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Warnings: Death may be present in this fanfic. And maybe some bloody scenes.

This is whole other world and is not happening on Earth on in any real-life place.

There are three types of creatures living in this world - People who are weak and cannot defend themselves, Guardians - people who can change into wolves that guard them and Shadows or Sence - evil demons that are trying to take over the world.

Elements: Each of the Guardians posesses the powers of one of these elements: Air (they can also control weather around them), Electricity, Water, Ice, Fire, Shadows and each of them has an hidden powe that they need to find out about during their training. Some guardians can also posses two elements but those are rare. They can also heal the humans or other Guardians but when they do that they give away a part of their soul.

Ranks in that world:

Elder: The leader of all guardians. He or she is the oldest of them all - and when he or she dies he or she is replaced by another Elder that was chosen by him or her and that is also one of the oldest of the Pack. He or she is usually an Angel.

Angels: Angels are the highest rank of the Guardians. They are naturally stronger than the rest of the Guardians. They are not trainers unless they choose to be. They have more powers than the "normal" ranked Guardians. They also have wings and special armors made just for them. How does one become an Angel? By sacrificing their lives for humans.

Mentors: Trainers are normal Guardian wolves that are teaching Pups how to battle and how to protect the humans they get to guard. They also prepare them for real-life that is waiting for them outside of the safety of the woods and moutains they are training in.

Pups: Pups are the lowest rank - they are also called students. They are just learning how to defend themselves and how to protect humans. They can be adults or pups - Their training is over when Mentors say that it's over so that can happen at any age.

Characters we are about to meet in first chapter:

AoTora(BlueTiger in japanese) - AoTora is one of the rarest Mentors that has the powers of two elements combined - Ice and water. Her attacks vary but she can be extremly fast and tricky to take down. She also loves to use combinations of attacks to make it harder for the pups she is training. She stayed with the pack instead of protecting humans because Elder ordered her so - she is a capable fighter so they need her to train the new generation of Guardians.

Shira Shira is one of the two Pups AoTora is training. She has the powers of Ice. She is shy and hates fighting unless it's really necessary.

]Luna[/Color] Luna is second one of AoTora's students. She has the powers of water and she is eager to fight and she is eager to stand up for what she believes in.

Elder The leader of the pack. She has the powers of Fire but she doesn't fight unless the pack gets attacked. She is also the one deciding which Guardian will go to which human family.

Sasha The spoiled girl that lives with her rich parents John and Lea they give her everything she wants. This is also the family AoTora has to guard later on. Lea and John have important jobs in government therefor their lives are always in danger.

Sorry about my english - It's not my first language so therefore I probably made a lot of grammar mistakes -feel free to correct me if and when you give me a feedback =) I won't be mad
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