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Fan Clubs & Groups Fan Clubs & Groups are places to go to find like-minded members and talk about similar interests. Join or create a club here if it doesn't fit in any of the other sections.
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Welcome to Fan Clubs & Groups!

This is a section for all your fandom needs! It's not like Tumblr or anything like that, though. It's a place where you can join in any groups that pertain to any of your interests, and interact with others who have the same exact interests as you are. It's one of the great ways to share the magic of friendship with others, while traveling with the Doctor on the TARDIS searching for Supernaturally ghosts at Buntzen Lake, then later get lost in the walker-infested woods in Georgia, and eventually visiting fine French restaurants discussing social issues that bring the whole community together. In all seriousness, any topic worthy of a club is allowed, as long as it's not Pokemon!

Speaking of Pokemon, if you are looking to create a Pokemon Club, please click here:

We want Fan Clubs & Groups to be the happiest place on earth, just like Disneyland. Following these guidelines will ensure you a safe and positive experience. Many clubs have their own rules, but they are not exempt from following these! All Global PokeCommunity rules (4/25 character rule, censor bypassing, etc) apply here as well.

Rules for Club Members

~Please stay on topic.
Unless otherwise noted, please don't change the topic all too often. If there's still a discussion going on in a group, don't steer it away and go off topic. However, you may go on ahead and change the topic or start a new discussion if it has died for a day or so, or there was lack of interest in the previous topic.

~Posting in inactive clubs is not allowed.
Even if you are the owner of the club and met the two-week mark, you are not allowed to revive your club 30 days after the last post date. You are more than welcome to remake the club, or visit The Lounge to see if there's someone else who might be interested in remaking it. The number one reason of club inactivity is clearly lack of interest from other member. Be sure there's some enthusiasm around, enough to create a brand new club!

~”May I Join? May I join PLEEEEEEEASE????”
There's no need to simply post that, nor to only request access to a group. Club owners have the right to accept anyone into the group regardless of their knowledge of the subject (as long as they contribute, that is okay!). Posts similar to the above will be deleted on sight and may be requested to rejoin based on the club's requirements on the first post (I.e: filling out a form, introducing themselves, etc).

~"Why do you want to join the club?" [new rule as of March 2014]
In addition to signing up to a club on here, you must provide some additional information as to why you want to join the club, or why do you like the topic of the club, or...if available, answer the current topic and/or join the current discussion that's going on. Submitting only the sign up sheet will be treated as off-topic and you may be asked to add more information...or in most cases it may be deleted.

~Maintain a positive atmosphere.
At Fan Clubs & Groups, the section is meant to be a safe haven for members who have many interests and would like to fanboy/fangirl all about it, whatever and whenever they want. Please do not join a group solely for the sake of arguing or for hatred. Please don't, because that's just unfair to those who are looking to bring in good discussion about the topic of the group. If you cannot conduct yourself in group such as My Little Pony, or at the LGBT club, then it is best to stay away from them instead of causing a lot of trouble. If you really want to dump your opinions about said topic/subject somewhere, then it's best for you to create a separate thread in another section that fits the subject well. Continuous acts of disrespect are frowned upon, and possibly infractable.

Rules for Club Owners

~This is a moderated section.
What does that mean? Once you submit your club by clicking on “Create Thread”, it'll give you a quick message letting you know that your thread is up for approval, and I have to approve it. Most of the time, threads are reviewed and approved the same hour/day I'm online. Other times, it takes up to 24 hours after the club creation to appear on the section's index. If for any reason you do not see your club live, feel free to send me a Visitor or Private message, as it is more likely your club has been denied approval, or I might have forgot whoops lololol

~Does your club exist?
In order to know if a club exists, the best way to find out is by using the search function in the forums. On the right hand corner of the index (below the forum splash), click on “Search”. If there is no result, or the club hasn't been active after 30 days, then it is safe to create the club. If you post a club that already exists, it will be denied, and I'll be happy to link you to the existing club for you to join.

See: Transfer of Ownership

~Broad, Narrow, or Just Right
Sometimes it's hard to tell whether the club topic is broad or narrow. We want to talk about certain topics, but there's a couple of things to consider before moving ahead to club creation: enthusiasm/interest, and the amount of discussion. If we create a club that won't generate as much discussion, or bring much enthusiasm/interest, chances are it won't survive very long. General rule of thumb: don't go toooo specific on your idea.

See: Your Guide to A Successful Club (now 20% cooler!)

~No Anti-<whatever> clubs, please.
As mentioned, we want FC&G to be friendly and positive towards other groups and fandoms. Creating a group solely for the purpose of bashing a certain group or fandom (I.e: Doctor Who haters club) is prohibited.

~Member-specific Fan Clubs are not allowed.
Once upon a time in PokeCommunity, this very section allowed members to create member fan clubs to idolize their friends and to appreciate their awesomeness. Unfortunately, a few years ago it was abolished, and no member cannot create another member fan club ever again. The reason behind this removal was because of constant rule breaking and unnecessary spam. It also created favoritism. This abolishment still stands, so try to stay away from creating a club that revolves around a member.

~Try to stay active!
Sometimes life can hit you like an ice cream truck. As club owner you are responsible for your clubs. If you feel that you are no longer interested in running your club, you can simply send me a message so we can work things out. You can either ask your group members if anyone's interested in running your club as a new owner, or you can also ask to lock up your club. If you become inactive for more than one month, you will lose ownership of the club, and will be either transferred to a new owner or locked if there is lack of interest within the members.

See: Penalty for Inactivity

Policy on Double Posting & Reviving Clubs

[added May 2014]

It's understandable that you want to discuss things in your club, and that's fine! But for some reason you were the last poster in the club and you don't want to break any rules in regards to double posting and/or revival. We have a fair policy when it comes to double posting and revival, and it states the following:

~Two-Week Rule. Regardless of whether you are club owner or not, if you are the last poster in the club, you may post again two (2) weeks after the last posting date. Your posts will be merged if you post sooner.

~Clubs cannot be revived after 30 days of inactivity. HOWEVER, club owners may revive their clubs after 30 days of inactivity, but not more than 60 days. If you (the owner) revive a club that's been inactive after 60 days, or if a member revives your club, it will be locked.

Conclusion ~ Staff Contact.

I'm Cadance, and I'm the current moderator of Fan Clubs & Groups. I'm pretty much fangirling about things 25/8 in this section, so I'm always up for anything. If you are new and/or not sure what to do about creating a club, or how to post in this section, You can post in The Club Lounge, or simply shoot me a Visitor or Private Message my way, and I will do my best in responding to you as soon as possible. If it has been 24 hours and I haven't approved your club, you may also send me a message in regards to that as well. I may have watched so much sports on television that it's possible that I may have forgotten about it.

Happy Fan-Clubbing!~

FC&G Rules Credit: Katholic Nun, Alternative, Cherrim.
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