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  1. Under the night sky (PokespecialFanfic)
  2. [Pokémon] -=~*::Omega_Files::*~=-
  3. Together forever, with new troubles. ((Fanfic))
  4. The Original Joy and Jenny
  5. Torchic Training (AdvanceShippy/PokeShippy, PG)
  6. It Runs in the Family (G)
  7. "Why Couldn't You Have Said It Sooner?" - AAML, One-shot, G
  8. The Fiery Blizzard
  9. Title wave of Emotion (AAMRN)
  10. The Oceanlight Ball (one-shot AAML, G)
  11. Diaries of a Legend
  12. Outiside Looking In (a one-shot, safe for all)
  13. The Life of a Legend
  14. Songfic Short - It's Me Again, Misty
  15. Tales from the Pokmon Crypt
  16. Gaining Wings: a rare Brock fic
  17. Ego and Attitude: A Gary fanfic with some AAMR for good measure
  18. Pokemon Xtreme - Episode 1: Black Jack's here...
  19. Fairy tales don't always have happy endings... (Fire Emblem fanfic)
  20. Pokemon Xtreme: Episode 2 - Blaziken's misery
  21. Pokemon Xtreme - Episode 3: Rustboro Ghetto
  22. Pokemon Xtreme: Episode 4: Mewtwos challenge
  23. Reposting: Under the Night Sky
  24. Episode 5: A whole new level
  25. Moonlit Love [Please give opinions]
  26. [Pokémon] 11:59
  27. [Pokémon] The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum
  28. Victory or Death (Pokemon One-Shot) (PG-15)
  29. [Pokémon] Spring's Revenge
  30. [Pokémon] The Width of a Circle
  31. [Pokémon] A stroll down that fateful lane
  32. *WARNING* This is life changing *WARNING*
  33. [Pokémon] Move Along
  34. The Labyrinth: Alternate Ending
  35. [Pokémon] The Story Of The Ugly Feebas
  36. [Pokémon] Arceus And The Creation Of The Universe
  37. NikNaks' Fiction Fun
  38. [Pokémon] Forest Fire
  39. [Pokémon] Pokémon Uesuto episode 1 — A Curio, a City
  40. Vanilla Twilight
  41. In The Box
  42. Monsters
  43. [Pokémon] Outrage
  44. [One-Shot]Strawberry Fields
  46. Process of Service
  47. [Pokémon] A Coordinated Investigation
  48. [Pokémon] Braid
  49. [Pokémon] Changed
  50. Retribution [Rated M (18+)]
  51. (Digimon) Justified Lunacy
  52. [Pokémon] The Rocket Case
  53. Strom (Digimon: Civil War RPG one-shot) [14A]
  54. Dracocide: Eternal Hate (Digimon: Civil War and Dark Reign-based short story) [14A]
  55. [Pokémon] The Thinking Man's Guide to Destroying the World
  56. [Pokémon] Neither Here Nor There
  58. [Pokémon] [SWC] The Beastman
  59. [Pokémon] My Trip to the End of Time, by Pearl Gideon
  60. [Pokémon] Robin Goodfellow's Christmas Carol [15]
  61. [Pokémon] [SWC] Snow
  62. [Pokémon] Stranger Than Fiction
  63. [Pokémon] The Kanto Conspiracy: From the Case Files of Lisa Northwood [PG-13]
  64. [Pokémon] A Smell of Petroleum Pervades Throughout
  65. [Other Original] Alien Poverty
  66. [Pokémon] Horror Story - I Can't Feel You
  67. [Other Fanfic] Naruto: Minato and Kushina's First Born[One Shot]
  68. [Other Original] Standing Creation - ♥ Vanguard Duosoard. [T - M]
  69. [Pokémon] E-Anon (Evil Anonymous)
  70. [Pokémon] The Origin of Storms
  71. [Pokémon] Communication
  72. [Pokémon] Through the Scope
  73. [Pokémon] :Survival (FINALLY DONE!)
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  77. [Pokémon] Starlight (one-shot)
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