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Getting on #tpc-dev

#tpc-dev is a live chatroom for members of the PokéCommunity's ROM hacking and Game Development forum to contribute ideas, work on stuff, get tips for development on either platform, and more. This guide shows you how to get onto #tpc-dev through Mibbit.

Got an IRC client like mIRC already installed? Click the following link:
irc:// (This link may not work with all IRC clients; in this case, please manually connect to and join #tpc-dev.)

Using Mibbit

Go to From there, the following screen will display:

Box displaying Nick and Channel.

Click the Server link so that it is highlighted red. The following form should appear, and using that, input the following details:

Box displaying Server, Nick and Channel. Feel free to input your own nickname.

Server address ( This is the server you need to connect to so you can connect to us.
Nick: This is your nickname. You can use your own PC name, but you don't have to. A nickname can consist only of alphanumerical characters, dashes (-), underscores (_) and backslashes (\). It cannot contain spaces.
Channel (#tpc-dev): You need to fill in this detail to connect to us, too.

Click Go, and enjoy!

Using your own client

You can also download your own IRC client to get onto the chatroom. The PokéCommunity recommends mIRC for Windows users or Colloquy for Mac OS X users. Once you've downloaded these, click the link above.