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  1. B/W: help me raise my pokemon
  2. B2/W2: B&W2 Friend Codes
  3. Weekly Poll: Sawk VS (Emboar) (NU Matchup #1)
  4. B2/W2: Pokemon World Tournament... help!
  5. B/W: hi i just bred these pokemon
  6. B2/W2: secret passages locations?
  7. B2/W2: Favorite New Additions/Improvements?
  8. B/W: how do i
  9. B/W: B2 or W2?
  10. B2/W2: Rate My Team Please?
  11. B2/W2: How do you get a female Zorua?
  12. B2/W2: Lookingg for a shiny ralts
  13. B2/W2: Lets Play Black and White 2
  14. B/W: looking to trade
  15. B2/W2: Shiny Gible/Dratini & Haxorous
  16. B2/W2: Elite four team...
  17. B2/W2: Elite Four and Champion + Cynthia
  18. B2/W2: Black 2 Crystal?
  19. "Official Download" Discussion
  20. B/W: What did you think of Pokemon black/white?
  21. B2/W2: Help with EXP share and EV training
  22. B2/W2: Is my team good for battling the Elite Four?
  23. B2/W2: Early Game Team Help
  24. Weekly Poll: Alomomola vs Amoonguss (NU Matchup #2)
  25. B2/W2: did anyone else think marlon was and is a moron
  26. B2/W2: Should i restart it pokemon black 2?
  27. B2/W2: hi i am looking for
  28. B2/W2: Can you guys help me make my second team for W2?
  29. B2/W2: The Let downs?
  30. B2/W2: N's Pokemon in the wild
  31. B2/W2: PWT difficulty
  32. B/W: why do they change colors
  33. B/W: What Unown Are You in Unova?
  34. B2/W2: Would anyone like to have a Wi-fi Battle?
  35. B/W: Your current play times!
  36. B/W: Replay Value
  37. B/W: What if B/W wasn't set in Unova?
  38. B2/W2: map of abisal ruins?
  39. Weekly Poll: Watchog VS Liepard (NU Matchup #3)
  40. B/W: Imagine if there was a special event released now for B/W...
  41. B/W: What if B/W didn't introduce any new Pokemon at all?
  42. B2/W2: The Strange House
  43. B/W: Ghetsis' upbringing!
  44. B/W: What if you woke up in Unova one day?
  45. B/W: Golurk Can Fly, IDK Why!
  46. B/W: "I used to be a living, breathing Pokedex like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee"
  47. B/W: The Winner Is...Ghetsis!
  48. B/W: What if Plasma didn't aim to free Pokemon?
  49. B/W: Truth Vs Ideals
  50. B/W: MOTY: Black and White
  51. Weekly Poll: Braviary vs Swanna (NU Matchup #4)
  52. B2/W2: A question about the Sheer Force ability
  53. B/W: Did GameFreak miss the perfect opportunity to introduce the Light-type?
  54. B2/W2: Hidden Grottoes
  55. B2/W2: Charmander and Dratini
  56. B2/W2: Zorua's for trade
  57. B/W: The new starter pokemon
  58. Weekly Poll: Samurott VS Carracosta (NU Matchup #5)
  59. B2/W2: How far have you progressed in Black 2/White 2?
  60. B/W: Pokemon black
  61. B2/W2: Medal System
  62. B/W: Shiny Lock Speculation
  63. B2/W2: No Elite four in Pokemon World Tournament??
  64. Featured: Delete ONE Unova Pokemon from existence
  65. B2/W2: Question about B2/W2 and more.
  66. Weekly Poll: Serperior vs Zebstrika (NU Matchup #6)
  67. B2/W2: Does anyone else like the new look?
  68. B2/W2: The Keymaker
  69. B/W: Bug while fighting double or triple battles - Pokemon White
  70. B2/W2: What do you think they shouldve improved in BW2 over BW?
  71. B2/W2: Memory Link: Pros and Cons
  72. B2/W2: Cobalion,Verizion and Terrakion
  73. B/W: Go West Young Hilbert
  74. B/W: mewtwo where are you!!!!
  75. B/W: well next question
  76. B2/W2: Unobtainable Hidden Abilities
  77. B2/W2: WHY are the champions weak
  78. Weekly Poll: Cinccino vs Emolga (NU Matchup #7)
  79. B2/W2: Keldeo
  80. B2/W2: Your favorite legendary?
  81. B2/W2: BW 2 Scramble Challenge
  82. B2/W2: My First LEGIT Shiny
  83. Weekly Poll: Swoobat vs Beheeyem (NU Matchup #8)
  84. B2/W2: Pokemon Black/White 2 Ending PLEASE READ
  85. B2/W2: I really really want a Stantler!!!
  86. B2/W2: What's your final BW2 team (after Elite 4)
  87. B/W: Do you use Audino to train?
  89. B/W: Whose Theme Music Was The Best?
  90. B2/W2: Hack Detection System?
  91. B2/W2: Hey Bros ? Online Battles :L
  92. B2/W2: But... why Nintendo DS?
  93. B2/W2: Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 Challenge Mode Video Walkthrough
  94. B/W: Is there any way to get shards in White?
  95. B2/W2: Opinion on Black/White 2
  96. B2/W2: pokerus
  97. B/W: Reshiram or Zekrom? (Ver. 2)
  98. B2/W2: Is it worth buying White 2 if I already have White?
  99. B/W: Old Ocean
  100. Weekly Poll: Audino vs Stoutland (NU Matchup #9)
  101. B2/W2: need help with competitive team
  102. Aesthetics of Unova Dex?
  103. B2/W2: What was your team before the Elite 4?
  104. B/W: What is your team in B/W?
  105. B2/W2: Cant beat clay. WTH?
  106. Featured: Did you use the Master Ball?
  107. B/W: That Jellicent would have looked good on my Ruby team
  108. B2/W2: 1HP Faint Glitch + CRASH
  109. B2/W2: Does anyone want a legit Shiny Mienfoo level 48 above average stats and naive nature
  110. B/W: I need people to practice battles with
  111. B2/W2: B2/W2 Gyms
  112. B2/W2: Black 2 White 2 movie trailer!
  113. B2/W2: How is Black and White 2?
  114. B2/W2: Anyone else have a lot of trouble with Clay?
  115. B2/W2: Help me!!!
  116. B2/W2: Hilbert/Hilda were going to be in PWT?
  117. B2/W2: Wi-fi Problem.
  118. B2/W2: What is the deal with Meloetta?
  119. B/W: Black or White?
  120. B2/W2: It is going to be intresting for everyone ! [Q]
  121. B2/W2: pokemon black 2
  122. B2/W2: Would a Jolteon be able to beat a Cloyster?
  123. B/W: What's Black and White most remembered for?
  124. B2/W2: need a rifflet
  125. B2/W2: Shinys?
  126. B2/W2: Cloyster given out at the Regional Championships, this weekend
  127. B/W: In-game event status resetting?
  128. B/W: Shiny in pokemon black
  129. B2/W2: pokemon w2 and b2 roms and getting them to work
  130. B2/W2: Who uses random teams against their friends?
  131. B2/W2: Ask a question, get an answer
  132. B/W: LF Axew
  133. Weekly Poll: Sawsbuck vs Leavanny
  134. B2/W2: Weird bugs
  135. B2/W2: Your Favorite Town or City in B2W2?
  136. B/W: PokeTransfer!
  137. B/W: What if there was a Pokemon we never found out about?
  138. B/W: Where did you come from??
  139. B/W: What if B/W released a 3DS version now?
  140. B/W: Hilbert/Hilda's Father
  141. B/W: What if N was victorious?
  142. B/W: The In-Game Trades
  143. B2/W2: Looking for agroup.
  144. B2/W2: Who was your MVP?
  145. B2/W2: All my black 2 pokemon have pokerus.
  146. B/W: Gym Leaders Are People Too!
  147. B2/W2: An awesome idea!!!
  148. Weekly Poll: Seismitoad versus Simipour
  149. B2/W2: PC Boxes.
  150. B2/W2: My B/W2 Elite Team!
  151. B2/W2: Should I just skip to Black 2/White 2?
  152. B2/W2: Coming back after not playing since 2nd gen
  153. I'm a crook and I'm a crocodile - I'm a Krookodile!
  154. B/W: How can I transfer over my old Pokemon?
  155. Difficult DW decisions
  156. B2/W2: BW2 Rival Needed
  157. B2/W2: How to play as different Protagonist ?
  158. B2/W2: Anthea and Concordia: Wasted Potential
  159. Weekly Poll: Whirlipede vs Garbodor!
  160. B2/W2: pkrus
  161. B2/W2: Where is mah Evee?
  162. B/W: Help honnecting to the union room
  163. B/W: Yo is it just me or...?
  164. Phenomena
  165. Type Combinations!
  166. Gift Pokemon!
  167. Weekly Poll: Golurk vs Gigalith
  168. B2/W2: Shiny Pokemon Thread
  169. Resueable TMs!
  170. B/W: Sorry Bibarel, but I won't be needing an HM slave this time.
  171. Triple and Rotational Battles.
  172. Shopping Mall Nine
  173. B/W: Your Pokedex Progress
  174. B/W: Best Pokemon you got from GTS negotiations
  175. Did you miss Cycling Road?
  176. B2/W2: Trade?..
  177. B2/W2: dittos dittos
  178. Where is your ideal city in Unova?
  179. B/W: As Time Goes By...
  180. Welcome To Amer-I Mean Unova!
  181. Weekly Poll: Maractus Vs. Simisage!
  182. B2/W2: A Newbie.
  183. B2/W2: Black Kyurem or White Kyurem? (2nd Edition)
  184. B/W: Help
  185. B2/W2: Is it ever explained why Kyurem works with the DNA splicers?
  186. B2/W2: Trade me a Foreign Ditto?
  187. B2/W2: LF: Caterpie and Weedle
  188. B2/W2: last pokemon you caught on black 2/ white 2?
  189. Victini aka #000
  190. B/W: Why can I not get through these games?
  191. Past and future!
  192. Which character do you think represented Unova the best?
  193. Dialogue!
  194. B2/W2: Hidden Grottoes
  195. Black and White VERSUS Black 2 and White 2
  196. Just two
  197. N's Parents
  198. B2/W2: Challenge Mode and Easy Mode
  199. B2/W2: Pokemon World Tournament
  200. B2/W2: Pokedex Completion Rewards!
  201. Dream World mini games
  202. Triple & Rotation Battles
  203. Numeva Town or Aspertia City?
  204. Unova Travel Journal
  205. Generation V isn't the same for me.
  206. B2/W2: Moved x to the FREE SPACE!
  207. Improved Y Button aka Ready Button
  208. Trade me
  209. La La La La Laaaa...
  210. B2/W2: The Aquatic Theme!
  211. Ghetsis vs Ghetsis
  212. Weekly Poll: NU Matchup: Gurdurr vs Throh
  213. Where should I start with Unova?
  214. Trainers have Natures now
  215. Favorite Gen 5 Pokemon
  216. Which anime-exclusive Unova locations would've you wanted in the games?
  217. B2/W2: What's wrong with Ghetsis...?
  218. What is your favorite Unova city?
  219. B2/W2: PokeStar Studios!
  220. Unova United [ALL WINNERS CHOSEN!]
  221. A Bridge - water under it.
  222. Zekrom vs Reshiram vs Kyurem
  223. Worst Unova Pokémon?
  224. Did you use the interactable Volcarona in your team?
  225. B2/W2: Anything that happened to Hilbert and Hilda in Pokémon Black and White Versions 2?
  226. What's a good way to farm for evo items?
  227. B2/W2: You know what really annoys me...
  228. B2/W2: B2/W2 Shiny Hunting Hotspots
  229. B/W: Fraxure vs Zweilous
  230. B/W: Orbs from the Shadow Triad
  231. Best place to train in black 2
  232. Shiny!!!
  233. Joltik or jolteon
  234. Shadow Triad
  235. Keldeo
  236. A castle fit for a king!
  237. Weekly Poll: St Patrick's Day Special Unova Poll!
  238. Kanto water pokemon
  239. Weekly Poll: Musharna vs Duosion
  240. Pokemon Bloody Black (Pokemon Black Version Creepypasta)
  241. help needed
  242. B/W: I want to know.
  243. Fifth Generation Caption Contest [OLD]
  244. B2/W2: Lets be friends! Battle! Trade! Chat!
  245. Weekly Poll: Eelektross vs Klang
  246. "We study the seasons, here have a Deerling!"
  247. Were the Gyms too easy?
  248. Who wants to battle?
  249. Im new and willing to trade
  250. Best Looking 5th Gen Shinies?