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View Poll Results: Which is your favorite snake Pokémon?
13 27.66%
6 12.77%
28 59.57%
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Old March 18th, 2014 (12:52 AM).
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Good evening passengers, and welcome aboard Flight No. 6 on Poké-Poll of the Week Airways, this is Captain Jamais speaking. Please remain seated until we reach cruising altitude, and make sure that you and others are following all other aircraft rules, including:
Expand on your answers! Don’t just tell us that Pikachu is your favorite Pokémon- tell us why! If you’re just listing or giving very short answers, your post may be up for a warning or an infraction.
Since we're running low on airpollane fuel, the crew had to put together our own poll question this week. In order to ensure all future flights run safely, feel free to leave your suggestions for future POTWs with your post, or in a VM to myself. If your poll is suggested, you'll be invited to take a tour of the cockpit, and you'll be given a shiny new emblem to add to your collection. Now with that said, this week's poll question is:

Which is your favorite snake Pokémon: Arbok, Seviper or Serperior?

Thank you for choosing PokéPOTW Airways, and make sure to vote and leave your reasoning below, or we'll be forced to let loose these snake Pokemon on the plane!


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Old March 18th, 2014 (1:24 AM).
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Uuuuuuuuuh I don't particularly like snake pokémon at all 8) But if I have to choose, I guess it'll be Arbok. It's a cobra and the original snake, and I'm a sucker for originals and just generally think it's the best looking out of the three candidates.

Never liked Seviper much, it's just too elaborately designed. And Serperior, um. It's cool in a way, being grass type and a starter. Pretty bold move to make a snake starter! But still. Arbok's cooler.
Old March 18th, 2014 (1:38 AM).
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I'm going with Serperior. Of all three snakes listed above, this one, in my opinion, has got the best-looking design. :3" Plus, it could come in quite handy when battling competitively. With Contrary and Leaf Storm combination, it could cause some major havoc. After one Leaf Storm, its Special Attack would be raised sharply due to its ability. Then, it could sweep your opponent's entire team for you without breaking a sweat.

Second favorite would probably have to be Arbok. Seviper isn't so bad, but I'm just not too fond of its looks.
Old March 18th, 2014 (1:41 AM).
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Im going to pick Arbok for this one. I just find his design to be the best-looking, and Kobras are some pretty interesting Animals in rl as well!! I always liked Arbok although ive never used it, and i always wanted it to be Poison and Dark

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Old March 18th, 2014 (1:41 AM).
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I'm on the Serperior fanbase here as well. I don't really like the other two, but Serperior looks really beautiful and it's got some really good support moves plus imagine how dangerous it becomes with Contrary-boosted Leaf Storm.

It's one of my fave Grass-type starters to date!
Old March 18th, 2014 (2:55 AM).
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Serperior is also my favourite snake Pokemon, because it's the most majestic out of them, and it's really good with Contrary. I do like the others, but they're not that good, and they should get a (mega) evolution in the next generation.

Besides, why can't we vote for Steelix?

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Old March 18th, 2014 (4:00 AM).
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I also think that Onix/Steelix should be in there tbh.

Arbok for me too out of those three though, I'm honestly not sure why but I like it's simplistic design more than the other two which feel a bit overdone and whilst its stats don't hold up much competitively I prefer its diverse moveset to Serperior's even though Serperior wrecks with Contrary + Leaf Storm.

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Old March 18th, 2014 (5:02 AM).
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Yeah, Serperior gets my vote, also. Another royal-looking design and while it doesn't get many attacks, I still find it rather cool.
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Old March 18th, 2014 (5:07 AM).
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I guess Serperior. I never really liked Arbok because it has bad moves and the intimidate that is has is annoying when facing. Seviper is alright, but I like evolutions. So, I guess I gotta go with Serperior.

Old March 18th, 2014 (7:32 AM).
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Apparently I'm the only one who likes Seviper here? Those blood-red fangs are cool, as is its blade-tail. And it could totally beat Serperior in a fight....not like I've tested it.
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Old March 18th, 2014 (12:13 PM).
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Arbok evolves into Seviper! Also, where is Milotic.

Picked Serperior, although Arbok is better for now with an offensive Coil set.

Although Contrary Serperior will NOT be much better than normal Serperior contrary to popular beliefs, as it still has no means to get past Steel/Fire/Flying-types without Hidden Power Fire/Rock, and most of them can take a +2 HP Fire/Rock anyway thanks to its low base 75 Special Attack and destroy Serperior with a powerful move.
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Old March 18th, 2014 (8:02 PM).
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I like our semi-palindromic buddy Arbok. Isn't all that interesting, but it's colorful. Seviper seems even more generic than Arbok, and Serperior is a starter, which, after many runs at Unova, you get tired of.
Old March 18th, 2014 (8:49 PM).
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To me, Arbok is the OG snake Poke. Also, Coil and STAB Gunk Shot equals death. :U
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Old March 19th, 2014 (6:58 AM).
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I'm gunna go with Serperior for this one. I like all the snake Pokemon but I really think that this evolution was really neat. Like, I never pictures Snivy turning into a snake!

Plus, I just think it looks the neatest. It looks like a snake but isn't your typical snake design which is a plus for me!

Old March 19th, 2014 (9:45 AM).
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I like Serperior because of his design, the type, the overall evolution change and movepool.
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Old March 19th, 2014 (1:50 PM).
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Arbok, simply because I'm more impartial to the orginals. Plus, I'm not particularly familiar with Serperior/Seviper.
Old March 19th, 2014 (6:24 PM).
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Arbok. Great design and it's the original.

Originally Posted by classiccartoonsftw View Post
Besides, why can't we vote for Steelix?
Since when is Steelix a snake?
Old March 19th, 2014 (7:31 PM).
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Originally Posted by LusoTrainer
Since when is Steelix a snake?
Well, Steelix's species is the Iron Snake Pokemon. But just like Onix, I would say that's more of a loose comparison rather than it being an actual snake.

For those asking, I could've included Onix/Steelix and Milotic, but if I'm adding them, why not Gyarados, Dratini, Zygarde and other serpentine-like Pokemon? I don't want to have too many options in these POTWs, so I just tried to get the three that best represented the question.

Everyone keep voting if you haven't yet- it's nice to see your responses!
Old March 19th, 2014 (7:49 PM).
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OWW I love Serperior and Arbok! This is not fair

I lean slightly toward Serperior.

Especially given the pre-evolutions, I am not a fan of ekans, and "smugleaf" is the best first-stage starter ever!

Seviper is just one of those pokemon I forget about, and honestly, a much better alternative could have taken it's place. For instance, a coral snake? Essentially, Arbok outclasses Seviper in design as the poison snake/cobra. It's simpler and elegant. However, Serperior, given it's regal demeanor, wins my vote!
Old March 20th, 2014 (8:54 AM).
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Hm, to be honest, I've never been attracted to any of the snake Pokemon so I'm not entirely familiar with them. With that said, based on design only, I would have to choose Serperior and it's a Grass-type, which is one of my favourite besides Water and Ice.
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Old March 20th, 2014 (5:12 PM).
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Seviper, I guess. Though I did use a Serperior in Black 2. It almost solo'd the champion with Coil boosts.
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Old March 20th, 2014 (10:42 PM).
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I really like Arbok. I watched the anime pretty often as a kid and liked Team Rocket, and Arbok was a pretty cool character there. I don't think I've used it that much in-game so I can't comment on its battling abilities (though I don't they're amazing), but it has a pretty cool design as well. I like the little touch in that the eye pattern on its chest changes depending on the region iirc.

My second favourite is probably Serperior. I'm a big fan of its regal design and it's quite different to all Grass-type starters before it. Seviper is cool as well but doesn't really stand out to me in any way.

As for future PotW topics, perhaps Team Magma vs Team Aqua (since you mentioned you don't want too many options in the PotW)? Or Dark vs Steel vs Fairy (aka the three non-Gen I types)?

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Old March 21st, 2014 (6:11 AM).
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i am going to have to go with Arbok on this one. i honestly don't have a favorite snake Pokemon and i don't think i have used them on my team before (other than Serperior, but got bored of him) but when i think of the words "snake" and "Pokemon" together, Arbok is usually the first one i think of.

as for a topic suggestion, how about the first three regions rodents?
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Old March 21st, 2014 (11:57 PM).
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I like all three of the snake pokemon! You can't do this to me!

But seriously, do I even have to say which one I voted for? I like all three of them, but do I have to say it?
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Old March 21st, 2014 (11:59 PM).
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I like snakes as an animal but I've never felt particularly attached to any of the snake Pokémon. I really liked raising my Snivy in Gen V, though, so I went with Serperior in the poll. I've warmed up to grass types a lot in the last few years so while I didn't think the series needed another snake, I wasn't going to complain about Snivy's line at all because I was happy to see one of my favourite animals fall under one of my favourite types, too.
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