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Old October 14th, 2013 (7:54 AM).
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Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
It's not surprising if people send bad pokemon when they're testing wonder trade. As we move forward the pokemon we offer will naturally become more valuable.

Also if you send a version exclusive there's no guarantee you'll send it to somebody with the other version.

I sent an eevee and got a furfrou in return. Already had one but that wasn't really the point, just wanted to throw an eevee at someone. I got a female squirtle so when I get fly I might start breeding them for wonder trade.
*high 5's*
Well done on giving the nubs an eevee, we need more pokemons like that.
Ill be doing the same, catch tons of eevee's and trade them all away towards people.
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Old October 14th, 2013 (7:57 AM).
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I am currently breeding goomy, chespin, squirtle and froakie to put on wonder trade, I would do fennekin as well but I don't have any of that line
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Old October 14th, 2013 (11:35 AM).
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Has anyone had a wonder trade where they got the same pokemon back?
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Old October 14th, 2013 (11:57 AM).
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I'd love to get a Squirtle or eevee out on the wonder trade. So far I havent had much luck. Though I have gotten a Lvl 28 Japanese Onix, Lvl 28 Japanese Trapinch and a lvl 36 German Talonflame
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Starting a chain. :D

Flabebe L13 > (J)Hawlucha L21 > (G)Scatterbug L2 > Gulpin L10 > Pansear L9 > Weedle L3 > (S)Axew L14 > (J)Kecleon L12 > (J)Zigzagoon L3 > Litleo L5 > Pikachu L5 > Beartic L39

That's a nice way to end a chain. Really good, too. The only Pokemon I see on this chain that I've had before are Pansear and Pikachu.

Best Wonder Chain = x13 Pokemon
Old October 14th, 2013 (12:13 PM).
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I haven't tried wonder trade yet, but I have heard that it's a fun thing to try, and maybe I'll get to try it out sooner or later.
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Old October 14th, 2013 (12:30 PM).
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Bunnelby [6] -> Beldum [1]

And then I pretty much kept trading until I got two Japanese female Honedges.
Old October 14th, 2013 (12:34 PM).
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Apparently I just got traded from someone from Rooster Teeth haha. Someone called Emily, idk. xD
Old October 14th, 2013 (12:40 PM).
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bout 20 min ago I got a japanese scatterbug just evolved into an Elegant Vivillon! whoo!
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Old October 14th, 2013 (12:49 PM).
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I did it a couple times, and I think everyone has the same plan, grab a random pokemon from the grass, and trade them randomly; which means we call get a pos pokemon, But I'm kind of alright with that, it's still a nifty little feature.
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Old October 14th, 2013 (7:09 PM).
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I was thinking of making a new type of nuzlocke with the wonder trade, a 'wonderlocke' if you will basically it has the same rules as a nuzlocke, but after you catch your pokemon for that route you immediately wonder trade it and that is the pokemon you get.
Old October 14th, 2013 (7:20 PM).
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my chain:

Gengar > zigzagoon > dunsparce > zangoose > panpour > hippopotas > Pikachu

Overall meh.
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Got a high leveled Gurdurr that instantly evolved into a Conkeldurr, which I instantly tried to trade back to the owner.

They won't accept the trade request though :/ Oh well.
Old October 15th, 2013 (11:03 AM).
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Sent an Espurr got Blue-Flabebe.Didnt have that color so it was great!

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Old October 15th, 2013 (1:19 PM).
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ive done almost a hundred wonder trades, and have gotten a few good pokemon in return, like eevee, bulbasaur and Mr. mime.

does anyone know if there is a trainer I.D. contest in X and Y? cause I got tons of different trainer IDs now
Old October 15th, 2013 (4:31 PM).
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I traded my level 40 Haunter for a level 3 Caterpie :(
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Old October 15th, 2013 (5:08 PM).
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I didn't know Wonder Trade existed until I saw this thread, haha. I been doing it for a while now but.. I feel like I am cheating considering you can do it over and over. It can easily fill up your pokedex for you without you needing to go out and catch anything.
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Here's what I've gotten out of Wonder Trades so far (I'm completely addicted!)
  • Golett l. 18 » Pichu l. 1 » Scatterbug (Canada, Polar Region)
  • Golett l. 20 » Pancham (Japan)
  • Sigilyph l. 20 » Skiddo l. 17 » Pansear l. 4 » Zigzagoon l. 3 » Flabébé l. 13 » Sandile l. 18 » Diglett l. 1 (which I'm keeping because it has a nice nickname and I don't have one)

Most of the Pokemon I've gotten have come from a different OT than the person who sent it to me, so people are definitely just going through huge chains of Wonder Trades, haha. Makes me feel a little bit better about passing on the ones I've gotten.

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Old October 15th, 2013 (6:13 PM).
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I have used it a few times. It started with trading away an extra Axew that I caught and I kept on trading a few times till I got an Eevee that was newly bred. This was done shortly after beating the first gym so it was nice to get an Eevee a few hours earlier. I was able to get a Sylveon at Level 12.
Old October 15th, 2013 (6:30 PM).
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Best I got was an Aerodactyl
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Old October 15th, 2013 (7:20 PM).
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I need to start recording my Wonder Trade Chains. I just got a French Bulbasaur....and just traded a Blue Flabebe and got what looks to be a Japanese Fennekin.
Old October 16th, 2013 (6:33 AM).
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I do get like a whole bunch of weak pokemon such as pidgeys and such. But anything I get that isn't from the USA, I trade away the other =D I think it's pretty cool. And I can use those pokemon from other regions to breed and get a shiny one easier? I caught some Eevee's and put those in the WT. And any extra pokes I already have. But thing is, I infect them all with the pokerus. So whoever gets them must be happy =D I should just nickname them all "has pokerus" so they don't put them up for trade right after.
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Old October 16th, 2013 (6:34 AM).
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a threw a bunch of pikachus and haunters with Pokerus into the wonder trade so if you find one, with the trainer named Jesseline thats me, give me thumbs up
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Old October 16th, 2013 (6:52 AM).
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The best i got is probably a beautifly, i feel bad for sending a pichu over tho...

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Old October 16th, 2013 (7:02 AM).
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I only did 2:

Sent a Skido to test it in early game. Got a Snorlax :o

Second time I sent a lv 3X Pumpkaboo and got a lv 3 Pidgey

So seems balanced enough for me


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