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  1. What mood do u prefer?...
  2. What subject are you good at?
  3. Childhood Pets
  4. Do you think your popular or try and end up being annoying
  5. Do you post in every thread you read?
  6. Is this signature awesome?
  7. Left? Right? Both?
  8. Break Friendship
  9. CtepTaty is my password!
  10. Matte or glossy?
  11. What country do you live in?
  12. Which fast food restaurant do you prefer?
  13. Do you post too much?
  14. Do you enjoy the company of your parents?
  15. Partridge in a pear tree!
  16. Where would you like to live?
  17. hot DAWG!
  18. Do you like Candyfloss/Cotton Candy?
  19. /me sprays
  20. I love you so much!
  21. Keep me up, up, and I will never let you down~
  22. How many times have you changed your Username?
  23. Skateboarding, anyone?
  24. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind
  25. Knock, Knock! Can I come in?
  26. what do you think of homosexuals/bisexuals
  27. Directions
  28. Something VERY simple...
  29. What Is Your Political Party
  30. What's your lucky number?
  31. What Political Party Do You Belong To (Real)
  32. Are we human or are we dancer?
  33. Why, My Anderson?...
  34. Your first child - boy or girl?
  35. ~*!*~I BE HAVIN LUGIA ON MY ARM~*!*~
  36. ~*!*~ DO YOU LIKE TO IMITATE PEOPLE? ~*!*~
  37. Obession~ by Calvin Klein
  38. Popularity: The only way to live a good life
  39. Which continent do you live on?
  40. Fovourite fast food restaurant?
  41. Have you ever encountered any paranormal activity?
  42. What is your favorite word?
  43. I will slap you silly!
  44. What's Your Favorite Soda?
  45. ~*!*~OH MY GHOST FREE LAPTOP!!!!~*!*~
  46. Has your birthday gone by?
  47. What is your least favorite company? v.2
  48. do you like thunder storms
  49. Would You/Do You live your life to the extreme?
  50. ~Revived thread~ Your Real Name
  51. Fast Food!!
  52. What forum do you post on the most?
  53. Revolutions!
  54. Are you living in a Western or Eastern Civilization?
  55. Nicknames
  56. Your Favorite Phrase!
  57. Embarrassing PC Secrets
  58. Who has a Dog?
  59. Oh yay, GUM! <33
  60. Do you donate to charity?
  61. ~*!*~GRADE~*!*~
  62. ~*!*~I NEED TO CHANGE THIS NOW~*!*~
  63. Your honeymoon
  64. Look at me! I'm awesome!
  65. dwjrihoiwhyw08hlwheriowhrpw[rp3
  66. If Zombies Attacked
  67. 愛しています (I love you)
  68. Additional data streams from outside
  69. Can you read me like an open book?~
  70. Orange Mocha Frappucino! (Do You Like Coffee?)
  71. Do you plan on adopting?
  73. Which Style Do You Use?
  74. What do you like most about The PokeCommunity? (tPC)
  75. Is your looking glass mirrored or transparent?~
  76. Are You A Pessimist, Realist or an Optimist?
  77. *gasp*
  78. Do you post for the post number or just for posting?
  79. How much do you weigh?
  80. Exciting Dreams
  81. Do you believe in true love?
  82. If you had a chance to be with a celebrity...
  84. Turkey orrr.... Chicken?
  85. Do You Think.....
  86. Do you hug your IRL friends?
  87. Apples Or Pears?
  88. Amusement parks, carnivals and fairs... OH MY!
  89. Have you dreamed about being shot?
  90. Dont go at red light, dont stop at the green light
  91. Claim Your Own Country Thread
  92. LOOK OMG ITS my mom?
  93. YOU PHAIL!
  94. Do you like tic tacs
  95. Can you roll your R's?
  96. how ofden do u remembar ur dreemz?
  97. Blame it on the A-A-Al-Alcohol
  98. Gucci, Gucci, Gucci
  99. What is your favorite section? [%]
  100. Random Poll 1 (VictorP1)
  101. Random Poll 2 (VictorP1)
  102. Random Poll 3 (VictorP1)
  103. Are you a serious person?
  104. What kind of toothpaste do you use?
  105. No way, man-bro-dude, no way!
  106. Hi my name is Hakeen and I have a question for y'allz
  108. Your Favourite Accent
  109. Have you ever posted in every thread on the page?
  110. What does your User Name mean?
  111. Let's have a look at my daily horoscope!.......
  112. She can talk, she can talk a lot~ 8D
  113. Do you forget your poll ideas easily?
  114. Crush on teacher
  117. Favorite Gemstone
  118. Do you go to a private/public/home school?
  119. Walk*
  120. Do you have a crush on somebody from your school?
  121. Do you put * after or before a word when correcting yourself?
  122. Do you like Teddy Bears?
  123. Older brothers or sisters - are they mean?
  124. Favorite color?
  125. If I were a boy~
  126. Are you scared of your Television?
  127. Favorite beverage (drink)?
  128. Which finger do you pick your nose with?
  129. *~My Wailord brings all the Skittys to the yard~*
  130. Holiday Popcorn tin thread of Yum.
  131. WTF are you doing?!?!1?/11
  132. Get yourself popcorn :D...Good Boy/Girl, now eat it...
  133. When you post... do you edit straight away?
  134. Sam! You Should Behave Like Your Sister!.....I
  135. Cereal
  137. How do you refer to your pair in your signature?
  138. WELL NEVER!
  139. That damn signature!
  140. Your favorite school subject?
  141. Have you ever changed your username?
  142. Your favorite season of all...
  143. That's not mai name!! >:O
  145. What is your usual bedtime?
  146. What kind of tests in school did you have today?
  147. When you make a thread...
  148. Do you consider yourself lazy?
  149. Do you look at the 'Post Comments'?
  150. I hate this part right here~
  151. Conservative, Liberal, or Independent?
  152. What mood are you in now?
  153. Do you Like To TLDR?
  154. Have you ever been robbed?
  155. What's your highest Bop-It score?
  157. What's the best thing that ever happens to you
  158. ~embarrasing~
  159. Have you ever been betrayed?
  160. I like your style, kid
  161. How did you reach PC?
  162. Have I seen you before...?
  163. Decision making...would you really accept or denie the offer?
  164. And the reason is youuu~ :) :] :3 :>
  165. Your Favourite Letter in the alphabet?
  166. What's the latest you've had breakfast?
  167. Do You Believe In Ghosts?
  169. What is your favorite perfume(or cologne)?
  170. :D Favourite Legendary??? :D
  171. Do You Give A Damn About What People Think Of You
  172. Is it hard to...
  173. Ever lied before?
  174. The Dog Ate It~
  175. Would you be gay?
  176. Do you randomly hover over a user's past usernames?
  177. Do you believe in Alternate Realities?
  178. Wow, he looks a lot like me.
  179. Do you care about Bios?
  180. Have you lost anyone dear to you?
  181. Decision making...would you really accept or denie the offer? [2]
  182. What ethnicity appears more often in your neighbourhood?
  183. Hey there good looking *leans into door, but then door opens you fall through door*
  184. Favorite Crepe?
  185. How fast do you reply to VMs?
  186. Are you a morning or night person?.
  187. Lunches
  188. If You Could Meet Any PC Members, Who Would They Be?
  189. Da Da! *Hits into a lampost*
  190. Ten Second Rule! *om nom nom*
  191. Your Fave Smell~
  192. What is your favourite number? :D
  193. Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover?
  194. Which PC user has the hardest username to pronounce in your opinion?
  195. Oh, Bob, it feels good to touch your strings today!
  196. *shoves pie into face and inhales deeply* 8D
  197. Not Again!
  198. What you had for Diner
  199. omg gurl did you see his butt?
  200. What is your natural hair colour?
  201. Suki suki suu~ Fuwa fuwa fuu~
  202. The phone bill with 1,000 text messages
  203. Can you picture yourself being famous?
  204. Im so important!
  205. Im so addicted <3
  206. Do You Listen To The Radio?
  207. Right-Handed, Left-Handed or Ambidextrous?
  208. This is an abnormal title for a normal poll
  209. Which PC style/skin are you currently using?
  210. Can you do handstands?
  211. What was your favorite grade?
  212. What continent is your favorite?
  213. Do you buy any designer clothes?
  214. How many siblings do you have?
  215. who want to help?
  216. do you think before you post?
  217. Stalker! D:
  218. Would you gamble?
  219. How old is your pet?
  221. What is your favorite music?
  222. What is your favorite fast food place?
  223. Do You Believe in Certain Myths & Legends?
  224. Eating cereal with forks
  225. If you had a bat...
  226. Do you like waterslides?
  227. During which year in your life did you feel most attractive?
  228. What can you remember about your PC past? :O
  229. Which Message Editor Interface do you use?
  230. What's the title of your most recent PM recieved?
  231. Do use your ignore list?
  232. chesse or rice
  233. Where do you live (on this website that is)?
  234. Have you fallen asleep in Class?
  235. The school poll
  236. The fan is too loud, and I don't like that clock.
  237. How often do you wash your hair?
  238. Which link do you click?
  239. What are you wearing for Halloween
  240. Salt or Pepper
  241. Which Is Your Dominant hand?
  242. How many people have knocked on your door this Halloween?
  243. What's your favorite topic? ;D
  244. What's your favorite season? ;P
  245. What kind of gift do you want to receive this Christmas? ;P
  246. Sleeeeepy. xD
  247. Why would you leave your country?
  248. Why yes, that is a strange theme :O
  249. Which bit of the egg?
  250. Dummy accounts?