the way of Nidorino's Peck, pivoting around while panting heavily from the poison.

"Uh... ok great dodge! Now, evade the next attack and use Crunch!" Zoey exclaims cheerfully to keep Vuowth's spirit high.

Reality sets in, however, Vuowth stubbornly holding firm, leaping directly at Nidorino, readying a Pound. However, the purple beast expertly sidesteps Vuowth's Pound, allowing her to land while turning his back to her, kicking his heels up and striking her twice with his two powerful kicks, using Double Kick to send the feeble lizard several yards away. With a resounding thud, Vuowth skids along the grassy fields of Route 2, unconscious once again and ailing from poisonous infection. Zoey wastes no time knowing that Nidorino will be after her next. Sure enough, the Pokemon shifts its focus and charges towards Zoey in blind fury. Accelerating to a full sprint, Zoey sucks Vuowth back into her pokeball with a flash of dull, red light, and takes off back towards the resting center, Nidorino hot on her trail and fuming with anger.

Several minutes later, Zoey falls to her knees after escaping the wrath of the rampaging Nidorino, reuniting with the dirt path, across from it being the resting center. Catching her breath, Zoey glances down at Vuowth's pokeball. Releasing Vuowth from the ball, the girl digs through her pink bag for her first aid supplies, pulling out an antidote and bringing the bottle to the ill reptile's lips. Vuowth struggles, but is too weak to resist Zoey's restraints, squatting over Vuowth to prevent her getaway. With the grass-type immobilized, the teen pours the restorative fluid down the grovyle's gullet. She returns Vuowth's head to the ground, then erects herself, kneeling back down to sit alongside Vuowth and reflect on the events of the last battle, sighing to herself from the frustration of coping with her Pokemon's refusal to cooperate with her.

"You wont win battles with the tough girl act. If we work as a team, I think you could be more successful but you won't listen to me. I know you can't exactly tell me what's wrong, but I need you to give me some sign... some reason as to why you won't listen to me. I don't want to boss you around or anything, but at the same time, there are reasons why trained Pokemon in general win out against wild ones."

Vuowth doesn't put up a fuss with Zoey's words, but stubbornly turns herself over, showing her back again to her trainer.

"Vyle..." softly growls Vuowth, as if her spirit has been dampened somehow, exhibiting a new attitude from Zoey's perspective.

"Vouwth..." remarks Zoey in acknowledgment, looking over her weakened companion while giving her a spay of a super potion.

Revealing a deeper side to Vuowth at that moment, Zoey ponders on the behavior. The grovyle appears to be depressed in Zoey's mind, which on top of her stubborn nature would only contribute to further anguish. Whatever emotional suffering that Vuowth might be carrying within her, Zoey decides she must find a way to help her grovyle feel comfortable in her own skin. The girl will have to assure to Vuowth that she's worth trusting and an ally the grovyle can rely on, in addition to having faith in her trainer's leadership skills. For now at least, she hopes that the both of them will be able to rest well for tomorrow, they'll set out towards Viridian Forest and Pewter City beyond that. At least in the short term though, Zoey just HAS to find a way to get Vuowth willing to follow her directives. Viridian Forest will go very badly if her Pokemon is disobedient, especially against its plethora of bug and flying-types, Vuowth's type weaknesses.

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chapter 2; Strengthening the Bonds That Tie, Part I
Katherine Aldine // Viridian Forest

As Katt and her comrades, Lily and Phoenix, approached the gate to the foreboding Viridian Forest, the young Trainer felt a sudden tightening in her chest. Up until now, Katt had the option to turn back and forget about this whole journey. But, now that she had begun to form a bond with Phoenix, even capturing a second Pokemon, Katt knew that once she stepped beyond this gate that she would never be able to return home.

"Problem there, lassy?"

Katt jumped, "Huh?!" Looking around, the girl spotted a grinning old man with a crook in his back and a walking stick standing just beyond the entrance to the forest. Where did he come from?

The old man laughed, "Didn't mean to startle you. You seemed mighty perplexed, everything alright?"

Katt nodded, "Um, yes, sir. I was just...thinking."

"Ah, I see," the man mused, "so are you looking to travel through the forest, then?" Phoenix clucked as an answer and Katt simply smiled, confident that Phoenix's response would be understood. "Wahahaha! Well, alright then, right this way, please," the old man said with a chuckle.

Katt hesitated, "Um..."

"What? Haven't you put two-and-two together?" The old man whacked the ground with his walking stick, "I'm the Gatekeeper of Viridian Forest, of course! Now, if you want to go through, then follow me!" And with that, the old man turned and began to walk into the forest.

Katt gulped and took a tentative step forward. The gate to the forest wasn't really a gate, per-say. The Viridian Forest ended at various points along Route 2, but the main "entrance" had a gate erected before it some fifty years ago. There had been plans to also build a fence, but the idea was turned down for fear of hinding the progress of nature and disturbing the Pokemon of the forest.

"Comb?" "Peti?" Katt's Pokemon both gave her concerned looks, causing Katt to finally shake herself out of her anxiety and step beyond the wrought-iron gate. With that out of the way, Katt hustled to keep up with the old man, barely noticing the setting sun behind her and the thickening trees before her.


"Ah, so you finally made up your mind, eh?" The old man teased Katt as she caught up. Luckily for her, the gatekeeper had stopped before an abnormally large tree that seemed to draw in the attention of anyone in the area.

Katt panted with exhaustion, "You could least...waited!"

The old man chuckled, "Opportunity, girly, waits for no one! Now," he pointed his walking stick at the large tree, "This is known as the 'Viridian Cornerstone'. It is the first and oldest tree in this forest. It is Viridian Forest's only landmark, so if you get lost, just look for the top of the tree and make your way here."

"Okay, and then what?" Katt asked. Phoenix and Lily, she noted, were exploring the abnormally large tree.

"Well, then you leave and find me at my home!" The old man said with a laugh, exposing a mouth of gums and no teeth.

Katt grimaced inwardly, "And, where would that be?"

"Why, just a little way's before the entrance! You may have stopped there unknowingly. My wife is Patty, she's the woman who lets Trainers rest at our home on their journeys." The old man explained.

Katt should have been surprised, but somehow she knew this was Patty's husband. "Well, thank you for your help, sir," she replied courteously.

"'Sir'? Oh, no, lassy, my name's Weedlo!" Weedlo laughed, which Katt noted he did often.

The girl smiled, "Well, nice to meet you, Weedlo. And thank you for guiding me."

"Will you be alright at this time of the day, miss?" Weedlo asked.

Katt nodded, "Of course! I have a flashlight and Phoenix and Lily can protect me, right, girls?"

The two Pokemon gave a cry in unison, "Comb! Lil!"

Weedlo smiled at that, "Ah, well alright then. I must be off!" The old man departed from the forest's only landmark, leaving Katt and her Pokemon alone in a place where all sorts of mysterious events have been rumored to occur.

"Well, guys," Katt said, "I guess it'd be best if we try to travel as much as we can before darkness sets in." Her Combusken and Petilil agreed and the trio began to make their way due north of the Viridian Cornerstone.


After walking for what felt like hours with no sign of Trainers or wild Pokemon, Katt finally collapsed onto the forest floor.

"Ugh!" She let out an exasperated sigh after checked her Poketch, "We've been walking for only an hour and we haven't seen a single Pokemon! I thought the first was suppose to be teeming with them!"

Phoenix and Lily also sunk to the floor and sighed in exhaustion and disappointment. The three crestfallen comrades would have probably fallen asleep right then and there had they not heard an odd racket that seemed to be coming their way!

"Get it!!!"

"C'mon, guys, it's going to get away!!"

"I'm trying to keep up, but I haven't ran in weeks!"

It sounded like a group of young boys, and they were definitely heading in Katt's direction. Rising to their feet quickly, the trio prepared for an encounter, but were thrown off completely by the zipping form of a small, airborne Pokemon!

"Emo!" The Pokemon gave a cry as it flew past, and while Katt was distracted by it, three young Trainers barreled into her, knocking her flat on her hind!


"Watch where you're going!"

"Crap, my ankle! Oh, wait...crap! It hurts!"

Katt rubbed her sore behind and took note of the three boys that trampled her. All three looked identical; tan skin, slight frame, broad straw hats, and a combination of blue shorts and white shirts.

"Um, mind explaining why you three bum-rushed me to the ground?" Katt asked, rather annoyed.

One of the boys, Kayy presumed he was the leader, spoke up, "We're sorry for bumping into you, miss! We're just trying to capture the Pokemon that flew by here!"

The second boy chimed in, "Yeah! It's an Emolga and they're super rare!"

The third boy added, "I don't think I can walk on my ankle!!"

Katt was confused, as were Phoenix and Lily. "Um, so the three of you were chasing that Pokemon...? Don't you have Pokemon of your own to battle it with?"

The first boy said, "Yes! But they're not fast enough for Emolga..."

The second expanded, "We only have one Pokemon each: My older brother Thomas has a Pidgey, I have a Pikachu, and our younger brother, Taylor, has a Caterpie."

Taylor cried, "Guys! I really don't think I can walk! Thomas, Trey, help!!"

Thomas and Trey both smacked Taylor on the head and said in unison, "Stop being a cry baby!"

Katt couldn't help but laugh; triplets, how hadn't she noticed immediately? "Okay, boys, no need to fight," Katt said, "I think I can help you capture Emolga."

"You can?" Thomas asked excitedly.

"Would ya?" Trey added with enthusiasm.

"That hurt, you guys!" Taylor sniveled.

Katt smiled at the three boys, "Yes, I'll help you. Now, c'mon, Emolga couldn't have gotten too far!"

The triplets all smiled and rose to their feet, "Thanks a lot, miss!"

"Call me Katt, okay?" Katt said.

"Okay, Ms. Katt!" The triplets said together.

Phoenix and Lily were perplexed, but Katt simply laughed and set off in the direction Emolga flew, with three new companions tagging along.

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@Xlugon Pyro
Dear Zoey sure doesn't have an easy time journeying, does she?

- Vuowth (Grovyle) grew to lvl 17 and learned Fury Cutter!
- Vuowth is also able to learn Pursuit. Forget a move to learn Pursuit, or stop trying to learn Pursuit? Answer in the OOC thread.

@ Red Wing
A nice opening to the second chapter! Since pokémon didn't do much, it didn't warrant any levels, but I liked it nonetheless :3
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Chapo Currian // Route 2

Chapo was quite used to being out and about under the hot sun, and though she disliked what it would probably do to her complexion, part of her was tempted to curl up on a grassy hill and just sleep. However, she had more important things to do now. Like have lunch. Her hands rooted around in her bag for that Rage Candy Bar she knew she was supposed to have, but she couldn't find it anywhere. The words of her mother echoed in her head. Don't worry, I repacked for you. Chapo frowned in disappointment. ...her mom probably ate it on her. Trying to abandon her thoughts of a snack lost, Chapo instead took out her pokedex, flipping it open and casually sifting through it. It didn't have much in it... yet. That was, after all, the point of the pokedex, it was to be filled. If a trainer went out with one already full, it wouldn't be much point. There was, of course, another encyclopedia she needed to fill. The trainer hummed cheerfully. Yes, she had a lot of work to do, and she was quite certain a lot of that work would practically be play.

It occured to Chapo that she ought to get acquainted with her partner, so she pulled out the new Poke Ball. "Grotle, come on out!" The ball burst open with a flash of red light, and when it faded the giant snapping turtle was standing there, slowly shaking the bushes on its back in an effort to wake itself up. Chapo knelt down so that she was looking Grotle right in the eye before starting up. "Hi Grotle, my name's Chapo. I'm gonna be your trainer!"

Grotle looked at Chapo with some degree of grogginess and indifference. Slowly, though, it seemed to brighten up until it finally gave a seemingly easygoing "Grotle!" of approval. Apparently thinking that this exchange was more than enough formality, the Grotle began sniffing its trainer, appearantly fascinated with the contents of her bag.

"H-hey! That's not for you!" Chapo protested, trying to pull her bag away from the large pokemon. She was a bit too late, though, as a large jar of snacks was firmly lodged in the pokemon's mouth. "I said, those aren't yours!" The trainer tried to pull her goods back, but Grotle's grip was stronger, and the only thing that Chapo accomplished was to accidentally open the jar and spill its entire contents into Grotle's waiting mouth. The turtle gave a few long, drawn out chews, as if to emphasize exactly how little hope Chapo had to retrieve the food before he swallowed it all whole. Grotle promptly smacked its lips and let out what sounded like a cross between a contented "Groooot" and a rather undignified "brrrrrawwwwp".

"Charming..." Chapo said, disheartened. She tried to give the pokemon a disappointed look, but with the way the turtle pokemon just looked at her with such a happy expression... "T-that... that grin isn't gonna work on me..." Chapo tried to scowl even harder as her cheeks flushed angrily. But the Grotle just smiled even more. "...c-cut it out already... I said it won't work..."

"Grotle!" The pokemon said defiantly, now opening its mouth and giving its happiest look yet while shaking its bushes again. Chapo couldn't stop herself, she started to snicker and giggle at her pokemon's enthusiasm and hilariously dopey looking smile, desperate to try and admonish it but failing horribly. Clearly rather pleased with itself and under the impression that there were no hard feelings, Grotle sidled up beside Chapo and flattened itself down onto the ground, shaking its bushes every now and then. Chapo tried to pat the pokemon's shell and then stand up to move on, but Grotle would just duck in front of her and flatten itself each and every time, shaking its bushes invitingly.

"What're you on about now?" Chapo asked, rather perplexed. "Wait, maybe..." The girl dug her pokedex back out, opening it and letting it scan Grotle.

Grotle, the intermediary form between Turtwig and Torterra. Grotle have the unique ability to detect hidden water deposits, and as a gesture of good will carry smaller pokemon to them on their backs.

"Huh... is that it?" Chapo asked, closing the pokedex and putting it back in her bag. "Are you offering me a ride?"

"Grotle!" The turtle pokemon nodded in affirmation, once again shaking its bushes. Chapo looked down at Grotle, feeling a bit puzzled. How exactly would she be perceived if she used her pokemon like it was some sort of mule? Sure, it was practically demanding to carry her, but would other trainers realise that? It certainly seemed like Grotle was quite adamant about it, though... With a bit of uncertainty still lingering in her mind, Chapo eased herself onto Grotle's hard back. It took some shifting and wiggling about to get into a comfortable and practical position, but eventually Chapo was comfortably nestled in between Grotle's bushes. Expecting the pokemon to tear off at high speed as soon as she stopped moving about on his back, Chapo gripped at Grotle's bushes for safety. However, the turtle pokemon instead moved at a clip that was - while faster than the walking speed Chapo was going at - not going to break any speed records any time soon.

"Hmm." Chapo didn't say anything at first, trying to get used to the strange sensation of riding on the back of a giant turtle. It didn't take long, however, for her to decide that she quite liked it. "Thank you very much, Grotle." She said, patting the shell beneath her. "This is actually pretty fun!" The young woman chuckled happily as she looked around at the passing scenery. "Now that I think of it, I should give you a name... let's see..." Chapo tried to wrack her brain for a decent name for Grotle, but whenever she tried to think of names she kept getting sidetracked by thoughts of food. She was still rather hungry, given that Grotle and her mother had cleaned her out of snacks. "Ugh, it's no use, I can't focus on an empty stomach..." Chapo grumbled, her hands tightening on Grotle's bushes out of stress. It was then that Chapo noticed that something had... burst in her hand. Letting go of Grotle's bush and bringing her hand up, Chapo noticed that it was stained with some manner of juice. "What on..." The trainer looked closer at Grotle's bushes and saw that they were growing small berries of some kind. "Wow, you grow food, too?"

"Grotle!" Chapo assumed that was some form of yes. But to make sure, she pulled out her pokedex. She was right. According to it, the bushes on a Grotle's back did indeed occasionally bear fruit that was safe to eat. Needing little more encouragement than that, Chapo started to gather a handful of Grotle's berries. She popped one into her mouth and was quite pleasantly surprised by the taste!
"These are pretty nice, Grotle!" The amateur trainer tossed a few more berries into her mouth as she patted Grotle's shell. "Hmm... your name should have something to do with berries..." Chapo snapped her fingers. "I know! If I remember correct, dad had an old friend that used to make his own jam! His name was Roland... it's a pretty nice name..." Chapo leaned over and patted closer to Grotle's head. "How's Roland sound to you, Grotle? Do you like that name?"

"Grotle!" The decision seemed to be quite unanimous.

"Great! Then from now on, your name will be Roland!" Chapo said proudly, quite pleased with her first official act as Grotle's trainer. The newly christened pokemon gave an approving hoot before picking up in speed. The riding trainer gripped at a bush and reached up to keep her hat in place. The new name didn't seem to be the cause of Grotle's excitement, there must be something else. Had the pokemon perhaps noticed something? "What's on your mind, Roland? What's got you all stirred up?" Roland suddenly took a sharp turn towards a thicket of tall grass, eagerly bounding through it on some sort of inexplicable mission. Whatever it was Roland was trying to find must've been important to him, because he was moving faster than Chapo thought he could. "Hey, just... just slow down already! Whatever it is will be there whether you move fast or not!" Chapo admonished, now uncomfortably bouncing into the air on occasion and coming back down on Roland's shell. "Ow! Roland you're going too- ow! Seriously can't you just- OW!" Roland came to a complete halt in the middle of Chapo's sentance, causing her to come down on his shell even harder than before. The trainer winced and gingerly rubbed her behind before looking at whatever it was her pokemon wanted to see.

An oddly misshapen mound of dirt lay at the foot of a tree, a small twig with little leaves stuck at its top and twitching ever so slightly in the breeze. For whatever reason, Roland was fascinated with the mound, and lowered himself to the ground so that he could stare intently at it. Chapo couldn't grasp what, exactly, was so fascinating with this discovery. That was, however, until she realised that there wasn't any breeze for the twig to twitch in. Roland wasn't fascinated with a mound of dirt, he was fascinated in...

"Twig." The two leaves on the twig quivered as the little stick twitched. Something about the way it moved and the voice's tone gave Chapo the impression that the two of them were meddling in something best left unmeddled in. Roland, however, seemed largely undaunted.

"Grot!" The Grotle replied in a friendly way, nudging at the mound with a foot. The mound didn't move, but the twig on top was wriggling in a way that could only be described as angry. Roland remained undeterred, though, lifting his foot up and bringing it down on the mound. The dirt and soul broke away, revealing a rather miffed looking Turtwig underneath. "Grotle!" Roland tried to introduce himself to the Turtwig, giving its best smile again as the younger pokemon glared daggers at it.

"What's a Turtwig doing all the way out here?" Chapo asked aloud, staring at her pokemon's pre-evolved form with a measure of wonder. "I mean, it's not exactly a pokemon you run into every day... I wonder if I should catch it..." Chapo considered that. After all, even though she had Grotle, Turtwig was an incredibly rare pokemon, and Professor Pine would probably be quite pleased with such a catch. Before she could go any further with that line of thought though, she was interrupted.

"That would be very ill advised, lady."

"What!?" Chapo jumped when the musings she made to herself were answered. She looked around for the source of the warning, but couldn't see a single person in sight. "Where are you? Who are you, for that matter?"

"I'm up here!" Chapo looked up the tree to see a girl her age lounging in the branches. She appeared to have a similar figure to Chapo's but with short black hair and dark eyes. She couldn't make out a whole lot of the girl's features from a distance, but she definitely noticed the fine white jacket she was wearing, particularly with its black fur trim. "And I'm a pokemon trainer from Pallet Town. Turtwig's my pokemon. So you see, I'd really rather you didn't catch him!" The trainer swung around, now sitting properly as she looked down at Chapo. There was a big, friendly lopsided grin on her face not unlike Roland's.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Chapo couldn't stop herself from apologizing. "I didn't mean to try and steal your pokemon, it's just..." The landlocked trainer reached into her bag and pulled out her pokedex, holding it out in the air towards Turtwig's trainer. "I've been sent by Professor Pine of Veridian City to work on this! I figured catching a Turtwig would probably help that along a great deal!"

The girl in the tree threw her head back and laughed. "Get the heck outta here, seriously?" She shouted down at Chapo. She reached into her jacket and pulled out - to Chapo's surprise - a Pokedex of her own. "Professor Oak gave me one for pretty much the same thing!" The girl's lopsided grin stayed the same. "Small world, huh?"

The trainer on the ground chuckled as well. What were the odds? Professor Oak was a highly respected name in the field of pokemon research. While Chapo's work for Professor Pine was virtually identical to the work trainers did for Oak, the other Professor was an incredibly experienced and well known figure. Trainers under his wing generally wound up becoming quite successful. "Stranger things have happened! But if you don't mind me asking, what exactly are you and Turtwig doing?" Chapo paused for just a moment before remembering an important detail. "Oh, ah, my name's Chapo, by the way."

"I'm Mia!" The Pallet Town trainer replied, waving down at Chapo. "How about you recall your Grotle and climb up here, and I'll show you!" Mia gave an encouraging wave up, gesturing for the girl to hurry. Shrugging, Chapo returned Roland to his ball before clambering up the tree as best she could. Below her, Turtwig had started to re-build his mound of dirt disguise, seemingly less impressed with this interruption than his trainer was. Chapo sighed and shrugged, continuing her uphill climb. After all, some things just can't be helped.
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chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS III
Trey Vincent//Viridian Forest

Mud and loose blades of grass caked itself into his shoes, and the occasional rustling in the bushes made his eyes dart over, worried that the Altaria – or something worse – would pop out. He looked up, the thick branches of the trees covering the sky, though a couple of rays of sunlight fought their way through and graced his face with its warmth. Looking down again, he turned his head to look at Grim, that same, bored look that his trainer had was plastered on his green face.

They walked in silence for a few moments, admiring the peaceful ambiance of chirping birds in the trees and a group of Swablu following after each other toward a berry bush. It made for a nice picture, once Trey pulled out his camera. Grim poked his head over to take a look for himself and seem mesmerized by the technology, his face only appearing more shocked once Trey scrolled over to pictures of him battling Altaria and Zilla.

As Grim was left to Ooh and Aah at the pictures Trey looked up ahead, and luckily his drawn out map showed that they were on a straight shot lead from the entrance to the exit, but that still didn't help them from not getting lost, especially when Grim continued to carefully try and hold the camera without slicing it prompting Trey to take it and proceed to get chased in a different direction by Grim.

"Okay!" Trey finally yelled, Grim only stood there silently and looked at his trainer with a bored expression. "Here, I'll show you how to take a picture so you stop chasing me with your death blades." Trey slapped one of Grim's scythes out of the way as he inched closer to the bug type that stood at least a couple inches taller than him.

"Scythee!" Grim pointed his scythe in the direction of a crawling Caterpie just a few feet away on a tree. Trey nodded and held the camera away from his face to allow Grim a clear view of everything he did.

"So you wanna make sure you focus it so the center piece of your picture will be crystal clear, the camera will do most of the work anyways so just aim the camera." Trey chuckled and glanced over at the smiling Scyther. He looked back as he snapped the picture, and just as he did he…a shadow caught his eye and the boy did a double take.

The shadow was standing in the bushes, in the background of the picture silently. It was there, tall and imposing upon the back drop of peaceful green foliage. Trey shuddered. It was staring at him; even though it was only a photo he could feel its eyes boring into his. Every fiber in his body told him to look up from the camera.

So he did.

And when the boy did, it was gone.

What had that been?

Grim stood there chopping at tree he had cut down, it wasn't for firewood - or any other particular reason really. He just liked to chop things, it kept his blades nice and sharp. Sharp to cut things, and boy did he like to do that. He glanced over at his trainer, who was sitting on a piece of the log he was chopping at writing down things in his notebook. He couldn't read obviously, so it all looked like scribbles to him.

"Grim, what's the forest like at night?" Trey asked him, the trainer didn't look up from his notebook to even look at him when he talked. This human was always so absorbed in his notebooks, or that shiny and awesome camera of his. Grim only mumbled his name to the human, which was all he could understand anyways.

"You know, one day I'd like to write a guidebook about Kanto. Recording all the sights I see, once I make a name for myself that is...maybe...that'll bring him back..." Trey muttered that last part to himself as he looked up from his book and gazed up into the canopy of the forest.

This human, there was something about him. Something different than any other trainer who would waste his time with second long battles and failed capture attempts. Something was wrong with him, even though he had only been his trainer for a short amount of time he already felt close to the human.

"Scythee." He mumbled and decided to sit next to the trainer. He was always alone, it was nice to be able to have some company. Even if it was a human.


Trey looked over, down the part of the stomped grass road that usually led trainers through the forest, to see two young boys walking towards him. Andrew and Chris? Nope, they were younger.

One was familiar with his backwards blue baseball cap and wrinkly, grass stained shorts. The other one even dirtier, dressed in a white tank top and holding a large net, his head covered in a large brimmed hat.

"We're Joey and James! They call us the Famous Youngster and Bug Catcher Duo of the Viridian Forest. And we see you have a Scyther there, very rare. You must be good, we DEMAND a battle!"

“Battle, huh?” Trey smirked once the two challenging trainers reached him. “Don't supposed you'd let me decline?”


Trey stepped up and sighed. “It can't be helped,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. He then wiped at his nose cockily.

“Let's start this battle already. I'm itchin' to use my new Pokemon in battle!!” James waved his bug catching net around frantically.

"Double battle of course, I'll use two Pokemon against you're two." Trey unclipped a pokeball from his belt as Grim hovered over.

Both Joey and James looked at each other before nodding. “Fine,” they answered in unison. They then both walked a couple of feet away so there would be enough space for a battle.

“Zilla!" In a flurry of light, the big blue Croconaw snapped his jaw at his opponents. Grim stepped over next to Zilla and ran his blades against one another, a small smirk spread across his face.

“Go, Rattata!” Joey let out a tiny rat Pokemon and quickly commanded the first attack without the other trainer's consent. “Attack that Scyther with a Tackle attack!”

Rattata pawed at the growl, snarling cutely, before jumping up toward Grim in an attempt to tackle him but failed when Grim flew up higher to dodge. The Rattata landed on the ground roughly, turning his head to see Scyther buzzing around above him mockingly. The Rattata, in return, growled menacingly, hopping around to face forward.

“Stupid move,” Trey mumbled.

Grim landed firmly on the ground and regaining composure, immediately fired off a Quick Attack. He zoomed across the clearing, rapidly beating his wings to speed up even more and rammed into the Rattata's back. The rat bared his teeth and snapped at the Scyther who dodged the Bite attack.

“Enough of this! Go, Masquerain! Use your Bubblebeam attack on the Scyther!” James ordered.

Masquerain inhaled deeply, her tiny frame puffing out, before sending out a jet of bubbles at Grim. He gritted his fangs as the attack hit dead on, the force of the attack blowing him back a few feet, kicking back mud and grass in his wake, but he held his ground. He yelled stubbornly and jumped back onto the field, dripping wet, glaring at the Masquerain.

“Use your Bite attack on the Rattata, Zilla!”

Zilla growled in response and dashed over the wide-eyed Rattata, snapping down hard on his tail. The Rattata squealed and frantically started to run in circles, dragging the Croconaw behind in the dirt. Zilla only bit down harder in return, causing the Rattata to squeal again and trip over his feet, knocking his head hard on the dirt. Dazed, the Rattata got back up as the water type released it from his giant jaws, only to stumble about dizzily and fall back to the ground, exhausted.

The younger boy trainer slapped his forehead. “We're doomed,” Joey said sadly as James returned his Rattata in a beam of red light. He then shook his head, focusing on the battle. “Let's try and win this anyway! Use your Supersonic on the Scyther!”

Masquerain flapped her wings together rapidly, and out poured a high pitched screech, deafening to the human ear, let alone the sensitive ears of a pokemon. All three trainers covered their ears, their faces cringing, as the Masquerain turned her head toward Grim, the high pitched screeched blocking out her hearing. Grim flung his scythes about in confusion, circling around the field with his eyes glazed over.

“Crap, try a Pursuit!"

Grim's eyes were still glossed over, yet he zoomed over to what he assumed to be the Masquerain, a very still moving, gigantic Masquerain. As he got closer, his blurred vision became crisper, noticing that the very still moving, gigantic Masquerain wasn't really a Masquerain but a tree instead. He tried to stop, but he ended up eating a mouth full of bark, his head colliding sickeningly with the tree. He fell down onto his belly before pushing himself back up, grumbling even more confused due to the collision.

Trey rubbed the back of his neck then snapped his fingers, this was a double battle! "Zilla, Aqua Jet!”

Zilla nodded, running fast and jumping as high as he could before bursting off in a blast of water, but the Masquerain simply evaded it by flying higher. Zilla landed on the ground and quickly turned around, trying to clamp his jaw down on the bug, but Masquerain flew up even higher, chirping cheekily.

“Since Zilla won't be able to hit that thing, I have to try to stall until Grim snaps out of confusion,” Watching the bug stumble around in a daze. “All right,” Trey said under his breathe.

Zilla growled, confidently as he dodged another Signal Beam the Masquerain sent at him. He looked up, Grim was still running around aimlessly, growling to himself.

“Let's go Grim, you got this!” The boy yelled out. Grim stopped running around and circles and managed to fix his gaze on Trey. “I'll let you play with the camera?”

Grim expanded his scaly wings, zooming straight toward the Masquerain and hit her directly, the tip of his blade striking at her chest sending the bug flying until it hit the trunk of a tree hard. The bug slid down the tree until her disgruntled trainer returned her.

Trey returned both Zill and Grim, and fanned himself using his cap. "Now if you two wouldn't mind, I'm trying to get out of this forest."

“No way!” Joey remarked haughtily, crossing his arms. “After what you two did to my precious Rattata?”

James rolled his eyes. “Ignore him; he can't take losing easily. Go ahead, and good luck with the rest of your journey!”

Trey started down the path again, glancing down at his map every so often.

A flash of something surprised Trey as he walked. He blinked his eyes rapidly, trying to get the image out of his head. But it wouldn't go away.

Finally, the image disappeared before flashing one final time. Trey rubbed his eyes, he was obviously tired. But that image was still in the back of his mind.

That photograph.

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chapter two; part I
Aberdeen Black // Viridian Forest

The next morning, the weather was bad again. Aberdeen gloomily ate breakfast and wasn't at all thrilled to be venturing out into the deep forest when the sun was nowhere to be seen. Servine, sitting on a chair beside his trainer at a table, had just the same unenthusiastic expression. Blitzle, however, couldn't sit still. Instead of calmly sitting down and eating the breakfast that Aberdeen had bought for him, he stood by the large window, staring out at the dark clouds with twitching movements, as if he thought a lightning would strike the ground at any moment. That would be joy, for him.

When he was in the herd of wild Blitzle, the others had always thought he was immature for loving to watch dark clouds like a little kid. But now he was free. The realization had struck him as soon as they had come back to the resting house in the night before. He didn't have to follow the rules of the herd anymore. Aberdeen really didn't put many restrictions on him at all, more than that he shouldn't run away again and that he should obey him in battle. Other than that, he could be as immature as he wanted to. Something Servine found very annoying but put up with nevertheless. For now.

"Ugh. Maybe I should get a rain poncho or something," Aberdeen mumbled through the chewing, realizing that he hadn't packed anything rainproof to wear. "I wonder if there's some place selling them here." They were sitting in a very small café now, in a wing of the resting house. It was usually crowded at breakfast time but since Aberdeen had woken up so late, he was pretty much alone here and could let out his pokémon without anyone complaining. Behind the counter stood a fat lady who didn't look too pleased with Blitzle's crackling, but she didn't say anything.

"Just a coffée, because we love coffee and it's better than lots of fat brunch. Right, Tsutarja?"

Aberdeen swallowed and turned around quickly at the sound of the sweet yet so horrible voice. Indeed, it was Karen, holding her Snivy and ordering a coffee from the fat lady. When she met Aberdeen's half-awake gaze, her eyes flew up to his unmade hair which for once lacked the, in her eyes, really silly headwear. She just scoffed.

"To go, please," she added to her order, earning a grunting from the counter-lady but got a paper mug in her hand instead of a china one, like the one holding hot chocolate on Aberdeen's table. Without a word to the boy, she then left the café. Snivy just waved happily to Servine, who only stared blankly back.

"Eh... I really don't get that girl. I almost thought she was becoming nice the other night. But. Uh." Aberdeen sighed and finished his breakfast. Servine didn't eat anything more and Blitzle suddenly appeared to finish the breakfast for him. Not a single crumble was left two minutes later.

The tiny supplies store at the resting house was out of rain ponchos. Aberdeen had to make due with buying a teal colored umbrella. Feeling like the dorkiest guy ever, he forced his pokémon into their pokéballs to try and avoid extra attention and started trekking towards the edge of the dark Viridian Woods. His bag was almost clanking as he walked, from the medicine and food his mother had told him on the phone to buy. She was a bit too worried, he thought as the bag quickly became very heavy. As soon as they were inside the forest, he got an idea though. He let Blitzle out and after getting the pokémon to walk calmly rather than hop around in joy over the bad weather coming, Aberdeen hung his bag around the blitzle's neck, tightening the strap so that it sat tight enough without strangling him. The pokémon was a bit confused at first but didn't seem to really mind the extra weight.

Then it started raining. Holding the umbrella in one hand and sticking the other deep into the pocket of his shorts, the brown haired boy sourly walked along the path deeper into the forest, the blitzle walking behind him and throwing excited glances at the sky as often as he dared to. He happened to love rain. Servine did so as well, but he was currently trapped inside of his pokéball and couldn't enjoy it. Too bad, Blitzle giggled at the thought. He still wasn't best buddies with the reptile, even though he had accepted that they were now playing on the same team.

Suddenly, Aberdeen noticed that he wasn't walking on open road anymore. The ground was cluttered with vines and roots, and it looked like they were almost crawling and stretching out over the path as if they wanted to do everything they could to make it cease to exist. Rather creepy. Looking ahead, it didn't seem to get any better. Aberdeen shuddered and put on his headphones. He had thought that the forest would be an adventurous and fun episode of the journey, but now it only seemed to mean trouble for him. He could at least drown his grumpiness with some good soundtrack music.


Not many seconds of the track had went by before Aberdeen suddenly heard a noise behind him that was not rain nor thunder. It was a buzzing noise. Turning around, he gasped.

Blitzle was standing there, looking agitated but also slightly guilty. Hovering behind him, closing in on the pair from the bushes along the road, were two large, yellow beedrill. Their stingers gleamed in what faint light distant lightnings in the dark clouds gave. And they did not look happy.

"Blitzle... did you zap them?" Aberdeen asked, feeling his pulse rise as he took some precautionary steps backwards. Blitzle replied by turning around again, ready to fight the beedrill. One of them dove straight at the blitzle, but Aberdeen did not feel like casually battling poisonous pokémon in this rain. Just as a thunder lit up the sky, a red beam sucked Blitzle back into the pokéball Aberdeen held out, right in time to evade beedrill's sting. The boy's bag fell to the ground into a puddle, apparently not coming with the pokémon into the sphere.

Aberdeen cursed under his breath as he quickly ran forth and picked up the bag, narrowingly jumping away in time to avoid an attack from the other beedrill. Now, that did it. He changed his mind. "Blitzle!" he called out. "It's your fault, now fix it!"

The pokémon appeared from it's pokéball again and just shrugged in agreement; he had nothing against that. Especially not in this good weather! One of the beedrill dove again.

"Blitzle, dodge with Quick Attack!" Aberdeen shouted, remembering how one of his favorite trainers on TV often used that move for evasion purposes. Blitzle didn't seem quite sure of how to do that, and shot forward instead. He hit the beedrill with rapid force, but got stung by the twineedles as well. The bug tumbled backwards and Blitzle fell to the ground with a stinging wound.

The other beedrill dove with its own twineedles ready like lances. Aberdeen took to the ugly trick again, he recalled Blitzle into his pokéball. "It's not an official battle, so... go!" he then said, once again sending the blitzle out. The rapid retreating and charging made Blitzle a bit confused, but when the first beedrill came around again, he used Charge on his own accord, more to boost his own moral than anything.

"Why doesn't he have any good electric attack?" Aberdeen mumbled. "Hey, beedrill!" he called out spontaneously. Both beedrill actually listened up and began soaring down towards him instead. "Uh..." Maybe that hadn't been such a good plan. Or maybe it had? Yes!

"Quick Attack, Blitzle!" he screamed as the bugs flew closer, making visible trails in the rain falling on their way to attack the boy on the road. Aberdeen stumbled backwards and fell over his own bag, his heart skipping a beat when the thought struck him that he might actually get stung anytime now.

But Blitzle came like a lightning from a clear sky and tackled a beedrill from the side, making it ram the other and making both fly into a bush by the road rather than through Aberdeen's body. One second went by without any noise. Then the buzzing began again and Aberdeen scrambled together his limbs and his bag and got up. "I doubt Tail Whip will work on these," he said to Blitzle, who had begun whipping his tail around like he did when fighting his old boss the night before.

Only one of the beedrill came up from the bush but it looked really angry. Aberdeen knew he couldn't stay on the road if he hoped to escape this. With his limbs unpierced. He motioned to Blitzle to follow and ran into the woods on the other side of the road. He wasn't use to running through this kind of thick terrain, especially not when it was raining and when being chased. He could soon tell that Blitzle wasn't used to it either, from the complaining noises he gave out while they zig zagged between bushes and tree stems. The ground wasn't flat either; rather there were tiny hills and holes everywhere, it seemed. All of a sudden, Aberdeen's feet found no ground and he just had time to look down before he fell helplessly down into a pile of moss. Blitzle took a real leap and landed in front of him on his feet instead, staring questioningly at the wet bundle in the greenness, which was his trainer.

Aberdeen sat up, panting, and realized that he couldn't hear the beedrill anymore. They seemed to have escaped. He sighed. "I really should find myself a fire type. Or some other elemental type."

Blitzle snorted and turned around in disapproval. Aberdeen just shook his head back. "It's you who can't do elemental moves. I'm a human, I'm not even supposed to have them. So don't look like it's my fault."

He made sure that his bag was alright and had everything in it still. Then he got up and walked a few meters to come in under a great oak rather than standing out in the rain by the steep hill where he had fallen. That was when he realized that he must have left his teal colored umbrella by the road.

"We probably need to go back. I think I can find my way back, even though we didn't really run... straight..." Aberdeen trailed off as he looked around and had turned his gaze upwards. Blitzle raised an eyebrow and followed his trainer's example. What they saw was both eerie and curiously beautiful.

The oak canopy was very wide with many old, thick branches and countless smaller spreading out. From at least twenty of these hung strange, green pods in long white strings. They swayed silently in the slight wind that the rain around the oak made. Aberdeen couldn't help shuddering, even though he did think it looked cool. He was clever enough to realize that these pods were some kind of pokémon. Pulling up the pokédex from his - rather wet - bag, he found out just which.
"A steel-hard shell protects its tender body. It quietly endures hardships while awaiting evolution."
"Yikes. So they just hang here, waiting to evolve? That's so sad!" Aberdeen said and wrinkles formed on his forehead. "Won't the caterpie and butterfree take care of you? Why would they leave you out here in the rain!"

No reply. Of course. He didn't even see any eyes on them. He also couldn't reach them. But he knew someone who could. He put the pokédex away in a pocket and took out Servine's pokéball from the belt he had bought at the resting house. Servine appeared in the wet moss between the boy and the thick stem of the oak tree and looked happy to be out in a real forest, a moist one at that. Pity there was no sunlight, is all.

"Servine, can you pick down a metapod for me?"

The grass type blinked at his trainer. Seriously? Why disturb them?

"Come on, pal! I just want to see what they feel like to touch." Lies. He wanted to capture one. Servine could tell. Not that he cared overly much about pokémon he didn't know. Yet. Maybe someone would miss the metapod if they picked it down. Maybe no one would notice it was gone. Servine didn't care, when it all came down to it. So he nodded at last and reached out with his vines. Grabbing the nearest metapod which hung two meters up into the air, he pulled to get the string to break or release its grip on the pod. But it was too strong.

Aberdeen and Blitzle both had to grab onto Servine and help pulling. With their combined effort, the string finally broke with a little 'snap' and metapod flew into Servine's open arms. Aberdeen and Blitzle had fallen over, but the boy quickly got up with a smile and hurriedly made Servine hand the pokémon over to him. Lifting it up, he discovered that it indeed had eyes. Two of them, and they were now staring at him as if saying: how dare you?

"Hehe. Hi! I'm Aberdeen!" he said, finding it funny that a motionless pod could be angry with him. "Let's be friends, ok?"

Just then, a rustling noise was heard and a shower of raindrops fell down on Aberdeen and his pokémon. Something had rustled the canopy. Two seconds later, they found out what. A swarm of at least a dozen butterfree came down. They fluttered around the hanging metapod, accidentally brushing them lightly, making them swing back and forth in their strings. Their wings glittered and their big eyes were like red rubies. They made strange giggling noises and didn't at all buzz like beedrill had. Aberdeen found himself staring upwards, jaw dropped, lost for words and with the metapod in his arms. The scene was just too serene.

Blitzle tried to zap a playful butterfree with his Charge technique, but as it wasn't really offensive, it didn't do much else than tickle the bug. Servine swayed his tail dangerously as a warning to any of the bugs to get too close to him. They didn't, luckily.

After a few minutes, Aberdeen could finally stop staring. The music in his ears had not made this scene justice; it had been too upbeat. But it had still been beautiful. "So you are taking care of your kin. Of course you are," he said softly, smiling. One butterfree flew down to him, just as it seemed like the others were about to leave and fly up into the canopy again. The bug hovered just in front of his face, staring at him with its ruby eyes.

"Oh... you want me to return Metapod? But..." He looked from the butterfree to the cocoon. "You're kind of beautiful. Just think of how good a butterfree would be to impress girls with! I want to keep Metapod. I want to raise it into an even more beautiful butterfree! Can't I do that? Metapod, can't I?"

The butterfree just giggled, but Aberdeen had a feeling it wasn't meant as a laughter. Metapod just stared up at him. But no one acted. Aberdeen took that as an approval. "I will care for you, just as well as your kin has done!" he told the pod, patting it. The eyes kept staring, but the boy imagined that they were a little less offensive now. The butterfree in the air didn't say anything now. It just flew away, in its serene, fluttering way, leaving Aberdeen, Blitzle and Servine with their new teammember. A very silent and still one. But perhaps one with an attitude.

@ me

- Blitzle grew to lvl 11 and learned Shock Wave!
- Aberdeen's new Metapod is on lvl 8!

@ Puppeteer Mask
Very nice intro post! Can't wait to see what Chapo's and Mia's relationship will be like.

- Roland (Grotle) grew to lvl 11!

@ Charizard_Man
Nice battle! I could really see Grim move around in my mind :)

- Grim (Scyther) grew to lvl 12!
- Zilla (Croconaw) grew to lvl 17!
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Zoey Wyrmoki / / Viridian Forest
17 00 00 00 00 00

Rolling on to her side, Vuowth rests her head against her left hand, napping on the forest floor. Early morning rays find openings through the forest's boughs, shining down upon the leaf coated ground where Zoey and Vuowth are locked in combat... kind of.

"Vuowth! No, I said use Quick Attack! Why wont you battle?" screams Zoey in frustration, piercing the unfazed grovyle with a disappointed expression.

Vuowth, meanwhile, tilts her head back slightly, smirking towards Zoey in ridicule. The teen merely replies to her disobedient lizard with an exaggerated, angry frown. Their opponent, or what's supposed to be their opponent, chatters in what appears to be boisterous laughter. Bubbling with overconfidence, cocky sewaddle fires a stream of gross, silky String Shot straight at Vuowth, preoccupied with her morning 'nap'. Big, BIG mistake. Vuowth's almost blissful forest snooze is shattered with a splattering of sticky white stuff to the face, coating her eyes. Someone's about to be sent to hell.

"G-GROOOOOOOOVYYYLE!!" roars in rage, pulling off the string from her face to reveal her slanting, bloodshot visage.

This outbursts startles both Zoey and the sewaddle, causing the girl to jump back and yelp. Sewaddle, meanwhile, terrified by Vuowth's instant change of attitude, scurries at top speed back into the tree that concealed it earlier. What Sewaddle doesn't know, however, is that it faces the king, or in this case, queen of jungle predators. Vuowth jets toward Sewaddle's tree, leaping up into the leaves with angry haste, displaying an unusual technique from what otherwise appears much like a Quick Attack to Zoey. In response, she peeks over at her pokedex she withdrew earlier, preparing a scan on Vuowth.

"Oh!" identifies the girl, catching sight of a fascinating new detail regarding Vuowth.

A sharp squeak echoes from the rustling leaves of the large tree before Zoey before she hears the sound of a hard thud, lending Sewaddle straight into the leafy forest surface. Vuowth appears in an instant before her prey, kicking the unconscious Sewaddle softly in controlled anger. The battle she just witnessed confirms the pokedex's entry. Vuowth had used Pursuit, striking with blinding speed at a retreating sewaddle for double its normal damage, a technique that normally wouldn't have taken out Sewaddle in a single blow without taking advantage of the move's secondary effect.

"Vuowth! You learned a new move!" Zoey celebrates excitedly towards her victorious lizard.

Vuowth simply glances back at her trainer with slight contempt towards Zoey's words, before turning around and leaping up into the former home of her opponent, lying down on a tree branch to resume her nap.

"I don't think so!" Zoey affirms, reprimanding Vuowth's disobedience before sucking the defiant reptile back inside her pokeball.

The girl glances over Vuowth's pokeball, crooking her smile in frustrating concern before depositing the pokeball into her bag, sighing. "She still won't listen..."

And so, the journey into the deep green Viridian Forest continues. At least Vuowth, in Zoey's mind, has proven she can battle when she puts her mind to it, but it still doesn't help considering how reckless she is. Fixing her rebellious behavior is another matter. She acts like she was traded to the girl, which in a sense, she was given to her as a gift. Still, her behavior is unusual for a starter Pokemon. Maybe it's not the best decision to lend new trainers an evolved Pokemon to start with, but what's done is done. Vuowth is hers, and hopefully, this forest can act as the arena of change in the grovyle's heart. She'll need to be cooperative to be able to take on the first gym up in Pewter City.

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chapter two; Velvet Lights
Ben Tobin // Viridian Forest // pt. 1

Viridan Forest was much, much darker on the inside. The thick dense trees stretched high into the canopy of the forest, shrouding the trail ahead in near darkness. Some light was able to poke its way through, but it was fairly dark. Ben was sitting on a stump with Lucy and Zeus across from him munching on treats he’d saved from the rest house. He was eating an apple and sipping water from the last bottle he’d packed. It was near full but he wanted to conserve as much as he could, having given the two Pokemon a bottle each to themselves.

From his seat he could see a congregation of wild Sewaddles playing in the bushes and also a nest of sleeping Kakunas stuck to a tree trunk nearby. He took out the Pokedex from his pack and checked over the wild Pokemon said to be found in the forest, one in particular catching his eye; a picture of a smallish blue Bug-type with round yellow eyes and a strange horn on its head. He was about to read the rest of the entry when he began to hear a strange whooshing sound from behind him. He turned on the stump as a blur of white and brown feathers flew past him suddenly. He followed the sight, barely able to keep an eye on the odd bird Pokemon as it landed several feet away, looking over the nesting Kakuna on the tree. It looked hungry.

Ben aimed the Pokedex at the bird and the entry was read aloud by the handheld computer; Pidgeotto, the bird Pokemon. It renders its prey immobile using well-developed claws, then carries the prey more than 60 miles to its nest.

“Hmmm. A Flying-type huh? That could be a great addition to our team. What do you think guys?” He looked down at Lucy and Zeus who had turned also to watch the odd Pokemon as it sauntered around the tree, pecking lightly at the Kakuna, judging if there were any Beedrill in the area. Lucy turned to Ben with a grin, nodding happily as she munched down a treat. Zeus was unsure, still eyeing the Pidgeotto for a moment before turning back to his trainer.

“I think you’re right, Luce.” He said, getting to his feet quietly so as not to disturb the bird, wiping himself off and stowing the Pokedex away, shouldering his pack.

“Well, Zeus, I would be inclined to say you’re the best bet for a capture as an Electric-type but sadly you don’t know any actual electric moves yet. So Lucy, you’re up girl.” Ben said feeling excited at the prospect of adding a new member to his team. He recalled Zeus and he and Lucy crept up behind the Pidgeotto as it was attempting to pry a Kakuna from the tree.

“Alright Lucy, use Water Gun to hamper its flight, focus on the wings.” Ben said quietly, almost a whisper but the little blue otter heard him and crawled on all fours until she was in range and then unleashed the Water Gun, catching the off-guard Pidgeotto full-on on its wings from behind. The bird Pokemon stumbled and sank to the dirt, quickly raising itself up, angered it flew up a bit, sighting Lucy and releasing a fierce Gust attack, kicking up dust and leaves and twigs into the air, but Lucy dug in and held her ground, determined.

“Alright Lucy! You can do this! Use Air Slash to meet it in the sky!” The squat blue otter leaped high into the air, on level with the Pidgeotto who seemed surprised and then Lucy smacked into it with the attack, knocking it back against the tree, stirring the Kakuna. Several of them began to cry out in frustration and began to glow with a bright crystalline white light, changing shape until they were flying above the Pidgeotto who had sunk into the dirt.

“Whoa! Those Kakuna evolved! What are those things?” Ben said, shocked. He flipped open the Pokedex, which registered the Bug-type Pokemon and read the entry aloud; Beedrill, the Poison Bee Pokemon. They are extremely territorial. No one should ever approach its nest – this is for their own safety. If angered, they will attack in a swarm.
“Oh no…” Ben said, pocketing the Pokedex as the realization hit him. Just then the rest of the Kakuna began glowing and changing shape, creating an actual swarm hovering above Lucy and the Pidgeotto, wasting no time they charged. Delivering a flurry of swift strikes with their stingers to the downed Pidgeotto who could merely cower in the dirt and cry out as it was stung over and over again. A few of them split off from the pack, setting their sights on Lucy they dove furiously at the little otter.

“Quick! Lucy! We’ve got to save that Pidgeotto! Use Water Gun but aim for the group!” Lucy understood the command and dug in with her heels, her jaws widening as she released the attack, blasting the small group that had sectioned off to attack her away and she readied another attack which smashed into the larger group, sending them sprawling through the air into the bushes around the tree. Ben ran over to the fallen bird Pokemon and cradled it in his arms watching in horror as it shuddered and cried out softly, glowing a faint purple that Ben knew well from studies as the early signs of poison.

“You’re poisoned! We’ve got to get you somewhere safe so I can administer an antidote! Come on Lucy! Before those Beedrill get back!”

But it was too late. The swarm was back in full force, seemingly with even more in their numbers. Too many to count. Ben stepped backwards, stumbling a bit as he looked on at the swarm in terror. He glanced down at Lucy who stood with her scalchops in hand, unafraid but looking worried.

“You can’t fight them all girl! I know how much you hate it but its for the best right now, return!” He unclipped her Pokeball from his belt and a jet of red light encased the otter and she was safe within. He reclipped the ball as the swarm was surrounding him. Ducking low and holding the Pidgeotto close to his chest he took off through the trees, away from the main path he sprinted as fast as his legs would carry him, the incessant buzzing of the swarm always mere feet behind. They launched Pin Missles at him as he ducked and dodged them, frantically searching for some sort of safe haven.

“Pikachu! Use Thundershock!” A voice cried out and a tiny little yellow mouse-looking Pokemon jumped up over the bushes before Ben, leaping onto his hat and into the air behind him, releasing a storm of electricity which hit the entire swarm, fainting most of the Beedrill on the spot as the others backed off, flying away through the brush.

Ben was cowering on his knees, still clutching the Pidgeotto tightly as the Pikachu came over to him and made a face upon seeing the bird in his arms.

“That was quite the jackpot you got yourself into eh, son?” The same voice who had issued the command said, stepping through the bushes before Ben.

He was an older man, with gray in his hair and wrinkles hard-set into his kind features. He was wearing a robe and carrying a walking stick which he set into the earth in front of himself, placing his hands atop it.

“Name’s Keith. Why don’t you come with me to my cabin? We’ll get your Pidgeotto fixed up and get some food in your stomach.” Ben looked around at the darkened forest.

“You l-live here?” He asked.

“Sure do. Been living in these woods going on twenty years now. It can get a little crazy what with the packs of Beedrill around but that’s what old Pikachu here is for.” He said with a smile as the little mouse Pokemon climbed up his robe and sat on his shoulder, raising a hand to Ben, as if waving.

Keith’s cabin was a single room; a basin in one corner for water and an old-looking icebox, a bed in another corner with a stack of books on the table beside it. There was a small table in the center of the room with chairs around it and that was it. Keith laid the Pidgeotto down upon the table, taking the antidote from Ben he carefully sprayed it over the weakened bird Pokemon, watching as it lifted its head, sighing contentedly as the faint purple glow diminished and the shudders subsided.

“There there. You’re gonna be just fine, girl.” Keith said softly, petting the Pidgeotto across its beautiful pink feathers adorning its head.

“You’re lucky we saw you, or heard you that is,” The old man said with a chuckle. “No telling what would have happened otherwise. Ain’t another soul had the guts to live in these parts long as I’ve been here.”

“Why do you live in the forest if you’re a trainer? Why not move on and try to see new Pokemon?” Ben asked as the Pidgeotto raised itself to its feet, still looking a tad weak.

“Well now, that’s a good question. I started out on a ‘Pokemon Adventure’ many years ago and I left the forest at first but I came back eventually. It just always felt like home, y’know?”

“Yeah…yeah I do.” Ben said, understanding. The Pidgeotto nuzzled his cheek, making a soft little cry.
“Your Pidgeotto is going to feel a lot better after a good long rest.”

“Oh, this isn’t my Pidegotto. Not yet at least. I was trying to capture her. But now I think it may be best to let her stay with you, so that she can be safe.”

“I see. Well, it ain’t always about beating a Pokemon down to catch it. Sometimes they take a likin’ to ya.” The intelligent bird Pokemon looked at Keith and nodded, as if in recognition.

“I’d be happy to let the ole girl stay with me.” Keith said.

“Now, why don’t your Pokemon take a good rest with Pidgeotto here and you and I’ll have some tea?” Keith asked, clearing a place for Lucy and Zeus who lay down curled next to Pidgeotto and were soon asleep.

-- -- -- -- --

Ben was seated on the porch next to Keith, sipping hot delicious green tea and watching the forest around. It was quiet, peaceful. Keith had told him of past adventures in the forest, fighting off the Beedrill and trying to contain their attacks.

“They’re a crazy bunch. Not much can control ‘em. Once they get ticked off, you’ve either got to fight them or run. Not much else for it.” The old man said. “After all my years in these woods I ain’t never seen a Pokemon so ornery.”

“Well this is their home too.” Ben said. “They probably feel like they’re just protecting their own.”

“You’re right, son. That’s the problem. They think this whole forest is theirs. But other Pokemon live here too. They’ve got to learn to accept that.” The old man took a piece of parchment with a drawing on it from his pocket and unfolded it. It looked worn and tattered, as if it had been made years ago.

“This here is a rare Pokemon I’ve been searching for. Saw one years ago and haven’t been able to find one since. They really are something. Gave little Pikachu here a run for his money huh little fella?” The tiny little mouse Pokemon nodded as he sat on the porche across from them, munching on a treat.

“What kind of Pokemon is that?” Ben asked, intrigued.

“It’s a Heracross. A strange mix of a Bug and Fighting-type Pokemon. Very powerful. Big ole horn on his head. Can you imagine? I’ve followed traces of em all over these woods but haven’t seen one in some time.” Keith said, sighing and staring at the picture, refolding it and placing it back in his pocket.

“Well why don’t you let me help you find it?” Ben said. “In return for your help it’s the least I could do.”

“You’d do that? My eyes and legs ain’t what they used to be. I’m too old and tired to go crawling around these woods on my own. I could really use the help, son.”

“Of course! I’d be happy to help.”

“Well I’ve heard from passing trainers that signs of their presence has been spotted in the western part of the forest. Few people have ever seen one in person.”

“That’s where we’ll begin then!” Ben said, rising to his feet.

“I’ll get started right away!” He said with a smile, draining the last of the tea as he went back inside. Lucy and Zeus were just waking up on the bed and they sat up, seeing him Lucy hopped off the bed, running over and jumping into his arms, hugging him tight.

“We’ve got a mission girl! We’re gonna help Keith find a Heracross! How’s that sound?” The little otter nodded gleefully as Zeus climbed off the bed, nuzzling Ben’s leg in agreement. Pidgeotto sat up on the bed as well, looking thoughtfully at Ben.

“Aw, I’m sorry girl. But Keith’s a great trainer. He’s going to take real good care of you. And I’ll come back and visit you someday, I promise.” The little bird Pokemon flew onto his shoulder and chirped her understanding rubbing her beak against his chin before hopping back down onto the bed.

“It’s settled then! Let’s get to it guys!”

-- -- -- -- --

The two walked all day through the forest. They found signs of all known types of Pokemon within the forest but none of the elusive Heracross. They were sitting on a hill overlooking a clearing where the sunlight was allowed to enter the forest, having lunch. Lucy and Zeus were eating from packed cases of Pokemon food with Pikachu while Keith and Ben talked, eating fresh fruit and watching the gentle breeze of the midday

“I started in Viridian City too. A fine town. Never cared much for schooling. My parents worked in the mart in town all their lives. What about yours?”

“I never knew my parents.” Ben said softly, biting into his apple. “I’ve lived with my grandparents all my life.”

“Sorry to hear that son. I'm sure they're good people though."

“Yeah, they've been the best."

“Butterfree, Sleep Powder!” A voice rang out, far below in the trees at the end of the clearing.

The two gathered their things and ran down the hill, following the voice with their Pokemon in tow.

They could see a boy and his Butterfree battling a strange sleek green Pokemon with blades for arms. Ben took in both registries with his Pokedex; Butterfree, the evolved form of Metapod, the butterfly Pokemon. In battle, it flaps its wings at great speeds to release highly toxic dust into the air.
Scyther, the mantis Pokemon. When it moves, it leaves only a blur. If it hides in the grass, its protective coloration makes it invisible.

“Wow! What a cool Pokemon!” Ben said, thinking he might like to catch that thing himself.

“Butterfree, Stun Spore!” The Scyther easily dodged the cloud of spores and struck back with a quick attack, knocking the butterfly Pokemon into some bushes.

“Butterfree!” The boy ran to his Pokemon and held it in his arms as Ben and Keith stepped through the trees to meet the Scyther who readied his blades in a combat stance but looked tired.

“Trainers probably been at you all day huh fella?” Keith said, eyeing the Pokemon, impressed.
“Bet you’re exhausted.”

The boy looked up at them.

“I-I think my Butterfree’s hurt.” He said, tears in his eyes.

“Naw, son. You Butterfree will be just fine. Give him a good rest in his ball.” The boy did just that and rose to greet them, wiping his eyes.

“Y-you’re right my name’s Tim. I was trying to catch this Scyther but he fainted all of my Pokemon.” He said, hanging his head low.

“Mind if I give it a shot?” Ben asked, and Lucy clapped her paws excitedly.

“Go for it. See if you can do better.” Tim sat on the grass, pulling up tufts in his hands.

“Alright Lucy, let’s catch this powerful Pokemon. Use Water Gun!” The squat Dewott shot a jet of water at the Bug-type who easily dodged it and the several bursts that followed.

“Wow, he’s fast.” Ben said under his breath.

“You mean she’s fast.” Keith said. “See she’s got a slightly larger abdomen. That means it’s a girl.”

“Whoa. You’re right. No matter, Lucy! You’ve got to fake her out!” Lucy understood she readied a Water Gun and shot out a few times but as the Scyther tried his sidestepping move Lucy burst through the final jet of water with a Tackle attack, sending them both sprawling through the grass.

“Great job! Now Tail Whip before she recovers!” Lucy got to her feet fast, whipping the Scyther across the face four times with her tail as its head lolled a bit and it shuddered as its defenses were lowered but it picked itself up, striking back with a Vacuum Wave which knocked Lucy off her feet so that she rolled over into a sitting position, shaking her head as the Scyther struck again with a Quick Attack and knocked her right back down, standing over her.

“Scyther, scythe!” It cried out, rubbing its twin blades together.

“Quick! Water Gun now, full power!” Taking the chance Lucy blasted the Scyther in the chest with the attack, sending her reeling through the grass.

“Now Tackle!” Lucy charged after the Scyther, catching her with a near headbutt pushing her back once more but the Bug-type was far from done. It released a Quick Attack so suddenly that none witnessed the move they only saw Lucy flying back through the field landing with a soft thud.

“Lucy!” Ben called out, running over to her and scooping her into his arms.

“You did your best girl. This one’s strong. You take a good rest.” He recalled her into her Pokeball, unclipping Zeus’ from his belt he released the pumped up zebra who came flying out of the ball ready for battle already in mid-charge he tackled the Scyther, sending it sprawling and chasing after it.

“Use Tail Whip to weaken its defenses Zeus!” The electric steed chased the Bug-type down and whipped it across the face several times with its tail, causing the Pokemon to shudder and shake.

“Now Tackle again!” Zeus head-butted the confused Scyther, knocking it back a bit farther as it struggled to gain footing.

“Tail Whip once more!” But the Bug-type was ready. It latched onto Zeus’ tail and swung it hard against a nearby tree with a resounding thud, making the zebra Pokemon cry out in pain and sink to the grass with the Scyther readying another attack.

“No! Zeus!” Ben shouted, sweating furiously as his mind raced. He had not seen such raw power in a Pokemon before.

“That little zebra won’t overpower that Scyther boy.” Keith said. “You’re gonna have to use its speed to win this fight.”

He was right! Ben realized he’d been playing the thing wrong all along.

“Zeus! You can do it bud! Dodge his attack and then start circling him! Don’t stop!” The electric zebra did just that, sidestepping the next Pursuit he began racing circles around the Bug-type, using his electrified energy to go so fast that neither the trainers in the bushes nor the Scyther could keep track. The Bug-type reached out to touch the blur of white and black around him and got a nasty shock. The blur crackled and brimmed with electricity, confusing the Scyther who unleashed a Vacuum Wave however Zeus moved so fast the attack missed and the Bug-type kept on and on with her attacks, missing repeatedly until she grew even more tired and even angrier, sinking to her knees with sweat dripping down her face.

“Now, Zeus!” Ben called out and the zebra crashed head-first into the Bug-type, sending her hurtling far off down the clearing, coming to a stop face-down in the tall grass.

“Now, to catch him!” Ben readied an empty Pokeball, sprinting across the clearing he tossed the ball but just as it was about to catch the Bug-type a blue blur flew across the meadow, coming to a stop in front of the downed Scyther and standing proudly in defense of it, knocking the ball back into Ben's hand.

“My god.” Keith said, coming to a halt beside Ben. He stared down the Pokemon, pulling a Pokeball from a pocket on his robe.

“It’s you ain’t it?” He said, stepping a bit closer but the blue Bug-type entered a combat stance, the huge horn on its head at the ready.

“You’re the one I seen all those years ago. You still got the scar from our battle.” He was right. Just above the Pokemon’s right eye were four deep claw marks which appeared to have healed as much as they ever would.
Ben popped open the Pokedex to register him and it beamed to life, taking in the entry; Heracross, the single horn Pokemon. Now matter how heavy an opponent, it flings them far away with its prized horn.

“Wow. What a Pokemon.” Ben said. The Heracross stood before the downed Scyther who only now regained consciousness and picked itself up, badly injured from Zeus’ speed-charged Tackle. The Heracross placed a claw on the Scyther's shoulder, as if to say ‘I’ve got this.’ Before Ben could give Zeus a command, Keith released his own Pokemon from the ball. An enormous regal orange and black dog Pokemon appeared, larger than the Scyther and Heracross combined. Ben aimed the Pokedex at it, registering the data; Arcanine, the evolved form of Growlithe and the ancient Pokemon. This fleet-footed Pokemon is said to run over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within its body is its source of power.

“Arooo!” The Arcanine called out, stomping its foot tersely.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for 20 years.” Keith said low, as if to himself. He seemed as if in a trance.

“You remember Arthur?” He said, gesturing to the Arcanine. “Why, you battled him when he was just a Growlithe. He couldn’t keep up with ya. Well times have changed. He’s a big feller now. And it’s time for the dog to have his day. Arthur, Flamethrower!”

The Arcanine opened his jaws, unleashing a huge stream of bright incandescent flame, the Heracross attempting to lift Scyther and get her out of the way he was only barely able to push the green Bug-type away before taking the full brunt of the Flamethrower which seared him heavily and brought him to his knees. When the smoke cleared, the Heracross was grunting and holding itself up with one arm, squinting in anguish at the Arcanine.

“Had enough? Or do you wanna test Arthur some more?

“I’ll test your overgrown mutt.” A voice called from the trees.

“Yeah I bet that thing ain’t so tough.” Another said as two figures appeared across from the Scyther at the other end of the meadow. Two young boys, around Ben’s age, stepped forward crossing the clearing to stand a few feet away from the injured Heracross who was looking for an escape route. They were both clad in suit blazers and ties with an odd-looking crest on the breast pocket.

“We’re from the Pokemon Trainers School.” The first boy said, drawing a Pokeball from his coat pocket.

“My name’s Dave. This is Jack. And we’re gonna catch those Pokemon!” He gestured to the burned Heracross and the Scyther who picked itself up and sprinted off into the trees.

“Not if we have anything to say about it!” Ben called out.

“So you wanna battle huh?” Jack said, drawing his own Pokeball.

“Alright. It’ll be a two on two. How’s that sound, kid?” Dave said.

“I’ll show you kid!” Ben yelled, releasing Zeus who stomped a hoof preparedly and lowered his head, staring down the two boys, then the massive Arcanine beside him he bowed in respect to the great beast.

“A Blitzle huh? Alright then I know just what to use,” Dave said, releasing a strange looking Pokemon with a wide red flower on its head. Ben aimed the Pokedex at it; Vileplume, the evolved form of Gloom and the flower Pokemon. Its petals are the largest in the world. It fiendishly scatters allergy-causing pollen from its petals.

“And I’ve got a match for your mutt there, old man!” Jack called out, releasing his Pokemon, an odd bipedal brown Pokemon carrying a bone club with a huge bone mask on its face. Ben registered it as well; Marowak, the evolved form of Cubone and the bone keeper Pokemon. The bone it holds is its key weapon. It throws the bone skillfully like a boomerang to KO targets.

The four Pokemon stood across from each other, ready for battle. What none of the trainers noticed in their excitement was that the Scyther had vanished and the Heracross had attempted to, but sunk into unconsciousness against a nearby tree.

“Go Vileplume! Sleep Powder!” The Grass-type shot vicious spores from the top of its head, sending them straight at Zeus who on instinct out ran them, crackling with energy he readied a charge.

“Good boy, Zeus! Now Tackle!” The electric zebra charged in a flash, connecting with the Vileplume before its trainer could react. The Grass-type landed on its back, sitting up with the huge flower on its head sagging.

“Marowak! Use Bonemerang!” Jack shouted and the little bone-wielding Pokemon tossed its weapon at Arthur who leaped back and forth to avoid it, missing the last strike which connected with the Arcanine in the face, bringing him to his knees he grunted in pain.

“Vileplume use Stun Spore to slow that thing down! Don’t use it all at once!”

“Zeus he’s trying to trick you, keep running! Don’t let that touch you!” The Blitzle agreed, running just outside the spore’s range until it dissipated and then charging back into battle leaping over the Marowak and crashing into the Vileplume who reeled back flopping several times through the grass.

“Now, Arthur! Flamethrower!” The Arcanine released an immense burst of flame which coated the downed Vileplume, singing it terribly as it struggled to withstand the heat. When the smoke had cleared the Grass-type stood as if still prepared for battle, then sunk face down in the grass.

“Pick yourself up! You’re better than that Vileplume!” Dave shouted and Ben and Keith watched in astonishment as the burned Grass-type did indeed pick itself up, albeit looking to have sustained serious burns.

“Now don’t fail me! Use Sleep Powder and this time use it in bursts!” Zeus attempted his dodge trick once more but the Vileplume was ready, the final blast caught the zebra full-on and it rolled into the bushes, sound asleep.
“No! Zeus!” Ben recalled the Blitzle and looked at him sleeping within the Pokeball.

“You just get a good rest, bud. You gave it your all.” He unclipped Lucy’s Pokeball, knowing that she was at a disadvantage here as well and hoping she had rested enough he released her. She was considerably well rested and leaped from her Pokeball with a battle cry, scalchops at the ready.

“Dew! Dew-ott!” She shouted, ready for battle.

“You can do this girl! Get in close and Tail Whip!”

“Marowak! Stop her! Bonemerang again!” The Ground-type aimed for the little otter charging across the battlefield.

“Arthur, Extremespeed!” Keith commanded and the Arcanine seemingly disappeared, stunning both the Marowak and the Vileplume and their trainers.

“So…fast.” Dave muttered in shock as Arthur reappeared, smashing head first into the Marowak’s soft underbelly, knocking it into a tree trunk.

“Now, don’t let it recover! Use Outrage!” The majestic Arcanine lowered its head, gathering power as the Marowak slowly got to its feet. Arthur began glowing a faint purple in his eyes, mouth, around his body.

“Outrage?! B-but that’s a Dragon-type attack!” Jack shouted in disbelief. Arthur raised its head and charged, crashing into the Ground-type who was sent flying through the grass, coming up on its feet but Arthur was deep within the Outrage attack it charged again and again and again until the Marowak was down, seemingly out for the count.
“No! Marowak!” But the Ground-type was not finished. It got to its feet, holding its club in a ready position.

“Atta boy! Use Earthquake!” The Marowak raised the club high and brought it into the ground, breaking apart the earth itself as it connected with Arthur knocking the great dog Pokemon into the grass.

“Lucy! Into the tree, quick!” Ben called out and the otter Pokemon clambered out of the way of the quake, clinging to a branch as the attack cleared she landed, smirking.

“Water Gun now!” Lucy’s jaws expanded and she shot out the jet of water, the Marowak rolling out of the way and she gave it a few more bursts as it leaped over them, dropping down the final two bursts straight on its head, going to one knee looking deeply hurt.

“Marowak don’t give up!”

“Arthur! Extremespeed again!” The Arcanine moved in a complete blur faster than any eye could see, tackling the Ground-type as it struggled to regain footing.

“Vileplume quick! Stun Spore!” Arthur was not prepared as the attack of the spore hit him dead on. He stood in place as an odd electricity crackled around him.

“He’s paralyzed! He can’t move!” Ben yelled, surprised at the harshness of the seemingly non-violent attack.
“You can do it Arthur. We’ve trained for this!” Keith called out and the Arcanine attempted to shake off the spore but it was no use.

“Now Marowak! Bonemerang!” the Ground-type launched its club, this time striking Arthur over and over and over again until the massive dog sank onto its haunches, the final blow smacking it its jaw, sending it reeling to Keith’s feet.

“Arthur!” Keith shouted, sinking to his knees he clutched the regal beast in his arms.

“You okay?” Arthur nodded and picked himself up, shaking off the pain.

“You sure you still wanna fight?” Arthur looked back and nodded, charging without command and disappearing once more, reappearing behind the Marowak and head-butting it in the small of its back, carrying it on his head as he sprinted down the meadow releasing the Ground-type who collided with a tree and sunk to the grass, fainted.

“Marowak!” Jack yelled chasing after his Pokemon he recalled it, staring at the Pokeball.

“You did your best buddy, that’s what matters.” Jack said.

“Rrrgggh! This battles not over! Vileplume, Giga Drain that stupid otter!” Vileplume prepared a green orb of energy atop its great crimson flower and released it, Lucy barely rolling out of the way as it caught her in the side, absorbing some of her very energy, she skidded to a halt in the grass, raising herself to her feet.

“Dewwwott!” She shouted. She would not be beaten so easily and continued her charge.

“Again Vileplume!” The Grass-type shot out several more orbs but Lucy ducked, dove, rolled and dodged most of them, the final blast hitting her in the chest it held her in mid-air, floating as it drained her energy she cried out in agony.

“Dew…wott!” She screamed.

“No!! Lucy!” Ben shouted, panicked. The green orb dissipated and Lucy sank to the grass, trembling.
Ben ran to her side, forgetting the battle at hand. He picked her up in his arms.

“You can rest. You don’t have to keep fighting. Its okay girl.” Lucy nodded wearily, attempting to get back to her feet but Ben would have none of it.

“It’s not about the battle, girl. We don’t have to win every fight. I won’t let you be hurt anymore. You need to rest.” The little otter smiled lovingly, nuzzling her trainer as she fell asleep. He recalled her into her ball.

“So you forfeit brat?” Dave said mockingly, an evil smirk on his face.

“He may forfeit, but Arthur here is far from done with you kid.” Keith said fiercely.

“Arthur, Flare Blitz!” The great orange and black beast became aglow with flames, encircling his whole body as he dug a foot repeatedly into the grass then charged.

“Vileplume! Dodge it!” And the Grass-type tried just that but the Fire-type was too fast, hitting her dead-on with the attack as she crumpled in a heap at her trainer’s feet.

“No! Vileplume! Get up! You can still fight!” Dave attempted to pick the Grass-type up to her feet as Jack watched in anger.

“David!” He shouted. “You have to learn your Pokemon’s limits. If you keep making Vileplume fight like that she is going to die!” He was furious, rightly so.

“Shut up! You’re flunking every class idiot! You don’t know a damn thing!” Dave shouted back.
“Your friend is right, son.” Keith said softly.

“Your Vileplume fought bravely, moreso than any Grass-type I’ve ever seen. She’s a tough Pokemon and you treat her like dirt. Now what sense does that make, huh?” He said, squatting down and petting the injured Vileplume.
“Vi…Vile-pluume…” She said quietly, cuddling Dave’s chest.

“See that? She loves you kid she knows you’re a good trainer but you have got to stop pushing her like that. I don’t know a whole lot about that ‘Pokemon Trainers School’ but I do know that your friend is a heck of a lot wiser than you. You could learn a thing or two from him.”

Dave looked down, tears welling in his eyes.

“Y-you’re right. You were amazing Vileplume.” He hugged the Grass-type. “Now have a rest.” He returned her to her ball and stood up wiping his eyes.

“Sorry for the trouble we caused. We just wanted to catch a rare Pokemon.” Dave said, looking down. Jack put a hand on his shoulder.

“We will bud. We will. But not today. Right now we need to go back to those rest houses and heal our Pokemon, okay?”

“You’re right. Let’s go. T-thanks mister.” He said, looking at Keith respectfully.

“Anytime son. Good luck to you two in your journey.” Keith said, smiling as the two walked off through the trees.

“Well that was something eh? Been a long time since I had a battle like that.” Keith said, taking a seat beside his Arcanine and taking out two bottles of water from his pack. Ben sat across from him with Lucy and they drank slowly, Lucy and Arthur gobbling down some Pokemon food which Ben had packed.

“Those Bugs gave us the slip though. Darn shame.” He said.

“Except for that one.” Ben said, pointing at the Heracross which still lay against a tree in the meadow, breathing hard but awake. Keith got to his feet, telling Arthur to stay he walked over to the downed Bug-type, kneeling. The Bug-type flinched, trying to get to its feet.

“I’m not gonna hurt ya boy. I want to help you, train you.” Keith said gently. Heracross looked at Arcanine in wonder and the great dog nodded its approval as Keith produced a Max Potion from his pack he sprayed the Bug-type over, the burns disappearing as it stood to its feet, a smile seemingly appearing on its face. It looked off into the distance, seeming to want to run away. Then it looked to Keith and hugged him, sinking into his arms.

“See? No one’s gonna hurt you now. You’re safe.” Keith said as Ben watched in amazement. Keith got to his feet, the Heracross standing beside him.

“I want to thank you son. I’ve spent twenty years looking for this fella. Gave up on my dreams to find him. And now I have, thanks to you.” He produced a package from his sack, coming forth through the lengthy grass.

“I want you to have this. It’s the least I could do.” Ben took the package, unwrapping it. Within there was held a strange green stone with a leaf on the front.

“That there is a Leaf Stone. It’ll evolve lots of different Pokemon. Choose wisely.” Keith said, patting Heracross on the head gently.

“That Potions just a temporary fix. Let’s get you back to the cabin so you can rest up proper eh, bud?” Heracross nodded and Keith pulled himself up onto Arthur’s back, helping Heracross up in front of him.

“You want to come back to the cabin? Have some lunch? Then we'll see about tracking down that Scyther you wanted to catch.

“Thank you sir. That would be great Lucy and Zeus need to rest up.”

"You can come to, Tim." Keith said. "Your Pokemon need a rest as well."

"Thanks but no thanks, sir. I'm going to head back to the rest houses and call home." Tim said.

"Your choice. Good luck with your future captures, son." Keith said.

And so Ben got on the back of Arthur who promptly sped off through the trees back towards Keith's cabin.
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Chapter 2; Velvet Lights
Adam Jenkins//Viridian Forest
Lvl 13Lvl 9

Adam took in a deep breath of the luke-warm breeze blowing past him as he continued his trek towards the resting house on the border of Viridian Forest. The sun was slowly starting to sink towards the horizon, the sky already painted a soft, orangey-reddish blue as the forest as well as the wooden house came into view. Adam glanced down at Blair walking by his side and smiled widely, the fire-type picking up the pace, clearly wanting to get some rest as well.

“It’s been a long walk, but we’re almost there. I’ve got a bit of food left, so hopefully we can make it through the forest by tomorrow and get to Pewter City to get some more food. Plus, I don’t want to sleep in the forest. I’ve… uh…” he paused, raising a hand to rub his neck a little. Adam was a little embarrassed to admit this to anyone, but he figured that if he could tell someone, it’d be his Pokémon companion, who was by now looking up at him inquisitively.

“… Well, I’ve heard the forest is… haunted. And I’d rather not anger any spirits or anything, you know?” He looked away from Blair, his cheeks darkening a little at the admitted fright of the… super-natural. Blair however, simply seemed confused and looked from his trainer, towards the woods, seemingly curious about what Adam was talking about.

With this on his mind, Adam continued swiftly along to the resting house, and after a small chat with the person in charge of said house, he had had his Pokémon healed up and energized, Blair being let out of the Pokéball again once he and Stomps had been healed. Adam looked around the wooden little house, a couple trainers having put out their bedrolls here and there as they were planning on travelling through the forest next morning.

“Hmh… looks like a lot of trainers from Pallet are here as well. I wonder if there are others from Viridian here…” he thought to himself as he glanced around the room. Frowning a little to himself, he took a moment to think before looking down at Blair, giving a wry little grin. “Hey, how would you like to sleep under the blanket of the stars? I hear it’s supposedly really nice.” “Lava?” Blair responded, looking up at Adam once again, giving it a moment of thought before nodding. “Quil!”

Adam smiled and nodded, heading out of the resting house again, with a wave to the man behind the counter. It didn’t take him long to find a small tree a little ways away from the woods, where he rolled out his bedroll and placed down his pack. Planting his hands at his sides he looked over the makeshift camp and nodded, never really having been out on a camping trip himself, aside from… well, that one time. Shaking his head slightly, he shook off the memories and plonked himself down onto the bedroll, crossing his legs with Blair sitting nearby, watching him.

“Alright. The sun hasn’t gone down yet, so we can’t allow ourselves to rest! I’m thinking we should spend the time training, yeah? I want you and Stomps to learn how to… show off. Winning a battle is fine and all, but if you don’t do it with style, you might as well not do it.” Blair looked a little confused but nodded again, clearly excited to get to training, no matter which kind. “Great! Let’s get our new team member out here then.” Adam said and promptly released Stomps into the wild.

After the flash of light had died away, the Nidoran blinked his eyes softly and looked around, first at the small camp, then at Blair, and finally, at Adam, who smiled and waved a hand. “Hey Stomps. We’ve set up camp outside of the woods for the night. I figured we’d train a bit before getting some rest. Are you okay with that?” The Nidoran didn’t seem too thrilled by the prospect of fighting, but nodded its head gently. Blair growled out a few low noises to it, and Stomps responded. Adam blinked a little and watched the glutteral exchange of… words, he guessed before the two turned the attention to him.

“… Huh. I didn’t know different species could talk to each other. Well, in that case, I guess you told him about my rule about style, right Blair?” The Quilava nodded and seemed satisfied with himself, Stomps still looking a little unsure and just a tad meek. “Perfect! I’d like it if you could let every other newcomer to the team know. You guys don’t want to hear me saying that over and over again, I bet.” Adam added with a little grin before clapping his hands and getting up, the sun slowly starting to tickle the forest to the east, the blue having gone away, replaced by red and the air having grown slightly more chilly. “Let’s get to it, then!”

“No no, I want you to do it like this.” Adam said as he looked down at the Nidoran in front of him. “I want you to run at your enemy…” He simulated this by taking a few steps forwards, as if in slow motion. “… Jump up…” He bent his knees and pretended to jump. “… Kick!” He stretched a leg out as if hitting an enemy. “… Turn around midair, land on your feet…” He turned around and bent his knees again, as if landing. “… And kick again, backwards! Yeah?” He did this by kicking a leg backwards, looking expectantly down at the Nidoran, Blair sitting nearby and watching the two.

Adam had been thrilled to learn that both of his team mates had learned new abilities, and was very satisfied with himself for having checked them over with the Pokédex. He’d have to do that a little more often from now on. The Nidoran turned to a nearby rock they had been using for training purposes and bent itself down a little. After a moment of preparing, he ran forwards, lept into the air… and fell onto his back with a squeak, just short of the rock, where he squirmed about before getting up on all fours again.

“Alright, alright… it might be a little tough, I don’t expect you to be able to pull it off right away. We’ll just practice it some more, and until you can do it, just do it your way, okay?” Stomps looked a little embarrassed, but growled out lowly, nodding. “Nid…”
“So, how about some –real- training, hmh? The two of you versus each other? I’ve got a couple potions handy, so don’t worry about hurting one another.” He looked from Blair to Stomps, secretly hoping that they’d say yes, but he’d by no means force them to fight one another if they disagreed. Blair was there in an instant, standing by Adam as the patches on his head and along his back crackled softly and small flames lit. Stomps was a lot more hesitant, but for some reason seemed a little more… sure of himself by now, and nodded lightly, letting out a challenging growl.

Adam had stood by and called out various moves for the two Pokémon to try out as they sparred, the sun slithering down below the horizon. About half an hour after initiating training, the two Pokémon seemed rather tired, panting and huffing for air. Blair had definitely been keeping Stomps on his toes, but he was holding his ground fairly well. Blair might’ve been holding back, but Adam wasn’t quite sure. Smiling, he knelt down and pulled out two potions from the pack, spraying them on each of the Pokémon, who seemed to become slightly more energized.

“Nicely done, you two! I think that’s it for tonight. It’s getting pretty late…” He added as he looked up, the few last tinges of red on the sky slowly dying away, leaving only the lights of the cabin slightly off in the distance, as well as the faint flames billowing on Blair’s back. Smiling down to the two who seemed content with themselves, he raised a Pokéball and recalled Stomps. “Get some rest. I’ll heal you both before we head into the woods tomorrow. For now though… let’s get some rest, alright Blair? Let me just find your Pokéball…”

Adam reached into his pocket, but paused as Blair stood up on all four and stepped over, sitting himself down next to Blair and giving his head a little nudge, Adam giving him a rather confused look. “… What? You don’t wanna go into your Pokéball for the night? But… it’ll probably be warmer. Are you sure?” Blair nodded and let out a low little grow, nudging him again. Adam smiled. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was a lot happier with Blair being out here with him in the night. Otherwise, the cold, dark sky and nearby forest might’ve seemed just a tad too… intimidating on the boy.

Laying himself down in his sleeping back he had packed, Blair moved up to his stomach as Adam was laying on his side, curling softly up against his chest. Adam was surprised to find how very warm the fire-type (Duh) was, nestled up against him. He smiled to himself and rested his head on his right arm, the other draped over Blair to give him a bit of shelter from the wind. The fire on his back slowly went out as Adam turned his head to look up at the clear, starry night sky through the leaves of the tree above him before shutting his eyes and sighing. “… What a day…”

“Keep running! I think it’s right behind us! Crap crap crap!”

Adam darted through the trees and the low-hanging branches, a couple of leaves whipping him in the face as he made a scramble off to the right with Blair right behind him, ducking down behind a couple of bushes, panting for air as Blair joined him. He shifted around and peered out through the branches of the bush, trying desperately to calm down his heavy breathing.

It had only been an hour ago he had healed up his team of two Pokémon and went into the forest, but it felt like a lot longer to Adam right now. He had gone in, happily following the trail with Blair out, strolling alongside him, following the path. It hadn’t been long before he had spotted a couple Sewaddles wriggling about on the ground slightly off the path, and Adam decided to pursue them, figuring they’d make for a decent fight versus Stomps.

Releasing the rodent, he was just about to make contact with one of the Sewaddles, as a Pidgeotto dived down and snagged one of them, flying off again. Adam had been so dumbstruck by what had happened, that the other startled Sewaddles managed to get away before he snapped back to reality. “Ah… damnit! Screw you, you… Pidgeotto! Get down here, and I’ll show you!” As if answering to his challenge, the Pidgeotto flew down again and gave Stomps a peck on the head before flying off again, the Nidoran squeaking out in pained surprise. Blair growled and the flames on his back billowed, but Adam held a hand out.

“Wait. I’ve got an idea. Hey! I dare you to try that again, birdbrain!” Looking to Stomps, Adam murmured out, only hearable to the three of them. “Get ready for a double kick, Stomps.” The Nidoran huffed and dug its feet into the soft soil, the silence of the forest being the only thing surrounding them. After a few moments, the leaves above them broke apart and the Pidgeotto attacked again, just as Adam called out “Now!”.

Stomps lept into the air, just as the Pidgeotto was about to peck it again, Stomps managing to slam both of its feet square against the bird’s chest, sending it tumbling into a tree and onto the ground. Adam let out a laugh and seemed about ready to try and catch the bird, when a much… much larger bird broke through the leaves as well, landing square in front of them with a firm thump.

The Pidgeot stared down at the three, Blair, who seemed ready to take the fight up, Adam who looked rather pale due to the massive size of the bird, and poor Stomps, who was staring up at the six times (at least) as big Pokémon sitting in front of it. The staredown continued for a few moments before the Pidgeot let out a screech and tried to peck at Stomps, Adam having a stroke of quick thinking as he recalled the Nidoran and yelled out “Run!” to Blair.

This led the two to where they were now, huddled up behind a bush, listening for the movements of the massive bird, most likely circling overhead. He looked to Blair, pressing a finger to his lips. “… Shh. Stay quiet and move slowly, it probably won’t see us, then…” He got up, ever so slowly, Blair following right behind him, and clearly wondering why they weren’t just fighting the Pokémon, however trusting his trainer to know what was best.

As Adam began to tiptoe away from their hiding place, he heard another rustle of leaves and froze in place. Turning slowly around, he looked up towards the branches above, a soft wind blowing through the thick forest, bringing with it a scent of bark and moss. Everything was quiet for a while, the only sound being the leaves gently rattling in the wind and Adam’s heavy breath. Just as he began turning around to keep going, the massive bird swooped down, out of one of the nearby trees and slammed firmly into Adam’s chest, catching him by surprise and sending him falling flat on his arse, sliding along the ground as he let out a violent cough.

Blair let out a snarl and took a breath of air, blasting a couple embers towards the bird, which made it shriek and fly into the air again. Running over to his training, Blair nudged Adam’s arm as he slowly got up, wheezing for air, spitting out onto the ground besides him. “Hack! Pftpb! I’m… oof, I’m alright. Come on, let’s get out of here before that crazy thing gets back!”

Scrambling to his feet, the two of them continued darting through the trees, moving farther and farther away from the path through the forest they had already abandoned quite a while ago. After about twenty minutes of half-running and walking, Adam came to a slow stop, blinking a little as he looked to his right. Then his left. Then behind him and at his front, raising a hand to scratch the back of his head.

“… Blair… I think we’re lost.”

“… Quil.” Blair replied, stepping up to his trainer and glancing around the two. The forest, despite it being a bright, sunny day and the rays of warm sunshine shined through the various leaves and branches, suddenly seemed a lot darker and unfriendly, as the two decided on a direction and trudged on.

Titans Reborn!

a superhero roleplay
art by Churaka
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chapter 2; Strengthening the Bonds That Tie: Triplet Troubles Part II
Katherine Aldine // Viridian Forest, Deep Forest Interior

"So, why are the three of you after this Emolga?" Katt asked as she, Phoenix, Lily, and the triplets made their way through the forest.

"Well," Thomas said, "it's 'cuz we want to train it, of course!"

"Yeah!" Trey added, "Emolga's so cute, too!"

"And it's a strong Pokemon, too," Taylor stated.

Katt nodded in understanding, "I see. Well, we'll do our best to-"

"Emo!" Before Katt could finish her sentence, the small party heard the cry of an Emolga from overhead! Looking up, the three boys and Katrina spotted the small Pokemon resting on a high branch, a Cheri Berry in its paws.

"There it is!" Katt exclaimed. "Now, how do we capture it..."

"We've been trying to figure that out for the last week!" Thomas said, exasperated.

"No matter what we do, Emolga always escapes," Trey explained.

"It's really disheartening," Taylor added sadly.

From the branch, the Emolga was enjoying its berry, totally oblivious to the conversation taking place.

Katt thought deeply for a moment before snapping her fingers, "I've got it! Alright, Phoenix, Lily, I'm going to need both of you to help me!"

Phoenix and Lily both gave a cry, eager to help! "Comb!" "Peti!"

The young Trainer grinned, "Glad you two are up for it. Okay, here's what we're gonna do: Phoenix, I need you to throw Lily here as hard as you can upward, okay?"

"Hey, what're you planning?" Thomas inquired.

"Well, if you'd listen, you'd know!" Trey scolded.

"Guys, shut up!" Taylor shouted.

Katt shot them a silencing look. "Anyway, Phoenix, you're going to launch Lily upward into the tree. Lily, when you're at the peak of the launch, I want you to release as much Sleep Powder as possible! We're hoping that the powder is inhaled by Emolga before it can escape. If it is, then it'll drop like a stone and we'll catch it before it hits the ground!"

Phoenix clucked, "Busken!" And picked up Lily, who looked a tiny bit frightened.

"Don't worry," Katt said, patting the Pokemon's head, "Phoenix will catch you on your way down, okay?"

"Lil!" Lily rubbed against Katt's hand affectionately.

"Alright, now we've only got one shot at this, okay? So let's make it count!" Katt said as Phoenix and Lily got into position.

From above, Emolga continued to enjoy its fruit, still unaware of what was taking place below. Or, at least it didn't until a strange, green Pokemon suddenly flew up from no where!

"Petilil!" With a spinning motion, Lily released a cloud of Sleep Powder! The Emolga made to dart away, but it had already inhaled the sleep-inducing vapors!

"Emo..." A moment later, both Emolga and Lily were plummeting to the forest floor! Lily was successfully caught by Phoenix and Emolga by Katt.

"Hah! It worked!" Katt announced excitedly. Phoenix and Lily cheered also and the triplets just looked awestruck!

"She really did it!"

"Just like that!"


Katt laughed, "Too easy! And now..." She reached into her bag and pulled out a PokeBall, "We capture it!" With a simple tap between Emolga's head and the release switch of the PokeBall, the small squirrel Pokemon was consumed by the familiar red glow before receding into the PokeBall.

"Alright," Katt said triumphant;y, "Here's your Emolga, boys!" She handed the still wriggling PokeBall to the triplets, "Glad I could help!"

"Gee, thanks, miss!" Thomas said, holding the PokeBall like a precious gem.

"Yeah, you were amazing!" Trey commented.

"I wanna hold it now!" Taylor whined.

Katt patted Phoenix and Lily, "Couldn't have done it without-"


"Huh?!" Katt was astonished. The PokeBall containing Emolga opened in Thomas's hands! In a shower of red light, Emolga emerged! The small Electric-type looked angry and raring for battle as it landed between Katt and the triplets!

"But, I caught it! It was asleep, for Arceus sake!" Katt gasped.

"Emo!" Without warning, the squirrel Pokemon released a nasty Thundershock, hitting Lily dead-on!

"Hey!" Katt jumped back to avoid being hit and said, "Lily! Use Leech Seed! Phoenix! Follow up with Scratch!"

Lily recovered from the electric attack and released the Leech Seed! However, Emolga was too quick and evaded the move, but not before being struck by Phoenix's Scratch!

"Emo!" The small Pokemon cried as it was sent flying into the base of a tree. Trey, Taylor and Thomas all cheered Katt on, but were despaired when Emolga got up with relative ease and lunged at Phoenix with a Quick Attack!

The attack hit before Katt could even comprehend it. "Damn, that thing's fast! Have to immobilize it..." Katt looked around the immediate area and an idea blossomed! "Okay!" Katt pointed at Phoenix, "Launch Lily into the air again! And, make sure Emolga's focused on you, got it, Phoenix?"

Phoenix nodded, shrugged off the Quick Attack and dove to toss Lily skyward! Emolga was caught off guard and could only stare in wonder as the Bulb Pokemon flew high into the treetops!

"Okay, Lily! Use Leech Seed!" Katt shouted.

Emolga had no idea where Lily had landed and was thrown to the ground when the Leech Seed hit it from behind! The vines ensnared the small Pokemon, rendering it immobile!

"Good work, girl!" Katt praised, "Now, come on down!"

"Lil!" Petilil hopped down from its hiding spot in the branches and landed safely in Katt's arms.

"Okay, now let's try this again now that Emolga's weakened," Katt said, "Lily, use Sleep Powder!"

Lily hopped from Katt's arms and released the sleeping powder over Emolga. The Electric-Flying Pokemon quickly stopped squirming in its confinements and fell asleep.

Katt plopped down onto the grass beside the passed-out Emolga and let out a sigh, "Phew! That was a close one. This little guy's a real scrapper, huh?"

Thomas, Trey and Taylor all nodded, but said nothing.

Katt picked up that something was wrong, "You boys okay?"

Thomas looked down and mumbled, "Well..."

"You see...We..." Trey kicked at the ground in front of him.

"Well, miss...It's just that..." Taylor said, staring intently at his feet.

"C'mon, out with it," Katt demanded, slightly worried.

"Well, seeing you battle and how you handled your Pokemon, and the way Emolga battles too..."

"We got to thinking that maybe, we're not cut out to raise Emolga ourselves..."

"We're only kids, after all..."

At that, Katt sighed and threw the PokeBall she'd used to capture Emolga in at the Pokemon again. This time, the ball wiggled and stayed, confirming the capture. Katt rose to her feet, picked up the PokeBall and walked over to the three boys. "You see this?" She asked, "This, is a Pokemon. It has been captured and now it needs a Trainer, or has to be released in the wild. Do you mean to tell me that the three of you don't think you can raise Emolga?"

The triplets nodded solemnly and said, in unison, "We're sorry, miss..."

Katt shrugged, "No need to apologize! After all, Phoenix and Lily both got a really good work-out, right, guys?"

Phoenix and Lily both cried happily, "Combusken!" "Petilil!"

Their Trainer giggled, "See? They're not mad, and I'm not either. IF you boys think that you can't adequately train Emolga, then I'll do it for you."

At that, the triplets all smiled broadly!

"Really, miss?!"

"You'd raise Emolga for us?!"

"Aw, you're the greatest!"

Katt couldn't help but laugh aloud, "It would be my pleasure, boys! And, when you're all strong and experienced, I'll return Emolga to you so that you all can raise him, okay?"

Thomas nodded, "Alright, miss!"

Trey jumped up in excitement, "This is gonna be great!!"

Taylor just smiled, "Thank you, miss!"

The young Trainer smiled with a mixture of happiness and victory, "It's Katt, boys. Not 'miss', okay?"

"Alright, Miss Katt! But, can we at least give you something for all of this trouble?" Trey asked.

Thomas seemed to know where Trey was going with this and nodded vigorously, "Yeah, yeah! We have something you may be able to use!"

Taylor picked up on his brothers' idea as well and reached into his shorts' pocket, "Oh! You mean this thing, guys?"

From his pocket, Taylor pulled out a small, orange colored stone. Katt's breath caught in her throat at the sight! The stone was shaped like a sun and seemed to radiate heat and light! "Is that a Sun Stone?" She asked.

Thomas nodded with a smile, "Yupp! See, we don't have any Pokemon that can use it, but you have Petilil there, so we thought you could use it to make her stronger!"

Katt reached out and hugged the three boys, "Aw! You three are just the sweetest! Thank you!"

The boys pulled away, blushing, and Taylor handed the Sun Stone to Katt. In her palm, the stone glowed warmly and Katt smiled, "Really, thank you all."

The triplets simply smiled and said, "No problem, Miss Katt!"

"We gotta be going though," Thomas said.

"Mom's probably got dinner cooking back in Viridian, right?" Trey asked.

"Yeah, we should go! See ya later, Katt," Taylor said.

The three brothers exhcnaged good-byes with Katt, Phoenix and Lily and made their way out of the forest, leaving Katt alone with her Pokemon again.

"That was definitely an experience, wouldn't you say, guys?" Katt mused as she watched the boys depart.

Phoenix clucked in agreement, "Comb!" and Lily hopped up and down, "Peti!"

Katt giggled, "You two just love battling..." She then looked at the PokeBall in her hand that contained Emolga, "And, apparently so does Sparky here...Hey, there's a good name for him, Sparky!" The young Trainer smiled, "And, we have a Sun Stone now!"

Petilil hopped closer to Katt and seemed to reach for the Sun Stone, "Peti?"

"Oh?" Katt blinked, "You want to use it now, Lily?"

"Peti," Lily nodded.

"Well...if you say so," Katt reached out the Sun Stone and a brilliant white light enveloped Lily...

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@ Xlugon Pyro
I like how you made him learn a new move. I should implement new moves like that too ^^

- Vuowth (Grovyle) grew to lvl 18!

@ Letham

I loved reading this post. The battles and interactions were amazing.

- Lucy (Dewott) grew to lvl 17 and is able to learn Razor Shell!
Forget an old move for Razor Shell or stop learning Razor Shell? Answer OOC.
- Zeus (Blitzle) grew to lvl 12 and learned Shock Wave!

(I'll read Bastian's and Wing's posts after breakfast!)
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Zoey Wyrmoki / / Viridian Forest
18 00 00 00 00 00

The forest's sprawling undergrowth reaches out endlessly, Zoey taking to what small trails exist in order to navigate the maze that is Viridian Forest. She lifts her pokedex up before her, activating its GPS feature in order to orient herself properly to avoid getting lost. By this time, the sun has been up for awhile now, but still eats further east than west, indicating midmorning. Pushing away stray plants and twigs, the forest floor provides an untamed, bumpy environment standing between the girl and the forest's exit. All sorts of Pokemon cries echo throughout the forest, but Zoey attempts to hone in on each one, using her interior encyclopedia to decipher which call belongs to what. She even occasionally stops, closing her eyes to increase her focus. Perhaps she'll pick up on the call of a Pokemon she's interested in and try to make a catch. Well, if Vuowth is willing to comply, anyway. This lights up Zoey however, recalling Vuowth's past battles. Maybe if she does -that-, she can coerce Vuowth into action. The grass-type -IS- easy to provoke after all.

"Eeeeh! Eeemo!" screeches something not too far into the forest, followed by the muffled shouting of what seems to be another person, female from the sound of it.

In a flash of light, a small rodent, emitting off yellow sparks, glides through the canopy, squeaking in distress as it leaps from branch to branch, flying away from the source of another voice.

"No, wait! Emolga!" pleads the loud voice of a young woman, dressed in a mix of green and black garb with hiking boots and baggy cargo pants concealing the woman's legs.

Zoey, getting caught by surprise, backs away from the scene to avoid a conflict. Nonetheless, the girl's fortunes abandon her once again.

"Hey you! Miss! Catch that Emolga, quick!" the pursuing girl commands Zoey to action, to which Zoey remains immobile, lost in the chaos.

By then, however, the Emolga escapes into the forest without a trace. The black-haired girl sighs, cursing under her breath while another object comes into view, a greenish-yellow creature rushing up to the girl's side. Zoey aims her pokedex at this new entry, scanning it for its identity as the girl glances in Zoey's direction, glaring at Zoey for -something-.

"What's wrong with you? Don't you know that you're supposed to help people in need?" angrily declares the short black-haired woman.

"Er, what? I don't even know what was happening!" pleads Zoey innocently as nervousness sets in regarding this nutty woman.

The girl sighs again, this time longer as if to relieve her of previous stress. Her Pokemon inches up to her side, ducking its leaf mounted head lower, whimpering towards its trainer in concern.

Zoey's pokedex, meanwhile pulls in data about what appears to be this girl's Pokemon partner. "Bayleef, the Leaf Pokemon..." it reads, continuing on to detail its moveset, anatomy, and other species traits.

"Oh, Leyvee! You're so sweet!" she rubs the Bayleef's head, purring in response to her kindness.

Refocusing on Zoey, she clarifies, "I'm sorry. Of course you didn't know what was happening. You don't look like a naturalist anyway. My mistake."

"What's that supposed to mean?" probes an irritated Zoey.

"That Emolga, you see, is sick! She ate something and she's been getting ill! It's contagious too, and her infection could spread to the rest of the forest's wildlife! It's awful!"

"So you wanted me to catch that thing and risk falling ill as well?" Zoey questions this odd girl's perspective. "I think your expectations are a bit out of place."

"Are you saying you'd allow the environment to suffer irreparable damage just because you were unwilling to suffer a minor inconvenience to yourself in the short term!?" exclaims the girl, pushing up her thick rimmed glasses in shock over the words of Zoey.

"I never said anything like that!" rebuts Zoey, tightening her gaze on the other woman in annoyance. "All I said is that to expect strangers to commit to your causes on a whim at the other person's expense has nothing to do with my desire to preserve habitats. Not to mention, the environment isn't THAT fragile. Nature balances itself out."

"Oh, well, uh..." the geek stammers, reflecting on Zoey's words in a sudden change of heart. "Eheheh... I see your point there. Er.. uhm... Sorry about that! Eheheheh..."

"What a weirdo..." concludes Zoey about the bizarre, geeky girl before her.

"BAY!! Baaaay, bayleef!" utters Leyvee the Bayleef, nudging her trainer's arms as a reminder.

"OH! You are so right, Leyvee! I'm soooooo sorry! Aww, gosh! I'm so absent minded! Ack!!" the girl whines in embarrassment.

Her face then lights up, smiling almost creepily towards Zoey, then pausing as if she lost her thoughts for a moment before remembering and then continuing, "Oh, oh miss! Would you be willing to assist me? I just have to find Emolga and two sets of eyes beat a single pair! I've been tracking her for days but I haven't gotten lucky so far. Oh, would you please lend me a hand, uh, miss? I can't bear to witness Emolga's suffering or the thought of her disease spreading to other Pokemon! You just have to help! Please!?"

Taken aback by the girl's sudden confession, Zoey ponders her request for a moment. "Uhm, well, do you have a plan or are we just going to run around blind through the forest? And how do you plan to cure Emolga when you find her?"

"Oh, I have been using Leyvee's Sweet Scent to draw her in range, and then I'll snag her in a battle of epicness with Layvee's aid, and then we'll take her to a Pokemon Center!"

"Sooo... she -doesn't- have a plan...." comments Zoey to herself in embarrassment.

"Don't you think Emolga would have recognized your bayleef's scent by now? If anything, it's probably acting as a deterrent," admits Zoey, keeping her tone friendly despite the ridiculousness of this girl's strategy.

"Oh, you're so right! I'm so sorry!" admits the clueless young woman, almost as if she's beginning to worship Zoey.

"Stop apologizing already!" Zoey yells to herself in response to the geeky woman's actions. "I suppose I'll lend a hand, but I hope you have a better plan to finding Emolga this time."

The black-haired woman straightens herself up, overjoyed by Zoey's acceptance of her request. "Oh, absolutely splendid! Hooray!! Oh, wait, wait wait!! You're a trainer right?"

"I hope I'm not making a mistake helping her out," Zoey hopes, watching her new partner literally leap into the air in joy before rushing over to her bayleef Leyvee to give her a huge hug. "I am. In fact, I became a trainer just a few days ago."

"Oh, great! Splendid!" glasses girl cheers, jubilant over the newly procured piece of information. "I may need your Pokemon's help down the line, just in case!"

"Ugh. I hope I can avoid -that- outcome. The last thing I need right now is to embarrass myself in front of another person by showing them how great of a trainer I -really- am," Zoey dreads, approaching the strange girl in preparation for their departure into the woods.

"Oh, miss!" stops the glasses-wearing girl, looking back towards Zoey before heading up the hill into the thick forest foliage. "I didn't pick up your name! My name is Gabrielle but my friends typically dub me Gabby."

"Zoey," replies the sportier girl, taking off into the woods with her new accomplice Gabby as they begin their search for the diseased Emolga.

"It's so great to meet you!" Gabby beams, giddy over the prospect of making a new friend, which Zoey suspects isn't something that happens often for this girl.

"So...," Zoey asks the girl, "What's your plan for finding this Emolga?"

"Oh! Well, you see," Gabby readies her explanation. "I do know that emolga live in families but it appears our Emolga was separated from its home. Although I find it unusual that this one has lost its family. Emolga are very social creatures and would never abandon one of their own. This is why we need to capture Emolga before she returns to her family! We can't allow her to spread her disease!"

"I see," acknowledges Zoey. "So you think Emolga is on its way back to its family?"

"That's most likely the case. We'll have to continue looking for her so that we can save her. Let's hurry!" urges Gabby, with Zoey following close behind as their route takes them westward, in hot pursuit of the lost Emolga.

The new team scours the heart of the deep forest, bowling through plants blocking the path and breaking twigs to Gabby's environmentally conscious dismay. Zoey somehow manages to maintain her sanity despite her nerdier friend's constant badgering about the girl stepping on a flour, picking up stray branches in boredom to swing them around, or sometimes just by touching the plant, where Gabby then proceeds to explain the plant's apparent rarity, ridiculously specific details about it, and even its scientific name according to botanists. Her incessant criticisms over mundane interaction with the plants somehow hasn't resulted in Zoey flying off her rocker, but perhaps Zoey has the ability to be incredibly tolerant when she needs to.

"Oh, look!" Gabby points up to a massive tree before them, exuberant in their discovery.

"What?" asks Zoey curiously, following the girl's finger towards the object of her focus.

"Incredible! It's so huge! I wonder if that swablu flock nests at the top of this tree," squeals Gabby in excitement, running up to the base of the tree to examine the specimen before them, joy overtaking her face in awe.

"That -IS- big..." realizes Zoey as she steps forward, scanning the height of the tree as high as the forest's canopy will allow.

A loud gasp is heard from the other side of the tree, snapping Zoey's attention back to Gabby. "Oh... oh no! This is terrible!" Gabby declares in apparent shock.

"What? What is it?" Zoey inquires about Gabby's disconcerting discovery while racing up to the girl's position.

Circling the base of the massive tree, Gabby reveals an abominable sight. Pointing upwards, the brief clearing towards the sky on this side of the gigantic tree reveals the plant's summit, blackened and charred by an unknown source. Strewn across the ground beside the tree are piles of severed, partially singed branches and darkened earth as if there was some sort of fire that somehow never really got the chance to spread.

"This is awful!" mourns Gabby, frowning as her eyes examine the damage done to the once majestic tree. "This is certainly one of the oldest trees in this forest. For this tree's fate to come to this is utterly tragic!"

"What do you think could've caused this damage? I noticed that some of the trees in this immediate area are scorched, including some of the felled branches over there and the tree itself, but it hasn't spread beyond this point," notifies Zoey to her peculiar findings.

"Hrmm..." Gabby rests her thumb against her chin, calculating all of the possibilities that could've occurred here. "Well, there was a powerful storm that passed through this area a few days ago. It was mostly a heavy downpour though which would explain why any fire didn't spread, but it still could've been possible that lightning struck this tree. But... that doesn't account for the extensive damage done to the tree. Fire wouldn't have caused this kind of damage."

Gabby's pointer finger aims high, pointing out the strange severed limbs of the tree. While much of it appears to have been charred off, she also identifies several grooves and smooth ends to some parts of the tree, suggesting that something cut apart the tree in addition to suffering from burns. Whatever it could be, it was definitely more than lightning, if that even occurred, that caused such extensive damage to this giant tree.

"What about Pokemon?" suggests Zoey. "Do you think Pokemon could've done this damage?"

Light bulbs turn on, enlightening Gabby with a new possibility. "Oh, I hadn't thought of that! But... while there are electric Pokemon that reside in this forest, for a wild Pokemon to conjure up such a fierce lightning attack is extremely unlikely. That doesn't even consider the fact that electric-types wouldn't find themselves such high up in Viridian's canopy. Not even emolga would reside- Oh wait! I forgot about Emolga!"

Pondering on Gabby's realization, Zoey presses her on it, "We hadn't seen Emolga for awhile though. Do you think we should keep going west? We might have missed her."

"NO!" bursts out Gabby, adamant regarding their direction. "I recall there being a series of Emolga colonies further west. I'm fairly certain our Emolga will be out in that direction."

"Still..." the girl continues, worry on her face, "My greatest concern is how Emolga got separated in the first place."

"We should keep moving, then," advises Zoey. "If something unusual happened, I bet we can find some sort of answer in if we find one of these emolga colonies."

"You're so right!" Gabby agrees, looking westward towards the wooded foothills of Viridian Forest.

The two of them prepare to set out, continuing their search for the plaguing Emolga. The fate of the massive tree remains a visible concern to Gabby, as Zoey catches her looking back towards the massive plant in sadness. Their departure, however, is cut short with Zoey spotting an unusual object tucked between a pile of fallen branches and clumps of leaves.

"What is that?" Zoey points towards the blueish item, rushing towards its location with Gabby following closely behind her.

"Oh, it looks like an... oval? An oval stone? No... an oval... egg!!" Gabby exclaims while Zoey digs out the strange object out from under the sticks and leaves of the forest.

"A blue egg? It has white, fluffy looking patterns all over it," notices Zoey, turning the egg around in her hands to investigate it as Gabby takes her peek at it, jaw gaping in awe.

Her focus returns to the site of the egg, throwing the sticks and leaves around frantically. Zoey backs away, evading stray twigs and flipping out leaves flying in her direction.

"What are you doing!?" interrogates Zoey as she witnesses Gabby digging through the felled foliage like a child.

"Here, come take a look!"

"What is it?" asks Zoey, cradling the egg carefully in her arms as she examines the scene exposed by her odd companion. "I don't see anything significant other than tons of oddly shaped twigs."

"That's just it! Look at how they're shaped and how many of them there are!" explains the ecstatic nerd, standing up to examine more of their environment. "Just as I thought! This egg used to belong to a nest, but it appears the nest was destroyed and scattered across the area.

Gabby pivots her gaze, glancing up at the top of the ailing super tree, pointing, "This nest must've fallen from the tree. My guess is that whatever happened to the tree caused this to happen, and the Pokemon that used to nest here abandoned the nest. How sad!"

"Right," agrees Zoey, looking down upon her egg to scope it out further. "What species do you think it was? Finding a sky blue egg perfectly intact after a landing from that high just seems too unreal. Not to mention it got abandoned. That's rough."

"Indeed, hence its sadness!" responds Gabby playing the role of Captain Obvious. "Knowing the species that live in this area and the egg's color patterning, I suspect it is a swablu egg. This is likely since swablu and altaria tend to nest in high altitude locations, so a tree like this one would attract a mother seeking to raise her chicks."

"I see..." ponders Zoey aloud, spinning the egg in her hands both in wonder and in recognition of a new problem. "Do you think this egg could still hatch? It's not cracked, but a fall like that would make me think some damage could've been done internally."

"Let me see it," requests Gabby, reaching her arms out for the egg which Zoey complies to.

Gabby feels the egg, turning it in her hands before bringing it to her ear. Closing her eyes, she holds the egg up to her ear patiently, apparently listening for something inside the egg. After several moments, Gabby smiles wide, pushing the egg away from her head in glee.

"It's alive, and it'll hatch soon!" Gabby claims, holding up the egg to Zoey.

Taking it back into her arms, Zoey inquires further, "You think so? Well, that's good, but what about its flock or its mother? If it hatches, it probably wont survive without its mother.

Gasping loudly with exaggerated emotion, she reacts, "Oh, I didn't even think of that! Oh no! We have to return it to its mother! This is terrible!"

"Woah!" Zoey states in order to calm Gabby down. "I want to help the chick too, but we don't even know where this egg's mother will be."

"Oh, but we do!" argues Gabby in confidence. "This species, as I said prefer higher elevation. The forest gets more mountainous in the west, and the trees are taller out in that direction, partially due to less frequent human traffic in the area compared to out east. I also know for a fact that the swablu population is more dense out west. We can find our Emolga AND return the egg to its mother!"

"It's a win-win! Let's do it," Zoey agrees, tucking the egg into her pink sack to keep it warm and safe. "I'll keep an eye on the egg then."

Nodding in agreement, Gabby steps away from the shattered nest, dusting herself off. A slight detour in their path is made, but the two girls continue westward. The woods become thicker and darker, but with the pairing of two determined young women, the forest is no obstacle. The terrain becomes steeper, the team climbing muddy, rugged terrain as the forest provides more adverse paths for the girls to tackle. Occassionally, the two would have to try to pull up Leyvee, who's impractical foot shape gives her trouble following the route of the two girls.

"Gabby, do you smell that"? inquires Zoey as she audibly sniffs the air, making a disturbed expression.

"Oh, I do! It's dreadful!" Gabby seconds her partner as she shares the foul air through her nostrils. "It's getting unusually foggy too!"

"What the hell is going on?" questions Zoey as she hastily scales the small hill in front of her. "It smells like something's burning..."

"Oh, you're right! This can't be good!" agrees Gabby who meets Zoey at the top of the hill with Leyvee following close behind her.

"Look, up there!" Zoey points out, drawing everyone's eyes to the black and gray clouds of gas lifting itself up into the atmosphere, an indication of the infernal source of the scent in the air. "Smoke."

Gabby's eyes widen in despair, taking off in a full sprint without saying a word. Leyvee follows her trainer, moving at a slower pace but nonetheless hustles towards her trainer, displaying a similar level of concern. Zoey hesitates however, checking her bag and gripping the egg from outside of her bag to keep it in place and in one piece. The girl then takes off after the other two, more curious than concerned in what lies ahead in the direction of rising smoke clouds. As expected, the smell of obscuring smoke gets thicker as well as the temperature. Before long, Zoey catches up to Gabby, who's on her knees panting heavily in exhaustion, indicating poor fitness levels but undoubtedly also suffering hindered breathing from the thick smoke. Even Zoey feels exhausted from the smoke entering her lungs, reaching for her long ponytail to remove her hat, covering her mouth with it as a makeshift air filter, pressing it against her face.

Raw destruction presents itself before the girls. Raging fires roar across vast swaths of woodland in front of them. Orange and yellow dances across their eyes, displaying a perverse beauty as it exhales dark gases into the atmosphere. Gabby looks upon the flames in horror, completely paralyzed by the incineration of the forest. Zoey, meanwhile, gazes directly into the fierce flames, mesmerized by the twisting and coiling of the super heated, disintegrating lights. Leyvee backs away with rolls of sweat trickling down her face, her eyes wide in fear as to be expected from grass-type Pokemon. Considering that, if a situation emerges that requires Zoey to rely on Vuowth, the massive wildfire will surely complicate things more so than it would be without fires. There's certainly little reason to suspect Vuowth will want to brave the extreme, dry heat for any reason, even if she were to make the decision for herself.

"W-why?" Gabby whimpers, her hands clasping the dirt below her, squeezing it between her fingers to the extent that it bowls over her hands. "Why is this happening!?"

Zoey bears witness to Gabby's horror, tears streaming from her eyes in sadness. The loud rustling of the flames make both the girl's words, Leyvee's whimpering and the other sounds of the forest. However, Zoey's mind trails off towards the flames themselves. What caused the fire to start? How long has it been burning? When will the fires cease? The girl's eyes scan the full extent of the fires, expanding rapidly as the flames jump from tree to tree, expanding the devastation at an alarming pace. The skies show no sign of rain in the near future, therefore the only reasonable possibility of halting the inferno's expansion would require human intervention. With the encroaching flames on the mind, Zoey's gaze widens, backing away from the boughs of nearby trees, not that there's much of a safe place to stand in a dense forest. Sure enough, the trees above them are already aflame. Zoey shifts her focus towards Gabby and her Leyvee, catching sight of a large burning branch on the verge of hurling towards the earth.

"Gabby, get out of the way!" Zoey warns loudly, her voice becoming less audible over the roaring inferno beside them.

Gabby looks up slowly, only to see a flaming tree branch speeding towards her. Too late. The flickering branch strikes the ground, wasting no time in spreading its flames across the forest floor. Zoey examines the immediate vicinity around her, witnessing another horror. The fires are expanding far quicker than anticipated, with the inferno's reach now behind them, cutting them off from escape with the collapse of incinerating boughs and logs.

"Leyvee!" a blood-curdling scream pierces Zoey's eardrum, shifting back around to bear witness to Gabby huddled on the ground in shock.

The felled log had been tossed aside in the knick of time, saving Gabby not only from being crushed by a heavy branch, but suffering the wrath of the flame as well. Leyvee, however, isn't so lucky. The bayleef acted in bravery, tackling the burning branch with all of her might, causing her to roll and stumble straight into a towering inferno, igniting the heroic bayleef in a sea of merciless fire. Leyvee squeals in agony as the fires sear her flesh and break down the leaves on her body. Within seconds, the bayleef collapses, falling unconscious from the fire. Gabby's eyes flood her face with tears, scrambling for her pokeball to recall the fainted bayleef. She succeeds, but not before Leyvee suffers severe burns. The chaos doesn't end there, however. A barely audible screech makes its way to Zoey's ear, tilting her head in the direction of the massive inferno. Squinting hard into the living hell, she spots a shocking sight. A Pokemon is stranded within the inferno, unable to escape, but barely able to withstand the impossible heat, hollering for help as hopeless as it might be.

"Gabby! There's a Pokemon trapped in there!" she warns, running up to the traumatized girl and helps her to her feet.

"What, really!?" verifies Gabby, following Zoey's finger into the flames to identify the tiny white and yellow creature trapped in hell itself. "Oh... oh no!!!"

"I don't know how we can get in there though. I don't have any Pokemon that can help us rescue it," admits Zoey, hoping for Gabby to have an option available to her.

"I do!" proclaims Gabby as she digs into her pants' pockets, pulling out a pokeball, her presumable answer. "We need your assistance Maya! Go!"

Her pokeball casts out a blue, sphere shaped Pokemon with big ears and a zigzagging tail with a blue bulb on its end. Zoey whips out her pokedex to fully assess the capabilities of this Pokemon, revealing its species to be Marill, the Aquamouse Pokemon. Perfect, a water-type Pokemon!

"Maya!" urges Gabby, squatting down to the marill's level and grabbing the small creature's attention. "We have a Pokemon to save! Use your Water Gun and clear a path so we can grab the Pokemon and make a getaway!"

"Marill, ma!!" chirps Maya proudly, hopping away while swelling up its cheeks.

Pressurized water fires forth from the water-type's mouth, piercing the flames and coating the base of the fire with its quenching liquid. Maya makes progress, pushing back the inferno, but its not enough. The fires are only deterred temporarily, quickly recovering ground when the Water Gun is directed elsewhere.

"This isn't working," bluntly states Zoey after witnessing the water mouse's inadequate efforts, reaching into her pink sack to pull out a pokeball. "I have an idea, I think."

"Please help us..." she prays, pressing her pokeball's activation mechanism to bring forth her reptilian companion.

"Vuowth! I need you to take Maya here with you and use its Water Gun to create a path through the fire and rescue the Pokemon stranded in there," Zoey pointing deep into the inferno to give her just summoned lizard the picture.

Gabby's face contorts in confusion, seeing Zoey call forth a grass-type in order to save a Pokemon from fire. It makes little sense, especially considering how quickly the fires took out Leyvee, who's pretty strong in her own right herself. Surely this can't be her idea, using a grass-type to actually -brave- the inferno in what could very well be a suicidal mission for both of their Pokemon. Her eyes then meet the grovyle's legs, a realization circulating within her mind. Speed! That's her plan!

Vuowth replies with her trademark scowl, Leering suspiciously towards Zoey before becoming distracted by the fire around it. The grass-types eyes widen in shock, taking in the hellish sprawl with no end in sight. Fires tower and squirm before her eyes before her golden glance catches sight of the Pokemon unconscious in the flames. The grovyle's eyes lock onto the victim of hell's fire, glaring at the fires that have devastated a huge swath of the forest. Vuowth's scowl scans the fire as well, a look of ferocity on her face far deeper than any look Zoey has seen from her previously. It's almost as if Vuowth is hypnotized by the fires, opening a gateway into the anguish of her soul.

"Vuowth, please! I know you don't like listening to me, and probably for a good reason, but we need to save that Pokemon, and you're the only one who can travel fast enough to avoid the flames. Do this for that Pokemon at least. I know you can do it!" pleads Zoey, doing her best to relate to Vuowth in this crisis.

The reptile returns her gaze to her pleading trainer, glaring at her for several moments all while Zoey holds a smile towards her Pokemon, displaying her sincerity despite Vuowth's hesitation. Several seconds pass without movement from anyone, until Vuowth shifts her head, eyeing a stranger with glasses sitting on her knees and another Pokemon, a big eared blue creature that she's also unfamiliar with. Vuowth's gaze locks onto the marill, staring blankly at the rodent for another set of seconds. For a brief moment, Vuowth takes one last look at Zoey, her cold stare striking her trainer for a split second before she snags Maya, tucking the water-type around her right arm like a football, startling the marill who squeaks before picking up on the situation.

"Gro," mutters Vuowth, squeezing her right arm slightly to signal Maya's use of Water Gun, taking off into the blazing hell in the doused path created by the blue rodent.

The trainers watch in anticipation, Vuowth's green form straddling the path of several infernos as she expertly directs Maya's hose as if she were a professional firefighter. Dodging the licks of hostile fire with several close calls, Vuowth doesn't lose her focus, rushing the burning obstacle course with unstoppable grit. Something else must have inspired Vuowth to follow orders in Zoey's mind, as she's never seen her companion act with such fervor and determination. Evading the smiting fire takes its toll, however. Maya's Water Guns begin to weaken as the pair close in on the trapped Pokemon's location, gallons of sweat rushing down their bodies in a futile attempt to combat the rising heat. The scorching temperatures don't slow down Vuowth however, leaping athletically over a tall pillar of flame, Maya blasting a makeshift gap between the flames directly in front of them before the Pokemon team hurls through the opening, landing in a shrinking clearing containing the knocked out Pokemon.

Vuowth wastes no time, picking up the slowly dying rodent in its left arm, resting it against her body like a rag. However, the heavy breathing of Maya catches Vuowth's eye, the reptile nudging the mouse who looks up to Vuowth, smiling weakly to affirm readiness but showing evident signs of exhaustion, nearly at its limit.

"Vy-vyle!" hisses Vuowth, advising the marill to make way as she lowers her stance in preparation.

"M-mah..." Maya squeaks softly, feebleness evident in its voice as it swells its cheeks.

Water Gun breaks a brief path through the wall of fire, beginning their race back to the clearing containing both of their trainers. However, the trip back proves to be a greater struggle, Maya's Water Guns exhibiting far less strength in addition to Vuowth, losing the battle against the unbearable heat. The team press on regardless, knowing that all three of their lives depend on making it out of the feral blaze.

Zoey and Gabby, meanwhile, face their own troubles. Their way out is blocked by the expanding inferno, causing Gabby to tremble in panic.

"Zoey, how are we going to get out of here!?" Gabby cries, tears running down her face in fear. "I don't want to die!"

"I don't know," admits Zoey, herself showing worry as her gaze shifts between their former exit and their Pokemon, themselves wrestling with a life or death scenario in order to rescue a stranded Pokemon.

A tree, coated in angry flames barrels down on the trainers, both of them caught off guard by the blazing trunk's collapse. Both of them leap away, avoiding an otherwise fatal blow, but suffer a new, terrible fate. A new wall of fire separates the two trainers, hell's judgment bearing down on them from all sides as the roaring blaze inches towards the helpless trainers and their Pokemon. Zoey clenches her teeth, zipping her head around, only to see no way out for herself. The girl contemplates their hopeless scenario, juggling the crazy idea of just diving into the wall of fire towards the still standing forest behind them in a desperate attempt to save her life should she make it to the untouched forest beyond. Would it be right though to make an attempt to save herself and leave the others behind? Certainly Gabby could try the same thing, but the whole reason for them getting caught in this inferno was to make a daring rescue of a wild Pokemon itself caught up in this hell.

"HELP US!!!" Gabby screams in absolute terror as fire engulfs the both of them, the last bits of open space consumed by searing fire.

Vuowth leaps over a blaze, landing in a tiny clearing not far from their trainers, landing on her knees due to her body giving in to the heat and exhaustion. Maya stumbles out of her grip, rolling towards the fire but managing to stop itself. The grovyle verifies her grip on the recovered Pokemon, scrambling to procure her other accomplice before resuming their escape. Unfortunately, Vuowth rolls Maya over to see the rodent completely passed out. Her eyes widen in reaction with her firefighter out of commission and their path out completely surrounded with suffocating fire. The lizard glances around, tightening her gaze as a bold, perhaps foolish thought comes to mind. She scoops up the marill hurriedly, verifying her grip of the two Pokemon, diving through the wall of fire. Her leap falls short, however, with her right heel caught aflame. The grovyle reels in pain, hurdling towards the ground where she lands in another shrinking clearing, dropping her companions before clutching her heel in pain. Vuowth douses her foot in dirt, stamping out the fire, but suffering another injury; a sprained ankle due to her harsh landing. Roaring fires surround the Pokemon as well, only Vuowth left conscious to see the inferno descend upon them. What is to come of the brave trainers and their Pokemon as death stares them directly in the face? Hell itself prepares to suck out the souls of those who chose to tread too closely to the domain of the devil.

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Chapter 2; Velvet Lights
Adam Jenkins//Viridian Forest
Lvl 14Lvl 11
chapter two; part II
Aberdeen Black // Viridian Forest

Aberdeen caught Metapod in a pokéball. It didn't even wiggle much in his hand until it came to a stop. Poor, helpless pokémon. It must have beeen having so much more fun when it was a caterpie, free to climb around anywhere. And when it would become a butterfree, that day would be bliss.

The rain stopped. It even looked like the sky was going to become brighter soon, with streams of sun peeking through the white and gray clouds. Servine couldn't wait. Blitzle pouted slightly. Aberdeen sighed happily.

"My umbrella is still at the road somewhere," he told his pokémon. "We've got to go fetch it. Not that it was very useful... but we're better off walking on the road than in the middle of nowhere-forest, right?" Blitzle nodded in agreement and started trekking up the hill where they had tumbled down. Aberdeen followed but Servine had his doubts.

The doubts were justified. Minutes later, they realized that they were completely lost. Aberdeen and Blitzle had been running blindly from the beedrill and couldn't remember which way they had really come from. The sun had split the clouds open now and instead of the chill that had enveloped the morning in Viridian Forest, a moist warmth was now creeping up on them. Again, paradise for Servine but not so much for the blitzle and the boy.

Giving out a deep sigh, Adam pulled off his hat and squeezed it firmly, letting the accumulated water drip from it before shaking it and placing it back on his head. The rain definitely hadn't been a welcome addition to his and Blair's little trek through the forest, and the fire Pokémon, despite not being hurt by the rain, still didn't seem thrilled as he shook himself dry.

"First we get lost, and then we get rain. I guess it wouldn't be an adventure without a couple of bumps in the road, huh?" He gave the Quilava a light little grin to which Blair responded with a snort. Adam sighed and continued trudging through the now moistly warm woods, pushing aside from low-hanging branches up until he stepped into a small clearing, the sun shining brightly down in this small meadow, different colours of flowers all over.

Servine suddenly whipped Aberdeen's shoulder lightly with his vine whip. "Hey!" Aberdeen said with a frown. "What was that for?" Servine nodded, looking to the boy's left. There was a clearing there, behind the next few trees. It could be the road! Aberdeen and Blitzle hurried out into the clearing, while Servine walked calmly after them.

It was not the road. It was just a minor meadow with flowers. And a boy and a pokémon. Aberdeen was surprised and jumped slightly. "Oh. Hi!" he said, as it was the first natural thing that came to his mind to say. The boy didn't look like a bully or weirdo anyways so he might as well say hi.

"Hehe. I thought this was the main road. But apparently not," he sighed. Blitzle began grazing absentmindedly while Servine came to stand at his trainer's side, glaring at the Quilava. "I guess we're lost."

Blinking a little in surprise at the sudden voice of... well, anyone really, Adam turned to the boy coming into the clearing, followed by a Blitzle and a Servine. He knew about the second Pokémon due to having checked up on the ones Pine was offering him and the others. Maybe this guy was from Viridian as well. Either case, he raised a hand to give a wave and offered him a smile.

"Oh, hey there! Yeah, I was hoping as well. Welcome in the club." He gave a little grin, rubbing the back of his head while looking around the meadow, the Quilava at his side taking in the scent of the three newcomers, seeming more wary than hostile to them.

"So... how'd you get lost? I got chased around by a Pidgeot, I think. Almost pecked my eyes out, but I managed to lose it."

Aberdeen's eyes widened. "A Pidgeot? WHOA! That's cool! How big was it? Man, I wish I had been there with my pokédex. I'd snapped a shot of it and would be able to look the size and all up. Never saw one with my own eyes."

He looked over at his own pokémon. "As for us, we got chased off the road by some beedrill and then some butterfree came and I don't even know."

"Beedrill? Sounds pretty crazy too. And the Pidgeot was like... huge, like, twice or three times as big as me. I would've checked up on it with my Pokédex, but I had to keep it from obliterating my Nidoran and after that, me and Blair here."

Adam nodded to the Quilava next to him, which let out a low, but not hostile, growl. "Quil, lava." Offering a hand to the boy, he smiled. "I'm Adam, by the way. Wanna try and look for a way out together? Might be a good idea to watch each others' backs when crazy stuff like Beedrills and Pidgeots are around here. Not to mention the ghost-rumors..."

Aberdeen took the hand and thought about the strangeness of them both having pokédexes. He was about to inquire about that, when Adam's last lime came. Aberdeen's grip on the other boy's hand stiffened and his face took on a nervous grin.

"Eheh. Ghosts? Here? Hahaha, what? I've never heard such rumors and I've been living in Viridian City my whole life!"

His eyes began looking around, shifty, though. Blitzle felt the stiffness of his trainer and stepped closer with a worried look himself. "Haha! No ghosts here no! There are no ghosts anyways. What a silly rumor! Aaaanyways! My name is Aberdeen. Nice to meet you Adam! Very much not-ghost-Adam!"

Now, Servine shook his head with a sigh again and gave an apologetic look to Quilava for his trainer's behavior. Then he quickly turned his head to the right. He had spotted something in the forest. Or had he? He took a step forward. Aberdeen was too busy pretending to not be afraid from Adam's words to notice this.

Adam looked a little surprised at Aberdeen's sudden outburst, and as strange as the appearance seemed, Adam couldn't help but start to get a little nervous himself. Sure, it was the middle of the day and it was at least somewhat bright in the forest, a small chill ran through his spine, which made him look over his shoulder for a moment before looking back, giving a nervous little grin of his own.

"N-no, of course not! I didn't mean it seriously either! They -are- just rumors, so if there'd been ghosts, SOMEONE would've found out, for sure! It-it's just people making rumors for the heck of it!"

Nodding to himself, it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself rather than Aberdeen. Blair rolled its eyes a little at both of the trainers acting like they were and gave a little shrug to the Servince. However, as it turned its head off to the right, Blair seemed to stiffen slightly himself, the red patches down along his back suddenly igniting, the flames crackling softly as he sniffed the air around them.

Adam blinked a little and looked down at Blair, and then over to the Servine. "... That's odd. What're you two doing? Did you see something?"

Aberdeen snapped out of it. "Is it a wild pokémon, Servine?" He squinted and looked into the forest where the pokémon's gaze was fixed. "If it's a beedrill again, we'd better make a run for it quick!"

Something cracked behind the boys and made Aberdeen's head spin towards that instead. A dark shape flashed by his eyes, in behind a tree. He gasped and took some steps back. "Adam! Ad-ad-adam!" he blurted out, pointing towards the spot where he had seen something. "It's..."

Blitzle decided to act without being given an order. The boy and his pokémon were his new herd and the herd should be protected. He Charged up with a neighing growl and then did something he had never before done. He fired off an elemental, offensive attack. It hit the tree and now they could all see a shadow move away from it, dashing off into the forest before they could see if it was a human or pokémon or... or a ghost! The only thing they could see was that it was bigger than them.

Aberdeen panicked and suddenly found himself clutching the arm of Adam's shirt, all courage gone from the so often positive and confident boy. "Was that... was that a-a-a-"

Adam jumped as Aberdeen yelled out and pointed towards the nearby trees, quickly spinning to face the woods. As he saw the faint flicker of shadows, he squinted, taking a step back himself, looking just a tad paler. "W-what is it? Was it a-"

He was cut off as the Blitzle ran up in front of them and shot a bolt of lightning towards the shadow, the electricity hitting one of the trees and leaving a scorch mark. Adam gasped as he saw the shadow disappearing further into the woods, his eyes narrowing as he felt Aberdeen grasping onto the back of his shirt.

"... That wasn't a ghost. A ghost wouldn't be afraid of being hit by lightning. I bet it was a Pokémon of some kind, but it looked... big. We gotta check it out!" Looking back at Aberdeen, Adam gave a smile and gave his shoulder a friendly pat with his hand, trying to seem braver than he was. He was clinging to the reasoning in his words, but the thought of it having been a ghost was still nagging him.

"Come on, Aberdeen! We have to find out what kind of Pokémon it was!" With that, he turned towards the woods where the figure had disappeared and ran forwards, into the undergrowth of the woods, Blair giving out a growl and following right behind him.

Aberdeen did not at all like that idea, but the thought of staying behind while something shadowy like that was on the loose made him even more uncomfortable. "Adam, wait up!" he called out and sent Servine back into its pokéball to make it come with him without grimacing. Blitzle had already set off to follow the Quilava and its trainer though, and Aberdeen now did the same.

They rushed through the vegetation, pushing branches aside and jumping over rocks and sticks. At one point, Aberdeen almost fell over. In that moment, one of the pokéballs fastened at his belt popped open. Metapod came out and Aberdeen surprised caught it in his arms "What!" But looking up, he saw Adam's shape keep running through the forest and he didn't want to be left behind so he didn't bother sending the pod back in; he just kept running alongside Blitzle, who kept using Charge to power himself up, as if he couldn't wait to use his new move Shock Wave again. Aberdeen was holding Metapod in his arms like a clutched teddy bear for comfort. It's strangely warm skin was oddly comforting, actually.

@ Sir Bastian
Training! Good thinking :D

- Blair (Quilava) grew to lvl 14!
- Stomps (Nidoran) grew to lvl 11!

@ Red Wing

That's some creativity in battle! I hope you know what you're doing, evolving Petilil this early though. Lilligant doesn't learn more than two or three moves naturally by leveling up...

- Phoenix (Combusken) grew to lvl 16 and learned Double Kick!
- Lily (Petilil) grew to lvl 12!
- Lily, upon touching the Sun Stone, evolved into Lilligant! The Sun Stone's faint glow fades away as it is used up.
- Katt's new Emolga is on lvl 8!

@ Xlugon Pyro

This RP is turning into a collection of intense chronicles of Kanto trainers!

- Vuowth (Grovyle) grew to lvl 19!

@ me & Sir Bastian

The scared duo is on the move! Stay tuned for the next episode of THE MERGED HEADER.
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chapter 2; Strengthening the Bonds That Tie: Velvet Lights Part III
Katherine Aldine // Viridian Forest, Deep Forest Interior
"Okay," Katt mumbled as she stared at Sparky's PokeBall, "C'mon out, Sparky!" Katt threw the PokeBall skyward, releasing her new Emolga from its confines!

The small squirrel Pokemon did a double loop before landing on a branch in a tree close to Katt.

"Hey, Sparky?" Katt called.

The Emolga simply looked down at Katt and scowled.

Katt sighed, "I thought you'd be this way...C'mon down, Sparky, please?" Sparky, however, would be having none of it. Since Katt left the triplets, things had gone from great to terrible in a matter of minutes.


Katt witnessed with wonder as Petilil was shrouded by a white light and began to change form! The Sun Stone crumbled away to dust, but Katt didn't notice because, a moment later, there stood a Lilligant where Lily was!

"Oh my Arceus, Lily you've evolved!" Katt said with delight. The young Trainer hugged her new Lilligant, who returned the gesture happily.

"Lilli~" It sang sweetly. Katt was completely captivated by her Pokemon's beauty: From Lily's garland to her vibrant coloring, the Lilligant was completely breath-taking! Phoenix was happy and awestruck too, clucking in excitement and then giving Lily a high-five!

Katt giggled, "This is so great, now we-OW!" Katt reached at the waist of her skirt and retrieved the PokeBall containing her newly caught Emolga, Sparky. "Did you just shock me?" Katt asked, annoyed. From within the small sphere, Katt could tell the Emolga was steaming mad. She could barely hold the orb for more than a few seconds before the electricity from Sparky caused her to replace the ball in her bag.


Katt frowned, "Sparky, please, come down!"

"Emo!" Sparky responded by sending a weak jolt of electricity that nearly hit Katt. Thankfully, she had anticipated that and side-stepped in-time. The Electric-type seemed to be annoyed by that and flew to a different tree, farther from Katt.

Phoenix and Lily began to sense Katt's frustration and called out to Emolga, "Comb!" "Lilli!" But, the stubborn Flying Pokemon wouldn't listen.

Katt sighed and sat down against a large tree, "Great, my second successfully captured Pokemon, and it hates me..."

"Emo!" Emolga gave a cry and flew back to Katt, burying its head in its Trainer's shirt. "Emo!"

"Huh?" Katt was confused, just a moment ago Emolga was as stubborn as a Tauros and now it wanted to be affectionate?

That's when she realized that Sparky wasn't being affectionate, he was afraid! "Phoenix! Lily! Be prepared for an attack! I think our new partner here angered a wild Pokemon..." Katt said calmly. For a moment, she congratulated herself. Never in her wildest dreams did Katt think she'd handle a situation like this so easily.

Phoenix and Lily stood guard on either side of Katt, but nothing came out of the surrounding shrubbery or trees. "Huh?" Katt was confused all over again. "Sparky, what's got you all scared?"

The Emolga looked up at Katt and jumped off of her, gliding through the air, urging Katt to follow. Her curiosity peaked and Sparky's Trainer rose to her feet to see what had gotten her Pokemon so riled up. Phoenix and Lily, sensing no immediate danger, followed behind Katt.

A few minutes later, Sparky stopped gliding and rested on Katt's shoulder. "Emo," it said with a shudder and pointed a paw at a break in some trees.

"Is something beyond these trees?" Katt wondered aloud. Her Emolga nodded, so the Trainer decided to have a look. From beyond the trees, Katt saw a small clearing. But, it was what occupied this clearing that took her breath away.

There, in the center of the glade, was the strangest Pokemon Katt had ever seen. It was about as tall as her father, with grey skin and a large, purple tail-like appendage that began at what she assumed was its stomach. Each hand and foot had three spherical phalanges, and its upper torso was so human-like, it was eerie. It's neck had some strange growth that connected its head to the base of its upper body and its ears were small and blockish.

"What is that?" Katt couldn't help but ask. She fished for her PokeDex in her bag, but when she got it out and open, it didn't register any data on the enigma before her! "Is it even a Pokemon?"

As if to answer her question, the oddity that had been standing in the clearing turned and seemed to stare directly at Katt! Its eyes were a deep purple and seemed to hold an overwhelming sadness.

"Mewtwo..." The name seemed to echo inside Katt's head. As Katt stared at the creature she now knew must be called Mewtwo, it began to shimmer before disappearing entirely.

Katt gasped, "It teleported!" Making her way through the shrubbery and onto the clearing, Katt was unable to find neither head nor tail of the mirage Pokemon known as Mewt...Wait, what was it called, again? For some reason, Katt couldn't remember...

"Emo!" Sparky no longer seemed frightened, which Katt took as a good sign.

"So, are we gonna try to be friends?" Katt asked hopefully.

"Emo!" The Emolga jumped from Katt's shoulder and flew off to a nearby tree in answer.

"Sigh, guess not..." Katt mumbled. Phoenix and Lily both sighed also, this was going to be a long journey.


chapter 2; Strengthening the Bonds That Tie: Ruffling Feathers Part IV
Katherine Aldine // Viridian Forest, Northern Forest Interior

Katt looked skyward and frowned, "Looks like it's about to be dusk, guys." Phoenix, Lily, and Sparky were all traveling outside their PokeBalls. Sparky, despite being stubborn about being Katt's Pokemon, had settled a bit and decided to accompany the others without much trouble.

As the sun set outside the forest, the atmosphere within also began to change. Katt noted the hushed chirps of Bug-type Pokemon moving about and the rustling of Flying-types as they returned to their nests for rest. It was serene, completely tranquil.

Sparky was hopping from branch to branch when it accidentally disturbed the home of a wild Pidgeotto! So much for peace...

"Crap," Katt mumbled. The wild bird Pokemon was attempting to make a meal of Emolga so Katt had to act quickly. "Sparky! Fly away and fire a Thundershock at the Pidgeotto!"

But, Sparky wouldn't obey! "Emo!" It flew away alright, but it circled back and hit Pidgeotto with a Quick Attack instead! The angry Pokemon was only stunned for a moment before flapping its powerful wings to send Sparky off-balance and into an adjacent tree!

"Sparky!" Katt cried, "You need to listen to me! Use Thundershock!"

"Emo!" Sparky was being the pinnacle of stubborn. It hopped out of the tree as Pidgeotto dove in for the kill and hit the predatory bird with another Quick Attack! Having caught the Pidgeotto off guard, the Flying-type fell from the tree in a heap of feathers.

"Pidge!" The Pokemon wasn't defeated yet, though. Rising to its feet, the predator rose to the air again as Katt and her Pokemon watched it aim for Sparky!

"Sparky!" Katt called again, "You have to listen! If you don't you're going to get really hurt!"

"Emo!" Sparky stuck its tongue out and made to fly to another tree before Pidgeotto could catch it, but the Electric-type hadn't anticipated that Pidgeotto would use Quick Attack to close the gap! In less than a second, the large bird was on Emolga and the two went spiraling to the ground!

Emolga, trapped in Pidgeotto's talons, couldn't so much as move! The two Pokemon hit the ground, Pidgeotto atop Sparky and a cloud of dirt rose to hide them from view!

Katt covered her eyes and her Pokemon looked worried, "Sparky! Please! Use Thundershock!" She didn't want Sparky getting hurt, but she knew that if she sent in Phoenix or Lily that Sparky would simply write it off as pity and that wouldn't help at all. No, Sparky needed to learn that Katt had his best interests in mind as his Trainer.

"Emo!" Sparky, grudgingly, let loose an electric shock! Or, at least it would, if the cloud of earth that surrounded Pidgeotto and itself didn't negate the effects of the electric move!

With a triumphant cry, Pidgeotto unleashed a merciless Peck attack on Emolga! Thankfully, the small squirrel could still move its head and barely avoided being skewered by a nasty beak! Pidgeotto wouldn't let up though, and continued to peck at Emolga!

"Crap," Katt cursed, "Sparky's gonna get seriously hurt if that dirt doesn't settle!" She turned to Phoenix and Lily, "Alright, you two, we need to interfere just a tiny bit, okay? I need you both to fan that dirt away from Sparky and Pidgeotto so Sparky can use its Thundershock properly!"

Phoenix and Lily nodded solemnly and ran towards the still swirling dirt mass to try and assist their comrade! From within the cloud, Emolga was still putting up an effort to avoid Pidgeotto's beak and, thankfully, the large predator was beginning to tire. Sparky took the opportunity to try a Quick Attack, and miraculously, was able to release itself from Pidgeotto's grip!

From outside the cloud, Katt saw Emolga shoot up and above the now receding dirt mass! "Good work, Sparky!" Katt cried. Sparky seemed happy to be praised and flew to a nearby branch, quickly followed by the angry Pidgeotto!

"Okay, now, Sparky! Use Thundershock!" Katt commanded.

Sparky, this time, used the move without fail, frying Pidgeotto before it could reach its target! The electrified bird crumpled to the forest floor. Phoenix and Lily, having quit fanning the dust and dirt when Emolga escaped, cheered on their partner!

"You did it! Good job, Sparky!" Katt praised. She ran towards the tree where Emolga was resting and, to her surprise, the squirrel Pokemon jumped down to land in her arms!

"Emo," it said solemnly, before passing out in her arms from exhaustion.

"Oh, you're tired. Of course," Katt said with a smile. "Okay, guys, let's go just a little farther and set up camp for the night, okay?" Phoenix and Lily nodded and the group left the knocked out Pidgeotto behind. Before long, they found a nice, open area to make camp and a few minutes later, Katt and her Pokemon were sleeping beneath the stars.

It had certainly been an exciting day. Katt smiled sleepily as she looked towards the stars. In a dream-like haze, she almost thought she'd seen the form of Mew fly by overhead.


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chapter one (again); FRIENDS AND RIVALS
Chapo Currian // Route 2

"Alright, I'm up." Chapo wobbled about and tried to maintain her balance as she crawled along a branch beside Mia's. Finally confident that she wouldn't fall over, she sat up, her attention divided between the other girl and the ground below. Chapo wasn't afraid of heights. She wasn't afraid of heights. She was. Not. Afraid. Of heights. The trainer gave a long, ragged breath and closed her eyes. There. That did the trick. She now fully focused on the other trainer.

"Welp, I was walking along here when I noticed a lot of commotion in the grass here. We've just started our little journey, and I wasn't all that interested in Rattatas or Pidgeys, so I'm still a bit short on pokemon, you know?"

"By which you mean you have none except Turtwig." Chapo said, connecting the dots easily enough.

"Right!" Mia said, grinning again and nodding. "But I know more interesting species are here, I just know it. But I'm kinda... well..." The girl looked away, her cheeks flushing. Chapo knew that expression and move anywhere. Whatever Mia was "kinda... well...", it was something she found embarassing.

"Well... okay. Here's the thing. I haven't necessarily been unable to catch any pokemon because I didn't want to... I may... ah..." Mia looked up into the upper branches of the tree and reached up to scratch the back of her head. The side of her jacket facing Chapo slipped away, and the trainer could now see that the rest Mia's wardrobe consisted of little more than a dark purple tank top and a black pair of knee length skorts. "I'm noisy."

Chapo's nose wrinkled in confusion as she mulled that over. Noisy could mean any number of things. It could mean she was bad at sneaking, or she talked too loud (she did seem to have a bit of a stunted indoor voice) or that she was just one of those people that can't do anything without making as big a ruckus as possible. Like her brothers. "You scare the pokemon away?"

"Yeah..." Mia admitted sheepishly, her lopsided smile still on her face. "I kinda get excited easily, I just wanna do my own thing, right? So I figure if I'm up here I can vent my thoughts while Turtwig hides! Then, when a pokemon comes around, we ambush 'em!"

"That actually sounds pretty reasonable." Chapo said, nodding. "Do you mind if I stick around and see? I've never actually caught anything either."

"Sure! Make yourself comfortable." Mia said, shrugging. "If you really want you can even help, and then I can help you when you need it, right?"

"Agreed." Chapo and Mia shaked hands and nodded before going back to their watch. Perhaps it was the time of day, or perhaps it was the sun beating down from the sky, but time seemed to slow down to a crawl. Despite Mia's alleged loudness, the two girls remained in a state of awkward silence at first, staring into the distance and trying to spot any pokemon at all. Every now and then a Petilil or Cottonee would float by, but they were always too far away from the tree for Mia's ambush to work. Trying to find a way to alleviate the boredom and the silence, Chapo tried to break the ice between herself and Mia.

"So..." She began, trying to fish for any topic at all. "Do you... have any siblings?" It felt like it could be a good connecting point, although she doubted Mia came from the small legion she did.

"I..." Mia immediately went even quieter than she had been, her eyes shifting about as her expression darkened. Chapo immediately relised she had stepped on some sort of social landmine. "I did." She said definitively. "An... older brother. Sorry, it's kinda personal..."

Chapo immediately felt a pang of guilt over asking. She wasn't exactly good at helping people cope with this kind of grief. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't..."

"You didn't know. Of course you didn't know." Mia stated with a flat tone. "It's fine. You had no way of knowing." The girl closed her eyes and leaned back a little bit, startling Chapo. She was about to reach out and grab Mia, but relaxed when the girl didn't move any further back and kept her balance perfectly. "Sorry. It's a touchy subject."

"Right..." The psychic trainer was now kicking herself in her mind. That was just great. She had to go and blow up the conversation before it even started. How exactly could she cheer Mia up? She didn't exactly know that much about her. Her jacket was rather nice, but trying to deflect the conversation with "oh, I love your jacket by the way" just felt heartless and vapid. "Uhm... I..." Chapo started talking without a clear plan on what to say, but something caught her eye before she could put her foot in her mouth again. "I see something."

"Huh?" Mia snapped out of her quiet daze and looked in Chapo's direction. The Veridian girl pointed into the grass below at a blooming yellow flower. Mia squinted at the flower, the realization slowly coming to her. "That... wasn't there before, was it?"

Chapo shook her head in confirmation. "Nope. And I saw it move. Think we're onto something?" The girl gripped at her bag anxiously. She had never been in a fight before, even as what was technically a guest combatant. The only time she had seen battles in person was when her parents worked. But if they were right, then this was to be her first battle as a trainer.

"Only one way to find out!" Mia said, immediately whipping her pokedex out from her jacket again. The red gadget was opened up and pointed at the nearby flower.

Deerling. The Seasonal Faun Pokemon. The coloration and scent of its fur changes with the seasons, providing it with camoflauge in the mountain grass that it makes its home.

"Huh... it looked pretty cute." Chapo said, pointing at the picture of Deerling in the pokedex. "Maybe I should try catching o-"

"ALRIGHT, WE'RE LIVE, BABY!" Mia was suddenly standing on her branch, hands on her hips and a triumphant grin on her face. Chapo practically fell out of the tree at the sudden, loud outburst. "ZELGIUUUUUUUS! RISE FROM YOUR HIDING AND SALLY FORTH! IT IS TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-D-DUUUEL!" The now confirmed to be noisy girl gave a wide, melodramatic arm gesture towards the Deerling in the grass, her fingers curling into a spirited point only at the last second. As if on practiced cue, Mia's Turtwig burst out of its disguise, barreling forth in the direction of his trainer's finger and crashing into the clearly shocked faun pokemon.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU-" Chapo tried to shout, but as soon as the words were out of her mouth, Mia had jumped out of the tree! "WHAT!? JUST... JUST... WHAT!? HOW ARE YOU STILL STANDING!?"

Mia had, somehow, managed to roll upon landing and spring to her feet completely fine. Her hand shot into her coat again and whipped out what appeared to be a portable music player connected to a small speaker. "C'MON! GET DOWN HERE, CHAPO! WE CANNOT LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS US BY! ZELGIUS! RESUME TACKLE ATTACK! DON'T LET DEERLING GET AWAY! HEAVEN OR HELL, LET'S ROCK!" The jacketed girl made yet another insane arm gesture just to turn on the music player, which began blaring an incredibly spirited instrumental rock song throughout the field. Distant Cottonee and Petilil were now floating away as quickly as they could, startled by the ridiculous amount of noise. The Deerling scrambled to its feet and tried to flee as well, but Turtwig tackled the back of its hind legs and caused it to buckle down to the ground again.

Chapo was halfway down the tree when the fighting started to move in her direction. Seeing that fleeing wasn't an option, Deerling was now kicking up dirt and sand everywhere, practically turning the grassy field into a dusty, hectic scene straight out of a rodeo. Turtwig angrily tried to tackle thin air, and wound up ramming the tree instead. "Uh oh..." Chapo's grip loosened irreparably as the tree shook beneath her. "I'm gonna fall I'm gonna fall I'm gonna fall!" She ranted pathetically before losing her grip on the tree entirely. Chapo braced herself for the inevietable pain of hitting the hard ground, but it didn't come.

"I gotcha, Chapo!" The fallen trainer felt herself being hugged tightly from behind and eased back onto the ground. Mia was looking down at her, a cheeky grin on her face. "You shoulda just jumped! C'mon, get Grotle out and let's wrap this up!" The standing trainer whirled around towards the Deerling. "ZELGIUS! IT'S COMING! WITHDRAW!"

True to Mia's words, the Deerling was now attempting to bull rush Turtwig with its own Tackle. Chapo's eyes bulged in shock as she whirled out of the way on the ground, getting up and reaching for Roland's pokeball as Deerling's hooves cracked against Turtwig's glowing shell. The Turtwig didn't seem to be very hurt on the outside, but its strained expression proved that it couldn't last forever.

"Alright! I can do this. Roland, go!" Chapo threw Roland's ball into the air, letting out a whoop as the pokemon emerged behind Deerling, practically dwarfing it.

Seeing the large shadow creeping up behind it, Deerling stopped its assault on Turtwig and slowly, ever so slowly, turned around to face its new opponent. Upon seeing the Grotle in front of it, Deerling let out a startled cry and backed up uneasily. Roland, on the other hand, started to shake his bushes and give his big, silly grin. "Grotle! Grooooot!" Once again, Chapo was unsure what Roland was saying, but it sounded like the same cheerful, friendly greeting he had always given before.

"...I'm not sure..." Mia said, frowning at the large pokemon in confusion. "But I think Roland's less focused on fighting and more focused on making friends." The girl hurriedly held up a hand defensively. "Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just... not exactly... useful right now."
As if to confirm that, Deerling took advantage of its seemingly slow witted opponent and bolted, jumping on the larger turtle pokemon's back and using it as a springboard to get away from the hostile group. Chapo, Mia and Turtwig all immediately jumped and cried out in shock and anger, while Roland merely looked up in surprise before ever so slowly turning myself around to look at the retreating pokemon with a hurt expression.

This was great. This was just fantastic. Chapo was practically tearing herself apart inside. She made a friend and then blew up a conversation with her. She tried to help her catch a pokemon, and now she was going to ruin everything instead of help because her pokemon was a great big dumb teddy bear. "Roland! ROLAND! It's getting away! We were supposed to fight it! Oh, Mia, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Roland! Please, DO SOMETHING!"

Chapo didn't quite know what she expected Roland to actually do. A giant turtle wasn't about to run down a spritely faun, and from what she had seen, Roland didn't have an aggressive bone in his body. So he most definitely going to do something like-

"GROTLE!" Roland interrupted Chapo's frantic pleas and thoughts, angrily stomping the ground so hard that the trainer could've swore she felt it shudder. The expression on the turtle's face was unlike anything Chapo had seen on him yet. It was dark, it was glowering... it was furious. "Groooooooooooooooooooooo..." The turtle gave a low growl that only grew in both volume and intensity as its two bushes glowed a sickly green. Roland snapped his mouth shut, and then, still glaring daggers at the running Deerling, screamed a primal scream. "GROTAAAAAAAAAAHHHHL!" Something dark and round shot out of Grotle's mouth, barreling forward and screaming through the air like a cannonball. The dark projectile struck ground right by Deerling's feet and burst in a glorious explosion of wood splinters and dandilion fluff, knocking the stray pokemon into the air and onto its side, hapless.

"SWEET CHRISTMAS WHAT WAS THAT!?" Mia shouted at nobody in particular. Grotle was, disturbingly, back to his usual friendly self, and was now trotting towards the aftermath of his attack. He was practically humming as his bushes wiggled about cheerfully.

"I... I dunno..." Chapo said. "I guess... maybe Roland knew some sort of move I didn't know about?" The girl pondered this, but then shook her head. THere were more important things to deal with. "Go catch Deerling. You guys did all the work, I just sorta... got in the way." It was true. Even when help came from her, it was Roland that did everything. She'd have to learn more about her pokemon before she had even the slightest chance at surviving in the league.

"Maybe, but... I was glad you were here anyways." Mia said, wrapping her arm around Chapo. "C'mon, let's go make the catch. Then maybe we can figure out how to teach Zelgius to do that kickass bomb attack."

Chapo nodded and smiled. "Sure, I guess we could give it a shot." The two girls walked forward together, and Chapo couldn't help but feel a bit more confident than before. That move was probably Seed Bomb, and from what she knew of pokemon moves, it was pretty strong. She'd have to thank Professor Pine later. Chapo watched as Roland tried to give the collapsed Deerling a cheerful "Grot!" and laughed. Sure, maybe Roland was a big dumb teddy bear... but at the end of the day, isn't a teddy bear still a bear?
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@ Red Wing
I'm judging both posts in one go ;)

- Sparky (Emolga) grew to lvl 10 and learned Charge!

@ Puppeteer Mask

Haha, I love Mia! And Roland.

- Roland (Grotle) grew to lvl 12!
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Chapter 2; Velvet Lights
Adam Jenkins//Viridian Forest
Lvl 14Lvl 11
chapter two; part III
Aberdeen Black // Viridian Forest

"Do you see it?" Aberdeen shouted out to the other boy, trying to sound like he was actually believing that they were chasing just another wild pokémon.

Adam pushed aside a branch as he continued speeding through the woods, gritting his teeth as the supposed Pokémon disappeared behind a tree and he came to a slight stop once reaching said tree, looking around, panting for air.

"... Damnit, I think it got away... ugh! It looked really odd... I think it was grey, and it had a big tail." Pausing, he raised a hand to rub the bridge of his nose, trying to get his breath under control, Blair looking around the area with the fire still blazing on his back.

Adam turned around to face Aberdeen, frowning softly, his arms crossing over his chest. "It was -so- fast. No way we could've caught up with it. Too bad... mrh. Anyways, should we-"

"Hold on jus' one tootin' moment!" a female voice called out. Adam blinked in surprise and looked around himself in confusion until a figure dropped out of a nearby tree and landed firmly in front of the both of them. Straightening out, Adam realized it was a woman, clad in a red jacket, a pair of shorts, a wide-brimmed, red hat and a whip at her hip. A moment later, a blue and black fox-like Pokémon landed right besides her, straightening out as well as it folded its arms across its chest looking rather menacing.

Adam opened his mouth to say something, just as a nearby... slightly funny-looking tree shuddered and began... walking towards them?! It turned around, and it looked like the tree had a face. And it looked... rather happy, as it stepped up aside the rather angry-looking ranger. "What in tarnation are you folks tryin' to pull off, walkin' 'round here, yellin' like a pair 'f vigoroths durin' matin' season?"

Aberdeen caught up with them. "Adam!" he began, then spotted the very good looking woman standing before him. "Well, hello there!" he said, automatically putting on his charm and forgetting all about ghosts and wild creatures. "Name's Aberdeen! I'm a pokémon trainer and this here is my friend Adam, who happens to be something of a pokémon trainer himself too!"

"Oh, for cryin' out loud. You just chased away the shadow I've been trackin' all week! Had a darn hard time learnin' its favorite spots 'n all!"

"Eh? Shadow? Oh, you mean..." Aberdeen turned paler, but the fact that this woman was chasing it meant that it was very real. Since this woman was very real. And since ghosts weren't real... that just couldn't be a ghost. A smile came back to him as he felt relief wash over him. "That shadow? We just chased it here for you, madam!"

"Listen here, ya brat. I had that thing pinned down near a meadow here, but then y'all showed up and ruined it! You ruined my day and my efforts. Luke here's not pleased. No, not pleased at all..."

She patted the creature standing beside her with eyes fixed on Adam still. Aberdeen took a second to pull up his pokédex from the pocket where he had put it, and learned that it was a Lucario, a steel and fighting type. He of course knew that already, thinking back on the countless times he had seen a Lucario be used in movies or flashy tournaments on TV. Overrated pokémon, in his opinion.

Adam was at a loss for a couple of moments, despite pulling his hat off and making a slight bow as he was introduced. At the naming of the Pokémon they had been chasing, he lit up and glanced to Aberdeen and then back at the woman, taking the time while the two were talking to check out the two Pokémon at her sides. First, the Lucario, which he had seen on TV before, and then the... Sudowoodo? It looked a little... tarded, with its overly happy smile and its constant wriggling about on the spot.

As the woman called Aberdeen a brat, Adam frowned and took a slight step forward, making Blair glance up at him, away from the two Pokémon. "Hey, look here. We're sorry about messing things up, but we didn't do it on purpose. We were lost and trying to find our way through the thick forest and w-"

"I don't care -what- you nimrods were doin'! What matters is that -you- ruined my chance at catchin' the shadow Pokémon and in turn, my day, and now I'm gonna be ruinin' yours. Get ready to battle, brats!" With this, the Lucario seemed to narrow his eyes, his feet pushing a little apart, as if getting ready to fight, the Sudowoodo shaking its leaves about like an odd pair of maracas, Adam blinking a little in surprise, glancing to Aberdeen and taking a few steps back to get some room between the two of them and the woman.

"... Looks like she's not gonna back down. Well, if the lady wishes for a fight, I suppose I won't be the one to deny her. You with me, Aberdeen?" He asked, glancing to the boy by his side with a bit of a grin as he pulled his hat slightly further down his head, Blair stepping in front of his trainer and lowering down in a ready-to-pounce pose, growling out lowly.

"What? Is it really necessary to battle? I mean, she's a lady after all!" Aberdeen said, gesturing.

"Chicken, brat?" the 'lady' said with a glaring look. "Suther, take care of that whelpin' lad there. Woodhammer him." The order made Aberdeen raise his eyebrows. Would she... attack him directly? Meanwhile, the ranger turned to face Adam together with Lucario.

The Sudowoodo moved forward wearing its freaky grin and raised a glowing fist that seemed to enlargen as Aberdeen watched, stunned by the strangeness of a pokémon being ordered to attack a human directly. He just... didn't... do... anything. But his pokémon did.

Metapod was still in his arms, but now it suddenly glowed, at the same time as the Woodhammer on Sudowoodo's arm began to glow. As the rock pokémon charged in a wobbly kind of way, Metapod twitched and jumped up from its trainer's arms in the nick of time. The hammer attack collided with Metapod's Hardened skin instead of Aberdeen's head. Sudowoodo landed right next to the boy, who let out a scream and jumped several steps back. Metapod was pushed down into the ground between them.

"Gah! Are you alright, Metapod? Jeez! If you want to battle, battle someone of your own strength... coward!" Aberdeen shouted to the hostile pokémon. It only kept smiling widely and oddly. Metapod gave out a noise that was hard to define. Maybe that was how metapod sounded when they did sound. Sudowoodo shifted its attention back to the pokémon.

"Metapod? You can't battle, you're a tiny cocoon! Oh, man..." Aberdeen worriedly put his hands on his head and grabbed his own hair in frustration over the cause, looking to his side to see what the ranger would do to Adam..

Adam had gotten ready to battle the Lucario, who seemed to have locked eyes with the Quilava, who was growling up at the black and blue Pokémon. Just as he was about to announce an attack, he saw the Sudowoodo about to attack Aberdeen and only managed to call out "Ab', watch ou-" before the Metapod lept up and took the hit for him. Adam let out a sigh of relief. "Ab', you can't let it fool you! Even the silliest Pokémon can pack one heck of a punch!"

"Nice sentiment, teachin' your friend here. Maybe ya should do it outside of a tussle though." The woman's voice was smug, and just as Adam looked back to her, he saw a flash of blue and black as the Lucario had run up to Blair and aimed its black paw at him, a blast of blue energy sending the Quilava tumbling backwards with an outrcry.

"... Blair! Attacking when your enemy is looked is unfair! Usually, I treat ladies with the respect they deserve, but that was -low-!" The woman let out a snort and waved her hand dismissively. Meanwhile, Blair had gotten up again, growling out angrily, Adam looking as determined as his Pokémon as he called out. "Alright, Blair! Let's give her a piece of our mind! Ember!"

The Quilava took in a deep breath before spitting out several balls of flame, the Lucario managing to dodge most of them, but one of them hit it square in the face, letting out a howl of pain. Apparently it REALLY didn't like the fire. Adam grinned, readying the next stage of his strategy. "Get ready for anything, Blair!"

"Hnngh, alright," Aberdeen growled, turning back to his own predicament, where Sudowoodo was now facing a Charged up Blitzle. "Use Shock Wave!"

The new attack had been identified by the pokédex and Aberdeen wanted to see what it was really like when he was prepared. The blitzle blinked once and sent out what really looked like shock waves of electricity. They went in all directions but were the longest straight ahead towards Sudowoodo and thankfully didn't reach Aberdeen who was standing behind the attacker. "So that's how they never miss... they just attack everywhere at once!" he realized, remembering the pokédex page on the attack.

Indeed, the attack hit, shocking Sudowoodo until it stumbled around as if burned. The grin disappeared, but only for a moment. Then it came back, even wider than before. "I don't like that pokémon!" Aberdeen stated. Blitzle nodded in agreement.

Once again, the disguised rock type charged forward in its wobbly way, launching another attack. A strange glimmering occurred in the air in front of it as it came to a stop mere meters from Blitzle. Then a Shock Wave was launched and hit the unsuspecting zebra spot on.

"WHAT! How can a Sudowoodo know Shock Wave?" Aberdeen was clueless, until his pokédex which he still held in his hand, beeped. It told him that the move just used was not Shock Wave. But Mimic. "Oh.. that's just... unfair!"

Adam tried not to get distracted by the quite literal sparks flying from the nearby figh between the Sudowoodo and Aberdeen's Blitzle, as the Lucario seemed to prepare itself for another attack. "Don't give him any chance to recover! Hit him with a Quick Attack!" Blair growled out and bent his legs before zooming forwards, aiming to slam square against the Lucario's chest.

However, just before hitting him, the Lucario dove to the side and launched a paw which slammed into the side of Blair's head, sending him to the ground. "W-whoa! What the hell?!" Looking down to his Pokédex, he gaped slightly, realising that the move used was Counter. "... Alright. Different tactic, I guess. Blair, Smokescreen!"

As Blair got to his feet again, he let out a growl and the flames on his back was almost extinguished, black smoke billowing from them to cover up the Lucario and Quilava. "Perfect! And now Quick Attack him into submission! He can't counter what he can't see!"

The smoke spread to the other battle, where Blitzle backed away. For someone who liked sparks flying and bad weather, he sure didn't seem to like smog and smoke at all. "Easy, boy!" Aberdeen said, running forward and putting a hand on the blitzle's neck to calm him down. Then, he noticed that Metapod was out of his sight. Sudowoodo as well; they were both enveloped by the smokescreen.

"Metapod!" he called out, afraid that it would get stomped or crushed by the rock type when he couldn't see it and help it.

But he worried for nothing. Sudowoodo did find the bug pokémon and grinned madly as it made its hand glow again, readying another Woodhammer attack. Metapod just sat on the ground and stared up at the much bigger opponent. It's body glimmered as it stiffened from several Harden in a row. The Woodhammer was swung downwards-

But it was stopped. A stricky string had suddenly been spun around the arm, and tied it together with a tree that was just nearby. Sudowoodo pulled and pulled and the grin disappeared and was replaced by a look of frustration. As the smoke faded away from this part of the battle, the two pokémon came back into Aberdeen's sight. The boy gasped when he saw what the little pod had done. Then he laughed and ran forth, picking it up into his arms.

"You're a genius! Crazy and risktaking, but a genius!" he cheered, spinning on the spot holding up the metapod. "How do you like that, huh?" he said, sticking out his tongue to Sudowoodo, who growled. But then, it smiled again...

Adam glanced towards Aberdeen and smiled as he saw how his new friend was doing, quickly turning his attention back to the smoke billowing around the area. The ranger had disappeared from view and he could only vaguely see Blair as he darted back and forth in the smoke, hitting the Lucario again and again, slowly wittling down its health. Suddenly, however...

"A'ight, 'nough playin' around! Luke, Counter!" Adam blinked in surprise. "How's he going to do that? He can't see anyth-" A sudden flash of movement within the smog and Blair came skidding out, growling angrily and looking a little beat up. The ranger's mocking laugh was heard. "Ya obviously didn't read that fancy little encyloperdierps ya had there. Lucario can sense auras, which means, he can sense when your little friend is attackin'."

Adam grit his teeth and looked down at Blair, clenching his fists. "Right. This is a really tough fight... but we still have the upper hand. Ember! He's not going to be able to counter -that-!" Blair took in another deep breath and began barraging the figure in the smog with embers, a confident smirk now on Adam's lips. He knew -just- how to finish this fight in one, fell swoop.

Aberdeen had glanced over at Adam's struggle and didn't see Sudowoodo's new smile before it was too late. Another Mimicked Shock Wave hit him and his bug hard all of a sudden. That move never missed. Aberdeen cried out in pain and Metapod's shell did not withstand elemental attacks. The boy fell to the ground, weak in the knees, and Sudowoodo laughed manically. The electric shock had fried the string that bound the pokémon.

All of a sudden, a Quick Attack hit his belly, throwing him to the ground. Blitzle made a sharp turn and came in again for another Quick Attack. He was furious. No one should harm his herd in a cheating way like that. But the normal type attack didn't injure the rock type pokémon much. When the second attack came in, Sudowoodo stuck out his foot and tripped the zebra before it could make impact on its own accord.

"Low Kick...!" Aberdeen panted. "Blitzle!"

Blitzle gathered his limbs together and got up, but not before the Sudowoodo had laughed again and held up its hands, creating small rocks seemingly out of pure energy and sending them towards the zebra. Blitzle used Quick Attack to hop around and avoid them, but not for too long. One bigger rock struck his head and made it fall to the ground, groaning. Aberdeen crawled up to him, Metapod clasped in his arms. Sudowoodo kept smiling its crazy smile and slowly and determinedly marched closer to the group. Aberdeen's eyes widened. What should he do? His opponent was simply too strong...

"... Ab'!" Adam called out as he saw him fall to the ground from the electric attack made by the rather creepy tree. Gritting his teeth, he glanced back and forth between his own battle and Aberdeen's. He had to help him, but he was afraid the woman would let her Lucario pull off some kind of special move in the meanwhile. Then again, he couldn't just stand by and watch his new friend -and- his Pokémon get hurt.

Reaching to his pocket, he pulled out his Nidoran's Pokéball, opening it to let Stomps out, the little Pokémon letting out a squeak at the commotion, but quickly readying itself for what might happen. "Stomps, you need to help Aberdeen and Blitzle! Double Kick that... thing!" "... N-Nid, ran!" The rodent didn't seem at all sure about this, but Adam's confidence rubbed off on him and it darted past the smog, lept into the air and came flying straight at Sudowoodo who hadn't even seen it coming.

The Nidoran bent its legs and just as he was about to collide with the Sudowoodo, he turned around and slammed both of its hind-legs against the trunk of the Pokémon, sending it sprawling backwards in pain, Stomps landing firmly on the ground before running over to Blitzle's side, nudging it to try and get it up.

"Hey, that's cheatin'! Y'all are no-good cheaters!" The woman cried out from the slowly dispersing fog. "-We're- cheating?! You're attacking people with your Pokémon! If there's anything I don't like, it's a lady who behaves like a thug!" The woman scoffed and from inside of the smog, a pair of blue eyes lit up. Adam's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to issue an order to Blair, but just as he did, a dark-blue pulse emitted from within the smog, dispersing it once and for all. Not only that, but the shadows moved up and seemed to overwhelm both Blair and Adam, both of which was knocked on the ground, Adam letting out a pained yelp. "Ngh! That's... it, I'm not holding back anymore! One more attack and you're -done-!" he called out as he scrambled to his feet, panting, as did Blair. The Lucario also seemed rather damaged, and he was hoping that his next attack would be the last.

Aberdeen and Blitzle got up from the ground as Sudowoodo got kicked down. Blitzle neighed thankfully at Nidoran.

"Adam..." the boy panted, smiling. Seems like he really had gotten a new friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed. "Now... You!" he said, turning back to the almost broken rock type tree. "Metapod?"

The pod in his arms stared back at him in a way that told him 'Ok'. "Use String Shot! Bind it!"

The strings came out of the top of Metapod's body and enveloped the struggling Sudowoodo. It fought against the strings and tried to load up another Woodhammer. But Blitzle and Nidoran suddenly tackled it to the ground again, where the String Shot bound it and made it impossible for it to get up.

Aberdeen let out a huge breath. He'd done it. But not on his own. This silly looking pokémon had been much stronger than it had looked like. Aberdeen hadn't been careful. If Adam hadn't been there, he would have lost. He looked up at the other boy and saw the Quilava scramble up. Lucario was hurt. This was it.

"Come on! As much as I hate fighting against pretty ladies, this lady's only pretty on the outside!" Aberdeen called out. "I believe in you, Adam!"

Aberdeen's words removed the last sliver of doubt from Adam's mind. He'd often act big and then back down to let the women ahead, as he'd been taught by his father, but his newfound friend's words were true. A lady is only a lady as long as she acts like one. Or at least vaguely like one, and this woman did neither.

Sending Aberdeen a wry little smile, he turned back to the fight, raising an arm to point at the Lucario who seemed to brace himself. "Alright, this is it Blair! End it with a Flare Blitz!"

"Oh no ya don't!" The rather angry-looking lady yelled, her hands gripped into fists as she glared at the two boys. "Luke, Detect!" The Lucario growled and his eyes flashed blue again, just as Blair was about to set off, Adam quickly interjected. "Change of plans! Quick Attack instead!" Blair seemed confused for a moment, but set off at high speed, the Lucario diving out of the way, as Blair landed on the ground behind him and spun around.

"Now, Flare Blitz!" "Quil!" Blair called out, the flames on his back roaring as they spun out of control and enveloped the Quilava, slightly blackening the grass around them before he set off at almost as high a speed as the Quick Attack, the ball of flames with the Quilava within zooming towards the Lucario.

"****! Detect, again!" Adam clenched his fists, hoping dearly that the Detect would be as defect as he'd heard it. Apparently it worked best if not used before, so maybe... And just as he thought of this, the Lucario tried dancing backwards, but misjudged where Blair would land, and the giant ball of fire slammed square into the fox Pokémon's stomach, engulfing it in the flames and sending it recoiling into the squirming Sudowoodo and onto the grass besides it, unconcious.

Adam let out a laugh and pumped his fists into the air. "Hahah! We did it, Ab'! She cheated, but we -beat- her!" He flashed a wry smile over at the woman and took his hat off, placing it against his chest and bowing down overexaggeratedly. "Thank you for the bout, m'lady. Hope our paths cross again."

The ranger was fuming. For a moment, she just stared at her pokémon and back to Adam and then shortly at Aberdeen. Then she took forth two pokéballs and retreated her pokémon. "Pathetic!" she uttered and then spat in their direction. "Pure luck and mean schemes. That boy there used two pokémon! That's unfair. But it doesn't matter anyway. You hillbillies won't never catch up with mah shadow creature. Stay away or I won't go so easy on y'all next time."

With that, she turned on the spot and marched away. "So long, fair lady!" Aberdeen cheered and made a fake bow towards her. She was soon gone from sight.

"Haha, Adam, you're awesome! Quilava is really cool! Only, not cool but hot, but in a cool way! Ahaha, I think you get what I mean." His eyes twinkled as he praised the other trainer. He meant it, he really thought Adam was cool. Just as skilled and brave as Aberdeen wanted to be. One day. Whenever he got over his crybaby ways...

Adam laughed at Aberdeen's reaction, placing the hat back on his head and using the Pokéballs resting in his pockets to recall Blair and Stomps, smiling. "Haha, yeah, I get it. That was one heck of a battle. And you did really well too! I couldn't have done it without you." He gave Aberdeen a bright grin and raised a hand to give his shoulder a light smack with his hand.

Then, Aberdeen's gaze suddenly froze. His eyes widened and his mouth slowly opened without speaking. He was looking at something just behind Adam.

It was the shadow creature. Not so shadowy anymore, it now stood right before the boys, at least twice as tall as they were, with a gray and purple skin and a face that looked like it had just murdered someone. Or wanted to.

Aberdeen screamed and ran, forgetting Adam, forgetting his pokémon... It didn't matter if that was a real pokémon or not; it's atmosphere scared the life out of that boy.

"H-hey, Ab', where are you going?!" Adam called out as the boy ran off, looking more than confused, up until he noticed the shadow covering him and the ground around him. Eyes wide and his heart pounding in his chest, he slowly turned around and tilted his head back, lips parted in a soundless, surprised shriek as he took a stumbling step backwards. The Pokémon towering over him slowly raised its arm, and everything went black.
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@ me & Sir Bastian
Will Aberdeen get even more lost now? Will Adam get devoured by the mysterious dark shadow- ok we all know it's Mewtwo, let's just drop the drama OOC. :D Making effort and doing joint posts pays off, only sayin'.

- Blitzle grew to lvl 13!
- Metapod grew to lvl 10 and is ready to evolve into Butterfree!

- Blair (Quilava) grew to lvl 17!

chapter two; part IV
Aberdeen Black // Viridian Forest

Slowly, Aberdeen opened his eyes. It was still daylight, judging from the non-darkness that hit him instantly. He was laying on the forest floor, judging from the damp leaves underneath his hands and cheek. Looking up, he saw something yellow. Something very yellow was sitting in front of him, very close. Looking at him. Twitching its ears. It was...

"Pikachu!" Aberdeen exclaimed and jumped up from the ground into a sitting position. The Pikachu squeaked and darted off to hide behind a rock. Only the black tips of its ears were visible.

Aberdeen creaked his neck. "Damn... for how long have I been laying here? Why am I even laying here?" He looked around but got no clues. From the looks of it, he was still in the middle of Viridian Forest. Where he had captured a Metapod and fled from Beedrill. And met Adam... "Adam!"

He stood up and spun around. "Adam!" he called out. No response other than Pikachu looking up from the rock again. Aberdeen sighed. The other boy where nowhere to be found. What had happened? And... where were his pokémon? He quickly felt at his belt. The pokéballs were there. But they were empty. His pokémon where somewhere, but not here. Terror struck him. Without his pokémon... he was nothing as a trainer. Poor Blitzle! Aberdeen was his new boss and caretaker, what would Blitzle do without him? And Servine... Come to think of it, Servine would probably do quite fine without him. He was a smart pokémon. He could only hope that they took care of each other, wherever they were. But how had they gotten lost?

And didn't he have a third pokémon too? Just as that thought struck him, a fluttering pair of wings obscured his sight. He fumbled backwards and realized that it was a butterfree. One very eager to be close to him. It giggled in a strangely sad way and looked at him with its ruby eyes. "Butterfree..." He recognized those eyes, even though they didn't even have the same color as before. "Metapod?"

The butterfree begain fluttering more wildly and flew into the boy's arms. Just like he had held his metapod before. "You evolved! When?"

Butterfree spoke rapidly but Aberdeen of course didn't understand anything. "Hang on... Calm down. Do you know where Blitzle and Servine are?"

Butterfree looked sadder when he said that. Apparently it didn't know at all. "Oh... I see. We'll find them, don't you worry!"

Suddenly, Pikachu had stepped out from its hiding place and gestured wildly while squeaking in its mousy way. "What? Do you know where my pokémon are?" Pikachu smiled and started jumping off in one direction.

"Wait!" Aberdeen followed, Butterfree sitting firmly on his head, cluthing his brown hair and red cap with its little hands and feet.

They chased after the eager Pikachu deeper into the forest, Aberdeen feeling worse by the minute. Something told him that he didn't want to go deeper. He wanted to get out of the forest. Was he really following a little wild pokémon? He didn't even know if it spoke the truth or not!

Just as he was about to stop running, Pikachu came to a stop and pointed happily at something in a clearing. Aberdeen walked up to it and looked. It was a sort of clearing indeed, but also a small valley, over which a thick canopy of leaves and branches obscured the place from much sunlight. And there stood some terrain vehicles and a few tents. A campfire was lit in the middle, and there were people there.

"The rangers..." Aberdeen blurted out. Then he was surprised by himself. What rangers? Then he remembered. The hot lady who had battled him and Adam over the right to chase the shadow. The shadow pokémon... He shuddered. But they had won that battle. So why were his pokémon gone? Why did he wake up without Adam?

One of the people by the campfire got up and stretched out her body as if she had been sitting down for a long time. Aberdeen's eyes widened. She was a girl, not much older than himself. Her skin was dark and her hair even darker, running along her back in a single, thick braid. Her eyes were slightly slanted and her lips big. Her body was slightly developed with decent front and back, so to speak. Shortly put, Aberdeen fell in love on the spot.

"I'll... I'll just walk up to them and see if they've seen my pokémon!" he declared to Pikachu and Butterfree, who gave each other troubled looks before the boy trotted away, Butterfree still on his head. Pikachu stayed behind, watching them from afar.


The people around the campfire looked up when they heard the unfamiliar voice. The girl stared at him. An older man with white beard and no hair who was slightly overweight did the same. So did also a dark skinned man with a short trimmed afro and large eyes and muscles that you'd fear any day, and a woman just a bit younger than Aberdeen's mother who looked way too womanly to be out in this bush.

Before any of them could speak though, another person entered the scene. A middle aged man with a black mustache and blazing icy blue eyes over a chin that was wider than most Aberdeen had ever seen, even on TV. In his hand, he held a gun. That made Aberdeen stop in his tracks and display a nervous smile. "Ahahah! Maybe I shouldn't have come here, haha! I was just... I wondered... If..."

"Calm down, bro," the girl said, shaking her head so that her braid whipped in the air. "That gun's for putting pokémon to sleep. Nobody's stupid enough to try and hurt a pokémon outside of a pokémon battle. That'll get you killed, you know."

Aberdeen's heart fluttered as she spoke. Her voice was deeper than he'd imagined. Maybe she was several years older than him. Why did he have to be only 14?

"Was there something you wanted, traveler?" the bigger, muscular man asked, turning around. He revealed a large machete in his hands, once again making Aberdeen sweat a little extra.

"Hahha, no... I... Well, yes." He swallowed hard. "I'm looking for two pokémon."

"Well, you've come to the right place then!" the man with the gun said, showing off a smile that was wider than even Sudowoodo's but twice as evil in a strange way. "We're what you'd call poachers. Only that's got such a bad ring to it, don't you agree?"

The men around the fire chuckled a little. The girl just smiled and the woman still looked unphased. "So we'd like to call ourselves rangers instead. Pokémon rangers. We're watching the wildlife, you know. Guarding it but also gathering some interests of ours now and then. Collecting. Capturing. And selling. Nothing wrong with that, right?"

The machete glimmered dangerously in the light of the fire. Aberdeen nodded with the nervous smile plastered on. But he did think it was very wrong. A pokémon should be captured by a trainer and then raised by them. Maybe traded lovingly to a friend, or given as a gift to someone special. Like a new trainer starting on a journey. But not sold as if they were products. Wares. He felt anger steaming up inside of him, but there was nothing he could do now. He just had to find his pokémon and get out.

"A Blitzle and a Servine. They shouldn't be able to get inside pokéballs, because I never released them for real."

The people around the campfire looked at one another at those words, letting Aberdeen's hopes up.

"Oh?" the man with the wide chin said, patting his gun. "Now... are you really sure about that?"

"Yes! Or... At least I think so. I don't see why I would have released them..." He was feeling sick all of a sudden. Why would he have released his first two pokémon? It didn't make sense.

"Because we just captured those two a few hours ago. A pair, friends it seemed, not wanting to be separated."

Aberdeen froze and stared at the man. The girl by the fire looked worriedly at him. "You did? Where are they? Let me see them!"

"Already sold them. I'm sorry, boy. Someone came by and really knew what they wanted." The man sighed and put away his gun, leaning it against a stool on the ground. "Because of that, we made him pay extensively though-"

"I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!" Aberdeen shouted and all of a sudden ran up to the man, jumping onto him. "GIVE ME BACK MY POKÉMON!" He punched the man in the chest over and over again, making him fall backwards. This was unlike Aberdeen. He usually got angry easily, but never acted on it. But his pokémon... His friends!

"Stop it, you stupid boy," the man just said, pushing the boy away from on top of him. The muscled dark skinned man lifted Aberdeen away and held him still. The girl came up to him and put a hand on his shoulder with the same worried look as before. "We had no way of knowing those pokémon weren't wild. We captured them in pokéballs as usual."

Aberdeen's limbs went numb and he fell to his knees, or he would have if the muscled man didn't hold him up. So he had released them... How came he didn't remember this? He didn't understand. He would never... Servine...

"Let him go!" the girl said, and Aberdeen felt himself fall to his knees finally, putting his hands against the ground. "We're sorry," she said, sitting down beside him.

A moment went by without the boy saying anything. The other people gathered around the fire and didn't talk either. Then, a flutter of wings. Butterfree had still been sitting on top of Aberdeen's head. Now it came down, sitting on the ground between his hands instead. "Butterfree..." the boy whispered. "How come you're the only one left?"

The ruby eyes looked up at him, not saying anything. A rustle was heard from a bush nearby and made the younglings look that way. It was the Pikachu from before. Carefully, it went up to Aberdeen and patted his arm with a faint smile, as if it was worried and wanted to cheer him up. Aberdeen was touched by the wild pokémon's fine gesture and felt himself beginning to cry. He broke into tears and sat there sobbing for a while. The dark skinned girl put an arm around him and sat beside him for several minutes. The others in the camp just went about their business, although the elder man looked pained by the boy's predicament.

Eventually, he walked up to them and stood in front of the boy. "Lad," he said, and the red eyed boy looked up. "The buyer didn't say their name and we're not the most controlled poachers; unfortunately we sell to most people who look capable and can pay enough. That's how rough economy for poachers have been lately. Can't afford to be picky. They don't even have to tell us their name. But we do know what they looked like. And listen." He leaned in towards Aberdeen and the boy felt the smell of tobacco in the air between them. "If you're to survive in this forest until you find your pokémon, you should capture even more. A lone butterfree may be cute, but it won't get you far in this world. They are too fragile to fight without backup."

Aberdeen's lower lip trembled as he curled his legs with his arms.

"You should listen to my dad," the girl said. Aberdeen was suddenly a bit surprised. Dad? They weren't the least bit alike. "He's been a trainer in his younger days. You should get stronger before you try to get your friends back. Unless you happen to be really rich. They did pay a lot for them."

Pikachu squeaked in agreement and Butterfree cheered with its giggling noise. Aberdeen stopped sobbing and said nothing for a moment. Then his face took on a determined look. He thought of Adam, how that boy refused to give up and become weak when things looked grim. He would be that brave too. And do what was needed. "Servine..." he murmured. Then he got up from the ground.

"I get it. I will catch more pokémon. Pikachu!" he pointed at the mouse, who looked nervous at the remark. "You'll be my first new partner! I challenge you to a battle to prove that I'm worthy of training you!"

Pikachu didn't seem at all eager to battle, but Butterfree was just as determined as its trainer and the look that the metapod had had in its eyes suddenly returned. A cold glare that showed that this cute little thing was not someone to trifle with. Pikachu backed away and shook its head but Butterfree didn't let it escape.

Aberdeen pulled his topless cap down lower over his forehead and took up his pokédex, quickly skimming through Butterfree's moveset. There was only one difference from metapod's.


Butterfree's eyes glowed in a purple color and Pikachu was struck mentally by something that made it shook its head to try and get rid of its dizzyness. The result was that it tripped over a stick on the ground and fell onto its back.

"Now, Tackle!" Aberdeen shouted, eager to get this over with as soon as he could. The Pikachu had been so kind to him so he didn't really want to harm it... The campers watched the battle more or less curiously, without interfering.

Butterfree dove, not very quick but quick enough, and Tackled Pikachu before it could regain its balance and stand up. It fell again, but now its kind face had changed. It looked up at its opponent with angered eyes and laid its ears back. Then the pouches on its cheeks began crackling.

"It's going to do an electric move! Butterfree is weak against that, watch out!" the girl shouted behind Aberdeen. He gasped when he realized that that was true. He had just thrown himself headfirst into a battle where he was at the disadvantage.

"String Shot!" he tried. Pikachu fired a Thundershock that reached the bug first though, and fried it in the air. Butterfree fell to the ground in pain, but didn't give up just yet. Pikachu seemed relieved that its single attack had brought the bug down. But when it saw that Butterfree was still awake and kicking, it turned nervous again.

Butterfree now carried out the order of String Shot and tied Pikachu up with sticky strings like a lasso. Then, the bug pulled and Pikachu was forced to fall on its face forward in the dirt. It didn't like that one bit. First, it used Tail Whip to divert Butterfree's attention. Then it suddenly attacked with Thundershock again. The String Shot had not been the best of ideas; it was now supraleading the current straight into Butterfree's body.

The bug screamed and fainted. Aberdeen dashed forward and took the pokémon into his arms. He had lost against a wild pokémon... Just after he had lost against a trainer, and then lost his pokémon friends... Tears began falling again, and the girl behind him was so sad when she saw this that she didn't know what to do. She looked pleadingly at her father for help, but he just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

Then, Aberdeen felt a little hand on his crouched down head. He looked up and found himself staring right into Pikachu's slightly dirty face. It smiled at him and actually reached out to brush one of his tears away from his cheek. This of course brought even more tears to the boy's eyes and he completely teared up, crying loudly enough to make the wide-chinned man with the sleep-gun clench his fists beside the fire. "Shut up, will you!" he called out, but earned a stern look from the girl's father. The lady still said nothing and the muscular man just sat still and looked calmly at the boy and his friendly pokémon.

Butterfree came back to it when it heard Aberdeen cry. It let out a gurgling noise to try and comfort him, where it lay in his arms as he sat on his knees in the earth.

"They care about you. You've found a really good little Pikachu," the girl said, suddenly sitting down beside him again.

He brushed some snot away and looked up at her. Right now, he felt awful for being such a crybaby and ugly in front of a nice girl, but he couldn't really help it.

"Ah..." he began, snorting a little. "I'm sorry Pikachu. And Butterfree. Pikachu, I'm sorry that I tried to battle you while you were," he hiccuped a little here, "just trying to help. And Butterfree... I'm sorry that I just sent you out in battle without training and... that you had to protect me as a metapod earlier and..."

"There, there," the girl said, patting his back with a gentle smile. "I think they understand."

Pikachu smiled widely to show that she was right. Aberdeen forced himself to smile too. But then he got serious again. "Pikachu. Please be my pokémon. I need more help finding Blitzle and Servine."

Pikachu looked hesitant but then swallowed and nodded. It agreed. It would become his pokémon! Aberdeen let out a snorted laughter and Pikachu threw itself into his arms, landing on top of the injured Butterfree, who objected faintly but gave up pretty soon and just relaxed. It guessed it could become Pikachu's ally. It seemed too dopey to be any rival to Butterfree in any sense that mattered anyways.

"Hey... I'm Aberdeen by the way," the boy said, turning back to the girl as he stood up, holding both pokémon in his arms. "Do you have any way to heal these two out here?"

"My name's Memeeber!" the girl said. "Yes, we have a healing machine in the van. Here, I'll show you!"

And that is how Aberdeen met the pokémon poachers and began his search for the lost pokémon...

@ me
Can't give myself too many levels, can I?

- Butterfree grew to lvl 11!
- Aberdeen's new Pikachu is on lvl 9!
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Zoey Wyrmoki / / Viridian Forest
19 00 00 00 00 00

"HYDRO PUMP!" two voices shout in unison, one man and one woman.

Two huge pumps of water skewer the fortress of fire, forcing back the flames. Two blue creatures stand strong, slowly pushing into the blaze as their overpowering water attacks beat back the tyrannical flames. The powerful dual Hydro Pumps cause water to break off, creating a hot mist in the immediate vicinity where flames once burned away the earth moments earlier. The dousing sprays open up swaths of charred earth, not enough to put out the wildfire in its entirety, but completing the job they arrived there to do.

"Vay! Poreon!" cries one of the creatures, running up to the body of an unconscious young woman, short, black hair with glasses, her body hot but unharmed by the fire.

The Pokemon proceeds to lick the woman's face, investigating her health before running back to its trainer, barking happily in its discovery.

"Good work girl!" congratulates one of the trainers, a woman who graces her hand against the vaporeon's head thankfully.

"I got another one over here!" shouts the man, looking over the body of another young girl, a pink and white hat by her side with her brown hair undone and let loose.

Covered in damp droplets spread by the water attacks of the Pokemon, a green creature struggles to keep its body off the ground, leaning on its arms as its vision blurs, identifying an odd blue creature approaching it. However, its barely able to make out the approaching Pokemon, instead collapsing on the ground, falling out of consciousness.

"Simi simi!" hollers the blue monkey, dancing around frantically as it identifies additional victims of the blaze.

"Great work Simipour! Good boy," salutes the man, carrying the brown haired girl upon his back.

"Let's get them back to the station," proclaims the woman, tossing two pokeballs she found to the man who recalls two of the Pokemon.

"Is this third one of theirs too?" inquires the man, kneeling over the body of a fainted emolga to investigate it. "This one has a disease. We better take it with us regardless and take care of this."

"Good idea. I've reported the fire to the Pewter and Viridian City fire departments to respond to the fire. They should be here in an hour or so to respond to this," informs the woman who has the other girl on her back.

"Let's go then. These girls will need to be looked at at the very least, as well as their Pokemon," recognizes the man, recalling his simipour.

The woman nods in his direction, pushing the girl on her back into a comfier position before the two take off, taking to their jeep on their way back to the station. The wildfire slowly creeps back towards the previously doused areas of the charred forest, but the immediate crisis is resolved for now. For now at least, they must wait for the nearby fire departments to respond. After that, their investigation will continue.

Saliva leaks from the tongue of a strange creature, moisturizing the cheeks of the unconscious girl. She slowly comes to, noticing a damp object scraping itself across her cheek. THe girl, covered in a green blanket slowly sits herself up, causing the Pokemon looking over her to back away, giving the human room.

"Vapor!" cries the creature before her, a Vaporean smiling happily with its tail waving back and forth.

"W-what... Where am I? Wha-who're you!?" inquires the brown haired girl, her hair down revealing incredibly long locks of chocolate hair strands.

"What is this place?" ponders the young woman as her eyes scan her new environment, the inside of a wooden building that appears to be a large office room of some sort.

"You're up! How are you feeling?" wheels a woman as she rotates around on her computer chair, smiling on the waking girl.

The woman appears relatively young, perhaps in her 20s or 30s with shoulder length straight blonde hair, dressed in black boots resembling military-style attire, with camo pants and a short sleeved olive shirt covering the woman's upper body. A darker green coat sits on the back of her chair, emblazoned with an emblem that Zoey recognizes, but can't quite make out what it belongs to. To her side, a green brimmed hat much like Zoey's in shape sits on the woman's desk, also bearing the same emblem. The woman herself reveals her youthful, friendly face, appearing pretty slim and athletic as well, undoubtedly so if she's the one who rescued her.

"I'm ok, but what is this place?" questions Zoey about her changed environment.

The woman promptly responds, "This is the West Viridian Ranger Station. We found you, another girl with short black hair and glasses, and three Pokemon, two of which I presume belong to the two of you in that fire. Speaking of which, is the third Pokemon we spotted belonging to one of you as well?"

Vaporeon strolls up to the woman's hand, rubbing its head against it while purring happily as she rubs it. Meanwhile, Zoey reflects back on the wildfire they were pulled out from. They never learned what that Pokemon was. Not to mention, Gabby didn't get to find her Emolga and if she's here as well, they probably lost its trail. There's also the matter of Zoey's egg. Gabby said it was about ready to hatch, which could be at any moment. Still, the woman here seems nice, after all she did rescue her, so perhaps the egg having been hatched here wouldn't be an issue.

"No," answers Zoey. "We were trying to save it from the wildfire when we found it trapped."

"Oh, I see! Ranger wanna-bes, eh?" laughs the woman lightheartedly. "Interesting. Well, I'm glad you're alright!"

"What about Gabby?" inquires the curious Zoey. "Is she doing well? And what about the Pokemon?"

"Your friend is doing well," reassures the smiling woman. "She woke up earlier and ate but is resting again. The Pokemon are also doing well. Marill and Emolga are recovering in addition to the other girl's Bayleef, while I believe the Grovyle we recovered is with them as well, but that one has been a problem for us to treat. She doesn't seem to trust people."

"Yeah..." admits Zoey with embarrassment. "That one's mine. I'm not sure why she's like that, but I think she may have been harmed by people in the past. She won't even listen to me."

"I see. For what it's worth, Grovyle has been checking up on you now and then. It appears that you're making a positive impact on her," informs the woman, smiling over this fact.

"Wha... really?" confirms Zoey, dumbfounded by the woman's admission. "I'm not so sure. Maybe she's just impatient and wants me to get going since she knows she's pretty much tethered to me."

The woman chuckles in reaction, amused by the girl's alternative perspective. "You're quite the creative one!"

"Oh, ma'am!" requests Zoey in urgency. "Are you aware of an egg by chance? I had one in my bag when we were caught in the fire."

"Oh, yes! You mean that swablu egg?" verifies the woman.

Zoey nods while replying, "So it's a swablu egg? Gabby was right then..."

"Mmhmm!" the woman reciprocates Zoey's realization. "Where did you find it by chance?"

"Oh, well, we passed by this massive tree that appeared to be severely burned and cut up, and this egg was buried in a pile of leaves and twigs in what appeared to be its nest. The tree itself was pretty strange looking and appeared to have fallen victim to something not natural."

"You're probably right about that," the woman confirming Zoey's suspicion. "There have been poachers in the area as of late. It's the only possibility that seems likely. Mostly likely they're after the down of swablu and altaria."

"Down?" asks Zoey for more information.

"Yes," the woman states before continuing, "Altaria down in particular is incredibly valuable for its soft and durable quality that surpasses most other bird Pokemon. Licensed farmers may harvest down from flocks that they own, but it's a well regulated industry and the Pokemon in this region are off limits for capture by all except for those certified by the Pokemon League to capture Pokemon in the wild. The egg's old nest was probably home to an altaria mother who was raising her eggs in that tree. She probably got attacked by these poachers and was forced to abandon her nest with what eggs she could. The one you found probably got left behind."

"Why would they be after altaria down when they could just have their own farm?" probes Zoey, puzzled by the actions of these supposed poachers.

The woman smiles from the girl's inquisitive nature. "Altaria down is notoriously difficult to harvest without damaging the down or the Pokemon itself. Poachers make their money in this case by capturing swablu and altaria flocks and instead of extracting their down properly, they seriously injure or even kill the Pokemon to get their down."

"That's awful," Zoey states in disgust.

"It is, and we rangers have been trying to round them up but it's been troublesome. Many of them are armed with Pokemon of their own and are pretty strong trainers in their own right, unfortunately. It's appalling to think that they can even get Pokemon to follow along with their heinous acts against other Pokemon."

"Do you think poachers could've caught the egg's mother or the other eggs she might've had?" asks Zoey to uncover the information this ranger woman might know.

"We have no clue," affirms the ranger, causing Zoey to slump in loss which catches the woman's attention. "You aren't planning on returning that egg to its mother... are you?"

"Well... that and..., " admits Zoey, a little red in her cheeks from embarrassment before continuing, "Gabby and I were also trying to find an Emolga with an infection that she found in the forest. It was supposed to be moving west, but we got stuck with the wildfire as a roadblock."

"Oh! Well, you'll be happy to know the wild Pokemon we recovered along with you two and your Pokemon is most likely that same Emolga, as we found it had an infection when we inspected it post rescue."

"Really!?" Zoey verifies by asking, sighing in relief. "Gabby will be so relieved and happy."

"I suppose so!" the woman laughs in jubilant amusement. "You and your friend are quite brave, if a little bit reckless. Regarding the return of that egg though, we -might- be able to help you out. The egg's mother most likely fled to the west, which happens to be the area where poachers have been most active of late."

"That's awesome!" Zoey exclaims in relief. "Thank you!"

The woman merely smiles wide towards her, more than happy to assist goodhearted people. "It's not a problem at all! It may help us investigate our poacher problem further as well."

Footsteps pitter patter on the ground before the noise of a door opening squeaks throughout the room. Entering the ranger woman's larger cubicle is a drowsy looking Gabby, her hair unkempt from her nap and missing her glasses. Fortunately, she's at least dressed, wearing a turquoise tank top as opposed to her black shirt from earlier and a pair of longer white shorts, attire that frankly is far from fashionable for a young woman her age, not that she would know about those things. The glasses-less girl lurks around the corner, rubbing her eyes before gazing upon the ranger woman and her friend, still lying in the sofa since their arrival at the station.

"Oh! Oh! Oh Oh!" Gabby blurts out, substituting meaningful words that're escaping her with her trademark phrase. "Oh! Is that you Zoey!? Are you awake!?"

"Yeah, yeah," Zoey waves her off dismissively. "Go get your glasses. I think you forgot them."

"Oh! Heehee," she laughs awkwardly from embarrassment. "I totally forgot! Aww, gosh! Eheheh... so embarrassing! Alright, I'll be right back!"

Gabby nearly stumbles from her inhibiting vision but catches her posture, heading back through the way she came to find her glasses. Well, if she can find her glasses without being able to see that is. The ranger giggles from Gabby's peculiar behavior.

"You've got quite the energetic friend!"

"Yeah," Zoey agrees, rubbing the back of her head awkwardly. "She's pretty odd."

Her hand, gracing the back of her hair, causes Zoey to recognize something amiss. Zipping her head around, her hat is nowhere to be found. Neither is her bag with the egg for that matter. Where did they take her stuff?

"Uh, excuse me miss..." Zoey grabs the woman's attention, readying her question, "Do you happen to know where my hat is? Oh, and my bag too. I'm a bit concerned about the egg too. I'd like to check up on it."

"Of course!" the woman accepts her request, scooting herself off of her chair to stand up. "Actually, your hat and your bag are just around the corner where your friend was standing a moment ago. Just check under the desk behind there and you'll find her hat inside the bag. I can also take you to the incubator where we've been keeping the egg so you can take a look at it."

"Oh, thanks!" gratifies Zoey as she tosses aside her blanket, erecting herself before scurrying behind the corner.

There, underneath the desk she finds her pink bag. The girl squats down, reaching under to pull out her bag, lifting it up and placing it on the table. Scouring through her bag reveals the presence of her hat and a hair tie, putting up her long ponytail before slipping it underneath and through her hat, placing it firmly on her scalp. Zoey then throws her bag strap over her right shoulder, just as the sound of footsteps return with the now glasses wearing Gabby in tow. Michelle meanwhile calls out to Vapoeon, coaxing her to her lap before recalling the water-type before they prepare to leave.

"Oh, hi everyone! I'm back!" Gabby proclaims overt with joy.

"Nooooo kidding..." Zoey comments to herself sarcastically.

"Welcome back! We were just about to check up on the egg you two found. Care to join us?" invites the ranger woman while Zoey slips on her shoes.

"Oh, definitely!" accepts Gabby excitedly.

The group takes off towards the door on the opposite side of the room, opening it to reveal a long hallway with several doors, the hallway itself leading up to an open room where they find both the incubator and the girls' pokeballs. On the far table rests Emolga, fast asleep while across the table lies a computer desk with another employee keeping watch over the room while doing work on the computer beside him. Both Zoey and Gabby take the opportunity to scoop up their pokeballs with the permission of the ranger woman who grants it.

"Good morning, Michelle!" spins around the man, greeting everyone present. "Looks like the girls are doing well! Good!"

"'Morning to you as well!" replies the ranger woman, Michelle. "How's Emolga doing?"

"Just fine," he states confidently. "A bit more rest and we'll be ready to release it back into the wild!"

"What about its family!?" demands Gabby in concern. "You'll return it to its family, right?"

"Well, uh, of course we will!" the man stumbles for an answer, taken aback by the girl's adamant question. "Well, to the best of our ability, anyway. It'll be hard to find Emolga's true family, but we can at least return her to one of the Emolga colonies."

Gabby wouldn't have any of it. "No! You -HAVE- to return Emolga to her -PROPER- family! It's your duty as conservationists!"

"We're guests you know. We should be thankful they're even allowing us to stay here," Zoey reminds Gabby to herself, not willing to bother telling her due to her more sinister side, interested in the argument that's sure to commence.

"Gabby!" Michelle the ranger says in shock from the girl's words.

"Look, I understand how you feel but there's only so much we can do for a case like this. We have no other leads we can follow to return her home. If her having a home means so much to you, why don't you try to catch her after we set her free? You're a trainer, right?" states the man, irritation in his voice from being ordered around by a teenager.

Gabby pauses, wide eyed in fascination from something. It's as if she was just exposed to something new or foreign. The girl's face soon lights up, fireworks igniting within her cranium. She just had an epiphany.

"Of course!" Gabby utters in enlightenment, her reaction surprising everyone but Zoey who just smiles at the situation, rolling her eyes as if she saw this whole ordeal approach them from a mile away.

"Ok! It's settled then!" declares a conclusive Gabby, making an important decision for herself. "I will catch Emolga and thus offer her a new home! Hooooooray!!!"

"Oh brother. Associating with her is like a double-edged sword. I'm not sure how much more of this embarrassment I can take," Zoey contemplates her relationship with her new friend Gabby.

"You'll have to wait until we set her free, though," clarifies the man. "We need to be sure this creature is perfectly healthy before returning to the wild. After that, she's all yours if you can defeat her in battle."

"Oh, absolutely! Of course! No problem mister!" nods Gabby in agreement, more than happy to comply with the rules and regulations of fellow conservationists like herself.

"Uh," Zoey addresses the room as her eyes face the incubator and the egg inside. "Is the egg supposed to be pulsing like that?"

Sure enough, the eyes of the room fixate on the egg to bear witness to an interesting phenomenon. The sky blue emits a bright light before dimming, constantly fluctuating from its base color to the bright glow in a consistent pattern. Zoey approaches the incubator, getting a closer look at the foreign occurrence.

"Ah, the egg is about to hatch!" Michelle declares happily, leaning over the incubator to take a better look. "We better get ready for it to hatch! Jeremy, go get a towel and some milk for the baby!"

"Right away!" the man complies, lifting himself up from his seat before moving briskly towards another room, presumably where said supplies reside.

Michelle meanwhile reaches into the heated incubator, gloves protecting her hands from the heat as she brings the egg into her arms, still pulsating. Moments later, the man sets aside a table, placing all of the requested supplies off to the side before laying down the towel and motioning the others over to his position. The female ranger places the egg down on the soft surface while everyone huddles around the egg in anticipation, Zoey happening to be in the center of the group. The egg continues flickering for several moments until it suddenly ignites with light, brightening the whole room with its glow. Its silhouette begins shifting, widening its sides into bubbly curves with two stands poking out of the top. As the light fades away, the shape of the newly hatched Pokemon solidifies to reveal the light blue bird with cotton-like down wrapping around its body. Zoey has her pokedex at the ready to examine in, verifying its identity as the Cotton Bird Pokemon.

"It's eyes are shut!" proclaims the man among them, taking a close look at the newborn swablu.

Zoey takes note of this, asking, "Is that unusual? It almost looks like it's asleep..."

Trepidation ekes its way into the room, present in all of the faces examining the immobile swablu with Zoey as the exception, placing a more curious eye on the bird over concern. It does seem a little odd, since you'd expect a newborn Pokemon, much like human babies to be full of life once they come into the world. This one, however, appears primarily locked in place without a peep.

"This isn't good!" the man exclaims, standing himself up. "This swablu's in a coma! We need to call in our medical corps immediately!"

"A coma?" Zoey asks aloud as the man rushes to the phone. "What's that?"

"You don't know what a coma is?" scoffs Gabby towards her friend's ignorance, taking the stage to enlighten her clueless friend before Michelle has an opportunity to clarify. "A coma, better known as a comatose state, is when a living creature is trapped in an unconscious state for an undetermined or indefinite period of time."

"Okay, well, how do you fix it?" Zoey asks with a bit of an attitude, irritated by Gabby's know-it-all behavior.

Gabby sighs impatiently, clarifying, "You don't really. Most of the time all anyone can do is make sure the person or creature stays alive during a coma."

"Sooo... we just wait and hope it'll wake up eventually?" Zoey probes, shrugging her eyebrows. "So we're stuck waiting for the bird to come to its senses then? Sounds like a fantastic plan!"

Zoey's blunt sarcasm doesn't come off well in Gabby's court, glaring at the girl for being insensitive. How is that new for Zoey though? She's used to offending people and Pokemon alike, and the cold, rude stare? It typically becomes more material for her antics. Perhaps its one of the reasons why Zoey struggles with friendship, but in her mind, there's a time and place for compassion, and right now just isn't it. Apparently, Zoey's not the only living thing in the room with that in mind.

Lying in its makeshift bed, Emolga slowly comes to, all while the three women are huddling around the desk with the hatched swablu and the man who was with them rings up some sort of ranger medical team to examine the blue bird. The Sky Squirrel Pokemon shrieks loudly, catching sight of its persistent hunter Gabby, and takes off in flight, discharging electricity in every which direction.

"Emolga! You're awake!" Gabby hollers happily, her mind easily diverting as has become typical of her. "Oh, and Thundershocking too!"

The three women rush to action, Michelle trying to reach up to catch Emolga with her hands after slipping on a pair of rubber gauntlets. Gabby meanwhile tosses out one of her pokeballs to release Leyvee, standing at the ready to block Emolga. Zoey, however, lets her impish nature take the helm, watching the chaos unfold as she stands back to observe with amusement.

"Hello, Medical Corps!? We have a case here of a newly hatched swablu in a co- Oh ****!!!" explodes Jeremy over the phone accidentally, bearing witness to the battle unfolding in the office room. "No no no NO NO!!!! Don't battle in the office!!! NOOO!!!"

"Leyvee!" informs Gabby, ready to direct her Pokemon. "Use Razor Leaf! Keep Emolga away from the exits for Michelle!"

"Ba-bayleef!" complies Leyvee as a stream of revolving, bladed leaves fly forth towards one of the exit doors.

Emolga keeps firing Thundershocks in every which direction, disrupting and power shorting various electrical devices in the vicinity. One of these Thundershocks targets the helpless swablu chick, blasting it with a current of electricity that fries the Pokemon's flesh.

"Uh..." utters Zoey after watching the bird getting fried by the anxious Emolga. "I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing..."

"Eh!! Emoo!!" shirieks Emolga, dodging the Razor Leaf before flying towards Leyvee in a rushing Quick Attack.

"Growl at it Leyvee!" Gabby orders, the bayleef stepping forward to intimidate the incoming Emolga.

Too late. Emolga's airborne body crashes into Leyvee, sending her back a few steps in recoil. Worse yet, the attack acts as a diversion. Emolga takes off through the office, spotting a window ro the outside which it concocts a plan. In another mad blitz, Emolga hurdles its body towards the glass windows, Quick Attacking to shatter the glass, breaching the outdoors.

"Gyahh!" Gabby gushes over the emolga despite the havoc it unleashed on the office. "Soooo strong!!!"

"Come on, Leyvee! We have to catch up to Emolga!" cheers on Gabby with Leyvee following her trainer close behind as they rush for the station's exit, ready to go after the fleeing emolga.

"Quick, Zoey!" Michelle states in urgency as she begins to follow Gabby and the runaway Pokemon. "Wrap up swablu in that towel and take it with you, then follow us outside! Use a potion to heal swablu's wounds if you have any!"

Zoey nods, watching Michelle bolt out the door as she pulls swablu aside, wrapping it up comfortably in the towel. She then swings her pink sack over her shoulder, crading the egg in her right arm as her left digs inside her bag where she deposits Vuowth's pokeball in exchange for a potion. The girl takes off in a hurry, behind Gabby and Michelle in order to catch up with them.

"Dammit Michelle! We need doctors to look over that swablu! You can't just take off with it!" screams Jeremy, huddled under a desk to avoid Emolga's earlier attacks like a coward before watching the women hastily depart the station. "DOCTORS!! IT NEEDS DOCTORS!!"

"Leyvee, use Razor Leaf!" Gabby commands as they catch sight of Emolga fleeing into the woods.

Bladed leaves fly forth from Leyvee's leafy mane, firing like a machine gun at the squirrel. The leaves bombard an unguarded emolga, sending it towards the ground. However, the squeaking Emolga rights herself, catching wind and taking off with a fierce Quick Attack towards Leyvee. The squirrel's small white body slams into the bayleef with such force that it topples the Leaf Pokemon, falling to her side in reaction. Emolga takes off, arcing around her stumbling opponent with her cheeks shooting off electrical currents in preparation.

"Get up Leyvee!" pleads Gabby while her eyes trail the flying rodent. "Let's stop her with Poisonpowder!"

"Baaay!!" rallies Leyvee, finding her feet just as Emolga sends off a Thundershock, making its mark on the bayleef who closes her eyes as she takes the hit.

Not good enough. The attack fails to do much against the grass-type Leyvee, who takes little damage from electrical attacks. Layvee merely shakes off the static electricty. furrows her mane, and puffs out clouds of purple powder, sending a gust of Poisonpowder after Emolga. The powder, however, narrowly misses the squirrel, using trees and bushes to block the attack before speeding midair towards Leyvee who stands at the ready.

"Here's our chance! Use your Tackle to ground her!" Gabby roars in confidence.

The rest of the crew arrive to witness the battle. Michelle comes first, stopping a few meters shy of Gabby who has caught up with the spunky emolga. Zoey finds her way to the girls shortly thereafter, taking care as to not bump the swablu too much as she carries the ill Pokemon in her arms. The women look ahead of them, watching the battle unfold as Gabby's Leyvee combats the wild emolga.

"You caught up to her, huh? Great work!" compliments Michelle, smiling upon the young trainer before her.

"Oh, thank you miss! I have this one in the bag I think!" Gabby reassures her, returning her glance to the battlefield, smiling gleefully at the prospects of catching a new member of her Pokemon family.

"And how is swablu doing?" Michelle turns around to address the noise of feet stomping on grass, Zoey in tow with the swablu wrapped up in her arms.

"Nothing yet, but I gave it a spray of potion like you asked," answers Zoey whose eyes are fixed instead on the unconscious swablu.

"Great!" Michelle beams in relief, returning her eyes to Gabby's battle.

Leyvee and Emolga clash, but with different results. Leyvee's hulkiing body rushes into a Quick Attacking emolga, sending the squirrel back in a daze before colliding with the trunk of a tree.

"Now, Leyvee!" Gabby proclaims, readying her next request. "Let us use Razor Leaf before Emolga recovers! Go!"

"BaaaaayLEEEF!!" roars Leyvee enthusiastically, propelling razor-edged leaves at the still recoiling emolga.

One by one, the leaves bear down on the defenseless squirrel, whittling her health down to the point of near collapse. Gabby reaches into her pocket to pull out an empty pokeball, racing up to the scene of battle to prepare her catch.

"Leyvee, return!" Gabby calls out, withdrawing the bayleef into the pokeball in her left hand, quickly depositing it in her pockets before tossing her empty pokeball, aiming straight for Emolga. "Capture the emolga, pokeball! Gooo!"

The pokeball speeds through the air, landing on the struggling squirrel's forehead before sucking her into the pokeball to face her fate. The ball falls to the ground, rolling off into an open area on the forest floor where it rattles for several seconds. Gabby's hands are clenched tightly together, holding them up to her lips, wide-eyed with anxiety. Everyone turns their focus to the trembling pokeball, shaking back and forth as Emolga struggles to avoid capture. Nevertheless, Emolga gives in to her exhaustion, finding herself now under the dominion of the girl who captures her. The ball slows to a stop, blinking a light on its surface to indicate a successful capture.

"I-I caught it!" Gabby leaps into the air full of bliss, racing towards the pokeball with excitement. "I caught emolga! HOORAAY!!!"

Gabby squats down to pick up her new partner's pokeball, glancing over it while she rubs the dirt off of its surface, smiling in happiness like a little girl with a cone of her favorite ice cream.

"Yaaay! I'm so happy to have you join our team, Shockpox! Welcome to the family!" she proclaims, naming the caught emolga as Shockpox while she rubs the pokeball cheerfully against her cheek.

"Congratulations Gabby! Expertly done!" cheers on Michelle, who waves at a happy Gabby with a big, proud smile.

Zoey meanwhile focuses on the newborn swablu in her arms as she witnesses a surprising sight. The bird's eyes slowly begin to open, but its body still appears pale with debilitating illness. The girl rubs the feathers atop the creature's head softly, smiling slightly as the bird shifts its head around, looking up at the human looking over it. The swablu's gaze fixes on Zoey, who merely stares back at the bird with curiosity. Swablu makes an effort to chirp, but its voice comes out extremely hoarse, barely audible to anyone, even Zoey. The teen nonetheless continues to comfort the chick, rubbing its head softly while smiling at the poor bird.

"Is it awake?" asks Michelle who approaches Zoey, spying down to her arms to watch the swablu squirm slightly, conscious but still extremely weak.

"This is no good..." remarks Michelle, rubbing the blue creature's forehead which causes its eyes to shut as it appears to be in pain. "This could be serious. I hope Jeremy has some people ready to treat the poor thing."

"Oh, what's wrong?" an excited Gabby suddenly becomes more serious as she joins the crowd to examine the swablu.

"Swablu woke up, but it appears to be in pain and its voice sounds really rough," Zoey clarifies to Gabby, who whimpers in sympathy.

The group's contemplation is broken up by the sound of a ringtone, buzzing in Michelle's direction. The woman reaches into her side pocket, withdrawing a small cellular phone.

"It's Ryan..." states Michelle, glancing over her phone's screen. "Excuse me girls. This might be important."

"Oh, no problem!" Gabby affirms, redirecting back to the swablu, rubbing the top of its head to comfort it.

Meanwhile, Michelle responds to her call, bringing the phone up to her ear to begin conversation. The mood grows dark as the woman's tone drops, reflecting the acquisition of bad news. Michelle continues to converse with this man she called Ryan, talking about "they" and "where" and "what" at "what time" and "how soon". Before long, the call ends, Michelle depositing the phone back in her pocket before addressing the girls around her. A somber look rests on her face, foretelling grim news that's about to come.

"Ryan found the poachers. I need to join him and go after them!" Michelle tells the girls who're keeping an eye on swablu.

"Jeremy won't like this but I'd like you girls to come with me. Take swablu along with us too. I have an idea, and the medics wont be here for awhile. We don't have much time, so get packed and ready. I'll pull up to the side of the station in my jeep where I want you two to wait for me and then hop in as quickly as you can. Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am!" both girls answer in unison, ready to spring into action.

"Good! Let's rescue Swablu's mother!" proclaims Michelle before rushing back towards the station.

"Hear that?" Zoey asks the ill swablu, trying to chirp at her but nothing comes out. "We're going to return you to your mother!"

Finally, they will be able to fix the wrongs that have been done. The destruction of the great tree and the swablu family that lived there, Swablu's abandonment, the fire caused by the poachers in order to trap and capture helpless Pokemon, all of these things come to the forefront of memory. Zoey and Gabby will be able to confront the criminals responsible for these atrocities. Both Shockpox's and Swablu's perils will be avenged. Justice will be done.

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chapter 2; Strengthening the Bonds That Tie: A Bugging Brawl! Part V
Katherine Aldine // Viridian Forest, North-Western Forest Interior

The following morning greets Katt's party with the chirping of Swablu and the warm glimmer of sunshine through the canopy of the forest. Katt blinks and smiles sleepily as she wakes up. Shifting in her sleeping bag, Katt notices that Lily, Phoenix, and Sparky are all still sound asleep. Carefully, the young Trainer wiggles out of her sleeping bag and rolls it up to replace in her knapsack. The forest seems to be utterly at peace, just barely waking to greet the new day.

Taking in a deep breath of the fresh air, Katt smiles, a bit more awake than before. This is the first time she has ever spent the night away from home. And, to top it off, she's done so in the once foreboding ViridianForest! It's all so thrilling and Katt can't help but rise to her feet and do a little spin of excitement. Giggling, the teen stops her spinning and decides to forage for some fresh berries before cooking breakfast.

Letting her Pokemon get some more rest, Katt wanders off on a small dirt path leading away from the clearing she spent the night in. She marvels wordlessly at the natural beauty of the forest: the emerald hues of the leaves and grass, the imposing height of the trees, the vibrant bursts of color that bloom from the growing flowers. Katt can't seem to bring herself to speak, afraid to disturb the tranquility of the morning.

"Swab!" Startled, Katt turns to see a wild Swablu flying overhead, a branch in its talons. The azure-colored bird most be foraging for its own breakfast, Katt muses. The cotton-winged Pokemon flies off to the east, away from Katt and she finds herself alone on the beaten path once more.

Just a little while later, Katt finds a few ripe Oran and Cheri Berries growing on some bushes. "There we go," she says happily, kneeling to pick the plump fruits. After collecting a fair amount for her Pokemon and herself, Katt gets up to return to her campsite. It is as she's turning to leave that Katt spies a large and delicious looking Watmel Berry growing on a bush atop a small hill just a few feet away from the dirt path. Her hunger getting the better of her, Katt places her freshly-picked berries in her bag and carefully maneuvers her way through the bushes to reach the succulent berry.

However, just as she's about to pick the Watmel, a piercing scream fills the peaceful morning air!


Katt screams, "WAHH?!" and fumbles backwards, tumbling foot over head down the hill and into a tree! "Ow..." Katt rises to her feet while rubbing a tender spot from where her head made contact with the tough bark. Looking around, Katt can't seem to locate the owner of the voice that nearly gave her a heart attack, luckily.

Unluckily for Katt, he materializes through the bushes a moment later. He's a rather small boy, probably no older than 13, with fair skin, a mess of blonde hair hidden beneath a baseball cap, a 03 Electabuzz Jersey, and a pair of black cargo shorts with matching yellow-and-black shoes. He scowls at Katt, "THIEF! Why were you trying to steal my fruit?!"

Katt looks genuinely surprised at the boy and insists, "I wasn't stealing! I had no idea the fruit had an owner...I'm sorry."

The boy just huffs, "Not good enough! Trying to steal from the most powerful Trainer in the ViridianForest is a Class A Felony, punishable by having your Trainer's License taken from you!"

Katt didn't know whether to laugh aloud or be genuinely scared, "Um, I'm sorry, again? Look, had I known the Watmel was planted by someone else, then I never would have attempted to take it."

The boy's scowl only deepened as Katt spoke, "WHAT KIND OF AN IDIOT THINKS A WATMEL BERRY WOULD GROW IN A FOREST?!" He snaps! "It's a TROPICAL Berry! To grow one so far inland takes months of cultivating and nurturing, and here you are trying to pluck it?!"

Katt waves her hands in dismay, "I said I wasn't trying to steal it! I didn't know!"

"Fine!" The boy frowns, "If you're telling the truth, than you should have no problem beating me in a Pokemon Battle!"

"Huh?" Katt was dumbfounded by this point. Who was this kid?!

"You heard me!" The boy points at himself and declares, "I'm Alto Baya, and I'm going to defeat you, thief! And, when I do, you're going to be dragged away by the authorities!"

Katt sighed, "Fine, fine, we'll battle. But, can it wait a bit? I have breakfast to cook for my Pokemon and myself."

"No!" Alto stamps his foot for emphasis, "We battle now!"


Katt giggles and Alto's face turns a mean shade of scarlet. "Not hungry, huh?" Katt teases.

"Fine, you can make yourself breakfast...but I want a share, too!" Alto shouts.


"Mmm! You make really good eggs, Ms. Katt!" Alto praises as he scarfs down another heloign of Katt's freshly prepared eggs. By the time Katt returned to the clearing with Alto, Phoenix and the others had already picked up and gotten Katt's supplies ready to cook for her. Now, the Pokemon, Alto, and Katt enjoy a nice breakfast of eggs and berries.

Phoenix clucks in agreement with Alto, "Comb!"

Sparky and Lily simply nod, entirely focused on their meals.

Katt smiles, "Well, thank you, Alto. I'm glad you like it!"

A few minutes later, the two Trainers and Katt's Pokemon finish eating and Katt has all of her supplies tucked away, ready for traveling. Now, from two sides of the clearing, Katt and Alto stare each other down.

"Prepared to lose?" Alto mocks. He smiles, revealing a missing front tooth, giving the boy an even more childish appearance.

Katt just chuckles, "Not on your best day! Send out your first Pokemon!"

Alto glares, “Go! Beedrill!” Throwing his PokeBall skyward, the youngster releases a menacing hornet Pokemon! The Beedrill appears to be very well trained.

Katt smirks, “Sending out your best first? Go! Sparky!” The Emolga lets out a cry and glides onto the battlefield.

“No! Beedrill’s just my opening act, you’ll see,” Alto answers. “Beedrill! Use Twin Needle!” The Beedrill zooms in towards Sparky with its spikes bared!

“Sparky! Dodge to the left and clip that bug’s wings with Thundershock!” Katt commands.

Sparky obeys and dodges to the left, only to be caught by Beedrill’s stinger!

“What?! But how?” Katt asks, astonished.

Alto laughs from across the field, “Hah! Beedrill’s body is capable of turning on point at a moment’s notice! The second Emolga veered to the left, Beedrill was already in the process of turning so that your Pokemon would still be caught by my Bug-type’s stinger!”

Sparky falls to the floor, “Emo!” He rises shakily to his feet. “Emo!” Sparky jumps into the air to take flight!

“Alright, Sparky, let’s try this again, Thundershock!” Katt orders, concerned as to whether or not her Pokemon was poisoned when it made contact with Beedrill’s stinger.

“Double Team, Beedrill!” The agile Bug begins to create duplicates of itself, surrounding Sparky and leaving the Emolga confused! Sparky, unsure of which target to hit, releases his Thundershock only to hit a copy!

“Don’t let his techniques scare you, Sparky,” Katt assures her Pokemon, “Just focus! The original is more obvious than the duplicates!”

Sparky nods and turns to look at each of the Beedrill surrounding it, but before it can determine the original; the clones begin to move sideways!

“If you really think I’m going to let you pick out the real Beedrill that easily, then you’re mistaken! Beedrill, Poison Sting!” Alto commands confidently.

“Quick, fly up!” Katt shouts desperately. Emolga shoots skyward, barely evading a barrage of purple, poisonous spines! Luckily, since the Poison Stings missed their targets, they ended up hitting the Beedrills on the opposite sides!

“No!” Alto yells in desperation as the Double Team clones fade and the real Beedrill is revealed!

“Quick! Thundershock, now!” Katt commands. Sparky releases the electrical attack, hitting Beedrill! The Bug Pokemon falls to the floor, smoke rising from its charred form!

“Beedrill, get up!” Alto orders. Struggling, the Pokemon rises to its feet, showing obvious signs that it is close to fainting. “Tsh, return,” Alto presses the release switch on Beedrill’s PokeBall and the injured Pokemon returns to its confines. “I’m not about to let my Pokemon faint. Next up,” Alto retrieves another PokeBall, “Go! Scyther!”

Throwing the PokeBall, Alto sends forth a Bug-type that almost causes Katt to worry for Sparky’s safety. The mantis Pokemon bares its formidable scythes and releases a cry, “Scyther!”

“Oh boy, this is going to be tough…” Katt mutters, “Sparky! Are you able to continue?”

Sparky just shoots Katt a look, “Emo!”

“Alright, then let’s begin! Sparky, use Thundershock!” The Emolga releases a second thunder attack and hits Scyther dead-on! But, it doesn’t appear to do much damage!

“What’s going on?” Katt mumbles.

“Hahahah! I’ve trained Scyther to withstand its normally crippling weakness to Electric-type moves! You’ll have to come at us with something different if you plan on taking Scyther down!” Alto boasts. “Scyther, use Vacuum Wave!”

“Scyth!” The Scyther begins to rub its scythes together and a vortex of friction begins to form! Sparky, against his will, is pulled towards the swirling mass of wind and frictional energy!

“Sparky! Try to fly away!” Desperately, the small Pokemon tries to fly away from the vortex, but it can’t seem to do so!

“Vacuum Wave,” Alto explains, “is a Fighting-type skill that allows the user to create a vortex by rubbing its muscles together in a certain pattern. This vortex draws the target in, and, when they’re inside the event horizon, the user of Vacuum Wave stops creating the vortex, releasing it in a devastating wave that hits the target brutally!”

Katt gulps, “That’s not good! Sparky! Use Thundershock! Get Scyther to stop the Vacuum Wave!”

“Emo! Emo!” Sparky releases another Thundershock, but the move does little damage to Scyther and fails to halt the Vacuum Wave!

“Now!” Alto signals! Scyther stops the Vacuum Wave, releasing the pent-up energy directly at Emolga and sending the poor Pokemon flying!

“Sparky!” Katt runs out to catch her injured Pokemon. “Are you okay?”

“Emo…Emo…” Sparky tries stubbornly to get up, but falls back into Katt’s arms.

“You’re too weak, buddy, please,” she pulls out Sparky’s PokeBall, “you need to rest. You did excellently.” She touches the orb to Sparky’s head and the Emolga retreats into its PokeBall.

Alto smiles smugly, “Guess it’s 1-for-1. Send out your next Pokemon!”

Katt glares at the boy, “You’re going to pay for doing that to my poor Sparky. Lily! You’re on!”

Lilligant comes onto the field, angry at her partner’s defeat, “Lily!”

Alto mocks Katt, “Hahahahah! Are you mental? Don’t you know that Bugs have a significant type-advantage over Grass-types?”

“You’re the one who’s mental if you think a type advantage will win you the battle,” Katt replies coolly. “Lily! Use Leech Seed!”

Lily swirls and releases the Leech Seed towards Scyther!

“Scyther, use Vacuum Wave again!” The Scyther does so silently, drawing the Leech Seed and Lilligant towards its center, destroying the seed in the process!

Katt giggles, “Perfect. Lily, Sleep Powder!”

“What?! Scyther! Cancel the attack!”

But, it’s too late! Lily releases the sleeping powder, which is immediately drawn into the vortex, and inhaled by Scyther! Slowly, the vortex ceases and Scyther crumples to the floor, asleep!

“Okay, Lily, use Leech Seed!” Lily slings another seed which attaches itself to Scyther’s back and sprouts its vines!

“Scyther! Wake up!” Alto screams! However, Scyther is sound asleep as the Leech Seed drains its energy!

“Okay, Lily, finish this off,” Katt says, “Absorb!”

“Lilli!” Lily releases the Absorb attack, draining Scyther’s energy further!

“That’s it! Scyther, return!” Alto throws Scyther’s PokeBall, replacing the sleeping Bug in its sphere. The PokeBall automatically returns to Alto’s palm. “Okay, that was clever. But, that trick won’t work on my last Pokemon!” Alto throws out his last Pokemon: Form the PokeBall, the red light spills out and forms into a menacing Bug Pokemon with an impossibly long horn!

The blue beetle just stares down Katt and Lily, “Heracross!”

“Heracross here was once the menace of Viridian Forest,” Alto gloats, “I caught him and now he’s my prize fighter! No one’s beaten Heracross yet, even Pewter City’s Brock couldn’t handle him!”

That causes Katt’s blood to run cold, Brock?! You mean this kid beat a Gym Leader?! She gulps and takes a deep breath, “Be that as it may, you’re not going to win this battle…because I believe in my Pokemon!”

Lily and Phoenix look at their Trainer and both nod solemnly.

“Tsh, whatever,” Alto says, “Heracross! Finish this in one move! Use Fury Attack!”

“Hera!” The large Bug-type charges at Lily, its horn poised to attack!

“Lily! Dodge it and use Sleep Powder!” Lilligant sidesteps Heracross’s initial charge and releases a cloud of Sleep Powder!

“Use your horn to dissolve it!” Alto orders. Heracross swings its horn in a cross-shape, dissipating the sleeping powder before it can be inhaled! “Now, Night Slash!” Heracross cuts down Lily with a horn shrouded in darkness!

“Lil!” Lilligant falls to the floor and struggles to regain her footing!

“Don’t give up, Lily,” Katt shouts, “Get up and use Sleep Powder again, but this time, spin away!”

Lily nods and jumps into the air, performing an aerial pirouette as it moves away from Heracross and releases a second cloud of sleeping powder!

“Tsh, again? Heracross, Cross-maneuver!” Heracross repeats its previous evasive tactic to avoid the sleeping powder, but this time, the cloud proves too large to be properly dissipated! Heracross inhales the powder and crumples to the floor, asleep!

“Not again! Heracross, wake up!” Alto shouts. However, the beetle simply remains asleep.

“Lily, use Growth! Keep using it until Heracross wakes up!” Katt orders.

“Lil!” Lily points its leafy arms skyward and begins to take in the sun’s energy, raising its offensive capabilities!

“Heracross! Wake up! If it gets the chance to maximize its offenses, we might lose!” Alto barks. Heracross doesn’t notice though, and continues to snooze.

“Alright, Lily,” Katt said confidently, use Absorb!

Lily turns her attention from the sun and focuses on Heracross, “Lilligant!” Unleashing an enormous amount of power, the Absorb attack strikes the prostrate Bug-type and saps a huge amount of its energy!

“Heracross!” Its Trainer’s cry causes the Heracross to finally awaken, only to find itself severely weakened! “That was…a dirty trick!” Alto shouts at Katt.

“Dirty? No, I’m playing fair-and-square. Don’t get upset that I’m just a challenge for you,” Katt chides.

“A challenge?! We’ll see,” Alto says, “Heracross, use Horn Attack!” The drained Heracross attempts to lunge at Lilligant, but stumbles and falls forward.

“Hera…” The large beetle Pokemon lets out a weak cry, signaling its defeat.

“Looks like I’m the victor, this time,” Katt says. Lily returns to her Trainer’s side and Katt pats Lily’s head, “You did marvelously, Lily.”

“Agh! This is unbelievable!” Alto returns his Heracross to its PokeBall and stomps towards Katt, “I don’t care if you beat me; I’m still reporting you to the police for attempted theft of private property!”

At that, Katt becomes annoyed. “Listen here,” she begins, “I beat you in a three-on-three match entirely without tricks. If you have a problem with that, then too bad!” Katt turns and walks off in a huff, Phoenix and Lily following close behind.

“Hey!” Alto calls, “You can’t just leave! I’m placing you under citizen’s arrest!”

“Tell it to someone who cares,” Katt calls back. Leaving the boy behind, Katt and her Pokemon make their way towards the exit of Viridian Forest. Depsite her opponent’s obnoxious attitude, Katt is utterly thrilled to have bested someone who beat a Gym Leader! She felt bad about Sparky’s injuries though and knew she had to get to a Pokemon Center right away.

“We’ll get you healed up ASAP, Sparky, I promise,” Katt tells her Emolga tenderly. To strength the bonds that tie, is not always a painless endeavor.

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Zoey Wyrmoki / / Viridian Forest
19 00 00 00 00 00

The jeep jumps and rumbles, shaking about wildly with the unevenness of the terrain. Michelle sits at the wheel, her ranger hat and coat covering her head and body, flooring the vehicle to catch up with the poachers in action. The bumpy ride causes Gabby and Zoey in the backseat to routinely collide with eachother, making it all the harder for Zoey to feed the ailing swablu a bottle of nutritious milk formula Michelle gave her before they took off in the jeep. Swablu coughs up much of the stuff, unable to drink it down smoothly due to them traversing turbulent terrain.

"D-dammit!" swears Zoey in frustration. "I can't get it to drink the formula! The jeep is too unstable!"

"Do your best!" Michelle responds in confidence, steering the vehicle around many sharp turns, nearly colliding with trees and rocks along the way.

"I- not sure if I ca-a-a-n get Swablu to drink while we're on this ro-o-o-o-ad!" stutters Zoey, holding onto the towel wrapped swablu and Michelle's seat as their ride suddenly becomes more rocky.

"Look!" Gabby points in shock. "I saw a flash up in that direction! It looked like lightning!"

"Did you now?" Michelle inquires, following the path of the girl's finger to the spot, a high altitude forest valley not too far from their present position. "I see. That must be where they're at. Swablu and altaria flocks have been migrating up in that direction as of late, no doubt due to the poachers' ruthless tactics. Hold on tight girls!"

The jeep accelerates to top speed, jetting through the forest at ridiculous speeds. Both girls hold on for their lives, Zoey being sure to keep swablu as comfortable as possible to better endure the chaotic off roading experience. Before long, the women begin to head uphill, slowing the vehicle down but only making the trip there far more turbulent. In no time, Michelle speeds her ranger jeep into the foothills, finding a dirt road to burn rubber on as they hastily approach the scene of the poachers' crimes. No sooner than they arrive, trouble immediately jumps them. A spiked, large creature erupts from the earth, landing on the hood of the jeep as Michelle slams on her brakes immediately, jerking the girls in the backseat forward to slam their heads against the front seat, delirious from the momentum shift. The beast, upon landing on the hood jabs its massive claw into the vehicle's engine, ripping it out and tossing it into the nearby woods where it explodes, igniting several trees in the process.

"SA-AH-AH-AH-AH-ANDSHLASH!" the creature bellows, apparently laughing in victory as it looks over the scene unfolding before it, expecting a confrontation eagerly.

"Quick! Get out of the vehicle before it ignites!" warns Michelle as she falls out of her seat in pain, slamming her elbow against the hard, rocky surface of the road.

Zoey and Gabby, suffering less severe injuries, leaping out of the vehicle as it begins to go up in flames.

"Miss!" screams Gabby, realizing that their escort is wincing and moaning in pure agony, unable to move from the ground where she's too close to the vehicle to make it out alive.

Reacting quickly, Gabby tosses her pokeball, releasing a galloping Leyvee before giving her orders, "Leyvee! Save Michelle before the jeep blows!"

The bayleef jumps into action, nudging its head hastily under the injured Michelle, tossing her, not without loud screams of pain, onto the creature's back before the jeep explodes, setting off a terrible show of raging flames. Leyvee rushes back to her trainer, pulling off to her side where Gabby reaches for Michelle, still flinching in pain.

"How bad are you hurt?" Gabby asks, resting the woman on the ground with her back kept upright due to Leyvee's side acting as a pillow.

"I- oww... think I broke my left arm..." Michelle speculates to the girls, reaching into her right pocket with her good arm, pulling out a pokeball.

"Oh, that's terrible! What're we going to do!?" Gabby freaks in reaction.

"I will call up Ryan and tell him we've been stalled. In the meantime..." Michelle informs, pressing the release mechanism on her pokeball to cast forth her vaporeon.

"Vaporeon!" she calls upon her water-type, who rushes up to her trainer in concern after seeing her dear trainer in severe pain. "I need you to use Hydro Pump and stop that fire in the woods before it spreads! Then help us take on Sandslash over there."

"Vapor!" salutes the water-type, rushing off to the woods to take care of the spreading fire.

"Now, to grab my phone," Michelle states, reaching into her pocket in order to warn her partner of their delay.

"It's no good, I'm afraid!" boasts a man's voice, sliding down the side of the hill. "You see, we've captured the fool after he tried to disrupt our work. We can't just let some stranger waltz in on us and disrupt our hard fought labor! You see, our clients pay big bucks for us to deliver them the prizes that which they seek. You won't be getting in our way!"

The man appearing before them is tall and stocky, mid-length brown hair with a full, short-haired beard wrapping around his face. Upon his feet are camo hunting boots, suited up with baggy jeans over his legs and a flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves, appearing much like a stereotypical lumberjack. The sandslash that attacked appears before him, facing their new opponents, two teenage girls that look to be nothing more than amateur upstarts. Easy prey for a veteran poacher to toss aside.

"D-dammit! You scum of the earth! What makes you think you'll get away with this!?" yells the suffering Michelle, scowling towards the man in anger.

"Well, you don't look like you can do anything, and neither can your boyfriend we have under lock!" states the man in laughter. "Looks like you brought your cheerleading squad with you. Cute!"

"Girls!" Michelle utters, her tone weakening due to the pain. "I'm sorry to ask so much of you two but I need you to head up the hill and find the other poacher and their van. They have Ryan too, so please try to free him. In the meantime I'll call for back-up and I'll try to keep this guy busy while you two catch up to the other poachers."

"Right, okay!" agrees Gabby, Zoey nodding as well, both with determined gestures as they turn to face the tall man standing before them.
"Ol' Sanderson! Let's cut these children down to size! Gut 'em with Crush Claw!" bellows the bulky man eagerly, with the spiky rodent rushing to the scene of battle.

"SCIZZZOR!!!" buzzes a fierce beast, appearing in the blink of an eye in front of the girls to block the oncoming attack with its steel claws, utilizing its Iron Defense.

"Good, Scizor! Follow up with Night Slash!" Michelle orders the red bug that she had summoned in place of reaching for her phone, appearing out of nowhere to come to her defense.

"Not completely defenseless, eh?" chuckles the confident poacher, impressed by the woman's quick reaction. "Alright! Dig 'm up!"

"Sha! Saandhlash!" Sanderson the Sandslash growls, sidestepping the quick ebony blade before scooping its claws into the tough soil.

The girls decide to make their run for it, rushing off to the man's right to speed up the hill. Leyvee leaves with them, leaving Michelle to sit herself up as she tries to save herself using her Pokemon. However, their escape is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Sanderson, popping up out of the ground explosively, aiming its sword-like claws for the girls' necks. The swablu tries to squawk in fear, but remains inaudible, panicking in Zoey's arms as she tries to hold it firm. Both girls, carried by momentum, find themselves unable to stop as the sandslash's claws prepare to behead the defenseless ladies.

"What!?" Michelle exclaims in shock. "No! Scizor, go after them! Pursuit!"

"BaaaaayLEEEEEEEF!!!" Leyvee growls in anger, Tackling Sanderson away to the side with all of her might before changing course to defend her trainer and her friend's rears.

"What!? Stupid girls! Stay out of our way!" the man stomps in anger. "Sanderson, it's time for Rollout!"

Sanderson responds in kind, leaping up into the air before curling itself into a ball and setting itself into motion.


"Gah! What the -HELL-!?" howls the poacher in anger. "You've got to be -KIDDING- me! Get the hell up now Sanderson! Inexcusable! Don't let them scamper away!"

Sanderson goes flying, its Rollout interrupted by an intercepting scizor.

"You're not going to lay a finger OR claw on them!" assures Michelle, using her scizor to block the path of verbally abused Sanderson.

"Saaaaaaah!" growls Sanderson in the direction of scizor who merely glances coolly back towards the poor sandslash, sweat pouring from its brow from his owner's rage.

"Dumb stinkin' broad! Dammit Sanderson, use Magnitude!" hisses the poacher in rage, losing the battle of containment.

"Retaliate with Metal Claw!"
Taking advantage of the opportunity, the girls and Leyvee scurry into the wooded foothills, away from the scene of battle as they pursue the other poachers deeper in the mountains. Scrounging through the hilly thickets in haste, the girls try to keep their fast pace alive. It's up to the pair of brave teens to tackle the poaching threat and rescue the other ranger and the captured Pokemon from harm. Somehow, they'll need to muster up the strength to stall powerful adversaries until the authorities arrive to arrest the poachers. First things first though; they must first find the poachers themselves.

Cracks of lightning flash into the sky not far from the girls' location. The loud shattering reverberates throughout the forest, causing flocks of birds to uproot themselves out of their nests. Swarms of bug and bird Pokemon take flight off in the opposite direction, likely out of terror from the electrical surge. An unusual shriek echoes throughout the mountain air, high pitched in nature but erratic and shrill, indicating that something's amiss. That's a clear indication of a problem if there ever was one.

"A lightning flash! I bet that's one of the poachers!" concludes Gabby with determination. "Let's go get them Zoey!"

"Right," agrees Zoey, the both of them bolting in the direction of the lightning.

Their pace towards the spotting of the lightning hastens, with an ear-piercing noise of distress only getting louder and more frequent. Breaking through the thick mountain foliage, the girls find themselves overlooking a horrific scene. A van is parked out in the middle of a small open field with two men and their Pokemon wrangling up a flock of Pokemon. One man carries away a thick net full of cotton-like clumps, followed by another bag of birds carried by his magmar, the poached Pokemon chirping loudly and struggling fiercely to set themselves free to no avail. Dragging the nets filled with the birds, identified by Zoey's pokedex as several bagged swablu, one of the men drags the panicking poultry towards the rear of van, preparing to toss them inside. The other man stands at the base of a tree, commanding his Pokemon while to his right side are piles of felled trees, the fault of the mens' ferocious pinsir and his X-scissor and Brick Break attacks, snapping thick trunked trees like twigs. Meanwhile, their electabuzz leaps from branch to branch at lightning speed, leaping agilely up the tree in vertical motion before unleashing fierce blasts of Thunderbolt, sniping weaker swablus from the sky, crashing to the ground where the poachers and their Pokemon then collect them.

"Stop it!" screams Gabby at the top of her lungs, snagging the attention of the poachers as she charges towards them furiously. "Let them go!"

"We had the advantage keeping quiet," Zoey smirks towards her enviro-vigilante companion. "Guess I should do my part."

Leyvee charges ahead of her trainer, preparing to attack one of the poachers, standing by the felled grove observing the work of his Pokemon in the poaching process. The man turns, scowling towards the goofy looking teen charging at him. With a smug look, he laughs towards his assailants, dodging the bayleef's amateur Tackle before planting his foot on the girl's unconditioned belly, forcing her into the ground with a hard kick. Gabby coughs harshly, unprepared for such a punishing blow.

"BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!" cackles the man, a short, black haired man with a mustache and a little stubble under his chin. "You've got to be -KIDDING- me! THIS is the reinforcement those nosy rangers send after us? PAAA-thetic! BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!"

"H-h-help... Leyvee..." Gabby coughs up, struggling to overpower the strength in the man's imposing leg.

"BAAAAY!!" Leyvee growls angrily as her body charges towards the man's location.

"Puh-lease! X-scissor this overgrown leaf Limbsplitter!" the man orders his pinsir to action.

"HEY!!!" the man yells up the tree as his electabuzz nears the tree's peak to take out the flock leader, an altaria guarding the last nest in the area. "Hurry up with the catch Buzzkill! We gotta pull out of here in a few minutes before more rangers show up! Get a move on!"

Limbsplitter the pinsir catches the vulnerable Leyvee unprepared, crushing her sides under the might of Limbsplitter's spiked pincers. Leyvee squeals in pain, launched through the air before her body collides with the hard earth. It's a super-effective move, using the bug-types insect features to target the bayleef's weakest points. Leyvee somehow finds her feet, recovering from the powerful blow but suffering visible damage with Leyvee routinely flinching in pain from the attack. She refuses to back down, however, glaring towards the pinsir with fire in her eyes. This grass-type will do whatever it takes to rescue her trainer, even if it requires overpowering a type disadvantage.

"Gruuaaaaahhh!" Buzzkill growls, electrical currents jumping between his antennas before unleashing a fierce Thunderbolt on the foe before it, an altaria standing guard by her nest.

Altaria fluffs up her down, using Cotton Guard to solidify her defenses for the coming onslaught of the electabuzz's attacks. Roaring in defiance, Buzzkill uses Altaria's lack of action to its advantage, rushing in to crash into the bird's body with a punishing Quick Attack, but it barely does anything more than close the distance between the two given Altaria's tough defenses. Buzzkill reacts swifly though, surprising the overconfident Humming Pokemon with a chilling Ice Punch, expanding the presence of frostbite across Altaria's fluffy down, causing her to shriek in pain. Buzzkill buzz killed, taking advantage of Altaria's double weakness to ice-type techniques. Buzzkill doesn't relent, thrusting Thunderpunch after Thunderpunch until Altaria freezes up with paralysis. Altaria winces, trying to use Sing to incapacitate her attacker but fails to due so due to Buzzkill's interrupting Thunderpunches. Buzzkill continues his momentum, aiming a powerful Brick Break straight for the bird's core, but Altaria refuses to give in to her opponent.

Taking flight, Altaria dodges the electabuzz's attack by using the advantage of the sky. The bird's body is aglow, using a mysterious power that stuns Buzzkill, not expecting such an upset when it was virtually unopposed moments ago. Altaria uses Refresh, curing itself from paralysis before she spreads her wings, engaging in a bizarre sight in the sky. The blue bird jerks her body every which way, as if performing some sort of ancient dance in the sky. Unique only to dragon-type Pokemon, Altaria performs her Dragon Dance in preparation for her assault. Cawing in defiance and anger, shy begins to ascend, blending in with the clouds themselves as she becomes one with the sky itself. Buzzkill, an experienced poacher, knows what's next, sweating with anxiety over the bird's preparation for a crucifying Sky Attack. There's no time to waste for the electabuzz. He begins to prepare a dance of his own, sending off sparks of electricity into the atmosphere to gather thunderclouds and moisture, the effects resulting from his Rain Dance. Buzzkill's body begins crackling with electrical energy, his body reacting to the developing cumulonimbus clouds. Rain soon falls upon their sky battlefield, catching Altaria off guard as its powerful flying move is interrupted by an abrupt storm.

Nonetheless, Altaria begins her descent, hurdling at breakneck speeds towards the poaching Pokemon. Swooping down low, Altaria speeds like a jetplane ready to send the electric-type flying, literally, to a far off place. The Sky Attack is too slow, however. Buzzkill's body erupts in a fantastic electrical display, calling down a bolt of white lightning from the heavens to boost its assault before sending a blinding charge of pure Thunder after Altaria. The ferocity of Buzzkill's electrical surge completely halts Altaria's attack, sending her crashing into her own nest, nearly sending both of them to the ground with the force of her impact. Fortunately for both of them, the nest stabilizes, but ultimately favors the yellow Pokemon. Grinning over the success of his move, rain continues falling upon the battlefield. Perfect. The moisture will help ready his final attack -AND- assist in their quick getaway. Buzzkill walks with swagger over towards Altaria, moving her neck slightly to catch a glimpse of her opponent. Determined to still protect her children, she somehow finds her feet, but is unable to do much else, simply fluffing up her down for another Cotton Guard to buy her time to recover. Not good enough. Buzzkill's brutal Brick Break slams into Altaria's chest despite her fluffed up protective feathers, stumbling backwards towards the nest's edge. The electabuzz follows up quickly, lifting his right fist into the air as the moisture around it solidifies and gathers frost. His fist begins taking on a light blue glowing aura before the clenched fist crashes into Altaria's gut. The Ice Punch sends her reeling, squawking in pain before she stumbles off the edge of nest, freefalling towards the ground.
She failed. Altaria's unconscious body impacts the ground with a good thud, bringing a smile to the poacher's lips as he eyes their final prize. Buzzkill hastily descends the tree, hopping drown from each branch before finally making it safely to the ground, sparks still emanating from his body as he approaches his poacher, grinning wickedly. Work complete. Now all that must be done is taking care of the pesky teenagers interfering with their business.

Gabby remains under foot, struggling to speak as the man applies pressure to her gut. Despite her squirming in pain, he keeps her pinned and helpless. Her only hope of salvation lies in Leyvee, dusting her feet in the ground as she prepares to take on pinsir, standing between her and the man holding her trainer hostage.

"LEEF!!" Leyvee growls in anger, staring down Limbsplitter who doesn't back down an inch, eager for combat.
Leyvee begins her assault, firing streams of Razor Leaves towards her opponent. Limbsplitter reacts with Harden, causing the leaves to shatter on contact, dealing no signs of damage whatsoever. This isn't all bad though. In fact, it fits into her plan, continuing her forward momentum to land a Tackle on Limbsplitter.

"Send that piece of **** flying! Vital Throw!" the man grins, thinking this battle over.

Limbsplitter simply catches her between his pincers, stuck as his mighty spikes hold her in place. To everyone's surprise though, Leyvee rustles her mane of leaves furiously before being tossed by Vital Throw. Purple specks of dust trickle out of her mane, landing on the bug's unsuspecting surface. Poisonpowder leaves its mark, just as Leyvee is sent flying through the air, smashing hard into the ground. The bayleef trembles, trying to find her feet after suffering two devastating blows from the man's pinsir. However, she has an ace in the hole. Her body begins to illuminate, glowing softly as sparkling particles approach and collide with her body. She performs Synthesis on herself, recovering from some of the damage done to her earlier. Unfortunately, rain arrives out of nowhere, blocking her access to the sun's recuperative light which impedes her healing process. At least she manages to restore some health. Limbsplitter wont have that luxury as its health slowly declines from the poison. The bug wastes no time, meeting his determined adversary on the other side of his trainer, having recovered from his earlier attacks.

"What the...!?" the man blurts in shock, pissed off by the sudden restoration of a foe he thought defeated. "That's ********!!! It's time for your Vicegrip, Limbsplitter!"

The bug-type buzzes into action, charging towards Leyvee while she readies another unique strategy. Concentrating what light she can, she builds a reflective shield around her, bowling towards her opponent with a Reflect-enhanced Tackle. Surprising both Limbsplitter and his trainer, Leyvee blows through her opponent, using the additional strength from her Reflect to increase the damage done, but that's not all. The poison from earlier was a mere distraction, weakening her foe so that she can bypass the pinsir's might, succeeding in that regard as her enhanced Tackle continues towards the poacher, directly in the vengeful grass-type's path. In panic, he releases his foot's grip on the bayleef's trainer who scurries away to safety before turning around to witness Leyvee's rescue of her. Leyvee's green body clashes with the fleeing poacher's, sending them both to the wet ground. The grass-type angrily fires off a round of Razor Leaves, cutting up the man's chest and face while she hisses into his ugly mug, wreaking vengeance for the man's inexcusable attack on her trainer.

"Leyvee, look out!" hollers Gabby in terror, warning her Pokemon for an imminent danger.

SNAP!! CRACKLE!! POP!! Leyvee's mouth is left gaping wide open, stunned by a sudden rush of debilitating pain that topples her to her side, falling unconscious. Limbsplitter stands before her, flexing his pincers after they performed a critical X-scissor upon the grass-type's unguarded form.

"Noo!! Leyvee..." Gabby yells, tears beginning to stream down her face.

Her dear Pokemon did her best to rescue her trainer, but it wasn't enough to save herself from Limbsplitter's fatal blow. Tearful, she pulls out Leyvee's pokeball, recalling her and placing her ball back into her pocket before pulling out a new one, ready to carry on the battle to avenge her fallen heroine.

"Go Maya! Let us honor Leyvee's sacrifice!" she yells, casting forth her blue rodent, a small merill whose ears perk up upon recognizing the soothing sensation repetitively striking her big ears and brow.

Rain. Perfect for a water-type. Maya stands at the ready, glaring at her far larger opponent, the menacing pinsir Limbsplitter. Not only that, but Leyvee's Poisonpowder from earlier appears to be taking its toll. The bug pants heavily, its face pale and sweaty from intoxication. Where before Leyvee and Gabby had the disadvantage, now they hold the advantage, not only because of this being a fresh Pokemon versus a debilitated one, but also because of the falling rain which will power up Maya's water-type attacks. Let the battle continue.

"Maya, spray him down with your Water Gun!"

"Like I'll let you do that!" angrily retorts the man. "Limbsplitter! Vicegrip that pest!"

Limbsplitter jumps into action, but finds itself too enfeebled by poisons, unable to shuffle away from Maya's Water Gun. The bug stumbles back several yards, falling onto his rear, only to be surprised by a sight out of the blue.


Maya's spherical body drills against the bug-type's chitin, spinning like a wheel before the friction and momentum send the blue mouse into the tree behind Limbsplitter, snapping the tree in half before rolling off to the side and returning to her original stance.

"Maya!! That was too much! Don't hurt the trees!" Gabby shouts disapprovingly for her Pokemon's reckless endangerment of pristine nature.

Someone else faces a similar fate to the tree. Limbsplitter's unconscious body lies immobile, taken to the cleaners by the marill's super-effective rock-type bombardment. Sure enough, the rain gave Maya's Water Gun a sizeable power up as well as enhancing the revolution and velocity of the mouse's Rollout.

"IMPOSSIBLE!!" screams the man in disbelief, recalling his feigned bug. "You're a disgrace, you damn insect!"

Gabby grimaces towards the man, taken aback by his cruel words relayed to his Pokemon that was simply following orders. Poachers sure aren't nice people; at least these one's aren't anyway. However, this moment is overshadowed by a blinding flash of light from atop a towering tree. The brilliant explosion of lightning forces Gabby to cover her eyes, the brightness too intense to see straight on. Maya follows the same course of action, while the poacher, not facing the light to begin with, grins confidently, reminding him that he has another weapon waiting in the wings. His weapon's capabilities are revealed, as a fluffy blue bird comes falling out of the sky, its coat charred, likely from the earlier lightning blast that has it smack the ground hard.

Covering her mouth with her hands in horror, Gabby reacts, "Oh no!"

Moments later, a new gladiator reaches the ground, electricity saturating his terrifying form. The fierce electric-type grins as wickedly as his master, eager to initiate another battle. Certainly the poacher regains his earlier advantage, sporting an electric-type in a storm against Gabby's little water-type Maya. Brimming with cockiness, the poacher cackles loudly, knowing that he has a ridiculously huge advantage over Gabby.

"Yeheheheheah, kid! Nobody can halt Buzzkill! He's a... well, he's a killin' machine!! BRAHAHAHAAHAAHAHHH!!" the man continues laughing uproariously.

"Take 'm out with a single blow! THUNDER!!!"

Buzzkill complies jubilantly, shooting Maya a wicked grin as his antennas light up with a massive concentration of electricity. A massive blast wave fires forth from his body, moving at such impeccable speeds aided by the storm that it collides with Maya instantaneously with no chance of evasion. Electricity surges through the defenseless water-type's body, eyes wide in complete shock as her body goes numb from electrical overload. After several seconds, the insane amount of electricity dissipates, leaving an unconscious mouse that falls over as if her life had just been snuffed out by the blow.

"NOOOO!!!" Gabby screams at an ear wrenching volume, forcing the poacher to clutch his ears in pain from her outburst.

Gabby races over to her incapacitated marill. She picks up her poor water-type, but the creature is out cold, its body charred and oven hot from the electabuzz's Thunder. Tears flow freely from her face now, recalling her second out-of-commission Pokemon as she's now left trapped into a corner.

"Shockpox!" Gabby cries, summoning her final Pokemon to the field. "This is your first battle as my Pokemon, but I need you now more than ever!"

"What's this?" guffaws the man in amazement. "You're sending out a webbed pichu to stop MY electabuzz! This is just too priceless! You shouldn't be screwing around with adult's business, girl! Welcome to the real world!"

"Just... shut up okay!?" Gabby retaliates in tearful anger, pointing directly at the man and his electabuzz. "Use Charge!"

"Bah! Worthless! Give that pipsqueak a taste of your Brick Break, Buzzkill!" the man boasts, leading his electric-type into its next battle.

Shockpox responds, generating electricity up in her cheeks for a future attack. However, Buzzkill's speed sends the squirrel packing with his violent fighting-type attack. Rolling away, the electric rodent finds her feet, surviving the damage done to it by her fellow electric-type. Her Charge continues to gather up and store electricity, preparing for her trainer to give the order to unleash said energy.

"Alright Shockpox!" Gabby proclaims, "Let's hit 'em with Spark!"

"Catch it!"

In a surprise event, Buzzkill snatches up Shockpox as she speeds towards him with an electrified tackle, plucking her out of the air as if it were nothing. The combat experience differential is far too great, as the squirrel squirms helplessly as Buzzkill smirks evilly as he holds up the prey in his hand, lifting his left arm to flex.

"Er... Thundershock him!"

Shockpox lets loose a stream of electrical energy, but it does her no good. Buzzkill shakes off the mere static electricity shooting out from the emolga's body, lifting her up in his hand. The electabuzz cackles from the agony it's inducing upon its feeble victim, unable to escape his grasp.

"Finish it. Ice Punch," states the poacher coldly.

Frosted particles begin to collect around the electabuzz's fist, creating a light blue glow around his clenched hand. The icy cold fist, after Buzzkill tosses Shockpox into the air, smashes into the squirrel's gut, bringing his ice cold fist down upon her until her back intersects the earth. Shockpox lies on the ground, out cold in defeat as her body is covered in frost. Shockpox didn't even put up much of a fight, being called into battle and facing defeat all in under 30 seconds. This man's Buzzkill blew through two of her Pokemon with no sweat at all, and this is after taking out that altaria from earlier. Gabby falls to her knees in complete shock, mouth gaping wide open after bearing witness to the punishing battle against a seemingly immortal electabuzz. Too shocked to even speak, Gabby recalls Shockpox without a word, staring down at her pokeball, traumatized by her devastating loss. In a flash, Buzzkill appears before her, displaying his high speed. Before she's able to react and make her escape, Buzzkill grabs her by her wet black hair, lifting her as best he could given her superior height before firing an agonizing Thunderpunch to her abdomen. The girl is knocked out by the burst of electricity to her stomach, falling over Buzzkill's shoulders as he smirks, facing his master with pride as he easily disposed of the girl and her Pokemon.
"Excellent," complements the man with a wicked grin on his face. "Now, let's go spank that other bratty *****'s ass."

Zoey decides to capitalize on Gabby's reckless charge, hiding in the woods as the magmar and his owner toss in another net into the back of the van, the birds squawking about in fear of what might come. It wouldn't be wise to just run in there right when the poacher and his Pokemon are boarding Pokemon. That makes too little sense. Not to mention that it'll take some time to free all of the Pokemon inside before they come back, and considering how Vuowth usually ignores what Zoey tells her to do, time becomes all the more precious of a resource. She'll also have to contemplate how to break open the nets when she gets there. There's no doubt that the poachers must use sturdy stuff if they don't want their swablu haul to cut their way to freedom with their beaks.

The girl spots the ideal opportunity, watching the poacher and his magmar leave the van to go collect another haul out in the woods. This is it! She makes a run for it, racing downhill towards the location of the parked van. Zoey takes a peek inside, seeing piles of captured swablu and a few altaria caged too. Both her presence and the presence of her newborn swablu resting in the towel in her arms result in the quieting down of the caged lock to Zoey's dismay. She also spots one of the rangers, probably the Ryan that Michelle spoke of earlier with a cloth wrapping around his mouth and eyes while the rest of his body is wrapped up like a cocoon in high quality rope.

"No!" Zoey whispers loudly. "Keep making noise! Don't let them know I'm here!"

Her words seem to work, apparently. The poached flock continues their chorus of sorrow as they lament the state they find themselves in. Zoey hops up into the van, but makes her first line of business with the tied up ranger. She removes his blindfold and the cloth covering his mouth so that he can speak. The man's face is revealed, a short brown haired man of moderate height and build.

"Y-you! Who are you? Where's Michelle!?" the man speaks softly but firmly.

"Michelle and us were on our way here before we were ambushed on the path up here by one of the poachers that scouted ahead. He blew up our vehicle but we're all safe. Michelle broke her arm but is fending off the other poacher as we speak," Zoey clarifies to the man, calmed by her words.

"I see. This is no good. We're almost out of time," Ryan states, gritting his teeth in frustration. "I can't believe I got captured by these clowns. Disgraceful."

"Well, uh..." Zoey stammers, trying to elicit a response from herself to address their circumstance, "Gabby and I went with Michelle and we took off under her orders to stall the poachers here until other rangers arrive here to arrest them and free the Pokemon."

"Really? That's wonderful!" Ryan says, relieved by the news. "That Michelle, always so resourceful and brave. Oh, what is that you brought with you? A swablu, is it?"

"Yeah. It hatched from the egg I had with me in the forest," Zoey clarifies to Ryan, smiling briefly before her face drifts into a slight frown. "However, it was born in a coma and is really ill. I've been feeding it a special milk formula Michelle gave me to keep up its strength but it'll need proper medical attention from a professional most likely."

"I see..." Ryan nods in acknowledgement. "That's quite the responsibility Michelle has placed upon you two! She must think of you girls as fine young ladies to offer you two tasks of such importance."

Zoey blushes from the man's praise, using her embarrassment as a reason to shift her focus to the towel-wrapped swablu. She slips the creature's formula from he pink sack and squats before it, lifting it up and allowing it to nip the bottle in order to extract its nutritious contents.

"I uh... guess so..." Zoey stumbles over her words, her face reddening but she manages to hide this fact from Ryan. "To be honest I sort of got dragged into this mess against my will. I'm just trying to be the best Pokemon trainer that I can be, but I haven't been so successful. Maybe it's because I'm new."

"Oh, that can't be true!" Ryan assures her, giving her his praise-filled opinion. "You may be a rookie, but I know you'll find greatness someday. Just keep working at it!"

"Yeah, yeah," she waves off the comments, placing the bird down on the floor of the van before lurking over to the nets to examine them. "I keep telling myself that, but until I see results, I'm not convinced."

Zoey yanks at the net a few times, pulling it with her arms but to no avail. The nets are, as she thought, made of some sturdy stuff. Something sharp will be needed in order to break open these nets and set the birds free. Sharp... where would you find something that's sharp?

"Hey!" Zoey exclaims, her light bulb activating. "Do you have some sort of knife on you, like a box-cutter or something?"

"Oh?" he responds, catching on to her plan. "Typically I do, but the poacher scum stole all of my belongings, even my pokeballs. They placed them in an anti-release brace so that my Pokemon can't release themselves on their own to try and rescue me. Pretty despicable, they are."

"Really?" she confirms, disappointed by the news. "Damn... What am I going to do now?"

"HEY!" a man yells, his footsteps growing louder as he approaches the rear of the van. "Who's in there screwing with our haul!?"

"Ieeeep!" Zoey yelps, lunging for her helpless swablu before the poacher has a chance to get his hands on it.

"It's a little brat! Get out of there so I can discipline you right, girl!" he yells threateningly with his magmar scowling at her off to the side.

"Yeah, right. Like I'm going to willingly leave the van to get beat up by you. Dumbass," Zoey thinks to herself regading the man's moronic threat.

"Too scared of harming your -haul-? Come and get me, jackass!" Zoey taunts the man, showing her rear to him while she slaps it mockingly.

The man's face erupts with red anger. Knowing that having his magmar attack would harm the flocks he's collected, he stumbles his way up into the van, storming towards the girl in the back in order to force her out.

"****. He's really coming..." Zoey remarks to herself, sweat trickling down her face with anxiety.

"Vuowth, beat this smug bastard's ass!" Zoey cheers on Vuowth, clenching her pokeball before revealing her one and only Pokemon, a grovyle standing between her and the poacher.

The poacher's movements halt, hesitating while he watches the grovyle examine him closely, her predator eyes scanning his lanky posture with hostility. Sweat rolls off his brow, knowing that he can't have magmar defend him while his target remains in the van. Zoey recalls a detail from awhile back, noting an earlier scan she made regarding Vuowth in her pokedex. There was a certain move on that list she never saw before. What was it again? Zoey's mind wanders about for a few moments before her eyes narrow in on Vuowth's forearms, where three razor sharp leaves protrude from its limbs. That's it!

"Vuowth!" Zoey states, grabbing Vuowth's scowling attention. "Don't let the man get any closer! We have an opportunity to free the Pokemon while they can't do anything! Use your Fury Cutter and break open the nets! You can do it!?

The grass-type glances back at her trainer, snarling disapprovingly towards her with her cold, gold stare. Vuowth ignores her trainer's orders, wanting nothing to do with her bossy "trainer". Her eyes lock onto the tall skinny blonde man with long hair and a goatee. Something about this guy is... irritating. The lizard's scowl shoots an angry glare at the man, pissed off by his very presence in front of her. Vuowth holds her ground firm as neither of them move an inch, each of them anticipating the other's move.
"Come on Vuowth!" Zoey yells, frustrated by Vuowth's disobedience. "We -DON'T- have time for this! I need you to use Fury Cu-"

Vuowth shifts her body suddenly, lunging at the man before her with hate in her eyes, moving her left elbow into his gut as she slams him with her Quick Attack. Both of them are propelled out of the van, stumbling about on the ground although Vuowth recovers much quicker, bringing her forearms up to her chest before rushing towards the man as if she's about to gut the man with the blade-like leaves on her arms. However, her assault is blocked by a new foe. Magmar's Cross Chop sends Vuowth recoiling backwards, her arms badly bruised by the fire-type's fierce counterattack. Her gaze locks onto Magmar, both of them staring each other ground as if to see who's tougher. Neither flinch or blink for a second, embroiled in a duel of hot, stubborn tempers that no flame can match.

Zoey simply sighs in reaction, expecting nothing less from Vuowth but her stubborn refusal to listen. "See? She won't even listen to me."

"Ahahahahh! Great, great!" cheers on the man who finds himself upright to face Zoey's Pokemon properly. "Excellent indeed! Let's have some fun with this spunky reptile! Lava Plume, Lavager!"

Vuowth reacts, perfectly tiptoeing around the fiery explosion hurdling towards it. The lizard smirks at Lavager, taunting him with her eyes and smile.

"Great Vuowth! Follow up with a Quick Attack!" Zoey yells, hoping to garner some respect from her Pokemon in battle.

"Not gonna happen!" boasts the man. "Confuse Ray in the path of its Quick Attack!"

"Out of the way Vuowth! Don't let that hit you!" she commands worriedly, but gets a response she hadn't expected.

Vuowth launches herself into the air, planting her left foot into the ground before bending her leg like a spring and utilizing her superior lower body muscles to take to the air above Lavager, disarming both him and his master. Without time to react, she barrels down on her opponent like a pouncing raptor, a technique reminiscent of her Pursuit move, using it instead. The fire-type rolls backwards, not expecting such an unpredictable attack, but rolls off to his side to recover a series of savage Fury Cutter swipes, Lavager dodging most of them until Vuowth's supeerior quickness catches up with it, taking several slashes to its torso before stumbling over.

"What the hell is this Lavager!?" the poacher roars in anger. "You're letting this little girl's Pokemon make mincemeat out of you! UNACCEPTABLE!!!"

"Well, she definitely athletic..." Zoey admits to herself, but still finds her orders being dismissed by Vuowth. "You're doing great Vuowth, but you and I are a team! We have to work together to win! Your opponent has a type advantage over you so you and I should cooperate! Try to use-"


"GROOOOOOOvyle..." Vuowth shrieks in agony as an explosion of fire ignites on her belly, Lavager's right hook connecting with her vulnerable red underbelly.

Recovering slowly from the flaming attack, she nonetheless tries to hold her ground, glaring viciously at her opponent.

"Keep 'em comin'! Fire Punch away Lavager!"

"Evacuate Vuowth! Get some distance between you two!" Zoey hollers with urgency, hoping Vuowth has the sense to break away from her burning beating.

Instead, Vuowth tries to bob and weave around his attacks, successfully avoiding each flame coated fist. Her technique almost seems to be working, making Lavager look like a fool as she dodges each of his fiery fists like a championship boxer. However, her superior agility slips up, Vuowth being overconfident as a Fire Punch nabs her shoulder, forcing her into the ground with great force and heat. Vuowth can only shriek in writhing agony, consumed by fire.

"No, Vuowth!" Zoey calls out to her companion, hoping she'll be able to survive the attack. "Get up! I know you can do it!"

Vuowth retaliates in her own way, enduring the flames as best she can as her maw opens wide, clenching her strong jaw down on Lavager's arm before he has a chance to withdraw it. Using her suffering as a rouse, she Crunches the magmar's arm tightly, causing the fire-type to hiss in pain.

"Great Vuowth!" Zoey cheers, hoping her respect for her grass-type's tenacity pays off with a little collaboration on Vuowth's part. "But you've got to get out of there! Use the opportunity to get away and strike at him again with Quick Attack!"

It's no good, as Vuowth holds on to her foe tightly, drawing forth the leafy blades on her arm to arc them across the magmar's chest, performing her Fury Cutter technique again on him. Lavager continues to reel in pain, but bug-type moves fail to do much damage to him. The reptile finally lets go of Lavager's arm, leaving a noticeable bite mark on his arm as a sign of the damage she did to his health, but for her, it's just not enough.

"Bring this grass-type down. Lava Plume!"

Standing at too close a range, Vuowth fails to avoid the brunt of the magma hurling at her, causing her to take severe damage, tossing her back with tremendous force. By then though, something interesting begins. Rain starts to fall from the sky, unknowingly as a result of Buzzkill's Rain Dance as he fights off the broodmother. Barely able to move, Vuowth fights her way, trying to stabilize her stance as her eyes wince in pain, trying desperately to remain conscious. Losing is not an option.

"Not a chance!" the poacher hollers, sending his magmar in for a final blow. "Take'm out with your Cross Chop!"

"GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH VYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYLE..." Vuowth shrieks as her body is slammed with two hard hands aiming at her torso.

Zoey's body begins to tremble slightly, flashbacking to the last instance where she witnessed her Vuowth getting defeated so badly. It wasn't even an opponent she had a type weakness too, and it was her pre-evolution to boot. This circumstance is different though. Vuowth is still unwilling to work as a team, but finds herself matched against a fire-type that is able to overcome Vuowth's speed with his powerful offensive strikes, especially by use of his fire-type moves. It's over. It's done. She lost. Again. Zoey's reaction delays action, looking over to Vuowth, her Pokemon falling in defeat once again. Should she rethink being a Pokemon trainer after all? Is she just not cut out for Pokemon training?

"BRAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHH!!!" cackles the poacher in victory, crossing his arms as he grins over Lavager and his conquest. "You picked the wrong people to mess with, girl!"

"Vuowth..." Zoey whispers, traumatized by yet another loss as she looks over to Vuowth, her body slumped against the trunk of a tree, motionless.

"Come here you ****ty brat!" the man growls, grabbing Zoey's left ankle while she's distracted by her Pokemon's downfall.

"Eww, no!" Zoey screams in anger. "Get your filthy hands off of me!"

The girl squirms and fights, the man suffering a few painful blows from her shins but otherwise finds herself completely restrained by the older man, grasping her wrists as she dangles in the air in front of the man. Out of the blue, an odd chirping noise is heard. Zoey's temper settles, forgoing her immediate concern of being captured by the poacher. Her eyes follow the noise to the swablu she's been looking after, watching it, for the first time chirp loudly and audible, although its voice is still pretty raspy.

"Wha... Swablu..." Zoey speaks softly, curious about whatever has the little hatchling all riled up for.

"Wha... What the -HELL-!?" Zoey states to herself in shock, barely able to believe the sight before her eyes.

Off in the corner where Vuowth had seemingly fainted, she stands, a faint green glow emanating through all of the pores of her body. It's a sight that nobody around seems to have seem before, with the exception of Lavager and his master who aren't even paying attention.

"Vuowth?" Zoey calls out softly and inquisitively.

"Have you lost it girl? You lost the battle!" the man boasts, unaware of the situation as he balances a pokeball in his hand. "C'mon back Lavager! Nice work dispo- WHAAAAAT!?"

Elbows forward, Vuowth slams Lavager from behind, inflicting double damage due to Lavager's retreat through her use of Pursuit. Lavagar flies forward, smashing his head hard into the trunk of the tree. Meanwhile, Vuowth plants her right foot into Lavager's back, leaning into him before the area around her foot along the magmar's back takes on a green glow as well. Orbs of green light leave the fire-types body, Absorbing themselves into Vuowth to restore her health, enhanced by the green glow permeating throughout her body. Overgrow has been activated.

"Don't just let that wily lizard suck you dry! Fight back with Fire Punch!" the man screams in anger and disbelief.

Vuowth controls the battle now. Her jaw opens wide, revealing her dagger teeth, holding firm to a delirious Lavager as her fangs sink deep into Lavager's neck, Crunching his esophagus into dust. Lavager's unconscious husk collapses onto the ground, but not before Vuowth extracts more bubbles of green light, Absorbing the last bits of energy Lavager has stored within him.
The poacher's jaw is wide open in disbelief, Zoey taking the opportunity to take a shot at him with her heel to his sacred place, dropping to the ground and scooping up swablu before she rushes over to Vuowth with pure joy.

"Vuowth! You did it! You're so awesome!" she lays on the praise, running up to a nearly spent Vuowth, her body colliding with her Pokemon's with a huge hug.

The experience shocks Vuowth, her body cuddling her trainer's experiencing a sensation she's never felt before. It's embarrassing, as shown on her cheeks as Vuowth's face begins to redden a little. It's warm. It's soft. What is this? What does it mean? Vuowth merely looks beyond her, staring deep into the forest as if she's lost in thought. Whatever it is, it's a feeling that is foreign to Vuowth. It feels... good. She feels, for once, happy, somehow. Is it this trainer? Who is she? Why does she wrap her arms around me? Maybe... maybe this is something that's supposed to be good. Maybe this is meant to be. Maybe this is the place where she can find happiness, finally. Just maybe...

"Are you seriously this incompetent, Joel!?" the black haired man arrives at the side of the truck with a big haul behind him: the captured altaria from earlier

Rage is present in his eyes as he tosses the girl, Gabby, down onto the ground. "Wrap her up. I took care of this pathetic brat easily. Too bad you couldn't do the same with this bratty little *****."

"Don't lay your criticisms on me! You took forever to round up the Pokemon here! Lavager and I've been doing all of the work boarding them into the truck!" the blonde defends himself. "This dumb kid beat me with the dumbest luck that I've ever seen!"

"Don't give me your ****ty ass excuses," boldly states the man with an electabuzz at his side. "Do what you're told so we can clean up this mess before we get caught.

The blonde man lunges for Gabby, her mouth covered with a handkerchief to muffle her screams while the rest of her body remains tied up. "Get over here you annoying brat!"

Gabby squirms wildly, but the blonde man simply stomps hard on her knees, forcing her to stop struggling by inflicting some pain. He then throws the girl onto the hard, metal surface, leaping up into the van with her and grabs her by the arms, slamming her against the wall of the van before tying her up to a post inside the van.

"Don't hurt her!" Ryan screams angrily, glaring at the blonde man before him.

"Ah, shut yer yap," the blonde man retaliates, shoving his right hook hard into the man's jaw to shut him up.

The blonde man proceeds to re-wrap the cloth Zoey removed earlier from Ryan's mouth, muffling his voice once again. With his work done, the blonde man sits himself down on the van's edge, witnessing the battle between his accomplice and the trainer he failed to defeat, scowling at both of them begrudgingly.

"So you defeated my incompetent boob of a partner, and with a grass-type no less. You're not too shabby for a mere rook, but I used to work for Pokemon gyms. I know battling is done at the elite level. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into, kid," the man grimly warns, grinning towards Zoey. "You and your four-eyes friend really managed to stall us, huh? Well, your luck is about out, girl. Your lizard is about out of gas, while Buzzkill and I took out three Pokemon in a row and we're still running high on fuel! I'm not letting you get away with this, punk!"

"Bring it on! Vuowth and I are ready to take you out!" Zoey boasts back, glaring at the villainous man as both he and Buzzkill, his electabuzz, grin right back.

"GROOOOOH!!" Vuowth hisses, stepping forward out into the rain to face her new opponent.

While her body still glimmers with the peculiar effect of Overgrow, she's nonetheless weakened by her bouts with that magmar earlier, but there's still a chance. A very slim one, but it's possible. It would require Vuowth to do something she hasn't done before, but would it happen? Could it happen? It's all up to Vuowth now. She must decide.

"Groovyle," Vuowth glances back at her trainer, almost as if she's expecting something.

Zoey stares back at her for several moments, the two of them meeting eye to eye. Vuowth's gaze tightens, almost glaring at her trainer like she always does, but something seems different. It's like she's... impatient, like she's waiting for something.

"Okay Vuowth!" Zoey declares with confidence. "Do you want to team up?"

Vuowth shifts her gaze, glancing back towards the rainy battlefield and her opponent, an electabuzz rearing to go. She doesn't answer her trainer, instead adjusting her stance for combat, stepping forward a few times to center herself in the arena.
"Let's take care of this quick!" the poacher demands, initiating the first move of the battle. "Thunderbolt!"

"Here we go Vuowth! Dodge, and use Quick Attack!"

A blast of lightning comes flying towards Vuowth at ridiculous speed, but she sidesteps it, using that first movement of hers to follow up with a swift rushing attacking heading straight for Buzzkill.

"Ice Punch it when it gets close!"

"Shift your attack to Pursuit and leap!" Zoey reacts to his call, shifting up her battle strategy with a new surge of confidence.

Vuowth complies again, cartwheeling through the air before she crashes her feet into Buzzkill's shoulders, sending him to the ground with a fierce overhead Pursuit.

"What!? That's bull****! How's Grovyle able to move like that!?" the man growls in frustration. "Dammit, Buzzkill! This is pathetic! Thunder NOW!!"

"Don't let him build up electricity! Use your proximity to steal his health with Absorb!" Zoey directs her Pokemon, ready for her opponent's next trick.

Vuowth strikes her claws against Buzzkill's spine, siphoning away life energy in the form of emerald lights each time she takes a swipe at his backside. The barrage of Absorbs continues as the two Pokemon exchange health with one another. Buzzkill remains planted in the ground, but soon grows frustrated over the verbal abuse he's enduring from his master. Buzzkill manages to roll forward, away from Vuowth to catch his breath, all the while Vuowth continues pursuing him, unrelenting in her attacks.

"Crunch, Vuowth!"

"Dammit! Thunderbolt now!" the man hastily responds, his voice showing signs of anxiety as the battle begins to slip away from him.

Buzzkill erects his stance, building up electrical currents between his antennas. Vuowth takes his lack of movement to her advantage, diving for his left shoulder where she Crunches ferociously, but her attack lands a tad too late. While she inflicts her damage, electricity travels across her body, using the rain droplets as a conductor to badly electrocute her body. She shrieks in pain, stumbling away while trying to keep herself upright, Leering at her foe while she stops for a breather. However, something new sets in. She can't move.

"Paralysis!" notices Zoey, seeing sparks of electricity travel across Vuowth's body occasionally, well after the attack.

"Perfect!" the poacher grins in relief. "Let's use this chance to lay a serious blow! Thunderpunch!"

"Brace yourself Vuowth!" Zoey warns, with Vuowth responding in kind in preparation. "Parry Thunderpunch with Fury Cutter and keep it up!"

The two Pokemon clash, Thunderpunch grinding against Fury Cutter as the two go at it, swinging at each other furiously with neither giving the slightest inch. However, one of them eventually gives. Vuowth stops cold, rendering herself immobile due to the effects of paralysis. With her vulnerable, Buzzkill flings his Thunderpunch straight into her gullet, sending her into the trunk of a tree with a hard thunk. Vuowth maintains consciousness, but finds herself suffering from paralysis again, forced to lean against the tree until her body permits her to escape.

"Vuowth! You've got to try and dodge!" Zoey yells in earnest as Buzzkill blitzes towards the helpless reptile.

"End it now! ICE PUNCH!"

The electric-type's icy fist hurls itself into Vuowth, causing her head to jerk upwards in recoil for several moments. Buzzkill pulls out, walking back to observe the work he's done. Vuowth's body slides down the side of the tree before she lands on her knees, falling forward as defeat finally claims her. Zoey looks on, witnessing a hard fall for Vuowth, but before she's even able to develop a reaction, a noise from her side penetrates her eardrum. She looks down to her left side to find the pale-faced swablu chirping incessantly at her, with a look on its face she's never seem before. The creature appears full of vigor, as if it wants to do something, but what? Does swablu want more milk? Zoey reaches into her pink sack, pulling out her formula and shows it to swablu, but the bird's demeanor only grows more fierce, chirping louder and quicker with a higher tone. Swablu then fixes its attention towards Vuowth, looking in the direction of Zoey's fallen comrade before returning its chirping towards Zoey expectantly. The girl's eyes then widen in realization, coming to a clear understanding of what the sick bird really wants. Zoey merely smiles back towards swablu, having nothing to lose, and pulls out her pokeball, recalling Vuowth back into her pokeball to rest.
"Alright, Swablu. Let's save your mother," she says to swablu, unwrapping its towel and tossing it over her left shoulder as the little bird hops its way out into the open.

"You're done, girl! Finished!" the man bellows with pride over his victory. "This is how you defeat an opponent Joel! Lesson learned bub!"

Buzzkill rotates his arms vigorously, discharging flashes of electricity over his final victory over their opponent. However, a new sight catches them all off guard, as the small blue bird Zoey had been carrying with her boldly stands before Buzzkill.

"Not so fast!" Zoey proclaims, pokedex in her hand as she corrects her adversaries. "You have a new challenger!"

"You have -GOT- to be kidding me!" the man uproars in unending laughter. "You're sending a swablu chick up against -MY- Buzzkill!? Buzzkill has been sniping several swablu out of the sky all day with a single blast of Thunderbolt! You just -CAN'T- be serious!"

"Talk to the bird!" Zoey points, directing her audience's attention to the adamant swablu before her, readying itself for combat.

"So you know -those- moves... Okay then..." Zoey reads off Swablu's pokedex entry, getting a glimpse for her new partner's techniques before the battle starts.
"This circus has gone on for too long! Thunderbolt, Buzzkill!"

"Hop away!" Zoey shouts as the blast of lightning aims straight for Swablu. "Close in on Electabuzz but play it cautious!"

Swablu hops across the field, hobbling along at a brisk pace to everyone's amazement and disbelief. Her opponent is blowing caskets out of rage, outraged that his Pokemon's Thunderbolt was dodged.

"Big mistake! Thunderpunch!"


In a sudden shriek, Swablu's Astonish stops Buzzkill cold as a startling outburst catches him off guard, flinching as a result.

"Bombard him with Peck!" Zoey leads Swablu on, stunning everyone with how the tiny bird is making Buzzkill look like a chump.

"Gyaaah!! Stop it!" Buzzkill's master roars in fury, pointing in a panicked fashion towards the Cotton Bird Pokemon. "How can you allow such a weakling to walk all over you! Step it up NOW!! Thunderbolt!"

"Hop away!"

Buzzkill discharges a powerful bolt of electricity, but his agile target flew the coop, zapping himself instead. By now, all of the battles Buzzkill has participated in have worn him out. With the last bout against Vuowth, he finds himself breathing heavily, unable to keep up with the speed of an opponent he's normally much quicker than. Buzzkill just can't keep up with the bird.

"Dammit Buzzkill! Blow that bird straight into hell! Thunder!" the man begins flipping out in rage over his Pokemon's ineptitude.


Surprising the electabuzz again, he's sent reeling from the bird's gut-wrenching surprise chirps. Buzzkill just can't build up electricity against a foe that keeps capitalizing on its low health and exhaustion, but the thought of losing to a pipsqueak is just intolerable.

"GET UP!!" the man screams, his face covered in blood vessels in anger. "ICE PUNCH!"

"Now use Sing!" Zoey yells, covering her ears so as to not fall victim to Swablu's lullaby.

Buzzkill rushes towards Swablu, hurrying to land a final blow that'll surely knock Swablu out cold. Instead, Buzzkill collides with the mud, sliding to a stop as the entrancing harmonic tune penetrates the electric-type's eardrum, sending him off to a land of dreams. Incapacitated, Buzzkill is now vulnerable to a full onslaught by the blue bird.

"This is it! Finish him with a flurry of Pecks!" Zoey presses the bird onward.

Swablu leaps onto Buzzkill's mud-stained backside, jabbing its beak relentlessly, over and over for almost a good minute. However, the relentless Pecking causes Buzzkill to rise again, his eyes bloodshot and frenzied. Swablu slides off of his back in surprise, muddying itself up as it stares upward and its risen opponent. Buzzkill isn't down quite yet.

"No way a swablu hatchling would stop my Buzzkill!" Let'm have it with your Thunderbolt!"

However, Buzzkill responds by falling back into the mud, collapsing in complete exhaustion. The poacher's mouths drop in sheer disbelief, having lost completely and embarrassingly from a team of girls and their Pokemon. Swablu hops up out from the mud, looking up to watch the rain begin to slow and the clouds opening up to the blue sky beyond. Zoey stands by, watching over the battlefield, finding victory from defeat from the most unexpected of places. Through some sort of miracle, Zoey manages to prevent the escape of the poachers, using every ounce of her strength to do so. Victory is at long last hers.
"Now so fast, you stuck-up brat!" a man's voice behind her bellows, grabbing her by her arms in surprise.

"Dammit! Let me go!" Zoey squirms angrily, trying to strike at the man's jewels a second time but instead strikes his thigh instead. "I'm not dumb enough to let you get away with cheap shots like that!"

Swablu catches sight of the crisis, hopping furiously towards the man while chirping incessantly, targeting the man's feet with its beak.

"Get the hell away from me, you stupid bird!" the man angrily shouts at the bird, punting it away with his feet before Swablu crashes onto its head knocking it out cold yet again.

The poacher brings a restrained Zoey up towards the rear of the van, turning to his partner to address him. "Tie this one up too. I'll toss the altaria into the van, you lock it up, and hurry your ass to the front seat. We're getting the hell out of here right now. Forget Frank."

"Will do," the blonde man replies, understanding the urgency of their situation.

However, their plans take an unexpected turn. Zoey suddenly begins to develop a pink aura around her, soon followed by the men around her, the nets and cages that have several Pokemon trapped, and the ropes and cloths keeping Ryan and Gabby bound to the sides of the vehicle. In a miraculous turn of events, the black-haired poacher is forced to drop Zoey, who scampers away towards the swablu that she had just battled with. All of the nets and cages tear and shatter open, and Ryan along with Gabby find themselves freed from the bindings of cloth and rope. In a burst of action, the captured flocks and other Pokemon escape the van in top speed, rushing off into the wilderness under the sweet embrace of new found freedom. Zoey craddles Swablu in her arms, looking over the bird's wounds before a strange light catches her eye. A bright pink light passes through the forest, as if some sort of forest spirit decided to show itself, yet Zoey found no actual creature other than the strange light moving through the thick woods.


"Huh!?" Zoey jerks her head in the direction of the noise, only to find nothing there. "What was that...?"

Her gaze returns to the swablu in her lap, lying there unconscious. That is, until an unknown pink creature appears right in front of her, unaware of where it came from. The alien creature, appearing to be a Pokemon, lightly taps swablu's forehead, causing its body to glow in reaction for several moments. Just like that, the creature whisks itself away back into the forest but not before Zoey manages to scan the bizarre creature with her pokedex.


Chirping erupts from her lap, grabbing Zoey's attention. The swablu somehow made a recovery, chirping and humming happily in her lap. Other sounds reach her ears as well, as the faint sound of vehicles approach her location. She turns around to glance back towards the van, seeing Gabby play with some of the freed forest Pokemon while Ryan talks over the phone with some people. The poachers lie on the ground, tied together like good criminals. Vehicles enter her peripheral, bearing the logo of the forest rangers as several approach the sight of the conflict. Zoey stands up, watching the events with the rangers unfold as the poachers are turned in to the authorities. It appears as if Ryan is briefing them all in what happened. In the meantime, something else comes to Zoey's mind.

Swablu leaps from her arms, hip hopping all the way to the flock of swablu and their altaria mother overlooking them by the van. Zoey follows behind, but keeps her distance while watching swablu's exchange from afar. Her swablu chirps loudly over the flock, grabbing the altaria's attention. She stares at the small blue hatchling for a moment before descending to the ground from atop the van. The two approach each other, but it's Swablu that appears to be doing most of the chattering. Their interaction is brief, but it becomes clear what happens. Swablu, whether by instinct or something more profound, has been reunited with its birth mother. The Cotton Bird leaps up onto its mother's down, cuddling against her soft feathers while the rest of the flock chirp with excitement, reunited with their lost sibling. The reunion catches everyone's attention, as the birds find themselves a happy ending.

"Zoey!" a familiar female voice shouts. "I heard what you and Gabby did! I'm so impressed! I'm so happy I could count on you!"

Leaving one of the jeeps is Michelle, this time with a arm sling keeping her left arm in place as it heals. Zoey looks away, blushing slightly.

"I, uh... I... you're welcome?" Zoey stammers, unable to contemplate something to say in the occasion.

"We've about wrapped up taking in the poachers, and it looks like all of the Pokemon are freed," Michelle states as she scans their immediate environment. "You and Gabby deserve a reward! We don't mind allowing you two to rest up at the station for the night. You two have been such a wonderful asset to us today! We couldn't be more grateful!"

"Weeeeeell..." Zoey holds her note while doing her best to suppress the blossoming red in her cheeks. "Vuowth could certainly use some relief!"

Michelle erupts in laughter, with Zoey smiling in response to her comments. Ryan and Gabby approach them as well, with Michelle's attention diverting to Ryan while Gabby approaches Zoey.

"Zoey!" Gabby yells, her arms wrapping around Zoey like she's a teddiursa. "I'm so glad you're alright! Just -HOW- did you manage to defeat those guys! You're incredible! You're like the best trainer ever! Wow!"

"What are you doing exactly?" Zoey comments to herself, her privacy disrupted somewhat by the over-the-top Gabby.

"We should get going, girls!" Michelle alerts them, waving over to them by the jeeps as they begin to depart with the poachers in tow. "We'll have a special feast for you two tonight!"

"Oh, of course!" Gabby cheerfully replies, running off towards the jeep as the last of them hop aboard.

Zoey makes her way to the vehicle as well, only for a loud squawking noise by her feet grabs her attention. At her feet she finds the same swablu again, chirping up towards her adamantly, again as if it wants something, Its face is still pale and its voice hoarse, but the chick presses on regardless. Ahead of her, mother altaria looks upon Zoey, her eyes meeting the teen's glance as if there's something she wants to tell her. A thought then passes through her mind, shifting her focus back to the swablu hatchling, picking it up before raising it up to eye level. The bird keeps chirping at a blank faced Zoey, her mind jumping from place to place in order to understand the message swablu and it's mother are trying to tell her.

"You..." Zoey pauses, taking a moment to reflect on her next words before continuing, "You want to join me on my journey?"

"I almost forgot! The swablu you guys hatched still probably needs some medical attention. How is it doing by the way, Zoey?" Michelle asks the teen, remembering the importance of preserving swablu's health.

Swablu's chirping erupts, an audible change in tone as the bird lets its opinion be known. Zoey gives Swablu a slight smile, holding it up higher before bringing it back to her eye level.

"Are you sure? I wont go easy on you if you plan to join my team! I expect only the best!" Zoey clarifies her vision to the Cotton Bird Pokemon, but its determination isn't dettered in the slightest; its message loud and clear.

"Okay then, but first you have to prove yourself!" Zoey declares, smiling confidently at swablu who returns her look with a puzzled one.

"Tomorrow, in the morning, at the West Ranger Station. You and I will have a battle!"

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chapter two; part V
Aberdeen Black // Viridian Forest

Aberdeen had finally calmed down a bit. It was afternoon and the poachers, or rangers as they wanted to call themselves even though Ab didn't really think it fit well, had fed him with a nice late lunch and healed up Butterfree and Pikachu after their battle. Now, he was sitting next to the ever burning fire together with the quiet lady and the friendly elder man.

"And we have never seen any swadloon in these parts ever since! Haha!" Gregor finished his story. Aberdeen looked up and saw the old man giggle to himself. Usually he would have laughed with him even if the story wasn't good, but he still felt worried about Blitzle and Servine. He wondered where they could be.

"Aberdeen." The boy almost jumped up from his spot. Jamaisa hadn't said a thing directly to him since he got here, but now the womanly lady walked up to him and sat down on the log beside him. The darkness that the canopy overhead cast made their clearing in the forest feel like it was evening already, but in reality the sun still shone with orange rays outside of the forest. Orange light from the fire instead danced in Jamaisia's face as she smiled quietly and looked into Aberdeen's eyes. What a lovely lady, he thought.

"Let me see your pokémon," she asked.

"Alright!" He didn't even hesitate. Who would hesitate showing off to a pretty lady like this? He took up Pikachu's and Butterfree's pokéballs and let the two out. Pikachu immediately rustled her fur. It didn't seem like she had liked being inside the pokéball. Butterfree looked carefree until she spotted Aberdeen's sad face that still shone through his smile towards Jamaisia. The bug flew up to him and sat down on top of his head like a second hat. Apparently she considered that a way to try and make him happy. He smiled a little when he felt her gentle tug on his hair, so it worked.

"They aren't very strong," Jamaisia simply said, making Ab sweatdrop.

"Heh. I just caught them! I'll train... I guess."

"You probably can't take on Brock with just these two."

"Brock? You mean the gym leader in Pewter City? Oh... I didn't even think of him. I think I was content with having Servine, and thought he'd win the battle easily. But now..."

"You can't depend on your pokémon. You have to be strong yourself. They are not tools for you, they are there to be an extension of yourself in battle. True friends that you can count on in any bad weather."

Aberdeen blinked. This lady looked really shallow but she spoke very deeply. So beautiful! He smiled charmingly towards her. "You are such a lovely intelligent woman. I appreciate that!" he said.

Jamaisia only smiled back. Then, another voice was heard: "If they are gonna be your friends, shouldn't you name them?"

Turning his head around, Aberdeen saw Memeeber sit down on the log on his other side. She looked intrigued. "Why haven't you named any pokémon yet? You just call them Blitzle and Servine."

"I guess... I didn't really think of it. Their species names are pretty cool as they are!"

Butterfree and Pikachu looked at each other. They hadn't thought about it either.

"But now that you mention it... Maybe I should name them. Hmmm." He picked up Pikachu in his arms and stared at her until the pokémon cracked up into a nervous smile. "How about Pinocchio?"

Gregor suddenly croaked strangely. The others looked questioningly at him but he waved it away as a coughing. Memeeber crossed her arms over her chest in concern though. "Are you really going to name a girl Pinocchio? That's a boy's name you know."

"A girl? You're a girl?" Aberdeen asked, holding up the pokémon at arms length. She beamed at him in a positive response.

"Didn't you notice the slight heart-shaped curve on her tail?"

"Nah, I didn't really think about it actually. But now I feel bad for not perhaps having shown her the respect she deserves as a lady. I'm sorry, Pinocchio!" He gave her a careful hug, which she happily returned, cuddling up against his chest and making him tickle a bit.

Memeeber sighed and Gregor laughed a little again.

"And you." Ab poked the bug on his head and made it flutter down to sit on his lap while the mouse jumped down. "You can be Bernadette."

"Those names are certainly... unusual," Gregor said from across the fire.

Jamaisia said nothing while Memeeber shook her head. "At least you knew Butterfree was a girl too. You're funny," she told Ab, who decided to take it as a compliment even though she seemed to mean that he was strange. Perception is all.

It was decided that Aberdeen could stay at the ranger camp for the night, even though Corpwall had objected a little. He was the man with the square chin and the gun. Some time before sundown, Memeeber went out from the tent where she and Jamaisia were sleeping, to look for Aberdeen. He was supposed to share tent with Dangoober, Memeeber's older stepbrother, but he wasn't there now.

She had to wander a bit away from the camp to find him, standing between some trees letting his pokémon spar against each other.

"Remember, no powders!" he told Bernadette, who nodded eagerly. "And no shocks!" he then told Pinocchio, who winked at him as an 'ok', even though the only thing she really had aside from her shocking attack were Tail Whip and Growl and various simple physical tricks.

The two pokémon sparred with Tackles and tricks for several minutes before Memeeber made her presence known with a little cough. Aberdeen let out a shriek that scared his pokémon into stopping the training.

"Sorry!" the girl said immediately, stepping out from the shadows of the vegetation. "It's just that it's getting dark and I was thinking you'd want to go to sleep soon."

"I'm just doing some training," Ab reassured her. "I'll be back soon. Hey, are you sure I have to sleep in Dangoober's tent? How about-"

"Aberdeen, I still believe you're a nice little boy, don't destroy that," Memeeber said with a wink before she walked away back to the camp again.

"Little boy? Nice little boy?" Aberdeen stood crestfallen. "I'm a man! I'll show them. She can't be older than me, can she? I've gotta ask her."

Bernadette fluttered up to his face with warning eyes. "Oh... You mean I shouldn't ask a girl for her age, don't you? Alright then. I'll ask... Her brother!"

A sudden creak of sticks made Aberdeen's head turn around. Between the trees, he could spot a figure in the shadows. At first he jolted at the thought of the shadow pokémon from before... But this silhouette looked different. Yes, as he crept closer he could see that the color of its body was a light green and that it had large blades as arms.

"Scyther," a voice murmured behind him.

He had to really restrain himself from screaming out loud at that. Dangoober appeared next to him, hiding behind the same log as Ab was. "It's facing an opponent," he said.

Aberdeen turned back to the bug and noticed that it stared at something that was closing in on it from the forest. Another bug, a dark blue one. "Heracross!" the boy whispered in excitement. They were really strong but not too common in battles on TV.

"Yes. It is probably a territorial battle. The heracross looks very angry. Scyther has probably overstepped boundaries." Dangoober seemed to know a lot. His dark eyes watched the two pokémon close in on one another carefully. Aberdeen watched too.

Heracross let out a roar and swung its horn around intimidatingly. Scyther seemed to snicker. It only subtly readied its blades for attack before jumping forward without a warning in a Quick Attack. It tackled Heracross right on, but the blue bug jumped up again immediately, barely scratched. Even before Scyther had turned back around, Heracross' arm glowed darkly and was slashed in a Night Slash against the opponent. Luckily, the green pokémon was a bit faster and dodged just in the nick of time. It suddenly shot a wave of some whirling air towards the other pokémon, who fell forward. The whole attack looked really strange.

"What was that?"

"Vacuum Wave," Dangoober said like a talking encyclopedia. "It can do strange things but most often just pulls things towards the pokémon. Look," he said and pointed.

Scyther had followed up the attack with a Quick Attack that Heracross just couldn't escape. Still, the blue pokémon's defenses were as high as the green pokémon's speed and it still wasn't very badly hurt. The two got up and stared at each other for a while. Aberdeen felt his stomach wriggle with excitement and Pinocchio and Bernadette beside him must have felt it too.

"I'm gonna capture them," he said and was about to emerge from his hiding place when Dangoober stopped him by grabbing his arm and pulling him down.

"Scyther are rare," he said, his dark eyes fixed on Ab's, almost scaring him a little. "Heracross too, especially in the rest of the region. We are poachers and we are tracking and capturing rare pokémon. These are our foes."

"But... I saw them first!"

"No, you just happened to be here. I tracked them."

"Can't we at least take one each? I'll even let you choose which!"

Dangoober seemed to consider it. He watched the two pokémon exchange a pair of attacks again and let go of Aberdeen's arm. "Fair enough. I will capture Heracross. Scyther is yours."

Ab thought about it. If he had chosen, would he have rather had Scyther or heracross? He didn't think that he could have decided, actually. So maybe this was indeed fair enough. Scyther would be his. He made a move to get up again, but was once again pulled down by a strong hand.

"Not yet," the dark man said. "Let them tire each other out."

"But... Catching them when they're weak is cheating!"

"No. It's strategy. It'll be their fault for tiring themselves in a dangerous place like this forest."

"I won't have that! If I'm going to capture a pokémon, I want to deserve it!" Aberdeen shouted, so that even the two bugs heard him and looked up. He now stepped up from his hiding place and out onto the scene. The evening spring sky was light and starry above him, with the rising moon peeking down. For once, the sky was actually visible from Viridian's forest floor.

"Scyther! Challenge me instead of Heracross! Heracross, I'll take care of your tresspasser for you!" the boy said to the bugs, dead serious.

The result was that Heracross threw itself at the boy, the glowing arm of Night Slash ready. From nowhere, a sticky string came and hit the blue bug in its face, halting it and making the blue light on the arm fade away while it stomped in the place out of frustration. Ab looked around and saw that Bernadette the butterfree was hovering just beside him with a grim look. She sure was the protective kind. Aberdeen smiled up at her, thankfully. Then he turned back to the blue bug. Scyther was still just standing in the background, watching them with a distrustful face.

"Now you've got a bone to pick with me too," the boy told Heracross, who had gotten the String Shot off its face and looked enraged. "Suit yourself."

"Aberdeen," Dangoober called, sitting on the log behind which they had previously hidden.

"Not now."

"Yes now. I don't have any pokémon on me. If you could weaken Heracross for me so that I can capture it, I can make it worth your while."

Aberdeen glanced back. Poachers really were cheaters, weren't they? And this guy didn't even beat around the bush and bother to call himself a 'ranger'. He admitted that he was a poacher, no more and no less. That's commendable in some way, perhaps.

"Alright!" he said, even though he suspected that this would be a tough battle with just the low leveled Pinocchio and Bernadette. If he had had Blitzle and Servine... No time to think about the past now, though.

He pulled up his headphones, which had hung around his neck, to his ears and put on a good track on a low enough volume that he could still hear the battle. "Let's begin. Bernadette, take on Heracross! Pinocchio!" The yellow mouse ran up to him. "You'll be battling Scyther."

Pinocchio met Scyther's intimidating gaze and felt a shudder through her body. This wasn't really her cup of tea... Battling vicious blades voluntarily, that is. But she had chosen to stand by Aberdeen's side. So now when he needed her, she couldn't really back down. She swallowed hard. At least she could try and do her best. Dangoober's lips curled into an amused smile at the scene in front of him. This would be interesting.

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Zoey Wyrmoki / / Viridian Forest
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Newborn Swablu positions itself in the grass, facing it the jungle warrior Vuowth, her eyes narrowing and vicious as she gazes upon her foe. Their shadows are long under the early morning sun, but Vuowth and Zoey have the longer shadows due to their foe. The sky overhead is a mix of shades from yellow to dark blue, the signs of morning dawn's arrival. Both creatures scope each other out, but one thing stands out. Swablu appears shaken somewhat, glancing up towards the predatory reptile before it. The bird begins chirping quietly, appearing unnerved before Vuowth, smirking back towards the winged creature which does little to ease the swablu's tensions.

"Are you sure you should be battling Swablu?" Gabby asks off to Zoey's side, showing concern for the pale bird. "That swablu is still ill! It's a miracle that it was able to fight when it did against those poachers!"

"It'll be alright," Zoey assures her, smiling confidently. "If Swablu wants to join my team, I need to see its strength."

"But you're putting Swablu's life at risk!" Gabby insists, trying to spare the bird from further harm. "It's cardiovascular and muscular systems are still so weak though, on top of just having been born yesterday! It's a miracle it was able to battle yesterday as is! You could be endangering it's very life!"

"Don't worry about it, Gabby!" Zoey reminds her before glancing back towards nervous Swablu. "I can't accept a Pokemon on my team unless I see its strength. Even if they're not strong now, I need to see if they have the strength of heart I need."

"Why can't you just capture it now and allow it to recover from illness?" she continues to plead to Zoey.

Zoey readies herself for battle, explaining to Gabby, "I can only measure Swablu's strength of heart through adversity. Keep in mind that I'm catching it, not defeating it. If Swablu is really that weak, I'll be able to catch it quickly!"

Gabby only sighs, frowning towards Swablu who stands on the opposite end of the small field from Vuowth and Zoey, a little unnerved by the impending battle. Around them, the station rangers gather outside to watch the battle that -someone- told them about. Michelle and Ryan is among them as well, eager to watch Zoey's first attempt at capturing a Pokemon take place. It probably wasn't a great idea to tell Gabby about this, although at this point she appears to probably regret that decision, and it's working against Zoey as well. Zoey never does well under social or other pressures, so the extra attention present isn't helping much. Although, perhaps so many showed up because she and Gabby helped capture the poachers from yesterday. Whatever the case is though, Zoey won't allow her audience to distract her. Right now, this ordeal is between her, Vuowth, and the swablu several meters away, facing them with trepidation.

"Are you ready, Swablu?" Zoey yells across the field, both Pokemon adjusting their stances slightly but the eagerness discrepancy between the Pokemon grows more vast.
"Let's begin! Quick Attack!"

Vuowth shows no hesitation, rushing towards her foe almost before Zoey even gave the command. The swablu squawks, reacting in surprise before trying to hobble out of the path of Vuowth's attack. It's no good, however. Swablu bowls over, rolling several meters away as Quick Attack hits its mark. The strike proves her ferocity as swablu travels a good distance after contact.

"That was too violent!" Gabby complains in horror after witnessing Swablu getting tossed aside by Vuowth's attack.

Zoey retorts back in an irritable tone, "This is my battle! Stay out of it."

"Quick Attack again!"

To her surprise, Vuowth tries something else, leaping up and over the bird before barreling down on it from the air, using her Pursuit to attack. Swablu's terror reaches its peak, squawking loudly and suddenly to use Astonish. This action takes her by surprise, missing her target by misplacing her feet. Swablu takes this advantage to scamper away, but Vuowth won't have any of it, pissed off that the bird disrupted her earlier attack. Zoey smacks her palm against her face, witnessing yet another deviation from her orders. Why is she doing this again?

"Not again... This is sooo embarrassing." Zoey comments internally while watching the battle unfold. "No, not Pursuit! Dammit!"

"Come on Vuowth! We're a team!" she sighs, giving up on getting worked up about Vuowth's defiant habits. "Alright, use Crunch!"

"Wait, where did swablu go?" Zoey noticies as her eyes scan the field, spotting Vuowth next to the forest looking in as she tries to scout out the hiding bird.

A soft melody drifts from inside the forest, breaching everyone's ears. Zoey catches wind of this and covers her ears with her hands. Other spectators begin to do the same, but some of them are too late, falling to the ground as they fall asleep. Vuowth meanwhile rushes into the forest, picking up on the tune and following it into the forest in order to track down Swablu.

"Vuowth, no! Cover your ears!" Zoey warns Vuowth, but the lizard already took off.

Zoey follows Vuowth into the forest, keeping her ears covered as she fights through the forest's underbrush. There Vuowth lies motionless on the ground, taken to the realm of dreams by Swablu's Sing. The display impresses Zoey, although she cringes when her eyes return to Vuowth, embarrassed by her Pokemon's stupid decision. Swablu capitalizes on its unconscious opponent, hopping on top of Vuowth's body before Pecking away at her scaly skin.

"Get up Vuowth!" Zoey urges Vuowth to regain consciousness, but she instead remains planted in the dirt.

However, the pain from the bird's Pecks causes Vuowth to rise to her feet in rage, spotting the startled swablu while scowling at the dirty bird. The grass-type unleashes a strong Pursuit on the bird, causing it to bounce away in recoil before Vuowth traps it against the trunk of the tree, extracting energy from the bird using Absorb.

"Vuowth..." complains her trainer, "You ran into the forest against my instructions and fell victim to an attack you could've avoid. Rather humiliatingly, in fact. If we work together, you won't fall victim to these kinds of situations."

Vuowth shoots her a petulant look before resuming her assault, sucking dry the energy within Swablu. However, Vuowth is taken aback by the sudden startling Astonish, breaking up her Absorb due to her falling back in shock. Swablu takes this opportunity to drive its beak into Vuowth's underbelly, Pecking the reptile for serious damage.

"You can't let your guard down like that, Vuowth! You're too reckless!" Zoey lectures Vuowth with disappointment, but her defiant Pokemon disregards her criticism with her sassy, glaring response.

"Swablu is close, so try using Crunch!" Zoey insists anyway, but watches as Vuowth scrapes her bladed leaves against Swablu's fluffy body, using Fury Cutter instead.

Vuowth follows up, chasing after the swablu rolling away after taking a blow from the vicious lizard. She uses Pursuit, clobbering the helpless bird from above before slamming her into the ground. By then though, Swablu bounces back up with a nauseous look on its face, rolling over in defeat. Nevertheless, Vuowth opens her maw for Crunch to make sure her work is thorough.

"Stop Vuowth!" Zoey warns Vuowth, running into the path of her attack to grab her attention. "Swablu is fainted! Don't be so overzealous! I need to talk to you about this later."
Her audacious reptile hisses irritably, arcing around her trainer to witness the impending capture. Zoey slips a pokeball out from her pink sack, dropping it on top of the incapacitated bird Pokemon as the ball sucks the bird in to begin the struggle for capture. However, Swablu doesn't put up much of a fight at all, as her pokeball blinks brightly and ceases rattling, slowing to a stop. Zoey smiles, surprised with how quickly it took, scooping up her newly captured Pokemon. Vuowth walks by her side as they return to the clearing where everyone was watching them earlier. Her grovyle carries a cold expression on her face after the battle, disturbed by how she was played for a sucker by running into the forest and falling asleep from Swablu's Sing. Perhaps listening to Zoey would have prevented that scenario from occurring, but what's the fun of that? Battling just isn't the same if you can't do what you want, but being played a fool just gets under her skin. While Vuowth seems to have warmed up to Zoey, there's still distance between them. Something more is at play that's preventing Vuowth from complying. When she fought against that electabuzz, Vuowth battled alongside Zoey just fine. Maybe that incident holds a clue.

Zoey and Vuowth return to the clearing outside the station. Several of the rangers still lie asleep from Swablu's Song, but Michelle and Gabby remain alert, running up to Zoey as she comes into view. Their presence takes Zoey by surprise, treading back a few steps to maintain a comfortable distance.

"So did you catch it!? Is it okay!?" Gabby shoves herself into Zoey's face, her antsy antics and endless nosiness eroding away Zoey's comfort.

"Uhm... I think so..." Zoey stutters nervously, trying to back away from Gabby who just wont respect her space.

"What do you mean 'I think so'?" she presses, unable to read the discomfort of Zoey's reddening face.

"Gabby, give her some space! She's a new trainer, remember!" Michelle tosses the girl a friendly reminder while smiling at the both of them.

"Good job on the capture!" the ranger woman commends Zoey, receiving her remarks by turning her head away, blushing. "Now, be sure you continue to treat Swablu its medicine every day and keep feeding it the milk I gave you. Swablu'll probably need a lot of time to build up its health to strong levels even after its illness subsides. You'll be able to find additional supplies to keep Swablu healthy during recovery in Pewter City, so just refer to the list I gave and you'll do fine!"

"Thanks!" Zoey says to Michelle in appreciation. "I'll be sure to help Swablu grow strong!"

"Good luck then!" Michelle sends her off, waving. "Head northeast from here and you should reach Pewter City in a day, maybe earlier if you're quick on your feet!"

Zoey waves to everyone at the station, taking off into the woods as her journey now takes her through the remainder of Viridian Forest. However, the reality of an approaching gym grabs her attention. She will have to train both of her Pokemon considerably to defeat a league-recognized gym sponsor. A feat like that will require the best from her, and her Pokemon will need to be healthy and obedient. That last one is especially true for Vuowth, which will be troublesome if she has to put up with more defiant behavior from Vuowth. Somehow, she'll need to find the secret to why Vuowth doesn't listen to her.

"Wait!" a recognizable voice yells. "Wait, Zoey!"

"Huh?" she turns her head to see Gabby looking terrible, catching up to her but falling to her knees in exhaustion from poor fitness levels.

"I-forgot to give you something!" Gabby claims, pulling out an item from one of her pockets to reveal a spiky stone, glistening from the sunlight to such an extent that it appears to give off light of its own.

"What's that?" Zoey eyes it closely, inspecting its peculiar surface.

"It's a sun stone! They help certain Pokemon evolve!" Gabby answers her as she slips the stone into Zoey's hand. "You helped me rescue Shockpox and I was really impressed with how you handled those poachers yesterday, so I wanted to make sure I gave this to you."

"Oh! Well... thanks!" Zoey hesitates before accepting Gabby's gift, tucking it into her pink sack slung over her shoulder.

"Where are you off to, then?" Zoey asks her out of curiosity.

"Oh!" she responds, more than eager to detail her next adventure. "I want to continue studying the Pokemon and habitat of this forest! I hope to be a full-fledged conservationist in the future and help to preserve Pokemon habitats!"

"I see," Zoey acknowledges her, "I'm off to Pewter City myself. I'm training to take on the gym there and obtain my first badge."

"Oh, awesome!" Gabby proclaims proudly for her new friend. "I'll be rooting for you!"

"Thanks!" she replies in kind, waving to Gabby as her path takes her into the heart of the forest once more.

"Bye! Return to Viridian Forest soon! Maybe we can battle!" Gabby yells as she bids farewell to a new friend that she met in the forest.

"Count on it!" Zoey promises, shouting back before departing into the deep woods.

And so, Zoey's saga continues on the road to Pewter City with a new partner in tow. Taking to the woods between her and the destination of her first gym will give her ample opportunities to train her two Pokemon in preparation. Although, her new swablu might need more attention as it recovers from its enfeebling illness. Vuowth will be a tough nut to crack too. Until she can find a way to communicate with Vuowth and get her to work with her trainer, moving up as a trainer will prove to be a challenge. Truly daunting tasks lie ahead for Zoey, but like always, she's prepared to take on any obstacle.

"Speaking of Swablu... what should I name it?" Zoey asks herself, treading through the woods as she brings out her pokedex and Swablu's pokeball, scanning it to get a better read on her new companion.

"Female, huh? Alright then..." Zoey ponders, jarring her brain for ideas while occasionally pulling out a paper pad and pencil to jot down whatever comes to mind.

"How about Zovy?"

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chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS
Meredith Hudson // Viridian Forest // Post Two

Though the forest was dark and gloomy at times, the immense amount of overgrowth and towering trees reaching every inch of the area it covered, it was terribly humid. Meredith was having a hard time staying positive, unsure if they would ever find the path that led to the exit of this blasted place. They had been walking for quite some time now, maybe an hour or two but there were no obvious landmarks to indicate if they were going in a linear direction or going around in circles.

“This is totally hopeless guys, we don’t know where we are going,” Trying not to sound desperate, Meredith held back the tears viciously, not wanting to appear at all weak in front of her new friends.

Wartortle, who was trying to act as the leader of the group, staying strong for his trainer, jumped up on a fallen log that lay on a slant, giving it some height, trying to get a better look around. It was useless though, for the surroundings were shrouded by bush.

Plonking down on her knees and dropping her bag, Meredith let one tear roll down her cheek. Nidoran affectionately moved to her side, nuzzling her arm.

“I don’t know what to do guys, I never thought that we’d get stuck in the forest for hours. I thought this place was meant to be trainer friendly!” More tears fell as Meredith wiped them away quickly, scratching Nidoran behind the ears, a small smiling forming on her face, one that had not been present in a long while. “At least, I’m stuck here with you two.”

Her smile moved from Nidoran to Wartortle, who Meredith could see was trying so hard to find a solution to the problem they were in.

“Maybe, we’ll just keep going for a bit, see if we run into anything familiar,” Meredith said, standing back up.

“Niiii-do!” Nidoran’s high pitched statement filled the area with noise as he trotted over to join Wartortle, who had chosen the next path for them to take. Meredith followed, hoping that they would be out of this forest as soon as possible.

With all the chattering from Wartortle and Nidoran, Meredith failed to hear the snap of branches behind them and the low growl that followed. Something or someone seemed to be very interested in the three lost individuals. The breaking of twigs and the crunch of dead leaves underfoot continued as Meredith followed her two Pokemon. As the noises became out of sync with their own footsteps, Meredith became increasingly aware that she could hear something else.

She spun around, hushing Wartortle and Nidoran who looked at Meredith inquisitively.

“I think there’s something behind us,” Meredith whispered as quietly as she could, looking back at her Pokemon.
Nidoran’s ears instantly pricked, looking for sounds of irregular movement. Nidoran’s large ears picked up a slow, steady stomp, with the odd crack of a twig or crunch of leaves shielding the noise. With his ears laid back on his neck, Nidoran braced, motioning to Wartortle that something was coming. Meredith realised this and quickly moved to position herself behind her Pokemon, in case this called for an attack. The other option was to quickly return them to their Pokeballs and run like crazy. That was so hard to do in the forest though, with all the overgrowth acting like a trap. The only ones who had the real advantage in this place were the bugs.

Both Nidoran and Wartortle could now here the slow stomp, though this was lost to Meredith, who couldn’t hear anything except the swish of the trees in the light breeze. Frantically, her eyes scanned the area her Pokemon were faced towards, knowing that something was coming.

With a rustle of a bush and more noise, a large blue horn appeared very abruptly out of the leaves. This was followed by two blue feelers, a hard cased shell and two very beady yellow eyes. They glared at Meredith, whose jaw had dropped before focussing on Nidoran and Wartortle, who looked both stunned but defensive over their trainer.

It was quite uncommon for a wild Pokemon to emit feelings of jealousy over trained Pokemon who travelled with their trainer but alas, it did happen sometimes. Though Meredith had never heard of it before, she’d never seen a wild Pokemon, let alone one that rarely showed itself to people, follow them for a questionable amount of time only to challenge them to battle. Meredith believed, like the Beedrill and the Pidgeotto incident, that this was just bad luck again with wild Pokemon.

The Pokemon emerged from the bush to show itself completely, it’s hard shell glistening in what sunlight streamed through this area. With its beady eyes still fixated on Wartortle and Nidoran, it snapped it’s claws, the noise echoing in and out of the trees.

“This one means business guys,” Meredith said, trying not to show the shakiness in her voice. Slowly, she grabbed her Pokédex from her bag and aimed it at the wild Pokemon. In an instant, data came rolling up on the screen. Upon seeing it’s type, Meredith screwed up her face, focussing only on the fact that it was classified as a bug type. The positives of a fighting type never occurred to her and as she commanded Wartortle to make the first attack, all she had in mind was she had to get away from this bug.

“Wartortle, use Water Gun!”

Wartortle’s aim for this attack was probably the best of all the attacks he had tried since meeting Meredith. Maybe it was just due to the fact that it was at close range but it hit the wild Pokemon square in the face, forcing it to take a couple of steps back, nearly ending up back in the bush. As it shook the water off, it’s shell still glistening with the signs of good health, it’s eyes narrowed even more with it looking extremely pissed off. Who said he had come here to battle?

Meredith and Nidoran had to run off to the side to avoid being hit as Wartortle was slammed with a powerful Tackle attack from the Pokemon, it’s strength even having the power to throw Wartortle a couple of feet. Meredith could only gasp and watch as Wartortle bravely stood back up, glancing at Meredith to give another command.

“Use Brine!”

The more powerful water attack shot towards the Heracross, mostly covering the wild Pokemon with a stinging sensation as it went. Water wasn’t really a problem for Heracross though. He remembered in a flash a lonely battle with another trainer he’d come across in which he’d faced a water type starter that looked similar to the one that stood with this girl. It had been a tough opponent but not tough enough to take down Heracross. He’d seen too much, been scarred too many times to let a wimpy Squirtle take him down. This was no different. This girl and her measly trained Pokemon would go down too. And then he would leave them here, in the middle of the forest, where no one knew what could happen to them.

There was something in the Heracross’s eyes, Meredith couldn’t tell what but this was no ordinary battle or no ordinary wild Pokemon.

“Watch out Wartortle, this one’s not like the other wild Pokemon,” Meredith told her Pokemon, who stood watching the Heracross shake off yet another water attack. It didn’t seem to be doing much to his health.

The next thing she knew, Meredith was on her back, legs in the air with a bruised Wartortle lying on top of her, his eyes screwed up in pain. The wind seemed to be knocked out of her and for a moment Meredith could only lie in the dirt, struggling to take a breath. Wartortle struggled up off of his trainer, mumbling an apology to her and looking straight at Heracross who stood across the clearing, a smirk on his face. His Horn Attack had been good but not great. It may have taken down both Wartortle and his trainer but this battle wasn’t over yet.

Nidoran ran over to Meredith, his high pitched cry filled with worry as she slowly began to breath easy again.

“It’s ok Nidoran, are you ok Wartortle?” Meredith asked with her hand on her chest as she took deep breaths. Wartortle was heavier than she’d thought. She never got a reply though and Nidoran and Meredith could only watch as the most powerful attack they’d seen from Wartortle shot from deep within his belly and headed straight towards Heracross. The smirk was wiped off the wild Pokémon’s face in an instant as he was unable to dodge the water in time, the stinging sensation becoming something of almost a burn.

There was nothing more left for Wartortle to give and he collapsed just after Heracross fell into a heap on the ground. Though it wasn’t anything special, Wartortle had put his heart into that Water Gun attack and that was the sole reason for being able to force Heracross to collapse, finally doing some proper damage. Though Wartortle was now out of the battle for now, Heracross wasn’t done. Just as quickly as he had collapsed, he was back up again, looking angrier than ever, his eyes now fixated on Meredith.

Taking a couple of steps back, Meredith couldn’t help but gulp in fear. She couldn’t reach Wartortle without trying to get past Heracross who was steadily advancing on her. She was running out of space too, the trees and bushes behind her closing in fast.

Without warning, Nidoran jumped between Meredith and the angry Heracross, thinking only of protecting his new trainer. Nidoran clawed at the ground, preparing to charge with an attack. Without a command, Nidoran sped towards Heracross, executing some fancy footwork and ended up hitting Heracross with a Double Kick square on the head. There was a dull crack and Heracross could only blink before the attack forced him to stumble backwards away from Meredith.

“Woah! Nidoran! That was awesome!” Meredith’s beaming smile turned into determination. They had to do this, to reach Wartortle and make sure he was ok and also to ensure they got out of this alive. With adrenalin pumping, Meredith didn’t wait for the dazed Heracross to regain his concentration.

“Nidoran use your Focus Energy quickly and then Peck attack!”

Nidoran’s Focus Energy was as quick as it was earlier on, storing just enough energy to push the following attack just past its limit. Nidoran’s muscles tensed as he concentrated the excess energy, snorting as he stared down Heracross who was blinking fast, trying to gather his senses. Within a couple of seconds, Nidoran charged towards Heracross again, driving his small horn into Heracross. It soon became evident that the Peck attack was highly successful, as the Heracross collapsed for the second time. This time however, it did not rise back up. Face down in the dirt, he finally lay still, his shell rising and falling slowly as though each breath he took hurt to take.

Not wasting any more time, Meredith ran past the fallen bug over to Wartortle, who was now weakly looking at Nidoran with a thankful smile who had joined Meredith, still brimming with energy from the attack.

Meredith looked at both Wartortle and Nidoran with admiration before grabbing a potion bottle quickly out of her bag.

“Quick Wartortle, we don’t have much time, we need to get out of here before that thing wakes up,” Meredith poured the potion into the small bowl she carried with her before holding it up to Wartortle’s mouth, who drank it quickly. After blinking a couple of times and wiggling his legs, it was clear Wartortle could walk but another battle like that would do more harm that it normally should have.

Meredith and Nidoran helped Wartortle up off his shell before Meredith grabbed his Pokeball.

“Don’t worry Wartortle, we’ll be fine now and we’ll get out of here soon, I promise. Thank you for all your hard work,” Meredith said with a smile before clicking the white button on the ball, Wartortle disappearing inside in a flash of red light, giving a nod of encouragement to Nidoran as he went.

Stowing away the Pokeball, Meredith then looked to the Heracross who was still lying in the dirt. For a split second, there was a part of her that felt quite sorry for what she and her Pokemon had done to it. But it was justified, right? He had been attacking them too… In quite a violent manner. She had plenty spare Pokeballs, she could always try and capture it and take it to a Pokemon Center to be healed. But Meredith had seen the hatred in his eyes. It had pierced into her.

Nidoran sensed that his trainer was contemplating this, in taking Heracross along with them. If anyone could help this conflicted Pokemon, Nidoran felt it was Meredith that would at least have the balls to try to do something to help, even if she failed a couple of times.

Meredith had to tear her eyes away from the bug type lying in a heap before looking at Nidoran, giving him a quick smile.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,”

Trusting her gut instinct, Meredith headed in the direction she was facing, Nidoran hot on her heels. Anywhere was better than staying around here, where this bug might wake up and try and take them down again. Meredith didn’t think that was likely though, her Pokemon had given him quite a beating.

Meredith never saw two yellow beady eyes snap open and then narrow as the Heracross listened to the pair’s footsteps as they slowly drifted away.

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chapter two; part VI
Aberdeen Black // Viridian Forest

The battle began.

"Pinocchio, Thundershock! Bernadette, Tackle!" Aberdeen ordered, thinking it best to try a head-on approach first to see what his opponents were like. Pinocchio's cheeks started crackling and she soon launched a Thundershock towards Scyther. He could not escape and was hit right on. The attack made him hurt. But it also turned on the blaze in his eyes. He lifted his scythes and ran towards the Pikachu in a Quick Attack that she only barely evaded.

Bernadette's Tackle didn't go as well. Heracross easily withstood the tackle from the smaller pokémon using Endure, then he used his horn to catapult the butterfree swirling up into the air. Aberdeen quickly realized that sending two pokémon out at once hadn't been ideal; he had trouble keeping a check on both battles at once.

"Bernadette, use Poisonpowder when you're up above him! Pinocchio, use Thunder Wave and paralyze him!"

Using clever, status afflicting attacks was his next strategy since head on approach hadn't worked very well. Bernadette fought for a bit to regain control over her spinning body in the air before she started falling. Heracross readied his horn to throw her again whenever she came down, but she managed to stay afloat and all of a sudden released a purple powder into the air. Heracross was covered and it was clear that he immediately felt pain from the nasty feeling that the touch of the powder brought. Aberdeen crossed his fingers in hopes that the wild pokémon would be poisoned and didn't reflect on the possible level of evil it could be to wish something like that. He forgot to keep a check on Pinocchio.

The Pikachu fired off a Thunder Wave before Scyther could come around again. It again hit straight on the spot and effectively paralyzed the bug. But he wouldn't give up. Despite his body not obeying him fully at the moment, he raised his arms and conjured a tunnel of vacuum into the air. Vacuum Wave. Pinocchio was sucked towards the scyther and without a chance to dodge while it flew through the air, the mouse was struck by a well aimed Quick Attack head on. She fell to the ground with a little yelp, making Aberdeen look that way and realizing that he had been too focused on Bernadette's endeavors.

"Struggling?" came Dangoober's voice from behind them, where the older guy sat on the log watching.

"No, not at all!" Aberdeen assured him, but then muttered under his breath: "Not yet..."

The bugs retaliated. Heracross didn't seem ill enough to stop battling, so he suddenly flied up with the wings that Ab had forgotten that it had, and launched a vicious Fury Attack with its horn on the poor butterfree. She was overwhelmed and fluttered towards the ground with aching body. Meanwhile, Pinocchio had crept away from Scyther while the latter raised its claws with a grin. Aberdeen knew he had to finish this before his attention got too divided and his pokémon too hurt. A double battle where two people had given orders, like the one he had had beside Adam, that was ok. But this, when his opponents were thinking independently, was too hard. Then again, that was what the female ranger had done... He clenched his fists.

"Pinocchio, Growl! Bernadette, String Shot on its fist!"

Bernadette shot out String Shot to envelop Heracross' right fist, the one it had just begun trying to form a Night Slash with. The dark energy dissipated as the strings enveloped it and tugged it like a leash held by the butterfree. Pinocchio jumped aside from another Vacuum Wave successfully and then Growled in the most intimidating way she could towards the hostile bug. He merely looked strangely at her, as if she was crazy to try and intimidate him.

Aberdeen felt sweat breaking out on his forehead but he wouldn't give up. If a nasty redneck ranger could do this, then so could he. He just had to make an effort. Or else he would never learn to win battles against other trainers. With trained pokémon. "Good, again Pinocchio, Growl! Bernadette, Confusion!"

Heracross and Bernadette had been having a tug battle that the larger bug was about to win, but now he pulled the string even more to get closer to the bug, to punch it. But Bernadette let go of the string in the nick of time and easily locked eyes with the heracross. She sent a Confusion attack directly at him, which immediately made his head hurt. Dizzy, he closed his eyes and stumbled backwards, only to trip backwards on a rock.

Pinocchio kept growling at the much larger enemy, who didn't attack for a while just because it was so confounded by this strange behavior. He could just chop this mouse up. Why didn't it run for its life? Did it really believe that there was a point to fighting for this human? This... Trainer? Scyther loathed the very idea of it. Eventually, it had had enough and raised its claws behind it. Another Quick Attack and the mouse would be done for.

Aberdeen ran to stand just beneath Bernadette, who was hovering over the dizzy heracross on the ground. There was something else causing the dizzyness too... He had actually been poisoned after all! "Good work, Bernadette! Knock him out with a Tackle before he gets up with that slash of his again," Aberdeen said, looking up at the butterfree, who nodded with her determined eyes and rammed down straight into the belly of the pokémon on the ground. Heracross coughed and didn't move more. A movement made Ab's eyes change focus and look to the side.

Scyther ran past him, in a last Quick Attack towards Pinocchio. The mouse couldn't avoid it and was tackled and thrown backwards. A few seconds went by when Scyther breathed hard and the pikachu lay on the ground. But then she moved... She got up and stood up straight with a smile on her face. Scyther was astonished.

"Clever... There was tactics after all," Dangoober said to himself on his log.

"Thunder Wave still affects your movement," Aberdeen sneered. "And being Growled at that many times must have made you hesitant, even though you don't admit it to yourself," he went on and then pointed straight at the Scyther. "Give up, or Pinocchio will fry you with another Thundershock!"

Scyther stuck out its tongue at the boy! Then it's image suddenly became blurry and it seemed to chase after Pinocchio as the little pokémon ran towards her trainer, believing the battle was over and that she could relax and celebrate now.

"Look out!" Aberdeen shouted. Pinocchio looked back too late, but luckily the butterfree was once again there to save her teammates, this time with a String Shot suddenly glueing Scyther's scythes together behind him, like handcuffs. Out of surprise, he didn't follow through with the Pursuit attack and instead stopped and groaned.

"Now, Pinocchio, Thundershock!" Ab shouted. He had always wanted to shout an attack and then the word 'now' in a dramatic way. This occasion made him smile despite the rough situation. Pinocchio turned back to her not yet fallen opponent and loaded up the attack in her cheeks. Scyther sensed what was coming and just managed to cut off the String Shot handcuffs by rubbing his scythes together; they were too sharp to effectively be bound, after all. But the Thundershock was unavoidable and he was struck hard by lightning before falling down on the forest floor.

Before Aberdeen could react, a pokéball flew through the air and made contact with Scyther's head. He was sucked in and the pokéball landed on the dark forest floor. The capture was complete. Aberdeen's jaw dropped. "Who did that?!"

Dangoober walked up to him. "I did."

"But the Scyther was mine!"

"Heracross was a mindless madman while this pokémon had sense and style. This is worth more. That's how a poacher needs to think," the older guy said as he picked up the ball.

"You're wrong! Scyther was battling with... With some kind of evil intent. I can tell! Heracross just wanted to defend his territory! I wanted to make Scyther happier by training him..." Ab looked down on the blue bug, on top of which Bernadette sat victoriously.

"Someone will. Or someone will use his intents in some way. Heracross is yours. Perhaps you can use that anger of his in a good way." With that, Dangoober began walking away. Ab stood still for a moment. Pinocchio walked up to him, smiling as if she wondered if her efforts deserved praise or if she would have to beg for it. The boy sighed and picked her up into his arms.

"Well done," he said. "You did amazing. You too," he added to Bernadette, who flied up and settled on top of his head like before. "If we fight like this when we face a trainer, we'll become great. I know it."

He looked at Heracross, who was slowly waking up. Then, without more words, he held the pikachu with one arm and picked up an empty pokéball from his pocket with the other. It was a good thing he had brought a couple of extra. Just in case he had stumbled upon interesting wild pokémon. As he had. The ball was tossed at the bug just as its eyes opened to glimpse the last images of freedom he would have. In a way.

@ Xlugon Pyro
Don't make 11000 words long posts a habit, please? ^^; Well, you can if you really want to, but then it might take a while for me to sit down and read it, just so you know. Like now. Nice to see you caught another pokémon!

- Vuowth (Grovyle) grew to lvl 21! because.
- Zoey's new Swablu is on lvl 9!

@ Breezy.

Naw, Meredith and her pokémon are adorable.

- Wartortle grew to lvl 15!
- Nidoran grew to lvl 12!

@ me

- Bernadette (Butterfree) grew to lvl 14 and learned Stun Spore! Bernadette also forgot Harden to learn Sleep Powder.
- Pinocchio (Pikachu) grew to lvl 12!
- Aberdeen's new Heracross is on lvl 9!
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