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Pokémon Gaming Central For topics that aren't necessarily restricted to one game, Pokémon Gaming Central ranges from comparing and contrasting the differences in the gaming generations to discussing the gaming franchise as a whole.

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Old July 24th, 2013, 03:36 AM
HSV15's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Australia
Gender: Male
Nature: Modest

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What is everyone's favourite theme/music to listen to in the games?

R/B/Y - Route 1
G/S/C - Gym Theme or Viridian Forest
R/S/E - Route 114 or Route 119 or Surfing (Best Soundtrack in Pokemon games to date)
FR/LG - Route 1
D/P/Pt - Route 201
HG/SS - Route 48
B/W - Cheren Encounter
B2/W2 - Humilau Gym
Main Game Progress:

| B: 1/8 | R: n/a | Y: 0/8 |
| G: 1/16 | S: n/a | C: 0/16 |
| R: 0/8 | S: 8/8 | E: 8/8 | FR:8/8 | LG: n/a |
| D: 8/8 | P: 3/8 | Pt: 5/8 | HG: 0/16 | SS: 16/16 |
| B: 1/8 | W: n/a | B2: n/a | W2: 8/8 |
Old July 24th, 2013, 05:24 AM
Adventure's Avatar
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Oh, here's a topic I like :3

R/B/Y - I love most of the route melodies from these games. Except the very first one :p I also prefer the older versions, as I never much liked the soundfont of gen III Kanto (gen III Hoenn was much better). But the very best two melodies are some of the last ones. Namely the hall of fame tune and champion battle tune. Still to this day, I consider that original version the best champion battle tune. Maybe only rivaled by the Hoenn one, which was pretty good. Also, Pallet Town had a wonderful tune.

G/S/C - Violet/Olivine City :3 But I think actually that most of the gen II Johto music is wonderful in my ears, despite it being very unmodern. It might be nostalgia. Another clear favorite though, is Game Corner! dayum

R/S/E - The title screen music is the best of all title screen music of pokémon games, imo. Other favs are: Route 104, Route 113, Mt Pyre (peak).

I might list more later.

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Old July 24th, 2013, 06:17 AM
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There's probably a lot of nostalgia in this, but I favor most, if not all, R/B/Y's tracks. I even have them in my (current) "game" playlist of 3000+ tracks! I think they're among the best during that gen, aside from the fact that I love 8-bit music.

But generally, all the Bike and Surf tracks are among my top favorites. The Bike gives that happy jingling you'd (well, I do) wanna have whenever travelling happily with friends across anywhere, while Surf gives a more soothing and calm tone.
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Old July 24th, 2013, 07:02 AM
Talli's Avatar
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Dragontopia island
Age: 22
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Nature: Naughty
I'll answer this topic

Gen 1: route 1 as it makes me feel up for the adventure ahead of me.
Gen 2: Ruins of alph: I do not really have a reason for this one
Gen 3: Hoenn: Diving theme: it makes happy
Gen 3: Kanto: Route 1 same reason as before
gen 4: Shinoh: Gym leader theme- it fires up for the challenge
gen 4: Johto/kanto: Groudon/kygore theme- it reminds me of the past when I battled them in Hoenn
Gen 5: of course Difrtwood: it is very catchy
Old July 24th, 2013, 02:19 PM
Boilurn's Avatar
Scald Pokémon
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Route 49
Nature: Mild
I only played the Gen 5 games, so I don't know what the other pieces of music are like.

BW: Gym battle theme. I like the old version better than the remixed version.
B2W2: Aspertia City, although Join Avenue and Humilau City come a close second.
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Old July 24th, 2013, 02:45 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Georgia, United States
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
Silph Co infiltration in Red, Blue and Yellow, Viridian Forest music in Red, Blue and Yellow, Champion Music for Gen 1 and 2, Generation 3 Rival Battle Music and the Lass Trainer-noticed-you pre-battle music in Red, Bblue and Yellow.
Old July 24th, 2013, 03:49 PM
lmcde22's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Queensland, Australia
Gender: Male
ROUTE 114!!!! In Emerald <3 I love it. Also the Slateport City track, Steven's battle theme and Latios/Latias Battle theme
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Old July 24th, 2013, 10:43 PM
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The Grubby Pup
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Join Date: May 2009
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Mah favorite music in pokemon? Oh, geez well, there's alot...

R/B/Y: Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Cerulean City, The leveling up theme, Trainer Defeated theme, Route 10

G/S/C: Trainer Battle (Johto and Kanto) Gym Leader Battle (Johto and Kanto) Wild Pokemon Battle (Johto and Kanto) Team Rocket Battle, Rival Battle, Kimono Girls theme before battle, Dark Cave, Bike theme, Goldenrod City, Route 30, Route 36

R/S/E: Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Wild Pokemon Battle, Team Aqua and Magma Grunt Battle, Rival Battle, Elite Four Battle, Champion Battle, Frontier Brain Battle, Regi Battle, Mascot Trio battle, Hiker theme, Abandon Ship, Meteor Falls, Verdanturf Town, Fallarbor Town, Route 104, Route 110, Route 123 (This game had da best soundtrack in Pokemon

FR/LG: Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Champion Battle, Cerulean City, Route 10

D/P/PT: Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Wild Pokemon Battle, Champion Battle, Team Galactic Grunt Battle, Team Galactic Admin Battle, Team Galactic Boss Battle, Frontier Brain Battle, Diagla/Palkia Battle, Giratina Battle, Azelf/Mespirit/Uxie Battle, Trainer Defeated theme, Hiker Theme, Sandgem Town, Hearthome City, Canalave City, Route 201, Route 205, Route 206, Route 209, Route 210

HG/SS: Trainer Battle (Johto and Kanto) Gym Leader Battle (Johto and Kanto) Wild Pokemon Battle (Johto and Kanto) Team Rocket Battle, Rival Battle, Frontier Brain Battle, Lugia Battle, Kimono Girls theme before battle, Dark Cave, Bike theme, Goldenrod City, Cerulean City, Route 30, Route 36, Route 48

B/W: Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Wild Pokemon Battle, Legendary Pokemon Battle, Elite Four Battle, N battle, Prince N Battle, Route 1, Route 2, Route 10, Route 11 Dreamyard, Nacrene City, Lacunosa City, Accumula Town

B2/W2: Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Wild Pokemon Battle, Team Plasma Battle, Colress Battle, Ghetsis Battle, Legendary Pokemon Battle, Elite Four Battle, Kanto Gym Leader Battle, Johto Gym Leader Battle, Hoenn Gym Leader Battle, Sinnoh Gym Leader Battle, PWT Final Round, Route 1, Route 2, Route 10, Route 11, Route 19, Route 22, Dreamyard, Nacrene City, Lacunosa City, Accumula Town, Aspertia City, Virbank City
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Old July 25th, 2013, 08:10 PM
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Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Kalos Region - Vaniville Town
Age: 16
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R/B/Y - Pokemon Trainer battle, Gym leader battle and cave theme.
G/S/C - Wild Johto Pokemon Battle, Trainer Battle, Johto Gym Leader, Champion Battle, Wild Kanto Pokemon Battle, Kanto Trainer Battle, and Gym Leader battle theme.
R/S/E - Gym Leader battle, Mt. Pyre, Elite 4 battle and lots of other themes (I love the music from R/S/E)
Fr/Lg - Pretty much the same from R/B/Y, this time including the champion theme
D/P/Pl - Gym Leader battle and Champion battle theme (I don't remember too much of the music from these games)
Hg/Ss - Pretty much the same from G/S/C, this time including the theme from Goldenrod, Ecruteak and the cave theme
B/W - Trainer battle, Gym Leader battle, Dragonspiral Tower, Elite 4 battle and Champion battle theme. I love B/W music as much as R/S/E, so there are others too I love.
B2/W2 - Pretty much the same as B/W, this time including the new Rival battle and the new champion battle theme as well as the other themes in these games that are just remixes from other games (I love this soundtrack too!).

In case you couldn't tell, my favorite Pokemon music comes from Generation 3 and Generation 5.
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Old July 25th, 2013, 08:57 PM
That one Trainer
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: Arizona
Gender: Male
I love the song for Cherrygrove and Violet City, as well as the Magnet train theme in G/S/C.The battle theme in the Kanto Region was pretty awesome.
In R/S/E, the underwater music was epic.
The Battle music in White/Black 1&2 happens to be one of the best in the series.
I like the the Snowpoint City Theme in Sinnoh, and the remake of the G/S/C is amazing all around.
Old July 26th, 2013, 07:34 AM
Pinkie-Dawn's Avatar
I Am Become Death
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: California
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nature: Quirky
Gen 1: Wild Pokemon Battle, Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Pallet Town, Route 1, Veradian City, Vermillion City, Lavender Town

Gen 2: Wild Pokemon Battle, Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Champion Battle, Rival Battle, Team Rocket Battle, Newbark Town, Dark Cave, Ruins of Alph, Mt. Silver

Gen 3: Wild Pokemon Battle, Team Magma/Aqua Battle, Maxie/Archie Battle, Elite 4 Battle, Champion Battle, Weather Trio Battle, Regi Battle, Contest Hall, Victory Road

Gen 4: Wild Pokemon Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Team Galactic Battle, Galactic Admin Battle, Champion Battle, Dialga/Palkia Battle, Lake Trio Battle, Legendary Battle, Route 201, Route 206, Mt. Coronet (upper levels), Spear Pillar, Distoriation World

Gen 5: Wild Pokemon Battle, Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle, Team Plasma Battle, N Battle, Colress Battle, Ghetsis Battle, Elite Four Battle, Champion Battle (BW2), Rival Battle (BW2), Tao Trio Battle, Route 10, Asperita City, Driftveil City, Celestial Tower/Drgaonial Spiral/Giant Chasm, Humilau City, Route 22, Victory Road
Credit goes to KhanadianDaleks of imgur for the gif
Old July 26th, 2013, 11:54 AM
LolPizzaLol's Avatar
Just chillin'
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: The Netherlands
Gender: Male
R/G/B/Y/FR/LG: Route 1
G/S/C/HG/SS: Ice Path
R/S/E: Groundon/Kyorge/Rayquaza
D/P/Pt: Arceus
B/W/B/W2: Celestial Tower

Old July 26th, 2013, 12:45 PM
Arlo's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2012
I'm sure there are many that I've liked over the years, but the ones that stood out to me enough that I remember them even now -

The Team Galactic battle theme in DPPt.
The Jubilife City theme in DPPt.
The Littleroot Town theme in RSE.
The Skyarrow Bridge theme in BW/B2W2.
Old July 26th, 2013, 01:50 PM
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Not really a fan of the themes introduced in R/S/E...
Really liked Goldenrod city in gen II
Azelea's remake (for the Sevii isles), Mauville city, Mt. Chimney, Hoenn's E4 battle theme and the magma/aqua bases are my favorites from gen III
I only like Cynthia's battle theme from gen IV.
Finally, Driftveil city, Elesa's gym and B/W2 Rival and team Plasma themes are the ones I like most from gen V.
Old July 26th, 2013, 05:22 PM
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I like most of R/S/E's soundtrack. I also like most, if not all, of the battling themes, especially Black 2/White 2's Champion theme (Iris). The only one I don't really like is Lugia's battle theme in HG/SS.

Old July 26th, 2013, 07:14 PM
Gogofreak's Avatar
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Join Date: Jul 2013
Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly
RSE: Slateport City and The Weather Trio theme. Trumpets everywhere!
Old July 27th, 2013, 11:47 AM
Nil Nuane's Avatar
Nil Nuane
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Florida
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
Gen 1: Route 4
Gen 2: Trainer Theme (the best battle theme ever), Suicune/Raikou/Entei Theme (Crystal)
Gen 3: SS Anne Remix, Sevii Islands Theme (the remix of Route 42), Frontier Brain
Gen 4: Eterna City (my favorite pokemon song), Route 216
Gen 5: Legendary Theme

PMD: Primal Dialga, Sky Tower, Great Canyon
Old July 30th, 2013, 08:12 PM
Ckbruin's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: California, United States
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nature: Quirky
I certainly enjoy a lot of the Pokemon OSTs. (most are battle themes lol)

R/S/E - Trainer, Rival, Team Magma/Aqua Themes, Regis, Elite 4, Champion, most of the traveling/Route themes
FR/LG - Trainer, Celadon Game Corner, Champion
D/P/Pt - Wild Battle, Trainer Battle, Rival Battle, Team Galactic Themes, Cyrus's Theme, Champion, Legendary (Lake Guardian trio)
HG/SS - Team Rocket Battle Themes, Kanto Wild Battle, Goldenrod/Celadon Game Corner, Elite Four, Champion, Biking Theme, Legendary (Ho-Oh, Lugia, Suicune, Entei, Raikou)
B/W - (Old) Team Plasma Theme, N's Battle Theme
B2/W2 - Rival, Subway Trainer, Neo Team Plasma Theme, Elite 4, Legendary (Roaming/Kami trio), almost all of the PWT themes, Legendary (Regi trio and Lake Guardian trio remixes)
Old July 31st, 2013, 11:45 AM
Elite Dialga's Avatar
Elite Dialga
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There's just too many to mention XD

But the tracks from Gen I games give me nostalgic attacks, I could cry listening to them, sometimes
Old July 31st, 2013, 10:19 PM
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Truly, there are too many to list.

But my absolute favourite...
Eh, my AB-SOL-LUTE favourite would have to be:

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Old August 20th, 2013, 10:49 PM
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Gen 1 - championchampionchampionchampionchampion (especially in FR/LG)
Gen 2 - I like the Trainer theme and the Game Corner Theme
Gen 3 - The dive theme is super special awesome cool (i apologize I needed to make that reference)
Gen 4 - Lake Verity. Mostly caused by nostalgia and how beautiful it is.
Gen 5 - Gym Leader's Last Stand. Really fits the tense mood of the situation.

Pink Moon is on its way.

Old August 23rd, 2013, 09:05 AM
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The R/B/Y champion battle theme is one of my all-time favorites. When I first heard it, I was speechless. It was inexplicably amazing. Cherrygrove City music was my favorite in G/S/C, and also the Goldenrod City theme.

Every time I listen to the ending from R/S/E, I end up crying inside. It's way too much awesome. The outside theme of Mt. Pyre is awesome as well. Whenever I'm there, the music always inspires me to train my Pokémon. Some of my other favorite R/S/E tracks are the gym leader theme, Elite Four theme, and the rival battle theme.

The Route 201 theme from D/P/Pt is nice, as well as the Route 209 theme. From B/W, my favorite track is the Team Plasma battle music. There are a lot of other tracks that I like, but it's going to take me a very long time to list all of them. ^^"
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Old August 23rd, 2013, 09:43 AM
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RBY's Gym Leader theme is one of my favorites. So is the theme for Vermillion City. All other Vermillion themes are terrible. It sounds like it gets more and more sedate everytime it gets remixed. HGSS's Vermillion theme is just laughable.

Oh, can't forget Goldenrod City! Yay, Goldenrod!

Do do do, do do.

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Old August 23rd, 2013, 08:33 PM
latias190's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Australia
Gender: Female
Nature: Quiet
R/E/S: Rival battle and wild Pokemon.
Never played the other generations. Gen 3 was the only game I played from the main series. Since I started with Ruby then Emerald.
The other Pokemon game I played was Mystery dungeon red.
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Old August 25th, 2013, 05:42 AM
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B2W2: Hoenn Gym Leader PWT Battle Music, the original was already one of my favorites but the remix of it was just even better.
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