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  1. RSE: Weather Warriors
  2. Favourite HM slaves?
  3. RSE: Let's Fish for Feebas!
  4. FRLG: What would you change/add for FR/LG?
  5. FRLG: Obligatory Pokemon capturing
  6. RSE: Soooo much waterrrrr
  7. RSE: Mossdeep Space Center rumour
  8. FRLG: The Legendary Birds
  9. FRLG: Blue/Green
  10. Do you still have your copy of any of the third gen games?
  11. RSE: How easy/difficult was the Elite Four for you?
  12. What were your most fond memories of the third gen games?
  13. FRLG: Would you join Team Rocket?
  14. RSE: Your thoughts on the starters?
  15. RSE: Silver and Gold Shield
  16. RSE: Finally Finished The Battle Frontier
  17. RSE: Least favourite features?
  18. Defeating LeafGreen Champion with Charizard Only
  19. RSE: Wynaut? (Many reasons, actually)
  20. Game Help: Looking for the best him slaves in both fire red and emerald ?
  21. Game Help: Can someone help me?
  22. RSE: emerald pokedex expansion: what could have been
  23. RSE: Latios/Latias!
  24. FRLG: Joyful Game Corner
  25. gen 3 music!
  26. RSE: nicest place to live in hoenn?
  27. RSE: areas that you never really went in
  28. FRLG: a... re-remake?
  29. FRLG: do not take our emblem as your trophy!
  30. RSE: secret bases!
  31. RSE: Castform!
  32. What would Hoenn be like if Team Magma and/or Team Aqua really acheived their plans?
  33. FRLG: Current Nuzlocke Challenge
  34. RSE: Best Team for Emerald
  35. Game Help: RNG Abuse Method 1 tanking, here!
  36. Game Help: what was the purpose of DIS AGB-BPEE-USA(not for resale pokemon emerald)
  37. Game Help: HEEELP!
  38. Shedinja questions
  39. RSE: Root or Claw Fossil?
  40. RSE: Help With Beating Norman!
  41. Game Help: HackRom Help
  42. RSE: am I the only one that likes RSE's graphics?
  43. RSE: Latios or Latias?
  44. Pysduck or starmie
  45. 3rd gen battle server
  46. Journal: Sapphire Random Nuzlock
  47. what is the diffrence between fire red independent and fire red squirrels?
  48. Problem with Pokemon Fire Red
  49. Game Help: Onix?
  50. RSE: Playing Sapphire
  51. RSE: The Journey Begins
  52. RSE: Our First Pokemon!
  53. FRLG: Do you think FRLG were more fun than the originals?
  54. RSE: Favourite Battle Frontier facility
  55. RSE: What are your thoughts on Team Magma and Aqua?
  56. Game Help: Battle tower, perfect team
  57. Game Help: Trade: Seedot
  58. RSE: Looking for Pokerus
  59. FRLG: I want to buy these games but....
  60. Berry Crush
  61. RSE: Battle Palace Help+Discussion Thread!
  62. FRLG: Question about Marowak (ghost)
  63. [M18+]Pokemon Psychic Adventures
  64. FRLG: What changes would you make?
  65. Your favorite Generation 3 Pokémon?
  66. RSE: The Regis!
  67. Absol Or Dusclops?
  68. nicknames for female growlithe
  69. RSE: Why don't people really like Swellow.
  70. RSE: Which city or town would you live in?
  71. Team Advice
  72. RSE: Rate My Team
  73. Favorite Generation 3 Memory?
  74. Pokemon EON Ticket ECard Help!
  75. RSE: What's your favorite 3rd generation Pokémon and why?
  76. What Event / Special Pokemon are available still? Jirachi / Eon Ticket, etc.
  77. RSE: What if the Battle Frontier was made in a later Gen instead?
  78. RSE: Don't cry for me Zigzagoon
  79. RSE: Something that bugs me in Emerald (spoilers)
  80. What do the GBA Distribution Carts look like?
  81. Most overrated Hoenn Pokemons
  82. RSE: Picked up Emerald in GameStop earlier.
  83. Game Help: Help with Gary's Mod ROM
  84. please make virtual versions of these!!!
  85. What else could Emerald have improved?
  86. Would you play virtual console Gen 3 games?
  87. Ideal starter Team