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  30. Does anyone else think the pokemon show is retarted
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  52. I'm going to post this here too!
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  65. Looking for ppl for my Pkmn Fan fiction
  66. Haruka in Johto fic... Yay or Nay.
  67. Preview Pokemon Again!
  68. What sort of character would you call "Mary-Sue" ?
  69. Pokémon Origins Vol. III: The War of Armageddon
  70. [FINAL PREVIEW] Pokémon Origins Vol. III: The War of Armageddon [PG-13]
  71. A Latias romance?
  72. A Fanfiction Series?!
  73. Giovanni Fic Help???
  74. If no one is reviewing, should I continue.
  75. Comments on this story idea?
  76. where should my fic take place?
  77. difference?
  78. prolouge
  79. Pokémon Clash of the seven titans
  80. help me with this story plan
  81. Accidentally In Love (AshXMay) (fanfiction) Pg-12
  82. Need tips
  83. Is this a good idea?
  84. Help with a title?
  85. Help with Fanfics.
  86. is this any good?
  87. I can't seem to do it.
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  91. New Story -- to be cliche or not to be cliche?
  92. Shifting Viewpoints: good or bad for the overall story?
  93. Tell me what to improve on.
  94. Having second thoughts.
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  96. Adding names
  97. Baffled by indecision...
  98. [The Dust Chronicles] - Rating: (15)
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  106. Do other fanfic authors resent the usage of Fakemon?
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  109. Does anyone...
  110. Some things to consider when writing a trainer fic.
  111. TK's Version: Poke Special DP (Ideas Needed! Well, not needed, wanted. Eh..)
  112. 'Review Psychology'
  113. Annoying Ringtone Ideas
  114. Can I continue some fanfictions here? (Help)
  115. Reason why OAV4GL was closed? (Help)
  116. Pokemon UK- Ideas and Comments please
  117. Hey, i want to create a manga and I want to know what you think of it.
  118. Does no one like my fanfic?
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  120. bilingual projects
  121. The Saga of Silver, blue and co. comments and ideas please
  122. The Saga of Silver, blue and co. comments and ideas please
  123. Looking for reviews
  124. Tyson's Journey Ideas, Tips and Reviews
  125. Pokemon DC fanfic/manga idea
  126. A Thief in the Night- Preview
  127. Characters who smoke/drink in fanfics?
  128. Evolution - The fan fiction way
  129. *sighs* About Final Fantasy: X to 7 on Other Writing
  130. Shiver
  131. Common Grammar Mistakes
  132. Fanfiction of the year?
  133. Reviewing and You: The PC Version
  134. Pokemon Live Action movie fic
  135. {Just a sneak peek} Jason Chaos the camera kid's adventures
  136. A question on POV narrative: Can I switch between two?
  137. What makes a good villain?
  138. Pokémon, Tom Clancy style...
  139. What do you see in a Good Hero?
  140. Auditions...
  141. Regarding Product/Franchise usage in fanfics
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  143. so we're all familiar with the cliches...
  144. Fanfic description
  145. A few pointers needed for an Orange Islands fic =)
  146. Adding a page requirement to the rules?
  147. Lionheart: Preview
  148. paragraphing, capitalization, and punctuation
  149. Sinnoh stories
  150. an analysis on game mechanics
  151. Shipping?
  152. Anti-heroes?
  153. i need help and advises! please!!
  154. Does having the bad-guys kill help the story?
  155. Need free publicity? Join my site
  156. Fanfics centered around legendary Pokemon
  157. I want restart my project.
  158. Crimson
  159. Introducing a fake region?
  160. Umbreon and Lapras *Not official title*
  161. Coming "Soon": Pocket Monsters: The Priestess of Light and the Lord of Shadows
  162. My story was deleted.
  163. Lucario's Dream
  164. Main Characters
  165. Just a question
  166. The Countdown to PMD2
  167. I Feel Ignored :(
  168. Starting off
  169. The Rise of Legends disscusion
  170. Elite Overlord LaSabre's Grammar Advice Thread
  171. Love Me
  172. Made Up Pokemon Tips
  173. What Would You Like To See?
  174. Poke2018
  175. New Writer
  176. How does this sound?
  177. The Reunion (Legendary Fic!)
  178. My first Fan fic about an Eevee that can talk and a boy with a bond that they share.
  179. Aaron's Pokemon Adventure OCC
  180. New Author In Town =)
  181. A story I'm trying to write
  182. The Good Ol' Days of your first fic....
  183. Project: R E B I R T H *Not official Title*
  184. Ideas stuck and needing help
  185. The Power of Fire Reborn *probaly not the offical title...*
  186. Thesis's OT fic guide: "What not to include", Part One
  187. Over-Prewriting?
  188. Whats your faveourite type of fic?
  189. Pokemon Fanfiction 'Notes'
  190. Does everyone hate OT fics?
  191. How do you write it?
  192. Local English discrepancies
  193. Maggots of Society [Journey Fic - Preview]
  194. !~Opinions Wanted~!
  195. Prologue troubles
  196. I'm Looking for a Good Review...
  197. underused pokemon.
  198. should I keep writing?
  199. No No Pokeball {Preview Snippets}
  200. Help with semi-colons.
  201. I need help killing people
  202. Possible first chapter(please criticize(be nice it is my fist one))
  203. rayquaza tribe preview
  204. Pokemon ??? Story.
  205. This Is Home (Fic, first chapter)
  206. Preview for something.
  207. The Sinnoh Adventure. Chapter 1. "The Adventure Begins"
  208. Secrets being revealed early
  209. Is this allowed? Requesting a review?
  210. Could somebody review my writing style?
  211. Translate or not Translate? (that ist here the Question :)
  212. A boy and a girl on a journey...
  213. Generations
  214. The Sixth Warrior - Preview
  215. Being to realistic?
  216. The Beta Place
  217. Entie's Awakening - Preview (stinks need to be revised Idea)
  218. Ten Tips for Novice Creative Writers
  219. The Lost Region of Galeor-Trainer Fic, PG-13
  220. OK! (Test Fan-Fic)
  221. the kanto advener
  222. Can you guess what the secret is?
  223. the way peopel have treated me. heres the list
  224. hahahaha the day i will rule the world of pokemon
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  229. What genre would you like to se more of?
  230. An Exquisite Corpse II
  231. Write it, or write it?
  232. Need help with a plot
  233. A TCG universe? What madness is this?!
  234. Progression of a story.
  235. Need Some Input
  236. The Story With No Title
  237. Pure Darkness (Ryuu's Story)
  238. Fanfic Idea
  239. Help with fanfic-Sinnoh Saga
  240. Help With A Few Things
  241. Breaking the fourth wall.
  242. Fanfiction petpeeves?
  243. Help!
  244. Characters of the opposite gender.
  245. Idea
  246. Prieview of new story
  247. I need ideas!!
  248. Should I finish this?
  249. CONCEPT- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Supersonic Heroes
  250. Ikarishipping: What's your opinoin?