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Old May 16th, 2006 (2:34 PM).
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Hello! This is were we have a contest to see who has the best pixel art. Every season, we have a new topic i will assign 2 judges every contest. NO CURSING OR SEXUAL THEMES IN YOUR ART (unless that is a topic whick it probably won't be!) You may use pixel items from other websites, but you MUST credit them! I will post the first topic later!!

(Trainer card thanx to

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Old May 16th, 2006 (2:35 PM).
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The only contests allowed are the monthly contests, the current one being the one hosted by me.
Old May 16th, 2006 (2:38 PM).
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JakeDaRappa, you are not allowed to make contests - there is already a Pixel Art competition running. Please check the rules before posting again.



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Old May 16th, 2006 (2:39 PM).
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Erm...just closing the thread. >>


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