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Old March 31st, 2013 (11:26 AM).
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i dunno why but for me it's huntail. when i encountered it in white in a trainer battle i was like wait was there a pokemon like that? XD
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Old April 5th, 2013 (11:26 AM).
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Dunsparce for sure. Somehow the most unforgettable pokemon are hm slaves or just annoying pokemon tha because you see and hate them so much.
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Old April 5th, 2013 (11:32 AM).
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Gorebyss, Dunsparce, Spinda, Remoraid.
I don't even remember what type Spinda is. Never used Dunsparce because it's ugly. What even is a Gorebyss? I didn't even realize it was the other evolution of Clamperl tbh. And Remoraid? It's just a fish...
Old April 7th, 2013 (09:59 AM).
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i'd say... febass? i dunno, there's some really weird stuff in Unova too...
Old April 7th, 2013 (10:31 AM).
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I definitely think slugma is a very forgettable pokemon.


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Old April 7th, 2013 (12:00 PM).
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Clampearl and it's evolutions.
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Old April 7th, 2013 (04:10 PM).
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mostly baby pokemon and other kinds nobody uses, cleffa, magby, Those 3 elemental monkeys, you might not forget there design, but probably their names. Pinsir, because it doesn't evolve, Phione, cause of its rarity and similiar appearence to manaphy. Either tauros or buffoulant, because of there similiar appearence and typing. Porygon because of its absense in the anime, relicanth. and probably several others.
Old April 7th, 2013 (04:25 PM).
bookishangel's Avatar
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I'd say surskit, slugma, and the hoppip line.
Old April 7th, 2013 (04:30 PM).
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I forgot Dunsparce existed. I thought it evolved into Gligar at first but it's a single evolution and rots alone.
Old April 7th, 2013 (05:33 PM).
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Quote originally posted by Curtis talli:
I never see people talking about Slowking, slowbro and slowpoke maybe but never Slowking..so I am saying Slowking.
Dude, I love Slowbro. But nobody remembers Dunsparce.
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Old April 8th, 2013 (04:23 PM).
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Quote originally posted by bookishangel:
I'd say surskit, slugma, and the hoppip line.

Jumpluff and Surskit are some of my favorite pokemon!

But... LUVDISC. I always forget about it. And then there are other pokemon like Tropius or Spinda. Pretty much any single evolution from the 3rd Generation. I think Hoenn has the most amount of forgettable pokemon.
Old April 13th, 2013 (06:10 AM).
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Ledyba. I completely forgot about that pokemon until replaying pokemon gold today.
Old April 17th, 2013 (07:31 PM).
Sporefame19's Avatar
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Surskit and Dunsparce. They look so weird XD I don't know how they ended up as legit Pokemon.
Old April 17th, 2013 (07:40 PM).
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I have forgotten that Grumpig even existed well I can remember Spoink but not Grumpig.
Old April 17th, 2013 (09:54 PM).
rliberto2's Avatar
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Age: 23
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There are a lot of gen 3. pokemon i forget about, but because I mostly do not like them as much, but I always forget about corsella in gen2
Old May 8th, 2013 (05:49 PM).
lmcde22's Avatar
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anyone here remember Finneon and Lumineon?

Old May 8th, 2013 (08:40 PM).
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Without a doubt Bidoof. There's just something about Bidoof... I can't put my finger on it, but I can't stand Bidoof.
Old May 9th, 2013 (07:55 AM).
Dangelitus's Avatar
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For me is......


I mean, that pokemon only known a single move (Hidden Power), when i caught one of them i leave in the box store forever.
Old May 9th, 2013 (07:02 PM).
TenaciousWolf's Avatar
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I'm surprised Carnivine hasn't shown up in here. The existance of Carnivine just slips my mind...

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Old May 9th, 2013 (09:48 PM).
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So just went through the list of the last 3 gens and found Kriketot. Seriously i forgot kricketune had an earlier stage.
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Old May 9th, 2013 (10:01 PM).
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Completely forgot that Glalie was a thing tbh.

Kind of strange, I've always been rather fond of Snorunt, to me, Glalie is basically an unnecessary evo.

Old May 9th, 2013 (11:00 PM).
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Old May 9th, 2013 (11:06 PM).
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Yeah, I once had 4 pokémon left to see in my Sinnoh Pokédex and couldn't remember what they were. It was Remoraid, Octillery, Carnivine and Unown.
Old May 9th, 2013 (11:11 PM).
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Winner of this title has to be Dunsparce, no contest

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Old May 10th, 2013 (06:16 AM).
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for me , its Swalot , Gulpin, CASTFORM, Shellos( but recently found toys of them.....and then remembered them )
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