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  1. Altering Cave
  2. Need help with Latios/Latias Emerald
  3. Fire red - Obeying Mew without code, Does anyone success?
  4. Idea for a Great Hack
  5. Favourite Gym Leader?
  6. Mach or Acro Bike?
  7. Poll: Which Gen III game is the best?
  8. Which 3 Pokemon appeals to you the most?
  12. Hoenn Champions: Steven or Wallace?
  13. Pokemon FireRed PC Glitch
  14. Contests
  15. *Swampert used Dive*
  16. So my Ruby version's battery just died...
  17. Shiny Charmander :D
  18. Nicknames help?
  19. Should I restart my Emerald?
  20. What would you think be the remakes?
  21. Contest Opponents
  22. What did you think of the Battle Dome in Emerald?
  23. Is my Pokemon Emerald glitched?
  24. The Save File has been Deleted (FROM 3 DIFFERENT GAMES)
  25. yeah!
  26. Best. Pokemon. Games. Ever.
  27. Goal: Breed a shiny Beldum ..
  28. Problem with GBA Trading Sapphire to LG
  29. Pokémon, Hoenn Games
  30. My Emerald may be bootleg
  31. People in need of a FR/LG Walkthrough?
  32. Where can i find this pokemon hack rom game
  33. What's wrong with my Emerald?
  34. Emerald Save Request
  35. "Move Over, I'm a VIP!"
  36. Gen III certainly had some bizzare ways to catch legendaries.
  37. Which one!
  38. Help?
  39. EV Training Questions
  40. When?!
  41. Why doesn't anyone use Butterfree in Leaf Green or Fire Red?
  42. Question about compatibility
  43. Lugia Help!
  44. I am looking for pokemon GBA games
  45. Is this Cartridge genuine?
  46. HM Slave for R/S/E ??
  47. Pokemon Emerald!
  48. ho oh in crystal
  49. Trainer Gold revamp sprite Hoenn overworld
  50. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald WITHOUT time based events - am I missing out?
  51. [LeafGreen] Whats a solid team to beat the elite four/rival the second time?
  52. Has anyone
  53. Latias or Latios?
  54. pokemon never black and white
  55. Specific EV Question
  56. Pokemon Sienna Town Map?
  57. Pokémon Contests!
  58. Surskit in Emerald?
  59. Emerald Battle Frontier
  60. trouble with rods in emerald.
  61. Shiny Encounters Thread! Gen III only
  62. What's Your Elite Four Strategy?
  63. Pokémon Silver GBA Version
  64. I need some help/advice on catching Latias
  65. Trading help , how to do it?
  66. How to make the champions harder.
  67. Need scripting help/advice
  68. Requesting a SAV file :D
  69. All your Secret Base are belong to us.
  70. Pokemon Gym Walkthroughs.
  71. Pokemon Emerald Team
  72. Favorite Frontier Brain
  73. Why are my twitter followers are not showing up in my count and where to get more
  74. not sure if this is right spot sorry if not...
  75. HSOWA: Accidentally proven
  76. Official Game Store Selling Counterfeit Fire Red!?
  77. Anybody enjoy the GBA generation to the DS generation?
  78. Hoenn Safari Zone in FR/LG?
  79. I love using rental Pokemon!
  80. This is so cool!
  82. Pokemon FireRed hacking, Tyranitar.
  83. Is my Pokemon Ruby fake?
  84. Post all the GBA hacks
  85. VBA Help
  86. Noob question about vitamins
  87. Interviews?
  88. Hack Team Recruiting Here
  89. Why is this gen so underrated?
  90. Emerald scripting help
  91. Feebas
  92. A question about the map.
  93. GBA Game on DSI XL
  94. Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby Splitscreen
  95. eShop release?
  96. PokeBlocks!
  97. ~*!C O N T E S T S!*~
  98. Is this Buy SAFE?
  99. Breeding problem (FR/LG)
  100. Eevee Evolution Question
  101. Weird things
  102. Battle backgrounds?
  103. Pokemon emerald.sav
  104. Choose my team?
  105. Most annoying Gym Leader in FR/LG
  106. Gen lll Remake?
  107. Pokemon Emerald Speed Playthrough w/ Sethiey, YNS, and Kittayhawk
  109. FR question about shiny starters
  110. Pokemon Physic : LG Hack
  111. Starting at the beginning again!
  112. Battle Tents!
  113. When there's nothing else to do...what do you do?
  114. Pick up Voltorb, or stick with Pikachu?
  115. Chansey Cheat Code?
  116. Pokemon Ninja Team?
  117. Time Removal
  118. I'll buy someone's GameBoy Advance Sp/Pokemon Emerald (ebay)
  119. Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald?
  120. Give me a challenge
  121. Hoenn's timeline
  122. A survey of 3rd Gen Pokemon games, and Pokemon LG/FR in particular.
  123. Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back
  124. (LG)What Is The Best Way To Train My Team?
  125. Question Beating Lance
  126. Favorite legendary in RSE?
  127. Does ANYBODY still play their GBA games more than the newer games (NDS)?
  129. SRing for a Shiny Kyogre.
  130. What Shiny/Shiny's do YOU have?
  131. Sootopolis City
  132. Light Ball Chances
  133. Looking for someone (or a couple people) to play with
  134. What is the best game?
  135. Has this ever happened to you?
  136. Secret Bases
  137. A Link to the Past!
  138. Braille
  139. VIDEO: Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Challange (Randomizer)
  140. About the compatibility of GBA games with Gamecube games using Wii and NDS
  141. (EMERALD)need suggestions for my main party
  143. Winstrate Family
  144. Gen 3 Trading Question
  145. Should they make a remake for R/S/E?
  146. A question about Pokemon GameCube Games and GBA
  147. Which is your favorite?
  148. Favourite Emerald Location
  149. Help - Cant finish the game!
  150. Pokemon Hacking Inc.
  151. RSE: Hardest Hoenn Gym Leader?
  152. Team Suggestions
  153. pokemon emerald code
  154. Advance Map pokemon Fire Red Item help?
  155. Virtualboy battling!
  156. Help!
  157. Gabby and Ty
  158. [Question]Pokemon Emerald
  159. Hoenn's Older Pokémon
  160. Pokemon: Emerald Finding Raquaza
  161. Good place to grind in Hoenn?
  162. Can't Stop Loving You
  163. The Master Troll Pokemon of Generation 3
  164. Hoenn Elite Four Rematch
  165. Locked rooms in sootopolis,mosdeep and sevi islands
  166. Favorite Battle Frontier Facility
  167. Which baton passer should I use? [FIRE RED]
  168. Why were Jhoto pokemon never a big part of the story?
  169. The "Ash Catchum Challenge"
  170. Move Tutor Bugz/Glitches/eXploits
  171. need Tips on EV training in Gen III ?
  172. did gen 3 have auto leveling?
  173. Review my LeafGreen team and give me some advice.
  174. which should i get: Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald
  175. R/S/E has cool gym leaders? which one are you?
  176. Removal of Day-Night System
  177. What should my last Pokemon be?
  178. Poll: The best Pokemon?
  179. Mirage Island
  180. Which Pokemon should be the sixth member of my FireRed team?
  181. Search pokemon gba hacks
  182. Pokemon Fire Red Remake
  183. Ruby/Sapphire Berry Glitch 'Redux'
  184. pokemons worth catching in leaf green?
  185. RSE: Magma or Aqua/Kyogre or Groudon?
  186. Did You 'Give Up' on Your Starter?
  187. RSE: How long did it take you to notice?
  188. FRLG: Hardest Kanto Gym Leader ?
  189. Pokemon Sapphire team help
  190. RSE: Latias or Latios?
  191. RSE: Registeel. Regirock, or Regice?
  192. FRLG: Have You Caught A Legendary Hound? (Entei, Suicune, Raikou)
  193. Favorite and Least favorite Pokèmon in 3rd gen
  194. Is it just Me??
  195. Favorite Kanto FR/LG Legendary
  196. Tips and Tricks in FR/LG?
  197. FRLG: Least Favorite (or absolute favorite) Part of Fire Red/Leaf Green?
  198. Help with hacking.
  199. FRLG: Fire Red or Leaf Green?
  200. pokemon black and white gba :)
  201. FRLG: Hardest Pokemon for you to catch in FRLG?
  202. Pokemon Shiny Gold Questions ?????
  203. RSE: Shinies in R/S/E
  204. Any AU/NZ Players still playing these games?
  205. I need help guys...
  206. RSE: What Pokemon did you use the Master Ball on?
  207. Pokemon Speedrun: Please throw in your suggestions!
  208. RSE: A top 5 for best pokemon in Ruby version?
  209. Need some help here
  210. Rate My Team!
  211. Is my Pokémon Sapphire cartridge...hacked?
  213. How to?
  214. [Emerald] Frontier team need help
  215. Ruby
  216. Need help with Advanced Map , Claimed Items will stay
  217. RSE: What Pokemon do you like the most?
  218. RSE: Latias or Latios?
  219. FRLG: Remake it Later...
  220. RSE: Favourite Battle Frontier Facility?
  221. RSE: Sixth Addition to my Team?
  222. RSE: Hilarious True Story
  223. RSE: Who became your most reliable HM slave?! (Besides Mew and other legendaries)
  224. help about pokemon ash's quest
  225. RSE: Hearing random Pokemon sounds in the wild
  226. RSE: Have you ever defeated a frontier brain?
  227. Fastest completion time?
  228. Pokemon XD Mew Tutor Help Needed
  230. Your IDEAL starter in FR/LG/R/S/E
  231. RSE: New here, question regarding RSE and save files
  232. RSE: Wallace, Gym Leader or Champion?
  233. RSE: Pacifidlog Town
  234. RSE: Soot Sack
  235. RSE: Maxie/Archie's Past
  236. Favourite Place to Train?
  237. FRLG: specis codes that actually work with a real GBA?
  238. Rumor has it.
  239. Strategy for R/B/Y?
  240. RSE: Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald?
  241. RSE: Team Rocket
  242. RSE: Art is an Explosion!
  243. FRLG: Fame Checker
  244. RSE: trainer hill torture XD
  245. My way of beating Watson!
  246. Favourite Gift Pokémon
  247. FRLG: What was (or is) your favorite pokemon to train in FRLG
  248. RSE: most underrated 3rd gen pokes
  249. Leaf Green Discussion
  250. RSE: The Capital of Hoenn