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The following is a list of emblems that you may be awarded for contributing to BC. These can be seen as a way of expressing our gratitude for being significant member of the community. None of the emblems can be requested, and are to be given out by myself. More may be added in the future, and you can suggest emblem ideas in the BC Discussion & Feedback thread.

Battling Contributor
This member has contributed to the Battle Center in some way, and has established himself or herself as a valuable member of the community.

Requisites: Participate in the BC Discussion & Feedback thread and other community decisions, assist with the creation of battling guides, make an impact on BC, etc.

Insightful Poster
This member is notable for sparking battling discussion with thoughtful posts and/or threads.

Requisites: Actively make high quality posts that contribute to the discussions, polls, etc. that are found in BC's main forum and/or post well thought out threads.

Team Rater
This member is excellent at bringing out the full potential in a team. Experienced with patching up major weaknesses, this user can fix just about any team.

Requisites: Actively rate teams such as fixing most issues the team has, and be an overall helpful and good team rater.

Event Director
This member has properly hosted many successful tournaments and events. By managing events, this user has helped make the forum a much more enjoyable place.

Requisites: Properly host successful and creative tournaments and/or events (that do not need to be large).

Competition Winner
This member has won quite a few battling competitions, which greatly validates his or her skills.

Requisites: Win three successful competitions that had at least eight or more participants. Successful competitions are those that have ended. Additionally, these competitions must have been held in the Events & Groups sub-forum. Competitions held exclusively on the server do not count, and neither do Community Day tournaments. If a host wins their own competition, the runner-up will be considered the official winner. Only competitions that started from October 11th, 2012 and on will count.

Competition Master
This member has won countless battling competitions. Let's just say that this user might be the best of the best.

Requisites: Same as the emblem above but instead, seven competitions must be won.

Ladder Addict
This member simply can't get enough of the PokéCommunity Ladder.

Requisites: Complete at least 50 rated battles on our ladder. Check out the PC Battle Server Info & Questions for more details. The win/loss result of the battles make no difference in receiving this emblem.

Ladder Ace
At last, this member has made it into the top three of the PokéCommunity Ladder. Congratulations!

Requisites: Just as stated in the description, you must make it into the top three of the PC Ladder. At the moment, only the Random Battle ladder will count towards this.

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