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Old October 21st, 2013 (9:25 AM).
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Oblivion, koff~

I think it's a good film. It has some nice effects to it and a nice cast of members in the movie. It's one that can stand alone and I think it'll be better than anything George Clooney can come out with. Protip: Paint chips that fly through space are hazardous! A small piece of paint (a paint chip) left a large gouge in one of the windows of a NASA space shuttle. A piece of debris the size of a golfball would prove detrimental to a shuttle. Asteroids do not need to hit shuttles to make them go haywire. Also, you're a bad actor George Clooney. You're not fooling anyone, koffi~

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Old October 22nd, 2013 (5:05 AM).
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Every time I watch this show it gets better and I understand more of it! I love FFVII!
Old October 22nd, 2013 (8:59 PM).
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If this counts, Videogame Highschool on Netflix. As cheesy as it is, it's one of my favorite movies. Basically, this newbie kills this professional in a popular FPS game (similar to Call of Duty or Battlefield), then the noob gets invited to Videogame Highschool, the HArvard of schools. In the movie, videogames take the rle of sports as the most popular things in the world. The world revolves around videogames. Its such a funny movie and great to watch.

If that doesn't count, then the last movie I watched was Pain and Gain. One of my favorite Mark Whalberg movies. It was a pretty good movie, but wasn't amazing like I expected. It was hilarious however, and I couldn't believed that it was actually based off of a true story.
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Old October 22nd, 2013 (9:01 PM).
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I think it was Don John? It was an OK movie. A bit too much back and forth motion going on with the plot without no decent concrete line.

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Old October 28th, 2013 (6:15 AM).
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Bad Grandpa

Movie was hilarious and it follows an actual story instead of just skits Luke the guys from Jackass usually does.
Only problem was that the trailer showed a bit too much of the movie. It was still good nonetheless
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Old October 28th, 2013 (6:47 AM).
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Anime movies count too, right? They're movies, after all.

The girl who leapt through time
Amazing movie. Really good story. Drives home the fact that no matter how good a power you're granted, you'll still have to use it carefully or face the consequences.

Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works
Don't get the hate it gets from fate fans. It had amazing animation, good soundtrack and not so confusing plot even though it crammed so much into a movie of the length it was. Pacing was nice too. I liked it a lot.
Old October 28th, 2013 (7:54 AM).
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I watched Big Daddy last night. Wow, blast from the past that was. The last movie I saw at a theatre was Gravity, and that was a pretty stunning film, both visually and plot-wise.
Old October 28th, 2013 (9:32 AM).
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500 days of summer. mainly because i wanted to cry in my own misery because the movie is very relevant to what i'm experiencing right now. jesuuus.

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Old October 28th, 2013 (9:56 AM).
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Old movie but i watch The Losers. I was so mad that the brother turned out to be the rat in the end
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Old October 29th, 2013 (1:30 AM).
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Well there are many last movies for me for the English language last was Superman Man Of steel guys its a really great ultimate movie and my last hollywood (Indian Hindi movies are called) is Horror story in hall the story is not to scary but my god the ghost was really scary i can't tell you just knew that this Horror story named movie is really scary the story is - 7 friends went to a Hotel cause of a rumor that there is ghost so they tried to find out but sooner they realezed it not what they want to. they find it much harder to get out as they thought, If you want to know my last TV movie well it maybe...... Shiva The Superhero 2 ( a Film by tollywood)

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Old October 29th, 2013 (1:37 AM).
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Well It was The Conjuring like yesterday my Brothers wants to watch that movie again and again that I was so annoyed but I just stopped watching the movie and turned on the Computer to play more Pokemon Ruby Destiny - ROL , But the last movie I saw in the Cinema (that's what Philippines call it (maybe).) like in August 1 2012 was Brave, You know the Movie that has a girl who was tomboy-ish and wished that her mother changed and then her mother turns to a bear then she solves the problem later.
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Old October 29th, 2013 (2:47 PM).
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The Strangers

Fantastic horror/suspense film. It always freaks me out when I watch it. It's also a realistic horror film unlike so many, because honestly this could happen to anyone. If you haven't seen it, see it!
Old October 29th, 2013 (3:51 PM).
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lol I hardly post in this thread. Ever.

But yeah I did see a bit of Inception last night, I have to say this movie was really epic and if one didn't see it you really should now. I just had to do an avatar/sig of it in case if one didn't notice already.
Old October 30th, 2013 (12:35 AM).
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I've got a cold, so pretty much all I did was play games, sleep, and watch movies all day. I managed to finish The Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction, and an episode of Supernatural.

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Old November 2nd, 2013 (3:54 PM).
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Just watched 13 Game of Death yesterday since there was a bundle of 4/10$ at a closing HMV.

It's about a guy who lost his job, hot an insane amount of debt, lost his girlfriend and who keeps trying to report a family. Then he receives an anonymous phonecall who says he can win 100 million dollars if he completes 13 challenges.

Movie is kinda slow to start but when the challenges start, you always wonder how the challenges will keep getting harder and harder. imo, the 5th challenge was the nastiest one.
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Old November 2nd, 2013 (6:14 PM).
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I wasn't expecting much from the trailer; but it turned out to be a solid 7/10.

The story basically is about "Unlucky Max", a fitting character accidentally gets exposed to radiation and is only given a short time span to live. The only cure to his disease are particular beds in Elysium, however; Elysium is a man-made space station where luxury and relaxation is all the rage. Unfortunately Max is stuck on earth, but devises a mission to get to to Elysium to cure himself-- meanwhile finding himself mixed up in some shady political trouble brewed in Elysium.
Old November 3rd, 2013 (5:28 PM).
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Rob Burgundy Anchorman was on TNT (I think) yesterday. I recorded it and watched it today. Such a funny movie! I can't wait to see Anhcorman 2 when it premieres in December!
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Old November 3rd, 2013 (8:11 PM).
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Watchmen. I had no idea it was 3 and a half hours long.
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Old November 4th, 2013 (12:21 AM).
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I saw the second half of After Earth, and World War Z

I wasn't digging After Earth although it was pretty fun to riff, I'm not particularly interested in seeing the first half.

I really liked World War Z, I was plesently surprised by it. Brad Pitt nailed it, and I really liked Segan (Daniella Kertesz) despite how stereotypical her role was.

Either that or After Earth just made Warld War Z look realllly good.
Old November 4th, 2013 (12:30 AM).
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White: Curse of the Melody

Love these asian horror movies. ;D
Old November 5th, 2013 (8:01 AM).
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The last movie I've seen in theaters as of today is Despicable Me 2.

The last movie I've watch on home video is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Two amazing kids series from the 1980's.
Old November 5th, 2013 (8:28 AM).
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Watched Savages the other day. Easily one of the more messed up things I've seen.
Old November 5th, 2013 (8:34 AM).
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Angus, best movie ever, it's about a fat kid who stands up for himself (sounds cheesy but it's really not)
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Old November 5th, 2013 (12:26 PM).
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auughh i dont know why i did this to myself but last night i re-watched Evangelion 3.33. [drowns in tears]

latest "new" movie ive seen (as in, my first time watching) was Tokyo Godfathers. pretty interesting, its by the same guy who did Paprika.


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Old November 5th, 2013 (12:41 PM).
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The Godfather: Part II - Awesome old film, and all saga. If you dont watch this beautiful saga, you must do it!


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