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  1. 3rd Gen Winning Batlle Frontier
  2. 3rd Gen What do you think of the Emerald Animations?
  3. 3rd Gen lilycove art museum
  4. 3rd Gen I've found Latias!
  5. 3rd Gen Deoxys
  6. 3rd Gen Team Ranking Center
  7. 2nd Gen in need of slight help.
  8. 3rd Gen Training
  9. 3rd Gen chanseys item
  10. 3rd Gen I got an Emerald! I got an Emerald!
  11. 3rd Gen Win a Free Pokemon Sapphire cart
  12. 3rd Gen Question about Fire Red and the Elite Four
  13. 2nd Gen Porting to GBA?
  14. 3rd Gen Unknown Dungeon
  15. 2nd Gen Help
  16. 3rd Gen GameShark codes for Pokemon Emerald
  17. 2nd Gen Where do I get the bike in GS???
  18. 3rd Gen mystery gift
  19. 3rd Gen My Friend......
  20. 3rd Gen breed
  21. 2nd Gen help
  22. 3rd Gen Caught Rayquaza in a Nest Ball
  23. 3rd Gen TM02 Dragon Claw location
  24. 3rd Gen Should I left Vigoroth Evovle?,
  25. 3rd Gen EV Training Hotspots
  26. 3rd Gen I need some help with action replay
  27. 3rd Gen this sound worth it?
  28. 2nd Gen pokemon infected?
  29. 3rd Gen How many pokemon do you have for your pokedex?
  30. 2nd Gen Does this cheat work on GS?
  31. 3rd Gen Pokemon Emerald Error??
  32. 3rd Gen Help me to organize my PKM
  33. 3rd Gen Help me to organize my PKM
  34. 3rd Gen Finally Caught My Legendary Dog
  35. 3rd Gen 4 MAIN pokemon ONLY 2 HM slaves
  36. 3rd Gen The funniest dewford phrase
  37. 3rd Gen Pokmon Emerald
  38. 2nd Gen Master Ball in Gold/Silver: Who to use it on?
  39. 3rd Gen Yeah!!! Help!!! Error ??!
  40. 3rd Gen ruby
  41. 3rd Gen Who is your pokemon with the highest Attack?
  42. 3rd Gen What is your pokemon with the highest sp. attack
  43. 2nd Gen Pokemon newbie needs help - how to teach an attack
  44. 3rd Gen General chat about Pokemon Emerald!
  45. 2nd Gen Can someone tell me how to get to Lugia on Gold!?!?!?!
  46. 2nd Gen Gold Map?
  47. 3rd Gen Do you think I should start over?
  48. 3rd Gen Stuck in Lilycove
  49. 3rd Gen Ditto !
  50. 3rd Gen how many do u have
  51. 3rd Gen I Need Help In Union Room
  52. 2nd Gen Tough Dogs?
  53. 3rd Gen Are there Ditto in Ruby?
  54. 3rd Gen I have beaten the Elite Four in Emerald, and want to help people
  55. 2nd Gen Umm...
  56. 3rd Gen How do you level up our pokemon?
  57. 3rd Gen In Ruby and Saphire how many times have you whooped the Elite Four/Steven
  58. 3rd Gen I need some team advice in Emerald version.
  59. 3rd Gen Which ancient-pokemon in pokemon emerald was the hardest to catch?
  60. 3rd Gen ROM errors and ROM solutions
  61. 3rd Gen Your Pokémon Team
  62. 3rd Gen What is your favourite starter?
  63. 3rd Gen A Few Questions....
  64. 3rd Gen how to find Latias either Latios in Emerald version
  65. 3rd Gen Help with Feebas
  66. 3rd Gen Battle Fronter
  67. 3rd Gen uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................?
  68. 3rd Gen Safari Zone
  69. 3rd Gen I haven't really played this gen's Pokemon games and...
  70. 3rd Gen Finally I suceeded
  71. 3rd Gen Having trouble with fortree city In emrald
  72. 3rd Gen Seafloor Cave Problems
  73. 3rd Gen How do I use the Eon Ticket on Ruby?
  74. 3rd Gen In Ruby/Saphire/Emerald what was the second Pokemon you caught?
  75. 3rd Gen your secret base
  76. 3rd Gen Who likes the moving pokemon Emerald pics?
  77. 3rd Gen Pokemon Party (Names and Attacks) In FR/LG/R/S/EM
  78. 3rd Gen How do you catch the Regi's in Emerald?
  79. 3rd Gen little games
  80. 3rd Gen Both Mew and Deoxys do obey!
  81. 3rd Gen help with battle tower (ruby)
  82. 3rd Gen Battle frontier!
  83. 3rd Gen My Idea
  84. 2nd Gen Wat to do?
  85. 3rd Gen island 7 ruins
  86. 2nd Gen Making Pichu happy?
  87. 3rd Gen Hunting shiny Regis
  88. 3rd Gen Where do I get the Master Ball in Saphire?
  89. 3rd Gen Is possible to catch scyther in R/S/E or Fr/Lg?
  90. 3rd Gen In emerald the aqua hideout
  91. 3rd Gen Pokemon Emerald VBA Codes
  92. 3rd Gen DS features for emerald?
  93. 3rd Gen help me please
  94. 3rd Gen Helpme with shedinja,Pleaz...
  95. 3rd Gen I can't get Magmar in LG...
  96. 3rd Gen Trading From G/S/C to S/R/E
  97. 3rd Gen help me please
  98. 3rd Gen My team needs rating!
  99. 3rd Gen Dont know what to do in fucshia city and saffron city in fire red
  100. 3rd Gen how to get Umpeon and Espeon
  101. 2nd Gen Umm,I need help in gold
  102. 3rd Gen Difference beetween fire red and leaf green
  103. 3rd Gen When do you get to go to the Battle Frontier?
  104. 3rd Gen Favourite R/S/E Shiny Pkmn Colours
  105. 3rd Gen Favourite R/S/E Shiny Pkmn Colours
  106. 2nd Gen GameShark...
  107. 3rd Gen Safari zone in fire red
  108. 3rd Gen Having trouble finding key to open gym in cinabar
  109. 3rd Gen why cant i ...
  110. 1st Gen What is the truck for in R/B/Y???
  111. 3rd Gen Need help evolving Tyrogue
  112. 3rd Gen how to get volt tackle for pichu (first thread)
  113. 3rd Gen Shoal... Cave?
  114. 3rd Gen Caught moltres with a great ball
  115. 3rd Gen a few questions...
  116. 3rd Gen Cant get in the cereleon cave and had beat pokemon league and I am the winner/champio
  117. 3rd Gen Mew in fire red
  118. 3rd Gen Which legendary was the easiest to catch in emerald version
  119. 3rd Gen Do You Ever See Anyone In The Union Room
  120. 3rd Gen Pokemon Emerald Version Questions (3)
  121. 3rd Gen Gameshark for fire red and leaf green
  122. 3rd Gen Which would you be? R/S/E edition!!!
  123. 3rd Gen question
  124. 3rd Gen where to download pokemon emerald game
  125. 3rd Gen Braile Puzzle
  126. 3rd Gen to get umbreon and esbreon in firered and leaf green
  127. 3rd Gen how to get MEW!! P.S this might NOT work i haven't try that yet
  128. 3rd Gen what do ya get if you show the lady the pkm in island 5
  129. 3rd Gen Berrys
  130. 3rd Gen Can someone please create me a custum code?
  131. 3rd Gen i need someone with a code generator?!?!?
  132. 3rd Gen mirage island
  133. 3rd Gen Do i catch Rayquaza with a master ball
  134. 3rd Gen Having trouble in victory road
  135. 3rd Gen Help Me
  136. 3rd Gen Emerald: How many...
  137. 3rd Gen A weird glitch
  138. 3rd Gen Slight problem
  139. 3rd Gen how do u get passwords
  140. 3rd Gen Trainer Hill
  141. 3rd Gen The altering cave
  142. 3rd Gen Can you get the starter pokemon from johto to emerald after you beat the elite four
  143. 3rd Gen Do you think there might be a Pokemon EletricYellow?
  144. 3rd Gen how o i evolve my clamperl
  145. 3rd Gen Do you have Jirachi
  146. 3rd Gen They left Blue out!
  147. 3rd Gen Ruby/Sapphire Trainer Card
  148. 3rd Gen ok...........
  149. 3rd Gen The sudowudo in the battle frontier
  150. 2nd Gen Umm...Crystal
  151. 3rd Gen How do I fish in R/S
  152. 3rd Gen Help with Regirock!
  153. 3rd Gen legendary birds..
  154. 3rd Gen level
  155. 3rd Gen Help me with some infomation in Emerald. Legendary Pokemon
  156. 3rd Gen Wheres the pokemon day care in emerald
  157. 3rd Gen Favourite Pokemon
  158. 3rd Gen Can anybody help... this is a CRISIS! lol...
  159. 3rd Gen Need LG Pokemon
  160. 3rd Gen Contest moves
  161. 3rd Gen Offering Help for FR/LG!
  162. 3rd Gen how do ya get the magic muffer!! and it worked!!
  163. 3rd Gen electrabuzz and magmar
  164. 3rd Gen Zangoose Moveset
  165. 3rd Gen Question
  166. 3rd Gen read this!
  167. 3rd Gen The abondened ship
  168. 2nd Gen A few Crystal Problems
  169. 3rd Gen Version Exclusives
  170. 3rd Gen Version Exclusives
  171. 2nd Gen Im Getting Real Mad About Crystal
  172. 3rd Gen cheats
  173. 3rd Gen where do u get rayquaza
  174. 3rd Gen should I trade my Blissey for Entei?? And should I trade my Chimecho for Houdour??
  175. 3rd Gen questions
  176. 2nd Gen Pika gay?
  177. 3rd Gen The best are to have a secret base in emerald
  178. 3rd Gen How to get into seafloor cavern for Pokemon Emerald
  179. 3rd Gen Better Graphics?
  180. 3rd Gen Shiny and Master Ball Codes
  181. 3rd Gen e-reader with emerald?
  182. 2nd Gen Crystal: Train Pass?
  183. 3rd Gen Emerald Palace Moves
  184. 2nd Gen Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
  185. 3rd Gen Sercret bases.
  186. 3rd Gen where do u get
  187. 2nd Gen THE HM Watefall in pokemon silver version
  188. 3rd Gen Trainer Hill On Pokemon Emerald
  189. 3rd Gen Your Most Proud Catch Ever!!!
  190. 3rd Gen looking for snorunt?
  191. 3rd Gen Has Anyone Else...
  192. 3rd Gen Emerald Battle Frontier Team
  193. 3rd Gen New game
  194. 2nd Gen Evolution Stone Question
  195. 3rd Gen Sky Pillar
  196. 2nd Gen Remakes
  197. 3rd Gen Looking for latios or latias?
  198. 3rd Gen Which starting pokemon to choose?
  199. 3rd Gen can someone help!!
  200. 3rd Gen Is this normal?
  201. 3rd Gen Help
  202. 3rd Gen Legendary Pokemon
  203. 3rd Gen Help!!
  204. 3rd Gen Whats next?
  205. 3rd Gen Does anyone know how to get deoxys?on shapire
  206. 3rd Gen need help on finding deoxys
  207. 3rd Gen Something Wierd
  208. 3rd Gen where do you find relicanth?
  209. 3rd Gen who is your best pokemon?
  210. 3rd Gen Does anyone have any codes for gameshark SP on how to get Celebi and Mewtwo on Em?
  211. 2nd Gen Luigia
  212. 3rd Gen celebi
  213. 3rd Gen The elite four discussion
  214. 3rd Gen ugh... almost hit 250 on national pokedex.....
  215. 3rd Gen Which game is the best?
  216. 3rd Gen What leval do these pokemon evolve?
  217. 3rd Gen some questions
  218. 3rd Gen Help
  219. 3rd Gen Evee Evolution Problems
  220. 3rd Gen is this true?
  221. 3rd Gen Which is the best Pokemon?
  222. 3rd Gen Pokemon Emerald Pokemon Calculator?
  223. 3rd Gen Shiny Pokemon Tips
  224. 3rd Gen Resident Evil: Mew
  225. 3rd Gen 3 regies??
  226. 3rd Gen Help In sapphire
  227. 3rd Gen Which Reigon is the best?
  228. 3rd Gen Damsel in distress
  229. 2nd Gen A Call for Assistance
  230. 3rd Gen Get low lvs to high lvls
  231. 3rd Gen plz tell me how to catch kyogre without masterball and netball
  232. 3rd Gen mosdeep space center
  233. 2nd Gen How do i get into mt silver (crystal)
  234. 3rd Gen AdvanceMap!!!
  235. 3rd Gen What are the rare berry sayings?
  236. 3rd Gen Articuno Help
  237. 2nd Gen What Shinies Have you caught on any game (not including red gyrados on G/S/C)
  238. 3rd Gen help! plz tell me how to trade pokemon....plz
  239. 3rd Gen HM Slaves?
  240. 3rd Gen Shiny Raquayza
  241. 3rd Gen Pokemon ninjas
  242. 3rd Gen Quick egg hatch code Ar v.3
  243. 3rd Gen ?????What are Mews lv up moves?????
  244. 3rd Gen shiny pokemon
  245. 3rd Gen Lvl 2 Skills!!
  246. 3rd Gen ...Where Dittos live...
  247. 3rd Gen I cant trade my deoxys from Sapphire to Emerald!!!!!!!
  248. 3rd Gen great way to make money!
  249. 2nd Gen Question About Cloning
  250. 3rd Gen New Features?