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  1. Check to see if your roleplay has been accepted! v.2
  2. Roleplay RULES - (archived)
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  4. Help Thread: Plot, Planning & Review Thread
  5. We'll Interview Your Character!
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  9. Sweet Nostalgia
  10. Who is your favorite character?
  11. Character Archetypes
  12. Making a Sign-Up
  13. What has your favourite RP event been?
  15. Roleplayers wanted!
  16. We're two years in, just hit chapter 3!
  17. How often do you post?
  18. Roleplaying Faux Pas
  19. Villains
  20. The 100 word rule
  21. the IDEA DUMP thread
  22. Your Roleplaying gripes
  24. Do you care about the writing?
  25. Favorite RP moments
  26. NPCs
  27. Pokemon VS Humans
  28. RPT Character voices
  29. What do I do now?
  30. Male or Female Characters?
  31. My brain won't work
  32. What is your silliest character idea?
  33. I'd like to reserve please
  34. Established universes, and changing them
  35. Such RP. Much Fun.
  36. Death
  37. RPTournament! May 2015: CREATE A SUPERVILLAIN! [Entry phase]
  38. "Squirtle, use thunder!
  39. Find a Casual RP Buddy!
  40. Gimmepie's SU Guide
  41. The Purpose of RP
  42. IT'S OVER 9000!
  43. Me vs The World
  44. Character Nationality
  45. RPTournament! May 2015: CREATE A SUPERVILLAIN! [Voting phase]
  46. Your characters personality
  47. Roleplay Olympics Suggestion Box
  48. On Writing Style
  49. Hey! Anyone mind helping me out with RPs over here?
  50. Your first RP
  51. The Difference?
  52. Summertime and roleplaying
  53. impossible rp ideas
  54. How far do you plan ahead?
  55. Do you read RPs you're not in?
  56. Then and Now
  57. Looking for roleplay!
  58. Your writing steroids
  59. Titans on Channel Five
  60. In Media Res
  61. Interest Check: RT Dungeons and Dragons Style Pokemon RP
  62. Looking for more Roleplays to join!
  63. Why do you keep RPing?
  64. One day I'll play as a _____ who _____!
  65. Diaper rp
  66. Well? You gonna fight, or what?
  67. Activity
  68. GM rulz! Player droolz?
  69. A House in Hoenn or a Junkyard in Jeimas?
  70. Related: have you roleplayed in another way?
  71. Interest Check/Anyone for a Co-GM?
  72. What's your favorite RP?
  73. Appearances
  74. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon!
  75. Autumn is coming
  76. Beginners
  77. IMPORTANT: Categories/prefixes!
  78. Motivation
  79. Rika creates a one-liner "roleplay" and tells people to join
  80. Many small or few big?
  81. IMPORTANT: The Gift Shop
  82. { The Interview Thread }
  83. What if...?
  84. Tiny statistics - How has your September been?
  85. What is the most interesting character you know?
  86. Death
  87. Readspeed
  88. I'd like to play...
  89. I'm so quirky
  90. Magic & Superpowers
  91. Theme songs
  92. Established Universes
  93. Killers, Manipulators and other Big Bads
  94. Signing up, and then?
  95. The burden of interaction
  96. Rated G for gangster
  97. To join, or not to join?
  98. Playing with Genres
  99. Da Rulez
  100. Reading for Entertainment
  101. Wordcount
  102. Game Mechanics
  103. Personality
  104. Romance
  105. Bloody Murder
  106. Power
  107. The Face-claim Finding Thread
  108. Find a Casual RP Buddy 2.0
  109. Settings you need right now
  110. What's in a name?
  111. Puns!
  112. The Face Palm Post
  113. Lore & World Building
  114. I started RPing because...
  115. The Fourth Wall
  116. The Pre-Advertisement Thread
  118. The RPT Secret Santa! [Reveal your characters!]
  119. Relationships between players in a roleplay
  120. Race and Ethnicity
  121. What genders are your characters?
  122. Not the Fandom!
  123. Speshul powers
  124. LF guys interested in creating RP Pokemon game
  125. GM or player? GM AND player?
  126. Garnering Interest for a Large-Scale Galaxy 'Roleplay'
  127. [Help Request] (star wars) Who'd join? Suggestions/wishes? (NO EP7 spoilers!!)
  128. Rika makes one-liner Christmas/New Years RP and tells people to celebrate!
  129. Featured: 2015: Your RP year in wordy hijinks
  130. New Years Resolutions: ROLEPLAY style
  131. Age
  132. Revisiting
  133. Come to the Dark Side
  134. Psycho
  135. Timelines
  136. The Meta Journey [MASTER THREAD]
  137. Backstory
  138. [Help Request] Colony
  139. [Interest Check] Interest Check: Star Wars: Valkyrie [WARNING EP:7 SPOILERS]
  140. [Help Request] Medieval
  141. [Help Request] It Begins/It Grows/It Ends
  142. Fight, fight, fight
  143. Character-Roleplayer Correlation
  144. Useful discussions?
  145. All dem ways to roleplays
  146. Old Characters
  147. Reminiscing! aka the dawn of your time here
  148. Physiques
  149. Character Relationships
  150. Let's make a character!
  151. I definitely won't play as...
  152. [Interest Check] Level-Up [Idea/interest check]
  153. What do you want rebooted?
  154. Is PC for Beginners? Should It Be?
  155. [Interest Check] Little Fears (Interest?)
  156. Is it silly that...
  157. Everyone I knew is dead
  158. On Player Slots
  159. [Interest Check] Interest Test
  160. [Interest Check] Interest Check: Pokemon in retail and espionage
  161. Comedy
  162. [Interest Check] Transhumanism
  163. fire
  164. The Correlation Between Roleplaying and Writing
  166. IMPORTANT: What are these new tag designations?
  167. Rules: Roleplay Rules [new roleplayers START HERE!]
  168. Help Thread: Hints & Guides & Templates [need RP help? LOOK HERE!]
  169. [Interest Check] Pokemon+epic fantasy=?
  170. Your character's alignment
  171. [Interest Check] Elder Scrolls RP?
  172. CSS: Bae or Nay?
  173. Chit-Chat: The One-Liner Pie RP: cats.
  174. [Interest Check] Connections Remake
  175. With great power...
  176. Hey guys look, it's Santa!
  177. Stat Me
  178. [Interest Check] Kingdom hearts style world jumping roleplay...
  179. Stories work themselves out?
  180. Characters and stories you're working on right now?
  181. Featured: Advertise / find open spots in RPs
  182. Magic in RP
  183. And They All Lived Happily Ever After
  184. Looking for a skyrim rp buddie
  185. Muuuuusiiiiiic
  186. [Help Request] Newb Questions!
  187. [Interest Check] Designing 'Changeover', a roleplay where you technically play someone else's character.
  188. [Interest Check] Return of Cursed Books or Earth & Sky
  189. I'm on a break!!
  190. [Interest Check] The Demonic Core - Alchemy Based RP(M-Rated/Other)
  191. #Pokemon20: RP Style
  192. [Interest Check] People who think they have nothing to live for accidentally torture themselves
  193. IMPORTANT: Meta Journey feedback!
  194. [Interest Check] The Arena: PvP Combat
  195. RPs Feedback
  196. Coming Back Soon! (Good God I Miss This)
  197. The First Step - OP Structure
  198. [Interest Check] Downton Abbey-inspired/20th Century Pokemon RP?
  199. [Interest Check] Mystery Dungeons and Dragons!
  200. Do you enjoy world building?
  201. How to stay motivated?
  202. [Interest Check] Crossover Collection (A Two-part RP)
  203. [Help Request] Organizing an RP
  204. Interested?
  205. [YourName] levelled up!
  206. Past, present or future?
  207. [Meta Journey] The Meta Journey Hub [SU & INFO thread] - old
  208. Naruto or Dragon Age?
  209. [Interest Check] Staryu Wars: The Aura Awakened
  210. The sky's the limit...
  211. Dead, dead, dead.
  212. [Interest Check] Post-Post Apocalypse pokemon
  213. [Interest Check] Journey From a Pokemon's Perspective
  214. RPT April Fools
  215. [Help Request] How Different is TOO Different?
  216. IMPORTANT: 100 Word Policy (April Fools! What really? Oh you fell for it!)
  217. [Guide] h0w 2 be dank
  218. Beta Journey: Help us make yet another!
  219. [Interest Check] JohnnyMustang RP
  220. From The PokéCommunity Staff: 100 word MINIMUM rule!
  221. Chit-Chat: Roleplayers Daily Chit-Chat Thread (◕‿◕✿)
  222. two hundred and twenty-two roleplays on my list
  223. The World Is A Stage
  224. [Help Request] This is the first time RPing here...
  225. And the next entry for Hall of Fame is...
  226. (Pokemon), I Choose You! (Other), I Choose You!
  227. [Interest Check] Just a Few Ideas
  228. [Interest Check] Our Demonic Core
  229. How to sandbox
  230. Where to store your RPs?
  231. [Interest Check] Steampunk x Pokemon RP
  232. [Interest Check] Playing God(s)
  233. [Interest Check] Riders - A High Fantasy Dragon Riding RP
  234. Who is your favorite character?
  235. Players you admire
  236. pocky-monster jurney fam 5.0
  237. [Interest Check] The Nightfall Watchers Initative: A Horror Hunters RP
  238. [Help Request] Co-Writer/RP Manager Needed
  239. (Another) RPT Adoption Thread | Up For Auction: 6 | Quick Ideas: 5
  240. [Interest Check] FF Type-O esque Roleplay
  241. The Dreaded Writer's Block
  242. [Interest Check] A Minecraft RP
  243. [Interest Check] With Dignity [Morbidly Mature Themes]
  244. Tell Me a Story...
  245. [Interest Check] I am a sentient spam bot who just wants to be hugged
  246. A Elder Scroll RP. Fantasy, Exploration, etc.
  247. RPT Game Night (Idea)
  248. The Struggles of Character Variety
  249. Featured: Let's Make A Character!
  250. Do you tend to mostly play female or male characters?