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  1. Platinum hack: Pokémon Platinum: Enhanced Edition
  2. Crystal hack: Pokemon Pikachu Edition
  3. Other hack: The True Pokemon Saga
  4. Crystal hack: Pokemon Ultimate End
  5. Platinum hack: Pokémon Platinum Deluxe
  6. Rules: Sideshow Showcase Forum Rules
  7. FireRed hack: Pokémon Firered Z
  8. Blue hack: Pokémon Blue with Japanese Graphics
  9. Other hack: Project Remixed Johto
  10. FireRed hack: Retro Red
  11. FireRed hack: Pokemon Nostalgic Red
  12. Ruby hack: Pokémon Rusted Ruby
  13. FireRed hack: Pokémon Fire Red Extreme
  14. FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red Advanced
  15. FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red Infernos (Beta 1.0)
  16. Crystal hack: Pokémon Crystal Complex
  17. HeartGold hack: Pokemon Heart Gold DX
  18. Yellow hack: Pokémon Yellow Reborn
  19. Red hack: MissingNo. Challenge
  20. Other hack: Buu's Fury - The Hard Way
  21. Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald: Hard Edition
  22. Other hack: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: X
  23. LeafGreen hack: Pokémon: Lickitung Adventures!
  24. FireRed hack: Pokemon Shadow Stone version
  25. HeartGold hack: Pokémon HackGold DS [Beta]
  26. Hack Series: Pokémon Blaze Black & Pokémon Volt White
  27. Black hack: Pokémon Light Black DS
  28. Black hack: Pokemon Pure White/Pitch Black
  29. FireRed hack: Moémon!
  30. Ruby hack: Pokemon Blast Ruby & Crush Saphire
  31. Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald: Elite Four Challenge!
  32. Other hack: base games with changed tilesets
  33. Emerald hack: Pokemon: Emerald Star
  34. FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red: Challengers Edition
  35. FireRed hack: Pokemon Reborn-Red
  36. FireRed hack: Overlord Takeover Version
  37. Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald-Artificial Genesis
  38. FireRed hack: Pokemon Universe
  39. FireRed hack: Pokemon Undercover
  40. FireRed hack: Fire Red multi-language translations
  41. FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red: EXceed
  42. Crystal hack: Pokemon Hard Crystal
  43. FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red: The Hard Version!
  44. FireRed hack: Pokemon Crimson Red [Beta 1]
  45. Emerald hack: Pokemon Kanto Remix
  46. Hack Series: My Pokemon Mod Collection
  47. Black hack: Pokemon Black: Master Edition.
  48. FireRed hack: Pokémon Classic Universe
  49. Ruby hack: Pokemon Burning Ruby
  50. FireRed hack: Fire Red Translations: Finnish, Dutch, & more
  51. Emerald hack: Pokemon Synthetic Emerald
  52. Emerald hack: Pokemon Expert Emerald~ FINAL BETA RELEASED (Project Complete)
  53. Crystal hack: Pokemon Complex Crystal
  54. Emerald hack: Pokémon Emerald²
  55. FireRed hack: FireRed 649 Patch
  56. Red hack: Pokemon Vicious Red
  57. White hack: Pokemon Hoenn White
  58. Ruby hack: Pokémon Ruby with Physical/Special Split
  59. Gold hack: Miksy's Christmas Hack
  60. Platinum hack: Pokemon Bloody Platinum - Created by Buffy
  61. FireRed hack: Roguelike Fire Red
  62. SoulSilver hack: Pokemon Solid Soul
  63. Other hack: 24/7 RHI
  64. Other hack: NHL All-Star 2012
  65. FireRed hack: Pokemon MVL Fire Red
  66. Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald: 4th Gen Music
  67. Black hack: Pokemon Black X
  68. Ruby hack: Pokemon Ruby Challenge (Name may change later)
  69. Emerald hack: Pokemon emerald difficult edition 0.70
  70. LeafGreen hack: A Grand Day Out
  71. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed Extreme Flames
  72. HeartGold hack: [HGSS Hack] Pokémon UnovaHGSS
  73. Ruby hack: POKèMON EXTREME RUBY
  74. Platinum hack: Pokemon Platinum Plus
  75. White hack: Pokémon Flare White - Reshiram Edition.
  76. Red hack: Pokemon red proud eyes edition V4.0
  77. Ruby hack: Pokémon Ruby Ultra
  78. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed Super-Extra-Nostalgia Edition
  79. Crystal hack: Pokemon Crystal-Hard Way Around
  80. HeartGold hack: [HGSS] Kris as Female Protagonist
  81. Gold hack: Pokemon G/S Nuzlocke Version
  82. Crystal hack: Pokemon Raging Crystal
  83. Emerald hack: Pokémon Emerald: Kanto Edition
  84. Platinum hack: Pokemon Prestigious Platinum
  85. FireRed hack: =)
  86. Black hack: Pokemon Beast Black
  87. FireRed hack: Pokemon Blazing Red : Fire Red Hack
  88. FireRed hack: Pokemon Miracle Fire Red! [1st Beta Released!]
  89. FireRed hack: Pokémon Throwback (v170328): Your Custom Kanto Experience
  90. Emerald hack: POKEMON BRUTAL EMERALD
  91. Black hack: Pokémon Trial Black (Pokémon Black Hack)
  92. Ruby hack: Pokémon Ruby: Johto Edition
  93. Ruby hack: Pokemon Brutal Version [Completed]
  94. Other hack: Super Mario Kart Difficulty Curve Fix
  95. FireRed hack: Yet Another Fire Red Hack
  96. FireRed hack: Pokémon FireRed: Challenge Mode
  97. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed: Total Recall - Update #2 [Pokedex Updated and Typings Revealed!]
  98. Hack Series: Pokémon Blaze Black 2 & Pokémon Volt White 2
  99. Emerald hack: Touhoumon Purple
  100. FireRed hack: Pokémon Fire Red Ultra
  101. Emerald hack: Pokemon All-Stars (Emerald Hack)
  102. FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red: Warrior Edition
  103. Red hack: Pokemon OCD 151
  104. Crystal hack: Pokemon Complex Crystal - 100% Complete!
  105. Sapphire hack: Pokemon Balanced Sapphire
  107. Ruby hack: Pokemon Master Ruby
  108. Red hack: Pokemon Red: Legends
  109. FireRed hack: Pokemon Rouge
  110. Red hack: Pokemon Red 151
  111. Red hack: Pokémon Red/Blue - Gen. II Graphics And Music Patch V2.0 [FINAL VERSION RELEASED]
  112. FireRed hack: FireRed Hack: Pokemon Iridescent [Complete]
  113. Emerald hack: Emerald Hack: Untitled Emerald Hack!
  114. Crystal hack: Pokemon Crystal-Hell
  115. FireRed hack: FireRed hack: Graphical Step-Up!
  116. Blue hack: Hack of PKMN Blue: Pokemon Ice Blue
  117. FireRed hack: Pokemon - Ultra Violet Version
  118. Black hack: Pokémon Dark Black & Light White
  119. FireRed hack: Pokémon Fire Red: Generations (Hack Complete)
  120. White hack: Pokemon Hoenn White EX
  121. FireRed hack: Slightly Altered Fire Red
  122. Diamond hack: Pokémon Dusty Diamond
  123. Ruby hack: Pokémon Derpizard
  124. FireRed hack: Pokémon Screech Version
  125. Emerald hack: Eccentric Emerald
  126. Platinum hack: Pokemon Origin Platinum
  127. White hack: Pokemon Hoenn White 2 - The sequel to R/S/E
  128. Red hack: Pokemon Tough Red (v2.0)
  129. Silver hack: Pokemon Extreme Silver
  130. Red hack: Pokemon Adventures
  131. Platinum hack: Pokémon Flawless Platinum
  132. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed:B/W Music Patch!
  133. Gold hack: Miku's Pokemon Adventure (Pokemon Gold Hack)
  134. Red hack: First Gen Difficulty Mod: Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition (As well as Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition)
  135. FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red 251+
  136. FireRed hack: FireRedImproved
  137. FireRed hack: Pokemon Quest Version
  138. Red hack: Pokémon Red - Battle Factory
  139. Red hack: Pokemon Brutal Blue [151]
  140. Silver hack: Pokemon Shining Silver [251]
  141. Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald Extreme [386]
  142. FireRed hack: Pokémon Haunted Version
  143. FireRed hack: Pokémon Firered in NDS Style
  144. FireRed hack: Pokémon: Unprejudiced Red
  145. Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald Omega
  146. Blue hack: Pokemon Blue Kaizo: Update 4.5 (Very challenging experience)
  147. FireRed hack: SPHEAL Team Six
  148. Ruby hack: Pokémon Wrecked Ruby
  149. FireRed hack: Pokemon Youtube Version
  150. Ruby hack: New Ruby Hack: Pokemon Magma Ruby 202
  151. Emerald hack: Slightly Modified Emerald
  152. Yellow hack: Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version [FINAL RELEASE]
  153. Ruby hack: Ridiculous Ruby
  154. FireRed hack: Pokémon Fire Red Evolution
  155. Emerald hack: Pokémon Sigma Σmerald [Alpha 3]
  156. FireRed hack: FireRed 2.0 - A whole new gen 3
  157. Emerald hack: Pokemon Cloud Emerald
  158. FireRed hack: Firered Remixed (386 patch)
  159. FireRed hack: Pokemon Modified Fire Red
  160. Crystal hack: Pokémon CRYSTAL KAIZO: The Official Sequel to Blue Kaizo
  161. Red hack: [Red Hack] Pokémon Red for Girls
  162. Red hack: Pokémon Red++ - v2.4.1 RELEASED
  163. Emerald hack: Pokemon Wonder Guard Version (Emerald Hack) (6/18/16)
  164. Emerald hack: Pokémon Spirit Emerald
  165. Crystal hack: Pokemon Crystal Challenge Cup Version
  166. FireRed hack: Pokemon Fire Red: Mega Edition
  167. Ruby hack: Pokemon Ruby Renev (v1.2.1)
  168. Red hack: Pokemon Ruthless Red [151]
  169. FireRed hack: Pokémon Inferno Red
  170. Emerald hack: Pokémon ElegantEmerald (1.3 released)
  171. Ruby hack: Pokemon Ruby Generation Discovery
  172. Emerald hack: Pokémon OA Emerald
  173. Platinum hack: Pokémon Platinum Plus
  174. FireRed hack: Pokemon Liberation
  175. FireRed hack: Pokémon Kanto Black 2.08 (Sevii Islands Expansion)
  176. FireRed hack: Firered A RebooT [Build 8]
  178. HeartGold hack: HGSS Golden Edition
  179. Hack Series: Pokemon Neo Y & Neo X
  180. Ruby hack: Pokemon Abandoned Ruby - Project Complete!
  181. Emerald hack: Pokémon Theta Emerald
  182. FireRed hack: Pkmn 100
  183. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed Very Easy Edition (Version 2.0 RELEASED)
  184. FireRed hack: Pokemon Kanto X/Y (Final version out, this took WAAAY too long!!)
  185. FireRed hack: Better bugs for your fire red game play!
  186. FireRed hack: Project Kanto Reformation-Gen 7 Pokemon added!
  187. Yellow hack: Mew Vs Mewtwo
  188. Other hack: Mother 1 GBA Color Restoration
  189. Hack Series: Pokémon Fairy HeartGold & Fairy SoulSilver
  190. FireRed hack: Unnamed FireRed 721 Project
  191. FireRed hack: Pokemon: FREE
  192. Ruby hack: Pokemon Ultrasound
  193. Red hack: Thief Red
  194. Gold hack: Pokemon 3VER pre alpha 1.0
  195. Emerald hack: Pokemon Epic Emerald (1.2 Re-release)
  196. Ruby hack: Pokemon Hardcore Kaizo Ruby Version
  197. Ruby hack: Pokemon Ultimate Mega Ruby
  198. Ruby hack: Ruby Battle Version (released)
  199. Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald Region Starter Version
  200. Emerald hack: Pokémon Sigma Σmerald [v1.75]
  201. Platinum hack: Pokemon Paradox Platinum (Alpha 1.1 Available!)
  202. Crystal hack: Pokemon Crystal 251
  203. Blue hack: Pokemon Pink [COMPLETE]
  204. Ruby hack: Pokemon Ruby: Advanced [Alpha 1]
  205. Ruby hack: Ruby Delipunch Edition
  206. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed Advanced
  207. Emerald hack: Pokémon Blazed Glazed
  208. Other hack: FE8 Reverse Recruitment hack
  209. SoulSilver hack: Soul Silver hack
  210. FireRed hack: Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma
  211. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed: Nintendask Edition
  212. FireRed hack: Pokemon Flaming Grace! Updated 12/5/2016 Update 721! Version 0.7!
  213. Red hack: In progress Pokemon Red/Blue hack
  214. Red hack: Pokémon Tri-Color Nostalgia Series
  215. HeartGold hack: Sacred Gold Revamped!!!!!!!
  216. HeartGold hack: Kris\Gold In HeartGold & SoulSilver (+Decapitalization & SacredGold/StormSilver Support)
  217. Red hack: Pokemon Red and Blue Deluxe
  218. Emerald hack: Pokémon Greatest Emerald.
  219. Red hack: Pokémon DeadRed - Ready for a challenge ?
  220. Crystal hack: Pokemon Crystal Clear
  221. Crystal hack: Pokemon Crystal: Challenge Mode
  222. Red hack: Pokemon Red/Blue Full Color Hack (RB remade for GBC)
  223. Hack Series: Pokémon Eternal X & Wilting Y [Version 2.0 Released]
  224. Emerald hack: Pokemon Shadow Emerald
  225. FireRed hack: Pokémon FireRemix
  226. FireRed hack: RED RETURNS Rom Base (GBC styled)
  227. FireRed hack: Nameless FireRed Project [Alpha 1.02 Released]
  228. Hack Series: Pokémon SunGold & Pokémon MoonSilver
  229. Emerald hack: Another Pokemon Emerald Hack (Beta)
  230. FireRed hack: Pokemon Red Ignited
  231. Emerald hack: Pokemon Eternal Snow V2.0
  232. Red hack: Blood and Tears - Complete Nuzlocke
  233. Gold hack: Pokemon - Gold Sinnoh [Final V2]
  234. Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald: Mystery Magikarp Edition
  235. Hack Series: Gentlemon-- Classy Red and Charming Green-- BETA 1
  236. Emerald hack: Pokemon Double Emerald
  237. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed Repainted
  238. LeafGreen hack: Pokemon LeafGreen Balanced Edition
  239. Pokémon Spinoff: Pokemon XG (First Ever Pokemon XD hack)
  240. Gold hack: Pokemon Gold EX - 1st Patch Has Been Released!!
  241. Yellow hack: Pokémon Yellow - Gen. II Graphics Patch V1.1
  242. FireRed hack: Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced (Reloaded)
  243. FireRed hack: Pokemon Bizarre Version (Beta 1.0)
  244. Crystal hack: Pokémon Polished Crystal (update 2.2.0)
  245. Red hack: Pokémon Prime: Purple Edition
  246. Emerald hack: Randomized Emerald
  247. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed: Origins
  248. FireRed hack: Pokémon Fire Red Randomizer version
  249. FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed Minus (GBC demake)
  250. Sapphire hack: Pokemon Sapphire 2