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  1. Who is the Favorite and the best Protagonist?
  2. My own Fakedex (no sprites/art)
  3. Finally... Graphics like DQ9
  4. What would you change about certain Pokemon?
  5. 'God' Pokemom
  6. Pokedroid 2.0
  7. Over and Underrated Pokemon
  8. Artificial and Mechanical?
  9. What Do You Think About Pokemon Species Namings?
  10. Yamask
  11. Pokemon related smartphone?
  12. Pokemon Collecting Community
  13. The Incredibly Colossal, Fat, and Muscular Bodied Pokémon Question
  14. Pokemon learning moves they're weak against it
  15. Screensharing Pokemon
  16. Emotionally Charged
  17. No tigers as pokemon?
  18. What pokemon(s) do you pretend it doesn't exist?
  19. Best Type?
  20. Pokemon Ideas!
  21. Legendary Pokémon ~ Fact or Fiction?
  22. Mewtwo ~ Mutant or Clone?
  23. How does Butterfree weugh 70 lbs?
  24. Help!
  25. Which six will you use ?
  26. Cheap place to buy listed Pokemon Games.
  27. Pokemon Wi-Fi Challenge
  28. Why There Will Never Be A 'Light Type'
  29. What would PokéCenters be like IRL
  30. Endangered Species Pokémon
  31. PokeDex Chain
  32. Pokemin Heart Gold Nuzlocke
  33. Garchomp CANNOT FLY
  34. Reasons why certain Pokemon do not evolve?
  35. How much is Pokemon BLUE worth?
  36. Favorite pokemon of eacjh type?
  37. Pokemon Battle Victory Payment from Criminals...WEIRD? O.o
  38. Standing up for Pokemon's rights??
  39. Pokemon HG Team Ideas
  41. Pokemon Spiritual Version Idea
  42. Pokemon Myths & Mysteries
  43. What are the best Pokemon theories you know?
  44. The Best/Worst Pokemon Nicknames
  45. Curious what these could be worth
  46. Pokémon Theme Guitar Cover!
  47. Battle Tower (Crystal version)
  48. pokemon pt strategies
  49. Have you ever quit Pokemon?
  50. Pokemon Roleplay: The Fernski region
  51. Make Your Own Custom Pokemon Moves
  52. Pokemon 3D
  53. Awesome
  54. Sukoshi Con Presents Pokecon 2013 July 19-21 Louisville, KY
  55. Whats the point of Splash?
  56. Doing the Nuzlocke Challenge!
  57. 20th Anniversary of Pokemon
  58. Pokemon Japanese Paper Toys
  59. What are the Water Starters based on?
  60. PokeBuilder
  61. HELP!! Legendary Abra/Kadabra bug?? (Pokemon Black Version)
  62. mr. mime should be male only
  63. The Secret Behind the Pokemon that was never picked
  64. new ways to evolve your pokemon
  65. Thematic Motifs
  66. Have you participated in sanctioned events?
  67. New Eevee Evolution Revealed
  68. Raising Electivire ~
  69. Moves Pokémon can learn, but shouldn't.
  70. What Would Attract actually feel like?
  71. If you could create a type, what would it be?
  72. What if Pokemon was primarily a console series?
  73. My Pokemon RPG
  74. Pokemon Variations among Generations
  75. sorry if this is the wrong place to post this
  76. Pokemon X and Y gyms (Sry if this is on the wrong forum)
  77. Winter Friendly Event
  78. What Characters out of Pokemon World would you like in a Pokemon Game or Anime?
  79. Why does Nintendo HATE it when othes use their word "Pokémon"?
  80. My Custom LEGO Venusaur Model
  81. How are people getting Pokemon from past generations onto new generations?
  82. Pokemon Challenges?
  83. how is a Pokémon's height measured?
  84. Your Precious Pokemon Moments
  85. A quick Shiny question
  86. shiny Drowzee?
  87. Typings
  88. I need help with clans
  89. Nightmare fuel?
  90. [INFO] Official Pokémon Magazine Releasing in UK
  91. what would 'Attract' be like to humans
  92. Good last pokemon! ( Light Platinum )
  93. How Hot Would The Pokémon Move "Heat Wave" Make Your Room
  94. What is most "prestigeous"
  95. Why Are Pokémon a lot stronger than humans?
  96. If pokemon were real?
  97. leafgreen and emerald team suggestions
  98. My landlord is kicking me out of my apartment because I'm "too addicted to Pokémon"
  99. Would the Pokémon food you feed your Pokémon affect their stats irl?
  100. LEGO Pokemon! Professor Oak's Lab
  101. Ash Gray Help!
  102. "...What is this place?"
  103. Pokemon TCG Badges??
  104. What is your favorite pokemon?
  105. The Amazing EMS Shinydex World Tour Project
  106. A lot of catching up to do...
  107. Most forgettable Pokemon
  108. Is gen 6 the end
  109. If Pikachu didn't exist who would be the main Pokémon?
  110. Pokemon Do Exist (In a Parallel Universe)
  111. Things in Pokémon that make you go "What the hell?"
  112. What season do these guys appear?
  113. Did you know about Purugly?
  114. Do people still play?
  115. If you could have any Pokemon who would you chose?
  116. How to play Pokemon Type Wild?
  117. Hello friends. Would anyone be able to answer a question?
  118. Real animals that look like Pokémon but aren't?
  119. Does it ever go too far?
  120. Can Gyarados fly?
  121. "Legendary Pokemon" vs "Legendaries"
  122. If you could have any Pokemon Ability...?
  123. Put Pokemon Red|Blue|Yellow on DSi/3DS eShop?
  124. pokemon online?
  125. Pikachu Gloves!
  126. Pokemon Ruby&Sapphire 10th anniversary of North American release!
  127. Shouldn't HP be closely related to defenses?
  128. Why do Steel and Ghost type Pokemon have low HP?
  129. 32" Jumbo Sleeping Pikachu Plush!
  130. so many beldum
  131. PokeCon 2013
  132. When Pokemon 'faint' is it about losing the will to keep fighting or getting KO'ed?
  133. What pokemon would you be if you turned into one?
  134. IRL Trainer | Personality
  135. Uncut Pokemon Cards
  136. Best and Worst Pokémon Ever Designed and Used in Battles?
  137. Question
  138. Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness! (A youtube series)
  139. Poke'mon Conventions ? ? ?
  140. Lame April Fools Joke
  141. Aggron pettition
  142. Signature Pokemon
  143. Average age?
  144. Which generation was your first?
  145. PokeCommunity - The Next TPC-GF?
  146. Legendary pokemon
  147. classy Pokémon
  148. loyal companions
  149. Is this a real Pokemon GameBoy Colour console?
  150. Is Black 2/White 2 worth the money?
  151. Pokemon Speed Draw: May (Sapphire)
  152. Cutest Pokemon
  153. Formes differences: Good or Bad?
  154. Obscure References in Pokemon
  155. If you could be a Gym Leader
  156. Nostalgia or Newer Stuff?
  157. Unpopular opinions about Pokemon?
  158. Ash is Such A Noob
  159. Club: Cute Pokemon Club ♬
  160. Returning to Pokemon games could you help fill in the blanks. Please.
  161. How do you enjoy Pokemon in 2013?
  162. Recommend Pokemon based youtube channels?
  163. What is your least favorite type of pokemon?
  164. What pokemon is the hardest to catch?
  165. Legendary Pokemon questions.
  166. VCG Regional Experience
  167. Any new pokemon hacks??
  168. [BETA] Real-Life Pokedex!
  169. LGBT in Pokemon?
  170. Your favorite pokemon battle theme
  171. Why does everybody hate Buizel?
  172. Raikou, Entei, Suicune: Origins Theory
  173. Why has Pokémon been successful for SO long?
  174. Banned Pokemon Episodes
  175. Some ideas..
  176. Hardest gym leader?
  177. what is this worth??
  178. What is your favorite non-legendary dragon type pokemon?
  179. If you can create your own villain team or group...
  180. Pokémon Names in other Languages
  181. Suicide Moves?
  182. whats the limit for pokemon stats
  183. What's your training strategy?
  184. Fossil Pokemon Discussion
  185. The Three Hitmons
  186. Ask Pokémon Questions Here (Pokémon we can't find, Events coming out, which game ect)
  187. Which is your favorite pokemon cry.
  188. Pokémon names
  189. Pokemon Ballet
  190. Pokémon Doodles?
  191. Does anyone REALLY like certain pokemon? Or just use them because strong? -_-
  192. Is Electivire a monkey?
  193. Favourite Japanese Pokemon Names?
  194. how would a trainer's Pokémon feel if the trainer was hurt badly
  195. Is Pokemon our generations Star Wars
  196. What happened to Red ?
  197. If Pokemon had already existed....
  198. Underrated
  199. In general, are Pokemon that don't evolve stronger than evolutionary Pokemon?
  200. Pokemon the official magazine!
  201. First gen bird plush
  202. Nuzlocke Challenge?
  203. favorite starter and wild/legendary in every region
  204. Generation 6 last generation of Pokemon?
  205. What Pokémon Moves would actually feel good to a human?
  206. How Do Genderless Legendary Pokémon Reproduce?
  207. The Dream Team Party
  208. Giving Pokemon to your children
  209. Create your >>OWN<< pokemon (Legendaries etc.)
  210. Pokemon Hacks
  211. Who else but me HATES attract/fake out/ etc...
  212. Random Encounters with other Trainers?
  213. Pokemon Prospects
  214. Would you join team rocket?
  215. New Youtube Series: Pokemon Light Platinum
  216. Pokemon is a kid's game!
  217. Pokémon fantasies, Have you ever had them or still do?
  218. The Strongest Legendary
  219. New to Pokemon. Please help me make sense of it all.
  220. 'Member THESE!?
  221. Becoming a gym leader. (Theory discussion)
  222. Pokémon language. (Theory discussion)
  223. Pokémon evolution. (Theory discussion)
  224. What came first, the Arceus or the Mew? (Theory discussion)
  225. How does a Poké Ball work? (Theory discussion)
  226. If you could Re-Type any Pokemon
  227. The creation of the PokéDex. (Theory discussion)
  228. New trainers. (Theory discussion)
  229. Pokémon fossilization. (Theory discussion)
  230. Pokémon eggs. (Theory discussion)
  231. Trainer classes
  232. Things you never noticed?
  233. Digimon did not copy Pokemon
  234. Pokemon Type Combos/Designs You've Always Wanted?
  235. Genders that are weird to you
  236. Being in the Games
  237. Hold items?
  238. The Kanto War Theory
  239. Pokemon Leveling Bot 2013
  240. Pokémon Live Action movie!
  241. Real-life Pokemon?
  242. Review of pokemon snakewood
  243. [Question]Pokemon Dark Phantom
  244. Same amount of strengths and weaknesses for each type
  245. I honestly believe Volcarona is a legendary Pokemon (Read the post before responding)
  246. How do TMs and HMs really work?
  247. Nostalgia Overload! Streaming Pokémon Gold at 05:15am
  248. Why Do People Hate Grass types?
  249. Fanmade pokémon / Fakemon
  250. If pokémon were handed out in OUR world