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Metal & Color Generation Take a walk down memory lane with Red, Blue, and Yellow, the games that started it all! Then revisit the best region ever in the original Johto games, Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

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Old August 19th, 2013, 10:24 AM
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the apex predator.
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A lot of them look pretty bad (especially that Exceggutor, dear lord) but what I find fascinating is that Green is a Japanese-only cartridge, so when you take that into account and you think about what Pokemon is supposed to be----monsters that are able to be tamed and used in battle----the ugly sprites make sense. They're very reminiscent of monsters from Japanese folklore and legends, which are not particularly beautiful or anatomically correct. I enjoy the redone/later gen sprites, too, but I'm fascinated by what must have been going through Japanese HQ's mind when they developed these. It's pretty cool to see the similarities between legends in Japanese culture and the original Pokemon sprites.
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Old August 22nd, 2013, 12:49 AM
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Ekans' original sprite reminds me of some hybrid of a snake and a duck gone wrong, and I'm not the first and probably won't be the last person to see a Togekiss and a Doduo before realizing it's actually Hitmonchan.

Other than that, the sprites in Green weren't quite as bad as what I remembered them to be. Sure, most of the original Pokemon have had some cosmetic changes to them so they aren't as rough looking, but almost all of them are still recognizable right away.
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Old August 22nd, 2013, 01:21 PM
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Oh wow, I'm so glad I didn't get Green as my first pokemon game, these horrid sprites probably would've made me never wanna play again.

Mew is pretty awful....
So is Charizard...

They all look like knock off pokemon :(
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Old August 24th, 2013, 06:57 PM
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Exeggutor heads look bigger than his body.
Mew just looks like it was hit by a tractor-trailer and that is the mutilated result.
Farfetch'd is herp a derping
Charizard is on Crystal Meth, just look at those eyes
Snorlax has random stubs for arms
Eevee looks like it wants to kill everything
Ekans has a duck face (Like most girls these days)
Venusaur is Frogger after he got ran over with a Palm tree put on his back

Nuff said
I feel bad for all the kids who didn't get to play Pokemon when they were younger. That would've been a very boring childhood.

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Old August 24th, 2013, 07:40 PM
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Wow... just wow. I don't know that I've ever seen the sprites for Green!

Aside from Mew, I think the Charmander evolution line is pretty bad, and Machoke is hilarious looking.

There are some I like though -- I actually like Snorlax, and I think Jolteon looks pretty decent. Squirtle's evolution line definitely did the best out of the starters.

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Old August 25th, 2013, 01:45 AM
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Gloom looks like a stoner
Charizard looks like a rip off Dragonite
Ekans is a duck
The female Nidoran is blind
Polywrath looks like a bouncer at a night club
Machoke's legs are out of proportion
Machamp has a beak
Bellsprout is just... terrible
Gollem looks like it just won something
Farfetch'd looks like an army commander
Dewgong looks retarded
Ghastly looks like a MS Paint spray
Gengar looks like it has fur
Hypno looks like a paedophile
Exeggutor looks ill, stupid and suicidal at the same time
Hitmonchan couldn't show that it is a boxer anymore
What is with Scyther's teeth
Moltres looks like a chicken
And mew look like it has no arms.
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Old August 25th, 2013, 11:04 AM
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Akame Marukawa of Iyotono
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What about Wigglytuff? His eyes are nowhere close to being the same size. Chansey looks like she just got back from the hair dresser. She's got a brand new bob cut. Omastar's doing a dance and Doduo's doing the cancan. Mewtwo looks pretty cool though. I think they did the best with him.
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Old August 25th, 2013, 11:16 AM
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What I find weird is the fact that Golbat's sprite was OK in this game, however in the English versions of Blue and Red they completely messed up with it.
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Old August 28th, 2013, 08:22 AM
Fiery Dash
Join Date: Feb 2008
  • Venusaur's flower looks more like a windmill than a flower, swoosh Air Cutter!
  • What was wrong with Nidorina's nose, car crash?
  • Wigglytuff reminds me of Grimace from McDonald's... lol
    Pokemon Green sprites art drawing by: donadonadona@deviantArt
  • Lickitung reminds me those hideous looking monsters from Dragon Quest....

Last edited by Fiery Dash; August 28th, 2013 at 12:38 PM.
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Old August 29th, 2013, 06:46 PM
Trozzul's Avatar
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i thought all of the pokemon of Green where just as good as their red and blue cousins.
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Old August 29th, 2013, 06:58 PM
Join Date: Jul 2013
gastly looks like the ms paint spray can tool
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Old August 29th, 2013, 09:06 PM
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Hahaha I'mm cracking up at Geodude right now, idk why. Ghastly always looked kinda ugly in these games. But Magneton looks better in this game than RSE.
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Old August 30th, 2013, 12:15 AM
Fiery Dash
Join Date: Feb 2008
But why were they this ugly?
Were they the original designs?
Or were they rushed?
Or having a bad spriter?

I know that GF were lacking of money at that time,
but sprite quality = /= budget.
Our hackers here in PC are even able to replace them with Gen II sprites.
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Old September 11th, 2013, 07:48 AM
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Okay, so mew is a given. But Wigglytuff just stares through your soul like some crazed maniac O_o

And I don't think I even need to bring Exeguttor's sprite in this post...we've all been scarred enough.

On a side note, what the heck did they do to Ekans? Poor snake :3

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Old September 11th, 2013, 09:06 AM
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Thank god for the improvement of the sprites Farfetch'D looks so derpy

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Old September 11th, 2013, 09:10 AM
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I would have to say Mew in Red (Original, not Localized) and Green would be the winner for ugliest Pokemon sprites.

To me, Gen 1 has the most ugly sprites of the generation, namely Red (Both original and localized,) Green, and Blue.
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Old September 17th, 2013, 02:30 AM
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Varion Bluefire
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Just ... no. It's flower isn;t even connected correctly to it's head.

But, Raticate is a good sprite here.

The bell chimes again...
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Old September 17th, 2013, 12:04 PM
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MoreLike Zack
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Yup, Dragonite dolphinately. It.. just doesn't look too good there :o Kinda sad lookin' actually. :/
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Old September 17th, 2013, 02:08 PM
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Mew. It looks downright deformed.

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Old September 17th, 2013, 10:29 PM
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Yeah Green version's sprites were just bad. Wigglytuff looks high, Dragonite looks anorexic and Mew looks...weird. They make me appreciate the newer sprites ha ha.
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Old September 25th, 2013, 09:50 PM
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Charizard, Arcanine, and Persian, all look incredibly derpy. I actually think Venusaur looks kinda dope.
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Old September 26th, 2013, 05:32 AM
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I actually like all of the original designs. If it weren't for these original pokemon I wouldn't have been playing the game all of these years. I still remember when I played original red and green for the first time a long time ago.
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Old September 26th, 2013, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by MrElephant View Post
I actually like all of the original designs. If it weren't for these original pokemon I wouldn't have been playing the game all of these years. I still remember when I played original red and green for the first time a long time ago.
I agree you, come on they look funny, another day I played with a friend the green (of another friend) on the pokemon stadium "0", we had fun looking the sprites, but who don`t think funny how the stufs where comparing with what they are today? XD
Just is sad how some people don't know that green and red os the first version and blue an updates, but less ugly sprites, and from that blue come the wesernt red and blue, yellow isn't the "update version in gen1" lol
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Old September 26th, 2013, 11:56 AM
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Ekans looks like he's about to fire his lasaaaaar.

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Old September 29th, 2013, 06:07 AM
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Ari Niko
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I never liked Magmar in any gen. Especially this one. He just looks out of place.
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