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Old October 7th, 2013 (2:14 PM). Edited February 17th, 2014 by Aeroblast.
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Got my inspiration from my own thread of similar name in C&P:

What are some opinions on Pokémon you have that you think a lot of others would disagree with?
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Old October 7th, 2013 (2:29 PM).
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Mega Evolutions are pointless and seem to be a gimmick. Digimon did it first.

Yeah I'm still annoyed with Mega Evolutions. I just think that they weren't needed. Maybe if the designs were cool I would like them more.

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Old October 7th, 2013 (3:31 PM).
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I'm sure some people would agree, but I typically don't like starters or legendaries. Every run they're there, and I'm at the point in the old games where I box my starter and faint the legendaries for EVs.
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Old October 7th, 2013 (6:07 PM).
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I seem to be the only one whose least favorite game in the series is G/S/C/HG/SS.
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Old October 8th, 2013 (9:04 AM).
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Originally Posted by crystalzapdos View Post
I seem to be the only one whose least favorite game in the series is G/S/C/HG/SS.
Haha, you probably are ;) They are my personal favorites!

As for my own unpopular opinion, my least favorite starter trio are the Hoenn ones. The only one of them I like is Torchic and its evolutions. The other two are ugly and boring in my eyes, even though Swampert is great in the game. I just don't like too ugly pokémon, haha.

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Old October 8th, 2013 (9:09 AM).
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  • Legendaries are mostly pointless.
  • Competitive play is dull and repetitive.
  • Gen 6 pokémon have the best designs since Hoenn.
  • Gen 1 was, in comparison to more recent games, poor.
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Old October 8th, 2013 (9:25 AM).
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Well I hate Dunsparce but for some reason many people like it.

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Old October 8th, 2013 (9:37 AM).
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Unova was the dullest and more boring region if you ask me. I could tolerate BW but BW2 utterly killed it for me to where I thought to myself what was GF thinking.
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Old October 8th, 2013 (10:30 AM).
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Originally Posted by Magic Fox View Post
Competitive play is dull and repetitive.
YES. I agree. I want to get into it but I find that everyone (in the higher tiers, that is) just use the same Pokemon over and over. As well as the same moves, abilities and items.

Swift Swim and Drizzle are common abilities.
Substitute and Trick Room are common moves.
Jolteon and Ferrothorn are common Pokemon.

Choice item Dragon types, anyone?

I just wish there was some way to be more creative. Granted, you gotta work with what you can...but really.

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Old October 8th, 2013 (10:45 AM).
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Mega Evolution not a Digimon rip-off because Digimon doesn't have "Mega Evolutions" the highest stage is Ultimate and their own unique evolution is Super Evolution (Xros Wars).
Everyone seem to think like that because of misused English translations. But regardless what anyone says they always seem to jump at me with their own opinions.

Digivolutionary Stages (With English adaptation names: English left - Japanese Right):

Fresh (幼年期-Younenki I/"Baby I")
In-Training (幼年期-II Younenki II/"Baby II")
Rookie (成長期-Seichouki/"Child")
Champion (成熟期-Seijukuki/"Adult")
Ultimate (完全体-Kanzentai/"Perfect")
Mega (究極体-Kyuukyokutai/"Ultimate")

Note: Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon are WARP DIGIVOLVES. Not Mega Evolutions.
And no, Burst mode is either, not a Mega Evolution.
And neither is a Side "Mega" >.>

Generation 5 have the best character cast in the entire franchise
Legendaries receives disgrace and no meaning since Generation 5, they could learn a lot from the spin-off series for ideas.

Sinnoh is the only game in the entire franchise where legendaries held actual meaning
Sinnoh got the most awful player character and rival character designs.

Hoenn have the best story and main storyline ending
Hoenn have the best designs after Kalos.

Generation 1 and 2 were the most horrible Pokémon experience I have ever gotten. The story was dull, the character cast were lame in comparison to the manga, nothing but the graphic has changed between the two, the designs aside from the starters are mostly done poor and so is the end game. Even after the remakes.
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Old October 8th, 2013 (11:35 AM).
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There really shouldn't have been a Dragon-type. Now that we have fairies it's not so bad, but they were always unbalanced and most new dragons are either stretching the definition of what a dragon is, or they're a rehash of basic dragon designs that have already been used.
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Old October 8th, 2013 (11:58 AM).
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I think haxorus shouldn't be a dragon type, it doesnt look like one and its typing should had followed its pre evolutions.

Mega pokemon, why one earth did we get megas they were like hey let's grab all this digimon stuff and rename it. Also I see no reason for it. Make new pokemon make new monsters not ice cream if you can make new designs for already existed pokemon then do that for pokemon that don't evolve or there are only 2 pokwmon in an evolutionary line.

// milo. //
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Old October 8th, 2013 (1:05 PM).
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I have a few. For example, I think that gen 6 is going to be the best generation to date while a lot of others despise everything about it. The popular opinion seems to be that the designs are bad and that Fairy types are useless, while I completely love both. Another opinion of mine is that Castform is an amazing Pokemon. In fact Castform is my favorite Pokemon who I find quite useful, but unfortunately most people hate it's design, concept, and overall weak stats.
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Old October 8th, 2013 (3:34 PM).
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There has already been a thread like this. I remember because I posted in it .

So, here are my unpopular opinions:
  • I get that the anime was made as an ad for the games. However, from what I've seen as a young Pokémon fan in the late nineties and early two thousands, the anime actually did more harm to the series' image than good. Most particularly, Ash is a horrible protagonist who never grows up mentally, never learns and will never amount to anything. I think the fact that his friends who reached their goals did so only after ditching Ash is a testament to that. Also, I have an irrational hatred of Pikachu because of the anime.
  • I think the best thing in Black & White was the complete absence of old Pokémon. I felt like I was discovering the series all over again while playing those games.
  • Generation 1 was ridiculously unbalanced and a more or less coherent ensemble was formed only after Generation 2 came about.
  • I am convinced, and won't change my mind unless there's an official announcement, that Hoenn remakes are not happening. And don't bother me with "clues" in recent games, anything can be a clue when you're desperately looking for one.

Also, here's another opinion that seems to be unpopular, even sometimes on this forum, that I posted in a comment on Destructoid a few days ago. It's a shame when not being negative is an unpopular opinion:

Each generation had Pokémon that could be considered as bad or uncreative or just plain embarrassing:

Gen 5 - Ice cream cones, gears and trash bags (although, if you didn't realize, there's a theme for Koffing, Grimer and Trubbish: the pollution of, respectively, air, water and land) .

Gen 4 - A skunk with a butt for a face, a rabbit with extremely feminine shapes, a mirror with eyes that evolved into a bell, the infamous Bidoof.

Gen 3 - A heart-shaped fish barely able to do anything, two very obvious Pichu clones, a stomach with a face, a spinning top, a bell, a Moon and a Sun.

Gen 2 - The alphabet, a pinecone, whatever Dunsparce and Shuckle are, and the ultimate non-sequitur: a fish evolving into an octopus.

Gen 1 - Magnets, Poké balls, eggs, noodles (or whatever Tangela is) , Pokémon that were actually called with regular words: Golem, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Electrode and Kabuto (a kabuto is an ancient Japanese helmet) ; tadpoles with visible innards, moles straight out of a "whac-a-mole" game, two evolutions actually being groups of three first stage Pokémon, and (talk about running out of ideas) a three-stage evolutionary line that was put in the game twice in a row, and the second line only had minor alterations (same basic species, one evolutionary line being all females, the other being all males, you know what I'm talking about) .

To me, the quality of the designs remains consistent. Each generation has critters that are cute or menacing or derpy or awesome... there are all kinds of Pokémon, and that's a big part of what I like about this series.
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Old October 8th, 2013 (5:21 PM).
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It's hard for me to recall 10 Non Legendary 4th gen pokemon.
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Old October 8th, 2013 (5:59 PM).
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A lot of people seem to really like generation five, but to me, generation five is, by far, the worst generation of Pokémon games the franchise has seen. Unova just seemed so dull to me. :3 Hoping generation six will make up for that. :>
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Old October 8th, 2013 (7:16 PM).
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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
There really shouldn't have been a Dragon-type. Now that we have fairies it's not so bad, but they were always unbalanced and most new dragons are either stretching the definition of what a dragon is, or they're a rehash of basic dragon designs that have already been used.
I agree with you! most dragon types are just pokemon that look powerful and have good stats, most of them are not dragons at all
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Old October 8th, 2013 (7:40 PM).
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I hate fairy types. I'm not sure why, I just hate'm.

I also don't like generation 5. It was the easiest game I personally played, and I found it very boring. I also hated the anime.
I like Sandshrews. A lot. I am Sandshrews number 1 fan. And don't you deny it.
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Old October 9th, 2013 (5:13 AM).
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- I personally really didn´t like Black and White, BW2 were alright though.

- Dragon pokemon are kinda meh.

- The elemental punches were the (one of) the best TMs ever.

- Instead Mega-evos, i would have prefered some new regular evolutions.

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Old October 9th, 2013 (9:35 AM).
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Originally Posted by crystalzapdos View Post
I seem to be the only one whose least favorite game in the series is G/S/C/HG/SS.
I thought I was the only one.

Actually, it's not quite true that the Johto games are my least favorite of the series - R/B/Y are my least favorite of the series, but that's just because they're primitive, glitchy, unbalanced messes. So the things I don't like about the first gen are peripheral, and were all fixed in FR/LG. But the things I don't like about G/S/C are central to the games, and were repeated in HG/SS - my least favorite dex, least favorite starters and least favorite story, and the single thing that I hate more passionately than anything else in the history of pokemon - the uselessly low-leveled wild pokemon.

A few other opinions that don't seem to be shared by many:

I like happiness evolutions. I can just put a pokemon in my party and tote it around with me for a while, preferably with a Soothe Bell on it - maybe get it a couple of massages - and hey blammo! - level it up and it evolves. I especially like happiness for evolution to a third stage (like Golbat to Crobat or Swadloon to Leavanny), since that almost always means that I'm going to get that third evolution sooner than I would if it was a regular level evolution. In fact, I usually get the third evolution at the next level up, since I usually catch them at their first stage and just use them as I go along, and by the time they evolve to their second stage, their happiness is already high enough that they only stay at that stage for one level, and at the next level increase, they evolve again. That means I get a Leavanny at level 21 and a Crobat at level 23, and there's no way that they'd evolve that soon if they were regular level evolutions.

I loved Black and White, and far and away my favorite part of those games is that there are no past pokemon in the regional dex. That was a welcome breath of fresh air.

When I first played Diamond, I noticed that Surfing seemed a bit slow. It didn't bother me - I just noticed it, then ignored it.

My favorite type is probably Grass, but I've never cared for any of the Grass starters other than Turtwig.

I much prefer Scyther to Scizor.

I don't believe that my opinion of whether or not the Hoenn games should or will be remade matters in the slightest.

I think legendaries are boring.

I know next to nothing about X and Y (just like the past games) and I'll just play them, THEN decide what I think about them (just like the past games).
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Old October 9th, 2013 (12:36 PM).
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ill say it again here

i think ash is better than Manga red
(which i don't celebrate)
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Old October 9th, 2013 (2:11 PM).
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The Eeveelutions bore me to death. I just don't understand how everyone seems to have such a fascination with them when their designs are often uninteresting and their combat potential is even less so. The only two I can really get on board with are Leafeon and Vaporeon, the two which do have usable movepools and are more appealing to the eyes.

At the same time though I'd be disappointed if they didn't make one Eeveelution for every type. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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Old October 9th, 2013 (2:43 PM).
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- Fans fawn over Red like he's a god. Besides stopping Team Rocket and becoming Champion I don't see the big deal. Gold did the same thing in the game as well (not to mention he even defeats Red) and Red is still praised more than him. Manga Red, on the other hand, is more tolerable for me. I like him and Ash more than game Red.

-Retcon. I mean, Gardevoir is now suddenly immune to Dragon-types thanks to its new Fairy typing. I know it's just gameplay purposes, but how do you explain that? I can count on my hand the number of times my own Gardevoir has been felled by Outrage in the PWT in Gen V. And in this Gen she'll be immune to it. How did we get to that?

- Gen 1 isn't the best Gen. My opinion, anyway.

- I don't always EV train Pokemon with the recommended Nature and IV and honestly I don't care.

- Since most people prefer Kyogre in the Uber tier, I honestly think Groudon is better when given the proper support.
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I couldn't get into Gen V, and I have no real regrets about it.
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Old October 10th, 2013 (2:29 PM).
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I actually like Chikorita and its evolution line. Everyone I know who plays Pokémon seems to think it's one of the worst starters ever.

I think Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald was a boring Gen. Never could get into it.
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