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  1. FRLG: What have you named your Rival?
  2. Move Culling
  3. The clash of the best Hoenn Water-types! Ludicolo vs Crawdaunt!!
  4. Flygon thread
  5. FRLG: Moveset for Butterfree and Muk
  6. 3rd Gen Hamachi Server
  7. FRLG: You can call me Lance the dragon trainer
  8. Hello!
  9. A server or a general group for 3rd gen legit gaming?
  10. Mt Battle (Colosseum)
  11. Emerald Help!
  12. 3rd Generation shiny hunting!
  13. FRLG: Lucky Eggs
  14. RSE: Mudkip only run - Emerald
  15. FRLG: Mewtwo's coming, everyone evacuate!
  16. RSE: Two Trainer Stars Obtained! Going for Gold!
  17. Capturing all the legendaries! + Guide
  18. RSE: Where did you put your secret base?
  19. Eon Duo?
  20. FRLG: Mewtwo or Mew?
  21. FRLG: Cleanse Tag won't repel wild pokemon
  22. FRLG: Firered Cheats troubles
  23. FRLG: Obtain Aurora Ticket on My Boy emulator on Firered
  24. RSE: The Regis?
  25. FRLG: FireRed or LeafGreen?
  26. Does playing with randomizer increase the chance of catching a shiny pokemon?
  27. RSE: Trick House
  28. RSE: Feebas
  29. Which Pokémon is better?
  30. GBA Rom Save to Cart
  31. RSE: Ruby Sapphire or Emerald
  32. Male Illumise
  33. FRLG: The mysterious mushrooms of Mt. Moon!
  34. FRLG: What is your favorite hatching route?
  35. Do you have Shiny OCD?
  36. Catch them all, help?
  37. New Features
  38. Forum Event: Champion Vote-Off! [Steven VS Wallace]
  39. My Ouya's flash drive died with my Pokemon game saves on it, luckily I had them backed up earlier but...
  40. What Game Should I Get?
  41. Pokemon sage playthrough
  42. what's your favorite daycare Location?
  43. Heracross moveset?
  44. RSE: Ralts for Seedot?
  45. Forum Event: Pelipper's Letters
  46. RSE: Hardest/Easier Gym Leader?
  47. RSE: Frontier Facilities
  48. FRLG: Pokemon's move inheritance limitations?
  49. I need help pls! :-S (LeafGreen)
  50. What causes fire spin to end?
  51. RSE: New internal battery is running dry too fast
  52. RSE: What parts of R/S/E did you enjoy the most
  53. requesting save file from this thread
  54. FRLG: Can pokemon inherit moves from move tutors?
  55. Mewtwo Secret Location Route 111
  56. RSE: Rivals
  57. FRLG: Smell ya later!
  58. RSE: Favorite Gen III introduced Pokemon
  59. RSE: Can you get tm27 return more than once?
  60. FRLG: Team Rocket
  61. A simple team randomizer for Challenges
  62. RSE: VBA-compatible codes needed for Emerald
  63. Poll of the Month: For Starters... [December 2015]
  64. RSE: GBA-SGM Help
  65. FRLG: Help with trading
  66. Your all time GEN 3 Team?(NO LEGENDARIES PLEASE)
  67. RSE: Wallace or Steven?
  68. FRLG: Mystery Mew 2006 Event for leaf green fire red
  69. RSE: Getting through Sky Pillar
  70. Is it wierd that I've never played RSE, but they are my favorite games to date?
  71. RSE: Pokemon Obedience
  72. RSE: Your favorite Trainer battle in the game?
  73. RSE: Battery not working after major repairs to broken games?
  75. FRLG: Deoxys on LeafGreen?
  76. Pokemon gen 3 tournaments
  77. Poll of the Month: Reviving the Dead [January 2016]
  78. FRLG: Did you trade with any of the NPCs?
  79. Trade between regions without the need for dex?
  80. RSE: Have you conquered the Battle Frontier?
  81. Gameshark/action replay general
  82. Starting FR today
  83. RSE: The Unused Themes
  84. FRLG: Pokemon Fire Red Egglocke help
  85. Poll of the Month: Say Hello to the Bad Guys [February 2016]
  86. RSE: Pokemon Sapphire game pak bug
  87. #Pokémon20 on Daily Experiences Recount
  88. Ruby Speedrun no Mudkip
  89. Club: Third Generation Is The Best
  90. Pokemon ruby Secret Power dude gone
  91. RSE: Help Pls.
  92. FRLG: Make existing pokemon shiny?
  93. FRLG: Shiny Pokemon
  94. [Article] 20 Memories of #Pokemon20 - Day 6: Hoenn on the GBA!
  95. FRLG: Will Gamesharking the National Dex cause problems?
  96. Trading via emulator?
  97. More Than Just A Game?
  98. What is the point of using Charge?
  99. FRLG: Is there any reason to play FRLG anymore?
  100. Pokemon sapphire bug or issue
  101. Poll of the Month: The Unlikely Heroes [March 2016]
  102. Gonna do a new randomized playthrough of Sapphire!
  103. FRLG: got stuck!!! in cave.
  104. Need Advice for a 6th Pokemon in My Party
  105. RSE: Dragon Pokemon Help
  106. FRLG: Rematch Gym Leaders
  107. FRLG: Fire Red and Leaf green battery
  108. Got stuck EXP Share
  109. RSE: Looking to trade: Sapphire/Emerald.
  110. How many pokemon in early game
  111. Improved Soundtrack
  112. RSE: What do you think of the Hoenn Starters?
  113. Any good pokemon to catch in the beginning of pokemon emerald?
  114. Poll of the Month: The Elite of the Elite [April 2016]
  115. Getting legit 3rd gen games?
  116. RSE: SRing Shiny Starters
  117. Wi Fi Battle
  118. RSE: [IMPORTANT:Pokemon Ruby] Gardevoir/Kadabra - Need professional help.
  119. Game Profile
  120. RSE: Pokemon Emerald Bug? (Emulator)
  121. RSE: Emerald's animated sprites
  122. RSE: Soft Resetting for a Shiny Starter
  123. FRLG: Quickest playthru
  124. Worst game graphics award!
  125. Poll of the Month: Legend- wait for it... [May 2016]
  126. FRLG: Training any Pokemon to level 100?
  127. RSE: Jirachi: WISHMKR and CHANNEL to the same save?
  128. Am I the only one sad there's no bonsly?
  129. Breeding problems
  130. RSE: Sky Pillar
  131. Breeding strategies
  132. What's the appropriate reaction for a first shiny?
  133. Pokemon Emerald
  134. Must Have It...
  135. Pokemon Emerald Competition
  136. RSE: Choose the best starter
  137. RSE: How many pokémons have you caught in Pokémon R/S/E ?
  138. RSE: Groudon/ Kyogre/ Rayquaza Which is better ???
  139. Counter to counter and mirror coat
  140. Which of these movesets should I use for scizor?
  141. Poll of the Month: Shocking, Isn't It? [June 2016]
  142. Need Sav2xps
  143. Give me your most annoying moveset [Gen3]
  144. FRLG: Raging against the Machine: Gym orders
  145. Fire Red / Leaf Green Differences
  146. Quick Question: Is it possible to find a vulpix with the ability drought?
  147. RSE: Hamachi Network?
  148. Ideal situations for taunt?
  149. Is this a real Firered cartridge?
  150. RSE: Shiny Pokemon evolution
  151. Was Gen 1 remade too early?
  152. FRLG: Would you like a FRLG Remake?
  153. EJKNFJKNFJK I got my first shiny!
  154. Gameshark codes request
  155. Real or fake please help
  156. Poll of the Month: Fire Away! [July 2016]
  157. Emerald save game
  158. Torkoal - Protect vs. Amnesia?
  159. RSE: Jirachi
  160. RSE: Deoxys and its Formes
  161. RSE: Admission to Emerald Nuzlocke
  162. RSE: The Eon Duo
  163. Would this community like a better way to interact with eachother?
  164. RSE: What shinies have you caught?
  165. Marill is Haunting Me
  166. How to get zangoose?
  167. FireRed Team + Abilities: Advice wanted
  168. A quick question about Ageto Celebi....
  169. I think I just wasted $4,000,000 (and many hours)
  170. FRLG: Need a Team for Scramble Challenge on Leafgreen
  171. Do you like Pokemon Contests?
  172. Eevee won't evolve?
  173. Pokémon FireRed (Solo-Play) Completionist List
  174. Victory! Grass monotype challenge. Emerald.
  175. Emerald question. ?
  176. Emulator trading
  177. Poll of the Month: We Are The Champions [August 2016]
  178. Should i play emerald during my off time while creating an oras rom hack?
  179. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
  180. FRLG: New to Gen III
  181. Kanto Water Pokemon Distribution
  182. FRLG: Filling out my team
  183. Emerald Glitch
  184. Help with editing sprites
  185. Original Teams
  186. RSE: Item count in Emerald x?3
  187. FRLG: Any way to get 4th Star / Gold Trainer Card ?
  188. My First Pokemon Nuzlocke!
  189. FRLG: Repel and Cleanse Tag not working?
  190. RSE: (Ruby/Sapphire) Dry Battery exploits
  191. RSE: Replace the Game Save Battery or Replace the Game Cartridge?
  192. FRLG: Question about breeding
  193. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Randomizer TEASER!
  194. Poll of the Month: We Will Rock You [September 2016]
  196. Game Help: Can't Connect to E-Reader
  197. Game Help: New to pokemon got a gba
  198. RSE: Diving
  199. FRLG: Save Editor?
  200. Game Help: Need help breeding/farming Shiny Charmander!
  201. FRLG: What should my 6th Pokémon be? [Nuzlocke]
  202. FRLG: Share your story: when facing the elite four
  203. FRLG: Link Battles 2p-4p via VBAlink
  204. Game Help: Bellossom Trading Crash - Anyone else had this problem?
  205. FRLG: I cannot pick up the hidden item (mushrooms) in Mt.Moon, why?
  206. Dose any one know how to catch Latias?
  207. RSE: completely randomized
  208. Game Help: where to get?
  209. Poll of the Month: Enter The Dragons [October 2016]
  210. [Updated] Starting Leaf Green
  211. Good nature for unevolved Bulbasaur and Groyvle?
  212. Game Help: Is there a specific formula to breed 6IV perfect nature mon?
  213. RSE: Shiny Ralts
  214. 3rd gen move transfers?
  215. Need pokemon Arcoiris english version
  216. should i?
  217. (Ep.1)Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Randomizer
  218. RSE: Strange game deletion
  219. Poll of the Month: RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL RYDEL... [November 2016]
  220. My leaf green walk through
  221. RSE: Randomized Nuzlocke for Ruby
  222. Game Help: What is the best way to level up?
  223. Game Help: EV Training
  224. Which starters were better and why?
  225. RSE: VBa Link Hamachi Help
  226. Game Help: Move tutors and specific pokes?
  227. Help! I cant fish!
  228. Game Help: Tate and Liza?
  229. Game Help: Need help lvling up pokemon
  230. where do I post a masochistic run of pokemon emrald
  231. Game Help: Kadabra is glitching
  232. RSE: Pokemon Sapphire
  233. Game Help: Question about event items.
  234. difference between Plusle and Minun stat-wise in a Pokemon emerald?
  235. Game Help: Will leafgreen stop working?
  236. Shiny help in emerald
  238. RSE: Weird occurrence in emerald?
  239. My Resurreted Sapphire Game
  240. Game Help: I need help with shiny hunting in Sapphire as I haven't found anything reliable to help increase my chances.
  241. MyBoy Android Link Community
  242. Your Favourite Frontier Brain!
  243. The Cycling Road Challenge!
  244. Favourite Hoenn Gym Leader!
  245. GBA Event Distribution Cartridges Dumped
  246. leaf green pokemon team
  247. FRLG: The Sevii Islands!
  248. Stumped on what to do next in Pokemon Sapphire (GBA)
  249. Your Favorite Gen III Pokémon?
  250. RSE: Regi Warriors