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Old December 20th, 2003 (6:50 PM).
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Being one of the few very talented trainers, you have just received a letter stating help is needed at an undisclosed location. (The city of ______1 is under the threat of the Kolenda family, who is trying to add ______1 to the republic of ______2, although this is not stated in the letter) Enclosed is a ticket for the S.S. Tidal, which is headed towards ______1 (It doesn’t exactly say what ______1 is on the ticket, though) More information will be given once all the trainers have arrived at the address which was located at the bottom of letter. No pokemon will be allowed to come with you, pokemon will be given out.

Multiple character’s WILL be accepted



Name: Ali Kabania
Age: 14
Gendre: Male
Description: purple hair split through middle, wearing a black over-shirt, white under-shirt, and black pants

Name: Julia Kabania
Age: 11
Gendre: Female
Description: Long blue hair, wearing a short brown coat made of fake fur, large circular silver earrings, tight black bell-bottom pants, and a large, brown, fuzzy pair of boots
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