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  1. Theme song for DP
  2. Share your Pokemon WTF Moments
  3. Where to watch movie 12
  4. Any Pokemon Episodes or moments that made you tear up?
  5. Moves Never Shown In The Anime
  6. DP136 Episode Discussion *Beware of Japanese spoilers*
  7. Yet another "Ash's Age" thread
  8. What makes Pokemon better anime than others ?
  9. Jesse catches Seviper
  10. will ashes pikatchu ever evolve!?
  11. Whats your favorite main character in the anime?
  12. Favorite Pokemon Movie?
  13. Mewtwo against...Giratina?
  14. Fav pokemon episode for any pokemon series
  15. New Pokemon Series + Misty And May Return!
  16. What is your favorite movie?
  17. Brock vs Paul
  18. Which Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Episode is your favourite?
  19. Uhhh pokemon clips?
  20. Who would you prefer Misty or May To come back
  21. Pokemon movie 12 teaser
  22. Pokemon Anime...Start To Finish
  23. The sinnoh saga?
  24. Pokemon: Evolution over the years.
  25. In terms of quality, why do people consider Kanto better than other regions?
  26. The first movie
  27. TV SHOWS BAD!!
  28. ITT: Sing Pokemon Theme Songs if Ash Wasn't That Serious About Being A Pokemon Master
  29. Your favourite Pokémon episode?
  30. DP137 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  31. Brock = Epic Fail
  32. More Than One Legendary Pokemon?
  33. Ash Matures ??
  34. Whose Sick of Ash's New Voice?
  35. How do you remember the Advanced Generation?
  36. Pokemon movies timeline to the anime
  37. The next Pokemon movie should be about Combees
  38. Should Ash recieve a Psudeo Legendary?
  39. Returning to johto VERY soon
  40. We're Blasting Off Again!!!
  41. Arceus and the Jewel of Life
  42. Who's the girl in the opening of season 1?
  43. Safe to watch ep 38?
  44. Question about Orange saga, Ash's Charizard
  45. We all live in a pokemon world
  46. Whats your favorite pikachu short?
  47. Pokemon Mystery #1: The Pink Butterfree
  48. Ideas for a Pokemon movie
  49. This video prooves noobs make the english anime.
  50. Ash or Misty?Yoour decision
  51. Favorite Team Rocket motto
  52. 5th Generation
  53. "The Kecleon Caper" Episode Discussion
  54. favorite pokemon song(english dub)
  55. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the sky! Dub!
  56. What episode does dawn come
  57. Cartoon Network on Demand adds Pokémon
  58. Whats your favorite episode?
  59. Dawn and Piplup
  60. pokemon movie 12 name confirmed
  61. If you could name a Pokémon episode what would it be called?
  62. Just watched Celebi: voice of the forest. 1 question
  63. Do u think Jessie, James and Meowth should have a greater role in the movies?
  64. Holy cow 0_o
  65. HeartGold/SoulSilver=No more anime? :(
  66. Brocks Been Rejected!
  67. Episode 21 is sad :(
  68. Funny,Cheap Puns
  69. The most emotional moment in pokemon episodes or films.
  70. Is Pikachu Half-Ditto?
  71. Ash's Charizard
  72. Pokemon galactic battles new opening
  73. Jun/Barry
  74. Team Magma and Team Aqua
  75. I just started watching Pokemon
  76. Pokemon Movie game-based idea
  77. "The Joy of Water Pokémon" Episode Discussion
  78. what do you think of the new series
  79. Just rewatched the whole Indigo league
  80. What Movie is your favorite and why?
  81. My favourite Pokemon song!
  82. Soul to appear in Anime
  83. Pokethlon in new anime
  84. How did Darkai come back to life??????
  85. Where's The Beef?
  86. Jesses Lickitung?
  87. Destiny Deoxys UK?
  88. You favourite main Female charecter?.
  89. Who do you think is the best rival and why?
  90. James - Blue hair, or Purple Hair?
  91. ~*!*~PIKACHU.......~*!*~
  92. The Mysterious Misty Video
  93. Is this real?
  94. Your Favorite Rival
  95. What Pokemon DVD's?
  96. Ashes dad?
  97. Awaiting the new pokemon movie o.o (possible 5th gen pokemanz)
  98. "Got Miltank?" Episode Discussion
  99. GS Ball
  100. Coolest person that has travelled with ash?
  101. What do you think about this
  102. Favourite Pokemon in the D/P Series???
  103. Anywhere to watch online???
  104. Pokemon episode were brock get a special helper?
  105. Contests or Gyms?
  106. Pokémon underwater
  107. Banned Episode Causes Hospitality
  108. “Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension” Box Set 3
  109. Which one?
  110. "Fight for the Light!" Episode Discussion
  111. I don't like Poke'mon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
  112. Original Pokemon Seasons (1-3, I guess)
  113. Did pokemon make you were you hat frount words and turn it to the side every 5 mins
  114. The new air times.
  115. What's your favorite battle of all time?
  116. "Princess vs. Princess" Episode Discussion
  117. "The Purr-fect Hero" Episode Discussion
  118. Couple of DVD Questions
  119. Question for old schoolers
  120. "Machoke, Machoke Man!" Episode Discussion
  121. LEAGUESHIPPING - Ash & Ritchie together forever
  122. Mamoswine is Demented
  123. Subliminal Messaging
  124. Pokemon Adventures Anime
  125. "Riddle Me This" Episode Discussion
  126. "Volcanic Panic" Episode Discussion
  127. The Correct Spelling of Jessie?
  128. Which is better?
  129. Pokemon The Movie 12: Arceus and the Jewel of Life
  130. "Beach Blank-Out Blastoise" Episode Discussion
  131. "The Misty Mermaid" Episode Discussion
  132. A Green Pokeball
  133. Request: Does Anybody have Johto Journeys Tapes?
  134. Why Did They Delete The Whole Pokemon Series???
  135. "Clefairy Tales" Episode Discussion
  136. "The Battle of the Badge" Episode Discussion
  137. Ash OR Kazunari
  138. Ash meets Butterfree again
  139. "It's Mr. Mimie Time" Episode Discussion
  140. Clothing
  141. The GS Ball
  142. "Showdown at the Po-ké Corral" Episode Discussion
  143. hello
  144. "The Evolution Solution" Episode Discussion
  145. so.. what happened to AJ?
  146. New pokemon ending
  147. (Revival) Which of Ash's Pokemon Do You Hate?
  148. How do YOU want the Anime to end?
  149. "The Pi-Kahuna" Episode Discussion
  150. Ritchie
  151. ash being older than his female traveling companion
  152. The Ultimate Tournament
  153. Team Rocket Facts
  154. "Make Room for Gloom" Episode Discussion
  155. Need Episode Of Pokemon
  156. Ash and his eight Sinnoh gym badge
  157. "Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!" Episode Discussion
  158. So, After Sinnoh
  159. Pokemon Seasons On DVD?
  160. Does pokemon come now also on CN
  161. "To Master the Onixpected!" Episode Discussion
  162. Groudon cheated
  163. "The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis" Episode Discussion
  164. So Say Ash's Journey Ended....
  165. Anybody watch the old shows after years?
  166. Should Ash enter some contests?
  167. "Bad to the Bone" Episode Discussion
  168. Your favorite song from Pikachu's Jukebox?
  169. "The Mandarin Island Miss Match" Episode Discussion
  170. "All Fired Up" Episode Discussion
  171. Who knows where i can
  172. so, what is a shipping debate
  173. PokeMon Series on DVD in UK?
  174. "Pikachu! Aim for the horn!!!" and other such monstrousities
  175. pokemon radio drama translations!
  176. Most attractive main girl character
  177. Your Movie Name Idea
  178. will karen make it into the anime?
  179. May or Dawn?
  180. weird thing i notice
  181. Team Rocket, Lame or Got Game?
  182. "Round One - Begin!" Episode Discussion
  183. Halt the anime!Animal Cruelty is promoted!!
  184. Character changes
  185. Pokemon Anime; DVD's & Downloads
  186. Pikachu Shorts
  187. Pokemon Heros the movie Discussion
  188. MORTY AND whitney
  189. "Fire and Ice" Episode Discussion
  190. DP150-152 Discussion (Japanese Spoilers!)
  191. "Pedal to the Mettle!" Review thread
  192. "Arceus and the Jewel of Life" Movie 12 discussion thread!
  193. Tv Show and Movies
  194. What happened to Charizard?
  195. Best May&Drew Moments&episodes. . . .
  196. Ash is a neglectful trainer!!!!!
  197. "The Fourth Round Rumble" Episode Discussion
  198. The german voice of Ash is dead
  199. How come Ash never got Pidgeot back?
  200. Ever seen a pokemon movie in theaters?
  201. Ash's dream team
  202. Pokémon anime soundtracks...
  203. Pokemon 2000/ G&S Promotional Disc?
  204. Just wondering....
  205. Characters they should bring back!
  206. Whatever happened with the GS ball?
  207. "Evolving Strategies!" Episode Discussion
  208. Paul or Ash?
  209. Pokemon Movies/Sereis
  210. Gliscor's new move
  211. omg!pokemon movie 13!
  212. Pokemon 2000: the Power of One
  213. Most and least favourite openings
  214. DP episodes 151-152: Team Galactic's Endgame (Warning: Possible Spoilers!)
  215. Pokemon 2000 prophecy
  216. Pokemon Movie 12 [/U.S.]
  217. pokemon hunger
  218. "A Friend In Deed" Episode Discussion
  219. Who liked Arceus and the Jewel of Life?
  220. Pokemon 12 Review THread
  221. "Uncrushing Defeat!" Review Thread
  222. Your views on the anime characters and 4Kids...
  223. Arceusis god so why do the characters try to stop him?
  224. Watch Pokemon Move 12 Arceus and the Jewel of Life
  225. Mistake In Jewel of Life? (SPOILERS)
  226. Most coolest Pokemon Movie setting.
  227. What real people do you want to appear in the anime as guest stars?
  228. Inspirations for Movie Cities?
  229. 'Sleeples For Pre-Battle' Episode Discussion
  230. Unknown episode information wanted
  231. That's so not fair!
  232. Trainer's Choice
  233. What the hell is wrong with team Rocket?
  234. ash's pikachu
  235. movie pokemon villains
  236. "Friend and Foe Alike" Episode Discussion
  237. "Friends to the End" Episode Discussion
  238. Did James Keep Growlie?
  239. Dawn/Hikari
  240. Entei:Spell of unown
  241. Pokemon girls
  242. The character's hands and fingers...
  243. What do you think of Paul?
  244. Ash & James
  245. is James gay or not?
  246. I ain't really interested in the new Pokemon shows :(
  247. What were the low points in the Pokémon anime?
  248. Pokemon Live-Action Movie would be sweet
  249. DP154 Discussion (Japanese Spoilers!)
  250. "Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!" Review Thread