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Pokémon Polls Express your opinion in straightforward polls and questions about Pokémon that would otherwise fit in Pokémon General if they weren't so, well, straightforward. Vote away!

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Old December 5th, 2013 (11:07 PM).
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I know this has probably already been discussed a million times before. But I want to ask it any way:What are people's favorite starter? Mine has and always will be Charizard. I've loved em since the days of Red and Blue. I chose him (Charmander) Because it was a difficult task to start with him first in those games and He's just stuck with me ever since. Although, I am a little disheartened that everyone seems to like him now only because of his mega forms but I still love him! My close second has to be between Torterra, Sceptile, and Greninija. I really have a thing for lizards, frogs, and turtles~ So what about you guys?

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Old December 6th, 2013 (02:35 AM).
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Mine would have to be Charizard as well. It's got an awesome-looking design, and could perform pretty well when battling. It has decent Speed, and its Special Attack stat is above-average. Give it a Choice Scarf or Specs, and it would be able to make a great revenge-killer for almost any of your teams. If you have this Pokémon on a team based around sun, then even better! Also, Charizard's got not only one, but two mega-evolutions—Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. My personal favorite is Mega Charizard Y, because, in my opinion, it has better design. Charizard X doesn't look too bad either, but I'm not a huge fan of its color scheme, though. ): Aside from Charizard, I like Greninja, too, as well as Chesnaught. I have Chesnaught on my team at the moment in Y version, and have been able to win plenty of online battles thanks to it. It's an amazing tank.
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Old December 6th, 2013 (05:41 AM).
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Mine will forever and always be Piplup. Piplup is the cutest thing ever, and Empoleon is a beast! Plus penguins are just awesome.
Old December 6th, 2013 (07:07 AM).
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Squirtle <3 was so cute and always awesome to use
Old December 6th, 2013 (07:11 AM).
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Chikorita is my favorite as it is so awesome and can hold it's own in battle.
Old December 6th, 2013 (08:47 AM).
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I've also got the love of reptiles thing XD my absolute favourite starter ever is Treecko, Charmander coming very very close, My other favourites are Froakie and Totodile

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Old December 6th, 2013 (09:31 AM).
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My favorites are both Chimchar and Mudkip. Both are very adorable and fun to use. I have fond memories using them in the earlier gens.
Old December 6th, 2013 (10:39 AM). Edited December 6th, 2013 by Playful_Weasel.
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My favorite starter will forever remain with the cute sea otter - Oshawott & it's two evolutions. I love mustelids and sea-otters are aquatic mustelids.

Some others I also like are (and in order too) Fennekin & Cyndaquil (and their evos too)
I'm just really hoping that in the 7th generation they create a Feline starter that is water type or fire type
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Old December 6th, 2013 (02:58 PM).
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Chimchar and infernape because Chimchar is cute, I like fire type, and infernape gives me nostalgia and was the star of my Team.
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Old December 6th, 2013 (03:02 PM).
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Oshawott will always be my fave starter, cute and badass rolled into one!

Other than that, I also adore its fellow Water starters Piplup, Squirtle, Mudkip and Froakie (sorry Totodile you aren't as cute) mainly because I love how adorable they are and the fact they often get good-looking evolutions.
Old December 6th, 2013 (04:12 PM).
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I was quite bored until I saw this thread.

Actually (lefting apart Pokemon Blue which I played aged 4 so that doesn't count as competitive gameplay) my first starter I choosed in Pokemon Ruby (my first competitive gameplay) is still my favourite: Mudkip.

I discovered later that I made the best choise: thanks to his double type Water\Ground he's invulnerable against Electric (but he's terribly weak against grass, that's why my second element of my party was Taillow\Swellow) and none of the GYMLeaders got any advantage against my starter.
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Old December 7th, 2013 (01:12 AM).
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My favorite three are Delphox, Blastoise and Maganium.

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Old December 7th, 2013 (05:28 AM).
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For me, it will always be Swampert. He is the first and only Water type starter that can withstand Electric attacks. Possibly one of the best typings for a starter. it has only one weakness, Grass, which isn't too common because of the infinite amount of weaknesses Grass has.

How does STAB Earthquake, decent attack and defense stats, Surf/Water HMs capability and only one weakness sound? I'm also a big fan of Swampert's design, that shade of orange looks nice with the light blue.

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Old December 7th, 2013 (07:29 AM).
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Bulbasaur. I always thought it was so cute, also I never let it evolve..I don't know if that's mean or not. XD I do like it's evolution line as well. The massive blooming flower tree is pretty awesome.

Old December 7th, 2013 (11:26 PM).
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It's pretty cool to see that I'm not the only one who picks based on looks :D I get the feeling that no one likes the gen 5 (Unova) starters.

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Old December 8th, 2013 (09:40 AM).
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I will always have a soft spot for Cyndaquil. He's my absolute favorite. I also love Chimchar and Tepig. Those two really outshined the rest of my team so much it was embarassing (especially in B/W as I didn't like the games)

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Old December 8th, 2013 (09:43 AM).
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Treeko! That's all I'm going to say on this subject matter.
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Old December 8th, 2013 (11:46 AM).
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Sceptile. It was the first Grass starter that wasn't meant to be a wall, it looks badass, and it has Leaf Blade as a signature move.
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Old December 8th, 2013 (11:59 AM).
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I love Fennekin! I just want to have one in real life and play with it.

Besides that, I don't really have an attachment to any of the other starters. Usually when I form post-game teams, I hardly use starters anymore. Although I thought Emploeon was a beast in Gen IV.

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Old December 9th, 2013 (11:09 AM).
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Blastoise. It's a great evolutionary chain with some fairly decent moves. Who doesn't want a turtle with massive cannons on it? (Also should've been water/steel in later gens IMO)
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Old December 9th, 2013 (10:56 PM).
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My favorite starter has to be the Chikorita line. Very sturdy grass starters, and being cute helps too
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Old December 10th, 2013 (03:06 AM).
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Feraligatr all the way! He is sooo epic skills haha :O
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Old December 10th, 2013 (06:46 PM).
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Snivy. A snake pokemon is a plus, but it's stance overall is neat looking and I love it's varied movesets
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Old December 23rd, 2013 (05:01 AM).
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I like Mudkip because it's the very first starter I used (in Sapphire). Froakie comes in close because it's the fastest Water starter we have, and I like fast, offensive strategies.

Old December 23rd, 2013 (09:47 PM).
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Cyndaquil is my absolute favorite. He's my first legitimate level 100 Pokemon. Missingno glitch doesn't count. I do love Squirtle too, though! Such good times...

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