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Old February 20th, 2014 (5:52 PM).
firulai firulai is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
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Hey guys i’ve got a new idea for a great spin-off game like pokemon colosseum for 3ds.
I’ve played all the principal games since red and I love them all, but we need a new game with different mechanics like colosseum that is a little bit more mature game and it’s not the same thing of the 8 gyms, the bad guy and the elite four.

Imagine a combination of the engine of pokemon X and Y but with game mechanics similar to pokemon colosseum, a lot of double battles, snatching pokemons, no gyms but a story that is linear in an open world like all the principal pokemon games.

Now imagine this idea that came to me, now you control 2 trainers at the same time, 2 trainers with 3 pokemon each, and they double battle with one pokemon each one at the same time in all the battles, that will change a lot of things but keeping the basic rules of pokemon. With that new mechanic you can make a good co-op game, you can play with someone being your partner by wireless connection or online, and it can help you to pass a great part of the game, something like resident evil 5. Another change will be playing by yourself, now you control 2 trainers at the same time, that means that each one has their own pokemon per se you can’t exchange the pokemons between them in battle.
Lets make an example, one of the trainers is a girl and the other is a boy, the boy starts with torchic and the girl with piplup, in the whole game the torchic is ONLY of the boy and not of the girl so she can’t control it and he can’t control her piplop either, so in double battles if the boy has three pokemon and he loses the 3 that he has, that means that he doesn’t have more pokemons and all depends of the pokemons of the girl and it doesn’t matter if she has the 3 pokemons, she just can battle with one pokemon at the time like a multi battle. To make it short, it’s a multi battle and you control both trainers.

To control them in the overworld is the same thing as moving Wes and Rui in colosseum, but you can change who is in front whenever you want. The 2 characters has their own pokemon that are unique to them and cannot be changed between them (like the starters), but other pokemons that you catch or snag can be exchanged but this can only be done in the PC of the pokemon center, for example, the boy has the torchic and it cannot be used by the girl, but if I catch a rattata with the boy and I want it in the girl’s team I can go to the PC and change it from his team to hers.

The game will be like 75% double battles and 25% single battles. At some points of the game the two characters will split, that means that each one will have a full party of 6 pokemon of their own, so you will have the boy’s team and the girl’s team and they are totally different teams because you can’t share the pokemons (because they split and it is supposed that they are traveling at the same time but in different locations), that will make the game a little bit harder than the standard games, making it more appealing for mature audience but it still will be a children game (like colosseum).

The game will have some mechanics of colosseum, for example the shadow pokemon will make an aparience again and maybe the principal shadow legendary could be a shiny rayquaza or idk a giratina maybe? With the shadow pokemon comes the snatching of pokemon and the purification of them. That with all the new things that have become new in these 3 last generations like the special and physical split, the fairy type and the mega evolutions will make the game a fresh experience and it will have a lot of online interaction because you can play it co-op at least at 75% of the whole game, and of course it will have full conection with X and Y.

What do you think of it?
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Old February 20th, 2014 (5:57 PM).
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Puddle Puddle is offline
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I think it's a cool idea, and Id actually like something where your player seems more mature as a regular game. Like you were some advanced trainer who got their Pokemon stolen, so you wanted to best the antagonist, but the only Pokemon they'd start you off with is a level 5 starter and stuff, that'd be cool.

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Old February 20th, 2014 (6:09 PM).
firulai firulai is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Gender: Male
Posts: 2
yeah, we want games that are orientated to more mature people, a harder pokemon game, not that hard that the children can't play it but not as easy as the exp share of the 6th gen lol
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