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Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black2 & White2.

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Old February 14th, 2014 (02:30 AM).
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14/2: Woke up and decide to train my Virizion along with my other high level pokemon, but before that I went to join revenue to check the progress, there I trained Virizion DEF and ATK since DEF is awfully low and wanted to balance SP DEF and DEF together. Next, I head to old plasma HQ in Drifveli and battle my rival, and yet was easy due I set the difficulty to easy mode, after tons of struggle. I headed to Gamefreak HQ and battle the "normal" trainer and unexpected tough customer type, it was intense and still victory for me. Later at 3:00, I decide do multi battle with chilly(pun intended), the poison jab took slightly half of my Virizion's HP and doesn't matter if Maractus use cotton guard excessively because I would just use Sacred Sword and instantly whoosh it to submission and the final pokemon sent by cris and cres it's a 1-vs-2 battle, but I manage to win it with my virizion <3.

After it's done, time to do some more training. I headed out to Dream Yard and battled Schoolgirl and again it was easy, also battled a youngster with slakoth's evolution line and was a breeze.
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Black 1

Here I am. I have scaled the Pokemon League, and N's castle. N awaits me beyond this door, but I am not scared. Legendary dragon or not, I will defeat him.

Ghetsis taunts me, but I pay him no mind. I enter, and approach the throne upon which N rests. He greets me, and notices that Reshiram has ignored my calls. Summoning Zekrom, he gives me a choice: Fight him, or leave.

I utter the hardest words I have said in my life, with the giant dragon glaring down upon me: "Whether Reshiram helps me or not, I will fight you."

As soon as I finish, the Light Stone begins to shake. Pulling it out, it is enveloped in a bright white light, and Reshiram awakens! N steps back, allowing me a chance to combat Reshiram without interference.

I send in Jellicent, who should be effected the least by Reshiram's moves. It takes a few turns, but after several Recover and Night Shade attacks, Reshiram is captured in a Dusk Ball. N compliments me on handling Reshiram. To my surprise, he heals my team as well. "There is no honor in defeating a weakened opponent." He states.

The battle begins, and Reshiram surges to meet Zekrom in brutal combat. Ideals and Truth, clashing once more after thousands of years. Zekrom's tail generator spins up, and it launches a intense bolt of lightning, which impacts Reshiram, causing it to roar in pain. Reshiram follows up with a white-hot blast of fire, peppering Zekrom's body with miniature burn marks - though none of them are severe enough to inhibit it's movement. Zekrom, perhaps sensing the hazard of launching another bolt of lightning, uses Dragon Claw to further weaken Reshiram, and taking another blast of fire in the process. Zekrom attacks once more, landing a Zen Headbutt, and Reshiram falls.

My morale is damaged, but I have prepared for this. I only hope I prepared enough.

Sending out Excadrill, I hope that his Steel-Ground type will protect him from the fury of the Dragon-Electric Zekrom. Luckily, it seems Zekrom is tired from it's fight with Reshiram, resulting in Excadrill being unharassed as it burrows into the ground. Excadrill bursts from the ground beneath Zekrom's feet, and the Legendary topples.

The next pokemon N sends out is a Klinklang. Excadrill burrows once more just as it launches a Focus Blast, nearly missing a surely painful move. Scoring a direct hit reveals that the Klinklang is actually Zoroark in disguise!

Because the Zoroark is not weak to ground type, it remained standing after the attack. I switched Jellicent in, allowing it to absorb a Night Slash before finishing the Zoroark with Brine.

N started dancing nervously as two of his pokemon fall. He then sends in Klinklang, and I have no doubt that it's real. I swap Excadrill in once more, and he absorbs a Thunderbolt harmlessly. A quick Dig later and this round is over.

N decides he's had enough, so he sends in Vanilluxe. I switch to Galvantula, thinking it could handle the Ice-Type. I am proven wrong, after trapping it in Electrowebs twice.

I then loose my closest friend, Emboar, into the battle, and with a roar and a gout of flame, Vanilluxe is vanquished, much to N's frustration.

The next pokemon N sends in is Carracosta. I respond with my Zweilous, creating a no-advantage battle. Zweilous gets a few good hits in, but Carracosta ultimately emerges victorious. Sending in Jellicent, he is met by Crunch, but he holds out. Unfortunately for N and Carracosta, the damage done by Crunch is easily repaired by Recover and the obsenely massive pile of medical supplies I had in my bag. We wait Carracosta out until it's jaw was too sore to continue biting at Jellicent, then proceed to weaken it with Night Shade before finishing it with Brine.

The last pokemon N has is an Archeops. I switch to Excadrill, who begins lobbing stones at the airbourne opponent. Despite the disadvantage, it takes two volleys for the ancient bird to tumble.

My victory is assured... or so I thought. It is now that Ghetsis decides to intervene, and reveals that he was behind all of this from the beginning.

Unlike N, he does not battle for honor, and he doesn't bother to restore my pokemon before sending his to meet them in battle...

Part II, coming sometime.

It's late where I am and I'm too tired to continue right now.
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Old May 9th, 2014 (02:46 AM).
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(Will be cheating in my team c': )

White 2

Started my journey late one evening. Answering to my mother's call, I go out too the assistant of Professor Juniper, Bianca! My friend Hugh and his little sister meet me outside of my home, and Hugh decides to come with me to get my first Pokemon!

Finding Bianca was a bit difficult, but we finally found her at the sight-seeing point! I was shocked to shocked to hear her ask me if I wanted a PokeDex AND a Pokemon! Each of the Pokemon, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, were so cute, but I finally decided to go with Snivy. From what I've heard from Hugh, they're a little more defensive than most Pokemon, but they're incredibly fast as well. Hugh seemed to get a little jealous that I got a PokeDex, and he asked Bianca for one, too. To his surprise, she gave it to him, though, I had a feeling like she was secretly planning on it, anyway.

Much to my surprise, Hugh challenged me to a battle! He's had his Tepig ever since he was little, and sure enough, his experience proved to be better than mine. Snivy and I lost, but we had fun regardless! Hugh is a really good trainer! After our battle Bianca took me to the POkemon Center, and Hugh ran ahead. My mom and Hugh's sister met me and Bianca outside of the Pokemon Center. My mom gave me some Running Shoes, and Hugh's sister gave me a Town Map! She asked if I would bring one to Hugh, as well, so I set off towards Floccesy Town! I finally arrived and met a weird old man named Alder. He seemed really excited to teach me something, but I wasn't paying too much attention to him. he did tell me that hugh ran off to the ranch, however, so I chased after him. On my way there, I happened to run into a wild Litwick! It was so cute, just sitting there. It almost looked as if it was stalking this Youngster...odd. I decided to catch the little guy and add him to my team!

I met Hugh at the ranch, but it turned out that the owner and his wife couldn't find their other Herdier! Little guy probably wandered off into the nearby woods, but Hugh got really upset for some reason...
I decided to help them out, plus i was able to catch a lot of other Pokemon around the area, too. After catching a few Pokemon and storing them in the PC, I headed into the nearby forest and found out that some weird dude in this weird costume had planned to steal Herdier! He heard Hugh call out to me, and when he realized I wasn't alone decided to run out of there. Herdier followed me back to its owner, and the couple offered Hugh and I place to stay for the evening. Before heading off to bed, I decided to train Snivy and Litwick a bit before going to sleep!

Current Team:

Snivy Lv.16
Nature: Timid
Ability: Overgrow
-Leaf Tornado

Litwick Lv.14
Nature: Modest
Ability: Flash Fire
-Confuse Ray
-Fire Spin
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> Booted up game. Never really played the sequels of BW, haha.
> Picked Oshawott as starter. I already picked Snivy in White and Tepig doesn't really make an impression to me.
> Swept most battles with him. Also caught Sewaddle along the way.
> Caught another Pokemon, Mareep.
> Saved game at Aspertia City.


Oshawott male
Level 10 | Adamant | Torrent
Tail Whip
Water Gun

Mareep female
Level 10 | Sassy | Static
Thunder Wave

Sewaddle female
Level 11 | Quiet | Swarm
String Shot
Bug Bite

Was in a rush, so no time for images and gender symbols. x)
right here, waiting.
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Old June 2nd, 2014 (10:47 PM).
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Damn this is gonna be a long ass update, and as such, will be placed in a spoiler. c:

White 2

Dustin vs Cheren!

It's me against one of the heroes of Unova! Two years ago Cheren accompanied Unova's leading hero in their journey to be the greatest Trainers, and fought with the hero against Team Plasma, and the evil Sage Ghetsis. After the victory against the evil group, Cheren began working on his skill and his connection with Pokemon much more than he had done before, and through his own journey of self-discovery, inherited the Basic Badge from Lenora, and became the Gym Leader of Aspertia City.

After defeating Cheren's two students, I was finally able to challenge him at last. His first Pokemon was a rather rowdy Patrat with one heck of a Bite! Litwick was caught seriously off guard from this attack, and unfortunately was forced to retreat. However, the combination of Snivy's Growth and Leaf tornado proved to be far too much for the little rodent, and defeated it swiftly. Cheren's second, and final, Pokemon was a little Lillipup! It had a Tackle that could kill, and it honestly almost did! It managed to land a pretty hefty hit upon Snivy, but Snivy once again was able to defeat his opponent in a single blow! Cheren gave his congratulations, when all of a sudden Snivy began to glow! Seconds later, he evolved into Servine!

With that, I won the Basic Badge, and Cheren's respect, and continued out the door. I was stopped by Bianca, who rewarded me with the C-Gear as well as her contact info! Cheren, stopped us outside to give me his information as well, and was then interrupted by none other than Hugh, who challenged him to a battle.

Finally, I head off to Virbank City. I decided to head to the Virbank Complex for a little training, but was stopped along the way by a strange sound just at the edge of the water! A cute, yet rather large, Wailmer was being attacked by a small group of Grimer (no doubt attracted to the area due to the complex being so near). Litwick managed to scare them all off with a powerful Fire Spin, and I was able to save the Wailmer by bringing it to the Pokemon Center. Afterwards, I captured the little guy, and brought him along with me to the Complex to do a full team training.

Dustin vs Roxie!

Man, is it loud in there! Roxie was in the middle of a jam session and was unable to hear me entirely. I decided my best option was to make it quieter by beating her band-mates in a battle, and then challenge her. Thankfully, their Poison type attacks were nothing against Litwick's resistance (thanks to being part Ghost). They did manage to Poison him, however, which would make the battle against Roxie much harder, and boy did it! Her Koffing started out with a Strong Assurance, which would have knocked Litwick out if not for the earlier Super Potion! Countering with a strong Flame Burst, Litwick was able to knock out Koffing in an instant. Her final Pokemon was a large, menacing Whirlipede. I lucked out when its Pursuit missed Litwick, and one-shotted once again with Flame Burst. Her defeat meant my reward of the Toxic Badge!

Afterwards, I was invited to star in a role in a movie at PokeStar Studios! with not much interest in being a celebrity, however, I declined the offer. While on my way to the docks however, I spotted Roxie and Hugh being confronted with a group of the same type of people I saw at the ranch! They revealed themselves to be the revamped Team Plasma, and are out for pure domination over the world! We as a trio defeated them all too easily, and scared them off. But what were they doing there?

Oh, well. For now, I decide to head off to Castelia City, and challenge the Castelia City Gym!... only to find out that the Gym Leader is not present. Bummer. All of a sudden Hugh comes running about shouting something about having seen a Plasma Grunt. We follow the Trail to the Castelia Sewers, where we find two members lurking about. Having defeated them, Hugh chases after more members, when all of a sudden Burgh reveals himself! He seems to come here often for inspiration for his art. He returns to the gym, and I follow.

Dustin vs Burgh!

Burgh's Gym was absolutely beautiful! Glittering, multicolored spores from the wings of Bug Pokemon filled the air, making it seem like fairy dust was scattering all about. Pure white, silk tubes connected each of the floors to his gym in a wonky, twisting puzzle. through careful navigation, I finally managed to make my way to Burgh, and what a sight it was! His room's floor was completely covered in a multitude of different colors of wet paint, making the room seems surreal. He accepted my challenge and started with a calm Swadloon. I naturally sent out my Litwick and burned it to a crsip with Flame Burst. He then switched to Dwebble, a Bug/Rock type, and I decided my best option would be to switch to Wailmer. Wailmer's Water Pulse proved to be too much for it, and Dwebble fell with just two hits. Lastly, Burgh's ace in the hole, Leavanny. Litwick had a slighter more difficult battle, but ultimately my little flame ghost proved to be too much for the Bug/Grass type Pokemon.

Now, with the Insect Badge in my possession, I make my way towards Nimbasa City, to challenge Elesa. On the way to Route 4, I am stopped by a strange looking scientist, who asked that I accompany him to a group of Crustle. They appeared to be exhausted from a long journey, to which this man, who calls himself Colress, uses a strange machine to restore their vigor. With the Crustle gone, he challenges me to a quick battle, and it was a rather tough one, at that! His Magnemite and Klink both received quite a boost in their special defense thanks to the unending sandstorm, but ultimately fell to Snivy's Growth boosted Leaf Tornado. The strange man thanked me for the battle, and left.

Just before exiting Route 4, I stumbled upon a building known as Join Avenue, which I somehow ended up manager of! I was able to convince a few people to set up shop, and finally left. Nimbasa City sure was grand. So many lights, sounds, and colors all in one place! I left westward for Route 6, where I bumped into Bianca! She showed me a passage called a Hidden Hollow, which sometimes has Pokemon with strange Abilities that they normally would not have! Inside, I found a cute little Gothita, that had the ability Shadow Tag! I decide to add the little gal to my team, and then decided to train all of my Pokemon on Route 6.

Dustin vs Elesa!

Elesa, the most beautiful woman in all of Unova, supermodel extraordinaire, and powerful Electric Pokemon master to boot! Her gym as a runway is rather suiting for her, and her Pokemons' dazzling moves suit it just as well. She started off with a pesky, fast Emolga that almost immediately used Volt Switch on Gothita. Flaffy came in, and took the full attack of Gothita's Psyshock, landing quite the critical hit! She sent out that Emolga once again, and decided to attack ith a double Aerical Ace combo! Gothita proved stronger, and managed to endure both attacks, returning her own Psyshocks! Lastly, Elesa's Zebstrika. I recall Gothita and sent out Servine, who managed to lay down a quick Leech Seed before getting hit by a strong Flame Charge. Luckily, Leech Seed healed it just enough to survive a second attack, and combined with Mega Drain, healed right back to just enough health to survive once more. After a second Mega Drain, and a final sapping from the Leech Seed, I came out victorious, and obtained the Bolt Badge.

I return to the Pokemon Center and heal my friends, when I notice Hugh confronting more Team Plasma members. Why is he so actively fighting against these people? After helping him defeat the sinister group, I find out why. His late grandfather apparently gave his sister a Purrloin for her birthday, and Team Plasma stole it five years ago. Since then, he swore to get it back. Still, I'm not so sure I agree with how actively, and how aggressively, he opposes them...

We chase them into Driftveil City, and spot one of the older Plasma members trying to cinvince his frined (who works for the new Plasma) to quit, and join the side of good. The Neo Plasma grunt calls his former friend a traitor, and leaves the scene. The Good Plasma member spots me, and ask that I accompany him to where he and the other older members are staying. There, I meet one of the former Seven Sages, who challenges me to a quick battle. He judged that I was close and loving to my Pokemon, and invited me to stay inside, when Hugh appears! Hugh's anger is not subtle towards these people. The Sage can do nothing more than apologize, and Hugh was not going ot have it. He said some rather unnecessary remarks, and storms out.

Later, I find Hugh still fuming about Clay, the Driftveil Gym Leader, allowing the old Team Plasma take shelter in his city. Clay happens to overhear this, and tries to tell Hugh that people constantly change, and that nothing is definite. Their evil deeds and their twisted hearts changed, and that is why Clay let them live there. Hugh is unable to accept this, and storms off once again. With a hard sigh, Clay accepts my challenge to a battle for his badge. Before I did that, I decide to train my companions in the nearby route, and happened to manage evolving Servine into Serperior, and Gothita into Gothorita!

Dustin vs Clay!

Clay sure is one tough cowboy! He started off strong with his Krokorok, who's Crunch almost knocked out my Gothorita! I decide to switch in my Wailmer, and knocked Krokorok out with a strong Water Spout. Next, Clay sent out his sturdy Sandslash, but it fell just as hard (and as easily) to yet another Water Spout. Finally, Clay's closest friend, Excadrill. Excadrill was a bit faster, and managed to land a good Bulldoze on Wailer, significantly lowering the power of Water Spout, which let Excadrill survive the attack with plenty of health left. I decide to switch out with Serperior, who was able to knock out the drill-happy mole with two Mega Drains.

With his defeat, Clay gave me the Quake Badge, and invited me to the Pokemon World Tournament! The building took the place of the old Cold Storage, and was home to many huts filled with move tutors. In the PWT, I see Cheren and Hugh waiting outside. They decide to enter with me, and the strange man from Route 4 was entering, as well. I defeated Hugh and Cheren in the first to rounds, and ended up against Colress once again. His team not much different than the last time, but much easier than before. After the tournament, Clay, Hugh, Cheren, and myself spot Team plasma outside. Cheren and Hugh chase after them, but Colress pleaded they stop, saying that it was much too dangerous. They ignored his warning and boarded their ship. I decided to at least help them survive. After we defeat a large amount of their grunts, we were kicked off by the mysterious Shadow Triad.

I rested at the home of Old Team Plasma, and made my way through Chargestone Cave, where I met Bianca once again. She was conducting research of Professor Juniper on the Pokemon named Tynamo. I travel through the static dungeon and came out to Mistralton City! There, I met Professor Juniper herself, along with Mistralton's Gym Leader, Skyla. I headed to the Gym for a match against Skyla and her Flying type Pokemon after some training at Celestial Tower, where Wailmer and Liwick both evolved!

Dustin vs Skyla!

She much be some kind of sadist, because her Gym was insane! Strong gusts of wind every few seconds that would slam you into a wall with extreme force if you weren't already propping yourself against or behind one. However, I was quick enough to avoid being blown away, and was able to challenge her. She sent out her Swoobat first, and I replied with my newly evolved Lampent. Lampent easily knocked her out with a single Shadow Ball. She then sent out her Skarmory, yet it was no match for Lampent's Flame Burst. Finally, her Swanna, who fell to a swift, yet strong thunderbolt from Gothorita, who learned the attack after having a spiritual journey in Celestial Tower... I promise.

With victory n my hands in the form of the Jet Badge, I head outside only to be stopped by Skyla once more. She invites me to fly with her and Professor Juniper to Lentimas Town, when we were interrupted by Bianca, who exclaimed he wished to join as well. We head off in Skyla's massive jet, and land safely at our destination. In the desert town, a man taught Serperior how to use Dragon Pulse, a move that would definitely come in handy for a later battle!

One the way to Reversal Mountain, I saw something dark, and strange in the distance. When I finally arrived to what I saw, I saw that it was a spooky and abandoned house! I entered with caution, with Lampent already out of its Pokeball to act as my guide and light. I found some stairs that led to the basement library, and found the TM Shadow Ball! I taught it to Gothorita, and I also found a Dusk Stone! I decided it was time to use it on Lampent, and evolve it to Chandelure. I make my way back upstairs and found a ghost, a real one, not a Pokemon! She seemed lost, lonely, and confused. I entered what seemed to be her bedroom and found the Lunar Wing the ghost appeared once more, and revealed she died due to an unending nightmare, and by time the Lunar Wing was in her possession, it was already too late... After leaving, it seemed as though my Pokemon learned moves they did not once know, and Serperior's ability seemed to have changed. Did that ghost girl do this?

Finally, I make my way to Reversal Mountain, where I meet up with Bianca and decide to travel with her once more. She seems to be looking for a certain Pokemon, whose blood is thick like magma, and whose skin is as tough as hardened lava. We reach the cave where this Pokemon is meant to be, only to be suddenly surround by violent lava! The cave was far too small for Wailord to cool down the lava with its water, and we thought all was lost. Suddenly, Gothorita appeared form its Ball and evolved into Gothitelle, using its newly much more powerfuul Psychic power to clear a path for us all. rjoicing our escape, and high off of the adrenaline, Bianca and I rush to the exit like giddy children. I finally arrived at Undella Town, known for its serene beach, calming waves, and beautiful Marine Tube. I decided to rest in one of the rental villas, and call it a night.

Current Team:

Serperior Lv.48
Nature: Timid
Ability: Contrary
-Leaf Storn
-Hidden Power
-Dragon Pulse
-Giga Drain

Chandelure Lv.46
Nature: Modest
Ability: Flash Fire
-Fire Blast
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball
-Hidden Power

Wailord Lv.46
Nature: Modest
Ability: Water Veil
-Water Spout
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
-Hidden Power

Gothitelle Lv.46
Nature: Modest
Ability: Shadow Tag
-Hidden Power
-Shadow Ball
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I wanted to start playing White 2 again and since I transferred all my strong and legendary Pokemon to Pokemon X that normally would be the perfect opportunity to restart the whole thing. But that's not how I roll :P
I don't want to play through the whole game again, to get a couple of Pokemon that I want to try out and I'm also no fan of those "trainer travels through the world and has an adventure"-stories. Instead I came up with what I call "the Post-Pokebank-alyptic" time: the legendaries and the strong Pokemon have disappeared and the world lies in disarray, because a couple of corrupt Pokemon now try to take over the world.

But who would stand up against these guys? Well that's still to be seen. Without any goal in mind a group consisting of a Volcarona, a Ferroseed, a Zangoose and a Braciary made their way through Route 9. While taking a break suddenly sounds of a fight came to their ears. A quick interference allowed the group to rescue a Pawniard, who was fighting a big group of bad guys.
The Pawniard was out to defeat all who would stand in his way to become the strongest, but even he had to realize that he needed help in order to achieve his goals, which is why he joined the group. As he made himself the leader his first issue was to train in order to become stronger. Unfortunately only Ferroseed joined him, so both of them trained hard until they finally evolve.
After the training was finished Bisharp wanted to test his skills which is why he decided to participate in the so called Pokemon World Tournament. He also forced Ferrothorn and Volcarona into the whole thing and who would have thought: the three of them took the whole tournament on and achieved a blazing victory.

The first step being made in order to get more intel on the bad guys the group was chasing someone (whose Xtransceiver they found) who was supposed to know about their hideout but it turned out to be a fake. But at least they were told to meet someone in Nacrene City.
The group made their way to Nacrene City and met up with a guy called Tirtouga who not only told them about an ancient tower, but also joined the party. As Bisharp issued the command to head there, Zangoose picked a fight with Bisharp since he could no longer stand this guy giving commands. But not being able to accompish anything Zangoose decided to leave the group.

After a long flight the party finally reached Dragonspiral Tower where they found a really old machine which was still working and which introduced itself as Golurk. He decided to help the group and told them about an ancient cave deep in the White Forest, but they needed a key to get access to it. Unfortunately due to the bad guys interferring with the group Braviary got shot down and so the group, not being able to fly anymore, was wandering around aimlessly finally reaching Giant Chasm. There the group had the pleasure in meeting with Vanillish who not only joined the group but also turned out to be a good mechanic which is why she found out that Golurk had the ability to fly (which he didn't even know himself).

With new wings the group managed to procure the key and made their way to the White Forest in order to solve the ancient tests that are hidden in the cave.

The party:

Bisharp (m) (the leader)
Level: 60
Ability: Defiant
Lax Nature
- Iron Head
- Aerial Ace
- Night Slash
- Hone Claws

Golurk (the ancient mashine)
Level: 60
Ability: Iron Fist
Brave Nature
- Hammer Arm
- Shadow Punch
- Fly
- Earthquake

Vanilluxe (f) (the mechanic)
Level: 49
Ability: Ice Body
Relaxed Nature
- Acid Armor
- Ice Beam
- Hail
- Mirror Coat

Carracosta (m) (the old marine)
Level: 42
Ability: Sturdy
Brave Nature
- Waterfall
- Aqua Jet
- Shell Smash
- Smack Down

Ferrothorn (f) (the tank)
Level: 41
Ability: Iron Barbs
Quirky Nature
- Power Whip
- Gyro Ball
- Pin Missile
- Iron Defence

Volcarona (f) (the artillerist)
Level: 40
Ability: Flame Body
Adamant Nature
- Psychic
- Leech Life
- Flamethrower
- Gust

The group still has a ways to go and still a lot to learn. Will they find out who is trying to conquer the world? Will they be able to bring peace to the world once more or is a bad ending inevitable and all their tries in vain? Well, find out next time!
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Just riding a bicycle on route 8.
for my 7 badge , on white
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This is my play through Black 2.
Character: Kaythe - ♀ - Age: 16

Mom pulled me away from the television to ask if I wanted a Pokémon. What was with this sudden question? She had come bursting through the door and barged into my room to ask silly questions? That would be likely. When I answered yes to all her annoying questions, she told me that she was asking because I was going to get a Pokémon from a woman named Bianca who was the assistant to the well known Prof. Juniper. Mom shoved my bag, full of random things, into my arms and basically pushed me out the door. With a grumble, I looked around the town. Did Mom even know where this girl was? She had a green hat... was I supposed to find her just based on that? Well, the Aspertia City lookout would give me a good view of the town, so I began to head that way. My friend Hugh ran up to me, panting with exertion. "I heard you're getting a Pokémon?!" he shouted. He was waaaaaaay too worked up over this. I nodded. "I'll follow you, then!" he shouted again. I rubbed my ears, and his cheeks turned red. He scratched the back of his head, "Sorry, I'm just excited. I know you are someone I can count on!" I decided to let Hugh follow me. I headed towards the lookout. As I headed up the stairs, Hugh said, "Oh, I get it. You can probably find this Bianca-person easier from up there!" I nodded and headed up. A blond woman with a large green hat looked over the ledge, staring into the wilderness. "Bianca...?" I asked. She turned around, shrieking in shock. I stepped back a little. "Oh, ah, sorry, sorry. I was so fascinated with the beauty that I wasn't paying attention. Say, would you know where a young lady named Kaythe would be?" she asked, a sheepish grin on her. "That would be me," I responded. She blushed in embarrassment. "Oh! Sheesh! Silly me. You look exactly how Prof. Juniper said you would!! I'm Bianca... Oh, but you already know that... Haha, sorry, I'm a little nervous... Anyways, here are the three starter Pokémon you can choose from," she stuttered, holding out a case filled with three Pokéballs. I looked at each Pokémon through their Pokéball. I chose Oshawott, because he was so adorable and his grin was mischievous.

Updated Team:
oshawott_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a4985.gifOshawott - Lv 5 - Utakata - ♂

Next, Bianca handed me a red device. I looked at her in confusion. "This is a Pokédex," she explained, eager to teach, "It records all the data of Pokémon you catch!" I took it. Hugh suddenly came charging up the stairs. Bianca looked alarmed, but I stared at Hugh, deadpanned. "Hey! What's that red thingy-majiggy?!" he shouted. I sighed. So he was back to the shouting? "Huh? Oh, that's a Pokédex. Its an encyclopedia of Pokémon you catch," Bianca said. "Will it make me a better trainer?" he asked her. The blond nodded. "Give me one, then!!" he demanded. "Well, okay. I don't really get it, but if it helps... Pokédex distribution has become more wide spread now. So, here you go," Bianca said. She handed Hugh a blue one. I glared at the blue. I wanted blue!! "Well, now that that is all done, why don't we battle?" I suggested. "Sure! I'll take you on using the Pokémon I raised from an egg!"

To be continued....!!
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I was grinding before the E4 and I got infected with the Pokerus. So that gave me an even bigger reason to start grinding even more for to get those EV's up. This is the 2nd time where I get infected with the Pokerus during one of my playthroughs. So this is a 2 points in getting the Pokerus and 0 for encountering a shiny Pokemon in any Pokemon games, lol...
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Guildmaster Wigglytuff's White Adventure

So I decided to start replaying White, since I haven't played it much since completing it for the first time. And, after I complete this playthrough, I'll start transferring my Pokemon to Y using Pokemon Bank/PokeTransporter! I'm looking forward to this, since Unova is the region that I have the least amount of experience with. So without further ado, let's get this started.


The journey begins with Prof. Juniper asking me basic questions, although she really should be able to tell my gender. She then introduces me to my two best friends. Which is strange, since if they're my best friends, I shouldn't have to be introduced to them. Oh well.

I start in my room. Cheren is there, and Bianca arrives shortly after. We all pick a Pokemon from a box that Prof. Juniper gave us. Naturally I pick first. I am the main character, after all. After very little thinking, I choose Snivy because it seemed to be the Serperior Pokemon. (see what I did there?)

Just kidding, I chose Oshawott.

Bianca then convinces us to all have a Pokemon battle in my room. I easily defeat both Bianca and Cheren, although my room is basically destroyed in the process. There are even footprints on my walls. All I did was use Tackle a few times... The Wii in my room is unscratched, though. Can't have any Nintendo consoles damaged.

Cheren and Bianca go downstairs to apologize for the disaster they caused in my room, but my mom stays calm and says she'll clean it later. I can tell that she's secretly furious. Anyway, I then leave to thank Prof. Juniper for the Pokemon.

Bianca is taking her time going to the lab, so I go to check on her at her house. As I arrive, I can hear her and her father arguing about her being able to go on an adventure with Pokemon. I quickly apologize for interrupting their family affairs, and head back toward the lab, with Bianca coming as well.

At Prof. Juniper's lab, the professor introduces herself and asks us to travel the region, collecting data on hundreds of Pokemon. Sure, why not? She asks us to meet her at Route 1, and then leaves. I guess we have to follow her. Outside, my mom appears and gives all three of us Town Maps so we don't get lost on our adventure.

As we approach Route 1, Bianca decides that we should all take our first steps together. What. Since apparently I have no choice, we all walk together for a few steps, like this is some magical event. Prof. Juniper greets us and demonstrates how to catch a wild Pokemon. She catches a Patrat and gives us some Pokeballs before going ahead to Accumula Town. Cheren and Bianca both say that they are heading to Accumula town, as if there were any other place to go. Cheren makes a challenge to see who can catch the most Pokemon before reaching Accumula Town. I guess I should go catch some wild Pokemon.


to be continued...


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Pokémon White

Just started my Unova Adventure.

Chose Oshawott as my starter.

Began on Route 1.
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I just finished my White 2.
Here's my team and also the pokemon used in the journey

I will speak for all of them
Servi(Serperior) male lv.59 Calm Used from begin to champion
Took it as starter(the only genertaion where I take a grass starter). I used it as main against Cheren, helped against Elesa and especially Marlon. A reliable guy who was of the best switches.

Altos(Altaria) male lv.60 Hasty Used from after 6th badge to champion
The newest member of the team who althought I would say my most weak managed to face Iris in the climax. Really he helped a lot against Drayden and Iris, which both were the toughest chellnges for me in the game(especially Iris).

Figus(Cohagrigus) male lv.59 Rash Used from after 3rd badge to champion
A slow yet reliable guy who went almost against anything and a perfect shield for healign and reviving. Yet even if slow with quick claw it was not just a few times he made the reversal.

Arcan(Arcanine) male lv.61 Mild Used from after 1st badge to champion
What to say about Arcan? If there was an award for best pokemon of the Journey that would go to him. He was main against Burgh, Elesa, Skyla and dared to face also against the ground and water gym leaders! He did not hestitate to fight water pokemon with his Thunder fang. Althought in the Elite four he was not much used for the rest of the journey he was the best!

Azuma(Azumarill) female lv. 61 Serious Used from begin to champion
Azuma started as a weak Azurill. Yet after evolving to Azumarill she was powerful. A main at the 5th gym and also the greatest fighter against the hard Drayden and the brutal Iris she proved herself to everyone.

Eon(Espeon) male lv.60 Naive Used from after 2nd badge to champion
Eon althought I would not say a main(expect when he tottaly ruined the Fighting Elite) managed to support the rest of the team in times of need. With Figus those two made a team you don't want to mess with.

Others that were put on PC
Dove(Pidove) female lv.20 Serious Used from begin to after 2nd badge
Dove was a strong Pidove and was the main against the poison girl(supported a little by Arcan). Eventually until I got Altos I switched her to use her for Fly.

Lucas(Lucario) male lv.24 Relaxed Used from begin to after 3rd badge
Lucas was no good at start but quick grew to one of the best fighters almost matching Arcan at that time

Lili(Liligant) female lv.39 Brave Used from before 3rd badge to after 6th badge
When I saw Lili I instantly wanted to catch her. It was that moment that she was added to my favorite pokemon list. She was great and almost unbeatable. With Servi they were a perfect team. It was the most sad parting. But now I wil ltrain her again.

Pharos(Flaafy) male lv.18 Calm Used from begin to after 2nd badge
Another reliable guy who managed to slow down the enemies for the others.

Now on to create my 30-members team for PWT!
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Ok guys and girls two days ago I win Iris so I end the game. Ok here is my basic team and others pokemon that help me.

My first Pokémon Emboar he help me with cheren with roxie and with Burgh. It was my first pokemon but when I was at elite our and iris it was 56lv. From begin until now.

Second I have Lucario It's my favourite pokemon. He help me a little bit at cheren, he won alone all pokemon at driftveil city gym leader and Clay. Also he win two pokemon Iris have and it was 58lv.

Third I have Unfezant ok that one only help at Burgh and Marlon. Ok at the elite she help me only with Marshal and it was 57lv.

Forth I have Krookodile This one It was my strongest pokemon he win alone Elesa and with Drayden. With that pokemon I beat more elite pokemon that others pokemon do and with that I win Iris. It was 63lv.

Fith Zebstrika with that pokemon I win Skyla and Marlon at the elite four I don't think tha he do anything it was 57lv.

Six Actually I don't think that I have a basic pokemon. So I have put here all others pokemon that help me a Yamask,a Azumarill,Zorua,Axew,cabalion only for little and Sneasel.

Now I am going for he PWT.
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I've just started a new save file on a French Black ROM, since I've already played both Black and White before, and I wanted to change things up a bit. If the team is going to be a bit imbalanced, that's because it's actually a challenge where I pick my six Pokemon based on zodiac signs. Naming theme is the mythology behind the constellations corresponding to the zodiac signs, and my trainer is also based on that. Here we go!

Ouranie is a young girl who is passionate about the stars. She has her heart set on climbing the Victory Road and reach the highest spot in Unova for the ultimate stargazing experience! But in order to this, she must collect all eight badges and challenge the Unova League!
Pokémon Version Noire
Trainer Ouranie
1/8 badges
@ Nacrene City
Nuvema Town
I'm starting my journey in Nuvema Town, together with my best friends, Tcheren and Bianca. Professor Juniper has delivered the three starter Pokemon to my house, and each of us gets to chose one. I have first pick; we're in my house after all, and since I've always loved Water-types, I quickly decide on Oshawott.

Poke Ball in hand, we all call out our new partners: Bianca's very hyper Tepig, Tcheren's very smug Snivy - how fitting for both of them, I thought -, and my very... apathetic Oshawott suddenly appear in the middle of the room. I must confess, I'm rather surprised how despite his species' reputation of being curious little fellows, this one seemed rather uninterested in all the commotion.

Ganymède ♂ Lv. 5
Lax, often lost in thought
Tackle · Tail Whip

Tcheren is quietly assessing the trio, while Bianca can't stop gushing over them and immediately suggests we all battle each other right away. These guys are so tiny, it's totally safe to battle indoors, she says, and I can't say no to that. We end up thrashing the whole place. My mother's pretending not to mind it much, but you can tell that she can't wait to have us out of the house.

After a quick detour over at Juniper's lab, we're on our way to Route 1, and the start of our adventure. Tcheren wants to become League Champion, Bianca just wants to prove to her father that she can manage by herself, and me, I just can't wait to soak in the night sky at the peak of Victory Road!

Accumula Town
After an uneventful trek through Route 1, we're reaching Accumula Town in the evening, and it seems like we're in for something different. While Bianca goes ahead to the Poke Center, Tcheren and I join a large crowd in the plaza, where Team Plasma is holding a rally, with their leader, a scary old man who goes by the name of Ghetis, preaching for Pokemon liberation. The two of us are unimpressed, though some of the people seem confused. One man in particular stands out; he's young, very tall and slender, but what's most intriguing is his expression. He seems enraptured, but distant somehow. I wonder if he's a Trainer? I notice a cute Purrloin rubbing up against his legs, so he must be.

We're having enough of this, so we're off to the Pokemon Center. Tomorrow we'll be on our way on Route 2.

Striaton City
Both Bianca and Tcheren have found a new partner of their own. Tcheren's team of Snivy and Purrloin excel in speed and accuracy and are boasting with confidence, especially after their recent win at the Gym against Armando, the Fire-type specialist. Bianca's team of Tepig and Lillipup are all over the place, severely unprepared and quite disheartened, and haven't even challenged the Gym yet. I'm having a hard time too, as my Oshawott, Ganymède, seems rather lax in battle. We've already lost twice against Rachid, the Grass-type specialist's prized Pansage, but today, we have a secret weapon.

vs Rachid
Rachid sends out his Lillipup, while I send out Ganymède. They're cautiously eyeing us, while Ganymède uses Water Gun to soak Lillipup. It tries to come closer and Bite, but the jet of water is keeping it away, and it finally succumbs, falling down in a puddle. Water won't help you against my Pansage, Rachid boasts, as to remind us of our previous failures at his Gym.

While Pansage is building up his strength with Work Up, we go right to the offensive with a Tackle, and then another one. Don't let it hit you, I cry out, but Ganymède is just standing there. Pansage unleashes a strong Vine Whip, and it hits its mark directly behind the head. Nearly out of breath, Ganymède takes out an Oran Berry stashed inside his scalchop and is munching on it. Another Vine Whip is coming fast, but with newly found strength, he goes for another Tackle. My strategy is working! He slams into Pansage, but takes another Vine Whip in the same spot. They're both standing there, both obviously on the brink of fainting. Pansage is the first to fall down and the match is over.

I meet with Rachid at the center of the battlefield. We both collect our Pokemon of the ground, and he presents me with the Trio Badge, as Armando and Noa are watching from the balcony. Finally the coveted first badge is ours!

As I go back to the dining area, a silly grin plastered on my face, I see Tcheren and Bianca waiting for me at a table. I get it that we're good to leave town, then?, he says, while Bianca's expression goes blank.

I'm dropping out of the League challenge, she says, so I won't be coming with you two... Wait, what? Are you going back to Nuvema? How about your father, proving yourself? No, no, I'm not going back! I'll be staying here in Striaton, as Dr. Oryse's assistant. She's one of Juniper's associates and she needs help with some experiments she's doing in the Dreamyard, Bianca explains, trying to go back to her usual cheery self. I can't believe we won't be traveling together anymore...

Route 3
Route 3 is quiet, or rather, until you reach the Daycare. There's a Minccino and a bunch of Cottonee running around in the yard, and children laughing and having fun on the playground. I built this Pokemon Daycare with my husband when our daughter was born, and then she built the children daycare when my granddaughter was born, the old lady explains. They ask us if we'd like some dinner and then spend the night, it is late after all, and we agree, but as we're going inside, Tcheren asks for a 1 vs 1 battle. And he means a real battle, now that we both have the Trio Badge.

vs Tcheren
He sends out his Snivy, I send out Ganymède. This is gonna be a tough one. Let's distract them, use Tail Whip! Ganymède turns his back to Snivy and cutely wags his tail. That won't work on us, he smirks, and commands a Vine Whip. The vines quickly wrap around Ganymède's tail, pulling him slightly. To my surprise, he seems almost... annoyed? He turns around and shoots a jet of water to Snivy's face. Snivy couldn't care less, he's a Grass-type after all, and lets go of Ganymède's tail and prepares for another good whipping.

But then something even more amazing happens: Ganymède takes out his scalchop, waving it in the air. There's a blade of water coming out of it, could that be...? He's deflecting the vines with his scalchop, and Snivy is forced to come closer. Focused on hitting his target, he leaves himself open. Now, Tackle it! Ganymède lunges at Snivy, who's toppled over and knocked out.

Tcheren is shocked, and frankly, so am I. If Ganymède has just learned Razor Shell, this means that surely, he's ready to evolve. For the moment, though, he's just standing there, absent-minded, looking at the night sky. At least that's something that we have in common.

The next day, we can't help but stay for brunch, but as we're packing our bags to leave the daycare, we hear some ruckus outside, and then a very familiar voice. Wait, give it back!, she cries, and we see a disheveled Bianca rushing on the path, giving chase to a couple of Plasma Grunts who are running off in the distance. They stole this girl's Pokemon, she says, and points to a lass who's clearly to exhausted to run anymore. In a moment, Tcheren and I are on Plasma's tracks.

Wellspring Cave
The thugs are trying to take cover in a nearby cave, and we catch up to them just as they're getting ready to dive into the cave's spring. Cornered, they both send out a Patrat at the same time, but we're on it. Ganymède uses Razor Shell to knock out one of the Patrat, as the other Patrat lunges at him. Two against one, it's not very nice! Tcheren's Snivy unleashes his Vine Whip after the Patrat, but it evades, much to Tcheren's chagrin. Ganymède meets its attack with his Razor Shell, and the battle is over.

The grunts have escaped in the commotion, though, leaving behind the stolen Purrloin, and both their Patrat. Tcheren and I are dumbfounded that they've abandoned their own Pokemon. But this is no time to waste, so we grab all the Pokemon and head back. As we leave the poor Patrat to the daycare lady, and return the Purrloin to its rightful Trainer, we're shocked to hear even more disturbing news from Bianca.

She was collecting Dream Mist in the Dreamyard yesterday, as part of her assistant duties to Dr. Oryse, when she found the same two Plasma thugs kicking a Munna to force it to expel her Dream Mist. Luckily, a Musharna chased them away. If only I had been strong enough to battle them, they wouldn't have escaped and steal this girl's Pokemon today, Bianca says, disheartened. But she's going to do her best, and for now, she's going to accompany the girl back to Striaton.

Nacrene City
I finally reached Nacrene at dusk. I don't know if Tcheren got here or if he's camping out on Route 3. After Bianca went back to Striaton, he decided that it was time for us to part ways too. He said he knows he was useless in the battle against Plasma, and that the way he lost against me even with a clear type advantage was pathetic. He wants to get stronger on his own, so from now on we'll be traveling separately.

But this is no time to be gloomy, I'm not alone. On the roof of the tallest warehouse in Nacrene, me and Ganymède are watching the night sky, and tomorrow will be one step closer to an even higher spot.

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Well, I did what (most likely) very few people have actually done.


That's right, I got the White trainer card on my main White 2 version that i've had since shortly after the NA release. The first three objectives (defeat Iris, defeat the Champions Tournament at the PWT, and get good endings on all the Pokéstar Studios films) I did that fall, then I completed my Pokédex in May 2013. I got the last one - get the Black and White Entree Levels to 30 in the same game - just tonight. I had to do a lot of Funfest missions between all three other copies of the game I had (two copies of Black 2 and another White 2) to get there, and before this week I was at I think 19 for Black and 10 for White. The work was awkward and time-consuming, but I got it done.

So yeah, that feels pretty darn good, considering probably not many people have it.
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