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  1. Is it pretty lame that Pikachu lost to Cress and Trip?
  2. Speculation on the future of Ash's Pokemon
  3. Who would you bring back and what would you do with them?
  4. Pokemon Movies to come out?
  5. I don't understand Ash's new Pokemon. Do you?
  6. Anyone find it odd that Giovanni doesn't have Meowth at his side?
  7. If Max returned...
  8. Ash stays in the anime *proof*
  9. Voice Actor Dan Green's wife dies from childbirth
  10. Pokemon the First movie: pikachu's vacation
  11. Gym puzzles
  12. Pokemon Anime News?
  13. No Internet/Facebook?
  14. ★The Pokémon Anime Caption Contest - Christmas Edition
  15. Your favourite Pokémon movie
  16. Plot holes
  17. Did Ash ever found out Sammy became Prof. Oak?
  18. Which generation Pokémon entered in which season?
  19. Pokemon Movie 15! Kyurem VS. the Sacred Swordsmen
  20. [ABP #20] Infernape and Tauros
  21. Pokemon in good quality
  22. Is the series disappointing now?
  23. Who Misses !May!
  24. Team Plasma
  25. best pokemon on ash unova team
  26. Ash top team
  27. Do you want Brock to return ?
  28. Has the formula gotten better since the Original series?
  29. Who miss Dawn anyways ?
  30. [SBP] Santa's Best Pokemon
  31. Pokémon Anime Forum Guidelines
  32. The Best Group of Twerps?
  33. Best Pokemon Theme
  34. How about a new pokemon anime spin-off series targeted at an older audience?
  35. Who Here Hates the Pokemon Anime?
  36. If all of Ash's rivals...?
  37. Air Lance!
  38. Create an Evil Organization
  39. Trainers with Legendaries
  40. is it nice to have Pokemon Real life movie
  41. Paul or Gary?
  42. I prefer the Old Pokemon Anime over the New Anime: Opinion Based
  43. Best of Best Wishes/Black & White 2011
  44. [ABP #21] Corphish and Charizard!
  45. Pokemon Abridged Series. We Need A Misty :3
  46. Worst Overall Anime Series?
  47. Catch pokemon/gym battles,championship eps..
  48. All time favorite English dub intros ever
  49. [Spoilers] New Best Wishes Ending (Including Team Spoilers)
  50. Favorite Character? (Limited options, sorry)
  51. Personal opinions of music interest.
  52. Would you like to see Meowth evolve?
  53. Too little screentime?
  54. Pokémon Anime (Late) Wish List
  55. Champion of Champions
  56. If all the evil organizations come together and battle...
  57. Which episode makes you feel...?
  58. Closure
  59. Pokemon B&W season moving faster than previous seasons?
  60. What battle would you really like to see?
  61. Would you like Ash to capture a Legendary Pokemon and who?
  62. Pokemon Anime Revamp
  63. Did you wish ???
  64. Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies
  65. Wondering
  66. [Spoilers] Predict Best Wishes by the end of 2012.
  67. Pokemon Background Song Indentification
  68. Who would have won the battle between Mew & Mewtwo?
  69. 1-Hour Special
  70. Things the writers have done in the anime which have annoyed you
  71. Poll: Do you want to bring Gary Oak and his cheerleaders going to the Unova Region?
  72. [Spoilers] Pokemon White movie discussion topic
  73. no more pokemon episodes????
  74. Why is Ash ALWAYS weak!?
  75. Do you miss the plot?
  76. Should uber Pokes be banned in Leagues?
  77. Would the Pokemon franchise be as successful if the anime never existed?
  78. Sabrina the psychic gym leader should return !!
  79. Is the Pokemon Anime "Overrated"?
  80. Gender Trainer Bracket
  81. Ash's Best Regional Team - Round Robin Tournament
  82. B2/W2 and the Pokemon Anime
  83. Least seen Pokemon in the anime
  84. How is Ash still 10 years old?
  85. A new teaser, eh?
  86. If the Pokemon Anime took the Power Rangers/Super Sentai route each gen since Day 1?
  87. Looking for SK dub
  88. Rewatching the anime starting with Season 1
  89. Best Pokémon themes
  90. [Spoilers] Irony in the Pokémon Zoroark movie
  91. Does anyone know the name of this instrumental piece in EP028?
  92. Pokemon DVD/BluRay UK
  93. Do you think they'll ever show BW023/BW024?
  94. Does anyone know Where I can Download Pokemon RAW or english softsub?
  95. Shouldn't Ash have GirlFriend by Now?
  96. Why is Dawn reffered to as "DD"?
  97. Anime Based on the Manga
  98. Pokemon Side Series Ideas
  99. [Spoilers] Next Pokemon: Next Capture, Evolution, Release Speculation Station
  100. [Spoilers] Upcoming Battle Predictions Discussion
  101. Ash wet hair
  102. Do you touch Pokemon on the screen?
  103. Shouldn't Ash be kicking ass?
  104. Who wants to see Ash get a girlfriend?
  105. Which voice actors do you like better?
  106. Episode mess-ups?
  107. Who is Ash's Father?
  108. Flannery fan club.
  109. Favorite Pokémon Movie?
  110. [Spoilers] BW 79 Shinji Returns!!!
  111. Returning Characters
  112. Do the writers know that if Ash doesn't win the Unova league they're actually
  113. Subliminal messaging in Pokemon episode
  114. animes online.
  115. no 1 fan of pokemon
  116. [Spoilers] Discuss B2W2's tie-in with the Anime
  117. Weird, funny, and memorable quotes from the anime
  118. Would you care if Ash's Pikachu evolved into Raichu?
  119. Team Plasma n Team Rocket
  120. Still no season 3 or 4 box sets
  121. New Anime?
  122. Has anyone notice that Team Rocket seem way eviler now?
  123. Season 14
  124. Travelling Companions
  125. Legacy of Battle Club & Don Tournaments
  126. Didn't Ash technically have a Lucario?
  127. Why is there a 6 Poke limit in the poke world?
  128. [Spoilers] Best Wishes 2!
  129. Ash even admitting he's older than 10
  130. [Spoilers] New Special/Series? B2/W2??
  131. What the anime should've done...
  132. Really ASH? I need you to act like you have experience!
  133. Shouldn't the Anime show more 'competitive' battling?
  134. Legendaries
  135. Indigo League; Japanese vs. English Dub?
  136. Funniest anime moment?
  137. When will be new generation-6th?
  138. Favourite Pokemon Episode?
  139. Anime getting worse?
  140. Jerk Rivals?
  141. Was the Jewel of Life really responsible for making Michina fertile again?
  142. Is this a coincidence?
  143. About Ash and the Unova region
  144. Charizard oversized compared to hieght description in the games
  145. Some inconsistancy with Mewtwo in Mewtwo Returns.
  146. Would you watch a Pokémon Ranger spin-off anime?
  147. Does anyone else want all banned and unaired episodes edited and released in english?
  148. My personal thoughts: The older the season, the better & it's all going downhill
  149. Why is the series so hard on Ash?
  150. Petition for the awesome Pokémon anime shown in new BW2 promo!
  151. For the Pokemon Music experts
  152. Background Music in Pokemon Season 6 - Advanced? PLEASE HELP
  153. Awesome version of the Pokémon theme song
  154. [Spoilers] Ash Pokemon Returning?
  155. [Spoilers] World Tournament
  156. What kind of pokemon ep would you like to see?
  157. where did team rocket get their pokemon
  158. [Spoilers] New Best Wishes 2 Opening
  159. Ash battling like a noob...
  160. What happened to Contests?
  161. [Spoilers] Iris...
  162. What if Cynthia vs Alder in BW season 2?
  163. What happened to BW Episode 23, 24, and 26?
  164. Favourite Character?
  165. I need to know if www.pokemonepisode.org is down!
  166. [Spoilers] Best Wishes 2 / BW Season 3 premiere in the US?!?
  167. I Want an Anime or Special that references or based on Pokemon Conquest
  168. Ash's Outfits
  169. [Spoilers] Iris,Cilan and Ash to Catch More.
  170. Dubbed opening theme BATTLE ROYALE!
  171. Pokemon Sex?
  172. Ash losing in the two next tournaments - weird?
  173. Weird funny things in Pokémon Anime
  174. Anime Appeal
  175. Do you think they should change Ash's character?
  176. Has Ash really had a powerhouse since Kanto?
  177. [Spoilers] A Fresh Start
  178. Some confusions about the 14th pokémon movie....
  179. I'm concerned...
  180. Dawn in BW anime
  181. Pokémon 3D shorts
  182. Pokemon mature anime petition
  183. Pokemon you think got treated badly by the writers
  184. Sevii Islands filler season
  185. Ash question
  186. Companions NOT "the Player" or Gym Leaders
  187. Why did TPCi keep most of the music in BW and kept some of it in DP?
  188. Max
  189. Pokemon Trailer
  190. Character & Shipping Rules and Regulations
  191. Pokemon Special anime?
  192. Pokemon on United Kingdom tv?
  193. Interactive Pokemon Episodes!?
  194. Full BW2 Anime ... ?
  195. Pokemon jap language w/ eng subs
  196. Brock in team plasma?
  197. Pre-1998 Pokemon Movie
  198. Rewatching the anime?
  199. PearlShipping - Ash x Dawn (Satoshi x Hikari)
  200. The sides in the battle- always on the right side
  201. Did any episodes seem good at the start then end up terrible?
  202. Who do you like more? Cilan or Brock
  203. Team Rocket
  204. pokeshipping ( ashx misty)
  205. Ash's Biggest Mistake
  206. Is Pokemon REALLY Still Popular Among Younger Audiences?
  207. Box sets for seasons 3-14?
  208. Does anyone know how many times a Pokemon has directly disobeyed their owner?
  209. ContestShipping [May x Drew]
  210. How many episodes have you seen and what are your impressions about them?
  211. LagomorphShipping (Buneary x Pikachu)
  212. Surprising Moves
  213. More like the games?
  214. Did Pikachu lose weight during the series?
  215. [Spoilers] Why exactly?
  216. Depressing Lack of Diamond and Pearl
  217. [Spoilers] Unova League Starting Soon?
  218. Pokemon Movies
  219. Will Ash ever catch a legendary pokemon
  220. Does Red exist in the anime?
  221. Cutey Honey reference in Ghost of Maiden's Peak?
  222. Anyone Else Watched Every Episode Ever Made?
  223. Ash & Red
  224. MWhat's that song..?
  225. Characters that would've been good companions with Ash
  226. Advanceshipping: Ash X May
  227. Should I watch it?
  228. Funniest moment you seen in the Pokemon Anime
  229. Favorite Companion of Ash
  230. You've known this character longer than the other
  231. What's up with Iris?
  232. Leadership analysis focusing on Mewtwo from Pokemon The First Movie
  233. Should Ash (along with May and Dawn) have actually learnt about being Trainers?
  234. Why Cilian doesn't like purlion
  235. Misty's Best Swimsuit?
  236. Which of the main girls is the best trainer?
  237. Ash's Pikachu
  238. Where to watch Pokemon anime for free?
  239. Why Ash...Just Why?
  240. Character Teams!
  241. [Spoilers] WisherWisherWish's Review on "Pokémon: Advanced"
  242. Was Team Rocket more bad-a**in kanto or unova or different region ?
  243. Does anyone else find the dialogue to be... bland?
  244. Favorite/Best Rival
  245. Did you ever stop watching the anime?
  246. Anybody else DVRs the Anime
  247. How is it all going to end?
  248. [Spoilers] The Unova Pokemon League Conference is Upon Us! Who Will Emerge Victorious?
  249. pokemon johto!
  250. Favourite Series