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  1. Pokemon Lego
  2. Do you think Ash will enter contests in the fifth Generation too?
  3. What happened If
  4. Can the anime redeem itself in 5th gen?
  5. Anime's Portrayal of Game Characters Debate
  6. Pokemon.. apocalypse. 0_0
  7. Dawn's Future Team?
  8. Ash's Future Team?
  9. Brock's Future Team?
  10. Has Pokemon killed someone off?
  11. will we see Sam in the 13th movie?
  12. Will you be happy Pipulp will be gone?
  13. Two New Movies?
  14. Gotta' watch em' all!
  15. I'm actually really enjoying the Anime...
  16. Song question on Gathering The Gang Of Four
  17. how do they know so much?
  18. big change like in hoenn?
  19. Pokémon Videos and Movies...
  20. Shinou/Sinnoh League Spoiler
  21. Help for a song from an episode!!!!
  22. Season 15 Japanese Opener CONTAINS SPOILERS
  23. Will any leads capture a legendary?
  24. Favorite female protagonist?
  25. What rival would you like next for Ash?
  26. A real life version of Pokemon
  27. Timeline: Man, Myth, & Pokemon
  28. Charmander
  29. strange pokemon...
  30. Oddities of the anime?
  31. Do you think the anime will be better if pickachu evolved?
  32. Is Ash "Special"?
  33. Indigo League
  34. Saddest moments
  35. Pokemon DP Sinnoh League Victors Opening!
  36. Kiddish anime
  37. Ash's Age?
  38. A live action Pokemon Series
  39. Best theme song of all the seasons?
  40. Question?
  41. Is this movie the best one?
  42. Will you be happy if Max comes back in 5th gen
  43. Black/White party
  44. "Go Happiny! Now Punch God In The Face!"
  45. Possible New Anime Info (BW)
  46. Misty's Cameos since "Gotta Catch Ya Later?"
  47. Does anyone else think that the only good pokemon movies were the first ones?
  48. When were Cassidy and Butch last on Pokemon
  49. in the show
  50. Ash's Party
  51. Ash Dying
  52. Will Ash ever get a water power-house?
  53. What makes the Pokemon anime so good?
  54. where to watch?
  55. Ash's Dad???
  56. No its a boy...no its a girl Chikorita/Bayleef?
  57. American?
  58. how long
  59. When
  60. Any Plans for Boxsets??
  61. Team Rocket..........still entertaining or annoying?
  62. Pokemon Earth Atlas
  63. **Not Confirmed** B&W Anime Artwork Leaked **Spoilers**
  64. Quickie Question: When Exactly does the Anime Air in Japan
  65. What could have been.....
  66. New Jap Ending: La la la
  67. Where can I watch the New Japanese Episodes?
  68. You know what'd be cool...
  69. Pokmon Season 1 (English)
  70. Order of Pokemon Seasons to Movies
  71. Pokemon Live Musical
  72. Movie 14?
  73. is pokemon,a girl show or not?
  74. Indigo League(Season 1) Orange Islands(Season 2)
  75. Not Gotta Catch 'em All
  76. Old Pika, New Pika
  77. Favourite Pokémovie
  78. Johto Region(Seasons 3,4,and 5)
  79. Is pokemon movie 13 gonna be released in a channel or in a movie theater
  80. Do you think paul will be scrapped after DP?
  81. anyone know places to watch
  82. James' New Voice...
  83. Why are you still into the Anime?
  84. Pokemon Movie 14/BestWishes Teaser Leaked(ish)!!
  85. (?) Ikue Ootani; 8/1965 - 7/2010 (Pikachu's VA)
  86. Death Of Actress Behind Pikachu's Voice Is Rumored to Be Dead
  87. Pokemon show silly questions
  88. Black City and White Forrest in Anime?
  89. Who thinks it would be cool for pikachu to evolve for an episode?
  90. Questions Regarding Ashs Journey into Isshu/Discussion
  91. Around what pokemon episode does Destiny Deoxys take place?
  92. Name of the Score used in Volcanic Panic
  93. Do you think Professor Oak is Ash's father?
  94. List of Pokemon Careers
  95. Mudkip
  96. Pokemon Midis from the Movies
  97. Who else thinks...
  98. How do you think the Pokemon anime will end?
  99. Does anyone find it odd how many nurse joys and officer jennys there are?
  100. From now on Ash and Team Rocket are gonna be the only returning characters eh?
  101. Mystery Dungeon Anime
  102. Max/Conway
  103. Where to download from?
  104. How do Ash and the gang get money for all those supplys?
  105. Pokemon Episodes Season 1 and Movies
  106. New anime BGM CD
  107. Has team rocket ever considered.......
  108. B&W: Pokémon Sunday Preview [Starters revealed]
  109. Have anyone watch every Pokemon Series?
  110. Ash & Misty in love?
  111. Pokémon Music Albums
  112. Failures
  113. Dont hate max!
  114. Episodes where team rocket fights well?
  115. replacing ash and brock?
  116. Favorite of Ash's birds?
  117. Do you like the idea of an almost all new group?
  118. The "What would you like to see in the anime" thread
  119. the pokemon globe- polywrath
  120. Pokémon Best Wishes [Discussion Thread]
  121. Favorite of Ash's "Types" and your "favorite type of his" ever?
  122. ash loses in finals
  123. Could Ritchie make a return to the show?
  124. Pokemon Season 3 DVD box sets may get released?
  125. Where's Ash?
  126. Was Misty ever a good battler in the show?
  127. Dawn's Piplup: Why hasn't it evolved yet?
  128. Favorite Episodes of Pokemon
  129. Why does ash and brock go around with a 10 year old with a really short skirt?
  130. Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!
  131. Is Ash Ketchum cool?
  132. What's your favorite region?
  133. 10 forever? Come on, Ash!
  134. Did you think Dawn and Brock's friendship was forced?
  135. Are there any old characters you want to see make appearances again?
  136. Team Rocket: "To protect the world from devastation"?
  137. Pokémon Anime Forum Guidelines
  138. Pokémon you would like to see more of in the show?
  139. What's the name of the song?
  140. Give team rocket a good buff...
  141. Watching Anime Online
  142. Favorite episode?
  143. Should Ritchie return?
  144. Who is the most feared Pokémon?
  145. For the fans who want the original voice actors
  146. Why are they keeping Team Rocket?
  147. Who is Ash's Dad?
  148. I seen every Pokemon from day one!
  149. Which Season is better.
  150. Ash and cross dressing!
  151. when did it start being anime?
  152. Favorite Pokemon?
  153. Is pokemon still good after Cartoon Network starts to do it?
  154. What level is Ash's Pikachu at?
  155. The new intro music.
  156. SLV - Good so far?
  157. Too dramatic for me O_o
  158. Contests...
  159. Gyms Or Contests!?
  160. What was thismornings episode?
  161. Pokémon [Person] Snap: Anime Version Winners
  162. Battling a cute drama.
  163. Pokemon Movie 3- are they real
  164. Now we know... don't look if you dont wanna be spoiled...
  165. Thingy
  166. Greatest pokemon breeder?
  167. Why did they even introduce Morrison?
  168. Bike + Iris + Pikachu = Hehe You guessed it!
  169. If you could just...
  170. Ash vs paul?
  171. Celebi-voice of the forest question???
  172. Which pokemon you think it's been forgotten from the anime?
  173. team aqua in the first pokemon movie.
  174. Quick Question
  175. Ash's Charizard
  176. If you could see a video game boy in the anime.
  177. Favourite Theme Tune?
  178. Character voices you hate!
  179. Pokémon battles: intense or not?
  180. What Pokemon will the characters from the anime have?
  181. Animation Style Change? *spoilers*
  182. Will other characters get cameo's now?
  183. palkia comes from star wars?
  184. Pokemon 4Ever Prof.Oak
  185. Where can I download/watch Pokemon movies for FREE?
  186. Pokemon Limited Editions
  187. does may have a chelsea haircut
  188. Why are Dawn's Pokémon treated so badly?
  189. OMG, Its evolving!
  190. Team Rockets New Look!~
  191. Did Hunter J's death seem strange to you?
  192. Misty Returns?
  193. What if they made a seperate Anime series for each generation?
  194. Rest of the pokemon
  195. What do you think of Team Rocket's dialogue?
  196. Spencer Hale from "Spell of the Unown"
  197. Do you want Pikachu to evolve?
  198. video game music in situations in pokemon movie
  199. How do you want the new region to end?
  200. (JP) Diamond & Pearl: a retrospect
  201. Pokémon Anime Ideas & Suggestions Thread
  202. The Best Wishes Trio/Heroes Discussion Thread!~
  203. Pokemon moments.. that are actually funny.
  204. Dragon
  205. Fire Gym
  206. The idea of a live action movie?
  207. A little something to think about Ash
  208. Does this mean the end to constest?
  209. UNCONFIRMED Iris's real identiy *possible spoilers*
  210. A Theme Which I cannot find anywhere!
  211. What Pokémon battles do you want to see?
  212. Will Seviper stay through Best Wishes?
  213. Paul vs Shooti
  214. Will Ash always get new traveling companions from now on?
  215. Which REAL life place would you like to see the Anime take place?
  216. Black and White Appearances on Best Wishes (Spoilers)
  217. Best Wishes Opening
  218. Best Wishes Speculation thread {Spoilers}
  219. Blasting Off Again?
  220. [Discussion] Team Ideas!
  221. If Ash would travel all alone...?
  222. Favorite ORIGINAL series movie
  223. Meet the orginial Voice of Ash(Veronica Taylor)and Misty(Rachael Lillis) in New York
  224. Frequently Asked Questions & Simple Help Thread
  225. Favorite Anime Music?
  226. Will Jessie continue entering contests?
  227. Wow I cant belive my eyes!
  228. Whats your favourite Saga?
  229. DP Galactic Battles Australian Cartoon Network
  230. Future English Pokemon Episode Names Speculation
  231. Movie 14 Teaser
  232. Why do the English writers of the Anime use titles based on other titles?
  233. Do you think the Anime needs better humor and dialogue?
  234. To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!! Episode Discussion
  235. Favorite Contests?
  236. Where can I catch-up?
  237. Pokémon to move to 8 AM
  238. Why, exactly, do many people think the anime has gone downhill?
  239. Is Ash's Pidgeot Still Waiting?
  240. Okay, you've gone too far...
  241. Ash's Father
  242. has anyone noticed
  243. I wish Ash would've kept Lapras.
  244. Run Suicune, Run!
  245. Pikachu taking Recoil from Volt Tackle?
  246. Ash's Isshu Pokemon! (Before 1st Gym)
  247. What Gen.5 Pokemon Do You Want to See in the Anime?
  248. Ash's most ignored Pokemon
  249. Team Rocket: A Failed Organisation?
  250. Do you want Ash to be replaced?