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  1. 3rd Gen Who are you?
  2. 3rd Gen error emerald
  3. 3rd Gen Presentaton and ..I need heeeeelp!!!
  4. 3rd Gen Emerald Sound Extracts (Sound Rips)
  5. 3rd Gen New Gameshark!!!
  6. 3rd Gen Safari Zone
  7. 3rd Gen Emerald Walkthrough
  8. 3rd Gen I need a code
  9. 3rd Gen fame checker
  10. 3rd Gen fame checker
  11. 3rd Gen Problem small detail
  12. 3rd Gen Tri-Pass?
  13. 3rd Gen Help?
  14. 3rd Gen please help!!!!
  15. 3rd Gen Fire Red/Leaf Green Action Replay Codes
  16. 3rd Gen The three Johto starters
  17. 3rd Gen I need a code
  18. 3rd Gen Was Buying Fr/Lg worth it?
  19. 3rd Gen help
  20. 3rd Gen Eevee Prob. Solved
  21. 3rd Gen My new saphire team
  22. 3rd Gen Favorite Music from FRLG
  23. 3rd Gen Seafoam Islands Help
  24. 3rd Gen Where you at in your game?
  25. 3rd Gen Emerald Help
  26. 3rd Gen Missing No?
  27. 3rd Gen Everstone in fire red???
  28. 3rd Gen Pokemon Sapphire; Trainers Card stars help
  29. 3rd Gen awsome
  30. 3rd Gen Shiny Koffing...
  31. 3rd Gen What lvl were you pokemon when you defeated the E4?
  32. 3rd Gen Someone please help me catch a chansey!!
  33. 3rd Gen Where is the day care couple?
  34. 3rd Gen FR/LG Berry Guide
  35. 3rd Gen thick club help in fr/lg
  36. 3rd Gen What level were your pokemon???
  37. 3rd Gen Mew Glitch in FRLG?
  38. 3rd Gen Exp. Share
  39. 3rd Gen Trade LG/FR with Ruby/Sapphire Game
  40. 3rd Gen Great Ball catches Articuno!
  41. 3rd Gen All-Star Team
  42. 3rd Gen Funny Fact (Theory) about the new generation Names!
  43. 3rd Gen My Trapinch ain't workin'! XD
  44. 3rd Gen How to catch a Bagon?
  45. 3rd Gen Cheat Code Devices for Pokmon FireRed and LeafGreen - CODES ONLY HERE!!!
  46. 3rd Gen Pokemon Descriptions...
  47. 3rd Gen I have a few questions
  48. 3rd Gen Does Anyone Have Gameshark Sp Cheats For Leaf Green
  49. 3rd Gen FAQ update, once again
  50. 3rd Gen Ruby and Sapphire Question
  51. 3rd Gen EV list?
  52. 3rd Gen Rocket Warehouse
  53. 3rd Gen Original Pokemon Advance Boxes!
  54. 3rd Gen Need recomendations on pokedex/training.
  55. 2nd Gen something strange i just noticed..
  56. 3rd Gen I need a link for the Emerald ROm please
  57. 3rd Gen deciding factor?
  58. 2nd Gen Do You Have....
  59. 3rd Gen Vba needed
  60. 3rd Gen Serious problem with Fire red codes-ruined my game>?
  61. 3rd Gen Heat Wave
  62. 3rd Gen no legendaries and no all 3 starters
  63. 3rd Gen emerald rom?
  64. 3rd Gen Altering Cave! Any Purpose?
  65. 3rd Gen FR vs. LG vs. Emerald (revised)
  66. 3rd Gen Shiny, or Not?
  67. 3rd Gen The Official "Give me a Pokemon nickname" Thread.
  68. 3rd Gen Shiny Pokemon and breeding.
  69. 3rd Gen Best Pokemon
  70. 3rd Gen where and how do you train??
  71. 3rd Gen Gengar not working either.
  72. 3rd Gen Giovanni's son?
  73. 3rd Gen Trouble w/Rocket Warehouse!
  74. 3rd Gen help!!glitch...maybe?
  75. 3rd Gen Does anyone know?
  76. 3rd Gen important really need help
  77. 3rd Gen Ar or Gssp or gba
  78. 3rd Gen Legendary Dogs??
  79. 3rd Gen Pok'emon Elite
  80. 3rd Gen Encounter Any Pokemon Codes
  81. 3rd Gen Is There a code for Action Replay for all Key items? Please
  82. 3rd Gen What's your Dream Team?
  83. 3rd Gen I need action replay codes for shiny pokemon and to get infinite big and tinymushroom
  84. 3rd Gen Should I Start a New Game?
  85. 3rd Gen the Saffron guards' are being... mean...
  86. 3rd Gen The Eevee experiment...
  87. 3rd Gen hyjghjgj
  88. 3rd Gen I need help my game won't work and i need some codes
  89. 3rd Gen Not a Chancy in the world.
  90. 3rd Gen Cheating Penalty?
  91. 3rd Gen Union Room Characters
  92. 3rd Gen AR Download
  93. 3rd Gen Quick Question...???
  94. 3rd Gen Fav Legendary
  95. 3rd Gen where is the breeding area?
  96. 3rd Gen Deoxys info all for you!
  97. 3rd Gen Grrrrr.....
  98. 3rd Gen What is the best cheat code 'device' for FR/LG?
  99. 3rd Gen Physical Attack and Special Attack
  100. 3rd Gen I got new emerald information!
  101. 3rd Gen move remover
  102. 3rd Gen im new!if u have aim we can chat
  103. 3rd Gen Question about the Islands
  104. 3rd Gen Where is the Sun stone in firered?
  105. 3rd Gen Seven Island - What Mysteries?
  106. 3rd Gen What are you doing in FR/LG?
  107. 3rd Gen EV training
  108. 3rd Gen Jirachi!
  109. 3rd Gen Inner Focus + Focus Punch
  110. 3rd Gen Sappire Help
  111. 3rd Gen Rayquaza
  112. 3rd Gen HO Oh Lugia
  113. 3rd Gen FR/LG release date
  114. 3rd Gen Asking for mew...
  115. 3rd Gen Master balls
  116. 3rd Gen Choice Band
  117. 3rd Gen Plz Post Fr/gl Cheat Calculator!!!
  118. 3rd Gen What is your favourite?
  119. 3rd Gen How to get to Islands 4 5 6?
  120. 3rd Gen sappaire
  121. 3rd Gen Questionairre Speculation
  122. 3rd Gen Best Grass Type in FR/LG
  123. 3rd Gen In the Navy
  124. 3rd Gen pokemon box sap/ruby trading with leaf/fire help
  125. 3rd Gen I got it!!!
  126. 3rd Gen Lorelei is ABSENT?!?
  127. 3rd Gen Who thinks certain Pokemon should only be one gender?
  128. 3rd Gen Latios & Latias
  129. 3rd Gen Battle Frontier Help!!!
  130. 3rd Gen dumb question... where can i find dratini?
  131. 3rd Gen Rare Dolls?
  132. 3rd Gen Groudon Na Kyogre <emerald>
  133. 3rd Gen [I'm lazy so] I need FireRed Gameshark codes! XD
  134. 3rd Gen Wireless Battles in Your Area
  135. 2nd Gen Viridian City Gym is locked
  136. 3rd Gen At last!
  137. 3rd Gen need some help finding some pokemon
  138. 3rd Gen complete pokedex
  139. 3rd Gen Cheat Code Requests - Please read the seperate document before requesting.
  140. 3rd Gen Espeon & Umbreon/HELP PLZ!!!
  141. 3rd Gen A Union Room tale
  142. 3rd Gen About the Calc??
  143. 3rd Gen shiny charmander
  144. 3rd Gen Yess!!! It Is Here!!!!
  145. 3rd Gen pokerus spreading?
  146. 3rd Gen Need help upgrading my GSA!
  147. 3rd Gen The Amazing Disappearing Item Finder!!!
  148. 3rd Gen !!Help Urgently!!
  149. 3rd Gen I need some help in Fire red
  150. 3rd Gen need help for pokemon emerald.......
  151. 3rd Gen Sudowoodo
  152. 3rd Gen European poll: Do you (europeans) think the wait for FR/LG was worth it?
  153. 3rd Gen Which one should I choose?
  154. 3rd Gen Is it just me?
  155. 3rd Gen Aurora Pass?
  156. 3rd Gen When Unowns Attack!
  157. 3rd Gen where can i download game shark?
  158. 3rd Gen The Worst Way To Level Up?
  159. 3rd Gen I need help with my "possible team"
  160. 3rd Gen Question about trainig low level pokemon
  161. 3rd Gen The man that follows you then runs ahead and sum more
  162. 3rd Gen Game shark???
  163. 3rd Gen Favorite Legendary Bird
  164. 3rd Gen *Shiny hunters thread*
  165. 3rd Gen shiny ghosts?
  166. 3rd Gen Most time Spent looking for...
  167. 3rd Gen Who do you think is better in your games?Mewtwo or Deoxys?
  168. 3rd Gen Who uses Ghost type pokemon?
  169. 3rd Gen Deoxys Vs. Jirachi
  170. 3rd Gen Pokmon Leaf Codes for GameShark
  171. 3rd Gen Pokeblocks
  172. 3rd Gen Question
  173. 3rd Gen Uncatchable Pokemon
  174. 3rd Gen Who Caught A Chansey?????
  175. 3rd Gen can anyone help me with the japanese version
  176. 3rd Gen Mystery Gift Help!!!!!!!!
  177. 3rd Gen New !!! (Chat All About Pokemon As Long As U Want!!!!!!!!!!!)
  178. 3rd Gen How To Get Deoxys Using GameShark Codes
  179. 3rd Gen Beat Up? Wait up...
  180. 3rd Gen Pokemon Emerald: Will It Ever Come To America?
  181. 3rd Gen Help with altering the altering cave, lol.
  182. 3rd Gen Your catching tatic?
  183. 3rd Gen Question about eevee...
  184. 3rd Gen Legendary-DoesntShowVery....much....at all
  185. 3rd Gen Shinies in uk version
  186. 3rd Gen What pokemon do the new trainers have?
  187. 3rd Gen Pokmon Emerald and E-Reader features
  188. 3rd Gen get a coin case
  189. 3rd Gen Aqua and Magma Boss block my way to eight Gym, why?
  190. 3rd Gen Elite 4 troubles
  191. 3rd Gen Shiny Starter
  192. 3rd Gen Oh no bad news! (for me, at least)
  193. 3rd Gen something ur you or friend has done usin against a legendery pokemon
  194. 3rd Gen need big time help....
  195. 3rd Gen SecretID
  196. 3rd Gen Water stone,deap sea fang deep sea claw ect.
  197. 3rd Gen up-grade
  198. 3rd Gen trainer cards
  199. 3rd Gen Feebas to Miltoc?
  200. 2nd Gen Gameshark codes
  201. 3rd Gen General FR/LG Discussion
  202. 3rd Gen Deoxys is mine. Legit.
  203. 3rd Gen Shiny Pokemon Discussion
  204. 3rd Gen A request
  205. 3rd Gen A request
  206. 3rd Gen Wow! Raikou!
  207. 3rd Gen all you need is love...
  208. 3rd Gen Maps?
  209. 2nd Gen PokeRUS,good or bad?
  210. 3rd Gen Always Fire Red and not Leaf Green!!
  211. 3rd Gen need help upgrading
  212. 3rd Gen Thick Club
  213. 3rd Gen sapphire gem/plate
  214. 3rd Gen How do u use the mystery gift
  215. 3rd Gen Wireless Communicator
  216. 3rd Gen Sapphire Big Problem
  217. 3rd Gen Help catching Zapdos!
  218. 3rd Gen Can you reach Hoenn in Pkmn FireRed??
  219. 3rd Gen How Do You Reach Treasure Beach?
  220. 1st Gen What's the stupidest thing you've ever done in Red/Blue/Yellow?
  221. 3rd Gen FR/LG pokedex
  222. 3rd Gen Questions about Ruby/Sapphire (VERY BIG GLITCH! NOT BERRY GLITCH)
  223. 3rd Gen oh please!!! I have looked and looked, and I really desperately need help about...
  224. 3rd Gen what's the difference between an AR and a pro AR, codewise?
  225. 2nd Gen Darn that Raikou!
  226. 3rd Gen Impossible egg?
  227. 3rd Gen Fortree City Gym Help
  228. 3rd Gen Getting a Female Starter.
  229. 3rd Gen For The Love Of God!!!!
  230. 3rd Gen Does anyone want me to make any pokemon for them for a cheat device?
  231. 3rd Gen PoKeMoN EV'S.
  232. 3rd Gen pokemon emerald??
  233. 3rd Gen Pokemon lightning (or something similar) yellow
  234. 3rd Gen Deoxys might be catchable after all!!
  235. 3rd Gen The Ultimate Codes for Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red Here(for Gameshark Sp Only)
  236. 3rd Gen Question!
  237. 3rd Gen What do you do?
  238. 3rd Gen Pokemon Master
  239. 2nd Gen A very long time ago......
  240. 3rd Gen Hidden Pokmon: Tsunami?? :S
  241. 3rd Gen what was your first FR/LG hall of fame time?
  242. 3rd Gen i can tell you all you need to know about FR/LG...any help whatsoever
  243. 2nd Gen help me plz
  244. 3rd Gen GENERAL AR Question (Not a spec. code)
  245. 3rd Gen There is a cheat calculator???
  246. 3rd Gen Getting Espeon/Suicune
  247. 3rd Gen New Poke
  248. 3rd Gen Is it true?
  249. 1st Gen catch MEW in red, blue and yellow without game shark
  250. 3rd Gen How do you go through the game?