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Old August 5th, 2007 (4:54 PM).
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If someone culd help me that wuld b great. These pokemon were stole from me by TrentP. If someone culd help replace them thanx..... of corse ill trade for them if u want.

Shiny legends
Mewtwo lv. 70 Modest OT DK lv. 76 Sassy OT Krystal
Mew lv 10 Brave OT MYSTRY
Registeel lv. 100 Naive OT YATES
Heatran Male lv. 70 Sassy OT Maria
Cresselia Female lv 100 Quiet PKRS OT LUNNETH
Shaymin lv 30 Brave OT J.P.S.

Shiny Starters
Charmander Male lv 1 Docile OT David
Charizard Male lv 38 Hasty PKRS Nickname BLACK OT ALI
Mudkip Male lv. 13 Queit OT KOGA W.
Turtwig Male lv. 15 Timid OT JJ

Other Shinys
Riachu Female lv. 18 Naughty OT Ariel
Nidorino Male lv. 24 Timid OT ASH
Clefable Female lv 100 Calm OT ASH
Ninetales Female lv. 100 Calm OT YATES
Zubat Male lv. 13 Timid OT Jake
Oddish Male lv 13 Calm Nickname SHINY ODSH OT COLLIN
Machop Male lv. 26 Modest OT Dragon
Weepingbell Male lv. 24 Naughty OT COREY
Golem Female lv 45 Mild OT BEN
Shellder Female lv 24 Adament OT Ariel
Dratini Male lv. 15 Adament OT Asif
Politoed Female lv. 25 Timid OT Archie
Snubull Female lv 31 Timid OT Kairi
Elekid Male lv 1 Naive OT Zach
Magby Male lv. 18 PKRS Rash Japanese
Wurmple Female lv 3 Serious OT TOM
Seedot Male lv. 12 Hasty OT Josh
Nicada Female lv. 6 Jolly OT ClikC
Milotic Male lv 100 Bold OT ALEX
Milotic Female lv 100 Adament OT Trunks
Snorunt Female lv. 5 Lax OT MATT
Bagon Male lv 18 Quiet PKRS OT Dawn
Buneary Female lv 16 Docile James
Skuntank Female lv. 51 Sassy Dawn
Spiritomb Male lv. 1 Quirky OT Karl
Riolu Male lv. 1 Adament OT Blaze
Riolu Female lv 1 Jolly OT Drew

Legendary Pokemon
Lugia lv. 100 Japenese Timid
Ho-oh lv. 70 Rash OT DOM
Regice Lv. 41 Brave OT CORB.K
Registeel lv. 42 Sassy OT CORB.K
Shaymin Lv. 30 Japenese Jolly
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